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10 News San Diego logoKGTV is a virtual and VHF advanced channel 10. It is an ABC-subsidiary station. 10 News San Diego is authorized to San Diego, California, United States. The studios of the News station are situated on Air Way in the Riverview-Webster segment of San Diego. Its transmitter is located on Mount Soledad in La Jolla. 10 News San Diego works as an advanced interpreter KZSD-LD (channel 20). It issues the license to homes that have a problem getting KGTV’s VHF signal. It airs local news from San Diego, Bay Area, San Francisco and Oakland city. You can watch 10 News San Diego live steam to stay updated with the weather, traffic, sports and community news.

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KGTV provides news updates at every other minute. Now the TV news is one click away from your PC or mobile. KGTV news live stream is run on a high-quality resolution. It does not buffer or break the rhythm of the video.

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Inauguration of ABC 10 News San Diego

On September 13, 1953, KGTV started its very first broadcast. Initially, it appeared on screen as NBC branch ‘KFSD-TV.’ At that time, KGTV San Diego’s owner was Airfan Radio Corporation. Not only this, but the channel also claimed NBC Radio Network. Its radio station was affiliated to KFSD (600 AM, presently KOGO).

Change of affiliations

Airfan sold 33% ownership for channels to two different firms. This agreement was done in terms of the underlying development license. They contended independently for divert. In 1954, the KFSD channels were bought by speculation firm, Fox, Wells and Rogers. Newsweek magazine distributors took a minority (around 46 percent) portion of the channels in 1957. Apparently this happened four years before the periodical was itself offered to the Washington Post Company. In 1961, channel 10 changed its call letters to KOGO-TV. Likewise, the radio broadcasts additionally received the KOGO call sign. The telecom division of Life-Time bought KOGO-TV and its sister radio broadcasts in 1962.

10 News San Diego live streaming studio
10 News San Diego live streaming studio | Courtesy:

KGTV connection with various channels

The ABC network had connections in San Diego. It was linked with XETV (channel 6). This channel was authorized to the universal outskirt to Tijuana, Mexico. Apparently, in 1956, FCC and Mexican specialists made an agreement between the two channels. In 1973, KCST-TV (channel 39) won after a decade. This effort was made to confirm ABC programming in the market.

Channel 10 San Diego’s position among networks

KCST made a deal that an American telecom company will not join with any channel that is situated outside U.S. fringes. At the time of the switch, ABC was ranked third behind second-appraised NBC and perpetual pioneer CBS.

Team 10 Investigators

Right after on airing its first broadcast, ABC started to encounter evaluation development. This happened in their early evening programming. It then began to gain popularity during 1975–76. The channel later completed the year with ten projects in Nielsen’s main twenty.

Sports Programming

In 1965, KGTV was associated with NBC. The network picked up the rights for air American Football League games. Later on, channel 10 news was converted into the station of record for the San Diego Chargers. These were essential for the AFL. KGTV San Diego broadcasted most Charger games till the 1976 season. Later on, KNSD shifted its affiliation to NBC. The channel turned into the default channel for the group. Likewise, it overtook the ABC affiliation and became its partner. From 1977 to 2005, KGTV News San Diego broadcasted Charger games. This was the time when they played on ABC’s Monday Night Football.

Moreover, the channel additionally broadcasted the group’s just Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl XXIX in 1995. 10 News San Diego live stream likewise gave inclusion of Super Bowls XXII and XXXVII. Both were facilitated at Qualcomm Stadium.

10 News San Diego News Team
10 News San Diego News Team | Source: facebook page

Famous Games Featured on 10News

Channel 10 News San Diego on aired a large portion of the San Diego Padres games in the initial two seasons. It was during Major League Baseball in the 1969 and 1970 seasons. Notwithstanding, any games circulated as a feature of NBC and later ABC’s transmission contracts with MLB from 1969 to 1989.

Sports programming schedule

KGTV directly communicates 44 hours of privately created broadcasts every week. It runs its transmission seven hours every non-weekend day and 4½ hours each on Saturdays and Sundays. Moreover, KGTV San Diego live steam starts the games feature program “Sports Xtra” at 11:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday nights. Of note, 10 News San Diego, alongside KNSD and KSWB-TV, is one of three San Diego TV channels with a 4 pm report. Entitled The NOW San Diego, KGTV’s 4 pm broadcast initially debuted under the title 10-4 out of 2009.

Sports Team

At the beginning of transmission, KGTV initially started to challenge the longstanding neighborhood, KFMB during the 1970s.

Female Grapple Group

KGTV likewise left a mark on the world by being the primary channel in San Diego. The reason behind its popularity was that it had a female grapple group on its 11 pm broadcast. The group included Carol LeBeau and Bree Walker. After Walker left in 1987, Kimberly Hunt joined with LeBeau. Later on, this agreement helped to structure the city’s longest-running team at 15 years. During that time, LeBeau and Hunt would work close by Tuck. Apparently, he left for Los Angeles in 1990. He did this to profit from San Diego for KFMB. The team, later on, included Stephen Clark, Steve Wolford, and a returning Hal Clement.

Channel 10 News Anchors San Diego

The downfall of 10 News San Diego

In the end, KGTV’s popularity decreased after Hunt left for a stay position at KUSI-TV. Channel 51 was close by Tuck. At a certain point, the channel tumbled to third place. It was because KNSD TV news viewership shifted to 11 pm timeslot. The Hunt-Lebeau group was brought together in the mid of 2008.

Nonetheless, LeBeau resigned from the channel the very next year. On August 30, 2008, KGTV turned into the third TV slot in the San Diego market. It was ranked after KFMB-TV and Fox member KSWB-TV. ABC 10 News San Diego started to run its transmission on its nearby broadcasts with top-notch reviews.

24-hour News Coverage

Scripps purchased KGTV San Diego by the end of 2011. From that onwards, the channel has been shifted into a news organization. Along with that, its previous AM radio sister KOGO was also sold to Scripps. In May 2010, KGTV had the top of the line early night report in the San Diego market. It was presented in the desired segment of grown-ups somewhere in the range of 25 and 54 years of age.

Took Over by Scripps

On May 1, 2017, Scripps took control over the alliance for the MeTV. It was the biggest broadcasting company in San Diego. Furthermore, it placed the sub channel on KGTV-DT2. It was alongside a simple simulcast on KZSD-LP. Right after two months, the Azteca association moved to XHDTV-TDT2 coincidentally. It took the affiliation on July 1 and gave it to XHAS-TDT. During an interval period from mid-March to the furthest limit of April that year, KGTV-DT2 conveyed a constant circle of the channel’s most recent report.

Past affiliation

10 News San Diego live stream was affiliated with NBC for more than a year. Later on, the channel reported that it was joining ABC in June 1976. This agreement was made after KNSD marked its affiliation with NBC. On June 27, 1977, both the channels switched associations.

KGTV Shift to Call Sign

KGTV ended its simple sign, over VHF channel 10, on February 17, 2009. This date was the first deadline wherein full-power TV channels in the United States progressed from simple to advanced transmissions. It was the government’s ordered to upgrade all the analog signals to digital ones. Nevertheless, the order was later pushed back to June 12, 2009. KGTV advanced sign moved from its pre-progress UHF channel 25 to VHF channel 10.

Kimberly Hunt, Lindsey Peña, and Angelica Campos at 10 News San Diego
Kimberly Hunt, Lindsey Peña, and Angelica Campos | Source: twitter

Auction of KGTV

On October 3, 2011, McGraw-Hill reported that it was selling its whole TV channel authorities. 10 News San Diego live stream and Azteca America subsidiary KZSD-LP were auctioned. later, the channel was sold to the Cincinnati-based E. W. Scripps Company for $212 million. The agreement was made on December 30, 2011. This ended up bringing McGraw-Hill’s exit from broadcasting after 39 years.

Scripps’ present ownership, channel 10 News makes disclaimers usually in its clinical detailing. The broadcaster also states that it has no connections to the neighborhood Scripps Health framework.

Slogan: Stories That Matter

ABC 10 News has its slogan, which is “stories that matter.” It acts as a trademark of the channel. These words appear at the beginning of every News episode or the start of any commercial. As the slogan states, KGTV on-air news is authentic and has significance. It does not waste time in broadcasting junk for viewership. In fact, the channel fulfills its promise to have authenticity in every way possible. Moreover, KGTV does not compromise its content quality for viewership.

Angelica Campos delivering weather news
Angelica Campos delivering weather news | Courtesy: official website

San Diego Weather

KGTV delivers accurate weather news of the state. The team uses weather cameras and other satellite equipment. It helps to monitor even the slightest changes in the atmospheric environment. The weather forecast news has a team of experienced meteorologists who work on and off the camera to provide the exact weather reports. It helps people to plan the weekend accordingly.

Weather Logo: “ABC 10 Pinpoint Weather”.

KGTV weather team has its individual logo or let us say, slogan. It is the trademark symbol of the channel. Without any doubt, Channel 10 surely has kept up to the viewers. It pinpoints the exact weather conditions and issue warning against any storm surge or hurricane emergency. ABC 10 Pinpoint Weather team gives you most accurate and correct weather prediction. It includes hourly and 7-day forecast. Also, It shows humidity, temprature and air-speed analytics of Bay Area cities.

Jen Delacruz at 10 News San Diego studio
Jen Delacruz at 10 News San Diego studio

Weather Mobile app: Storm Shield

Get severe weather alerts for your iOS and Android device. The channel has developed a KGTV Mobile App for convenient use for users. It has made news and weather updates more accessible to the community.

10 News San Diego Radar Service

The channel has its own Radar transmission. The weather news and alerts which you receive are coming from trustworthy sources.


10 News San Diego live stream website actively runs its website via internet networking. It provides news updates on live timing. The latest updates or breaking news is provided on the website. Apart from that, the site has a listing of all the shows that appear on the channel weekly. All sorts of channel information are available there. Not only this, but the broadcaster also has radar availability. It helps the users quickly get weather updates from the site without sticking to the TV screens.

The latest headlines to entertainment updates, the website is the conjunction of overall programming of the channel.

Weather Team

Programs & TV shows

KGTV San Diego broadcasts a variety of numerous shows every other hour. The channel has its way of keeping the viewers entertained. In order to keep the ratings high, channel 10 San Diego on-air live programs, gamings shows, celebrity meet up, and many more. KG TV has schedules lined up for all age groups. From young children to elderly citizens, the channel provides entertainment to people with all sorts of tastes.

Jen Delacruz at News Room of 10 News San Diego studio
Jen Delacruz at News Room of 10 News San Diego studio

10 News San Diego TV Schedule

The live broadcast of channel 10 news San Diego can be watched according to the below TV Schedule.

Timing Shows
6:00 am 10 News This Morning at 6AM
7:00 am Good Morning America:

Correspondents deliver breaking news and give headline-making interviews, as well as topical features on politics, entertainment, technology and health issues.

8:00 am 10News This Morning Sun 8AM
9:00 am LIVE with Kelly and Ryan
10:00 am Joel Osteen:

Pastor Joel Osteen shepherds the largest and fastest-growing congregation in America, following in step with his father’s lead when he founded Lakewood Church.

11:00 am 10 News Midday
12:00 am GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke
1:00 pm General Hospital
2:00 pm Tamron Hall
3:00 pm Hot Bench
4:00 pm 10 News at 4PM:

ABC News covers Crucial events and developments from the U.S. and the world.

5:00 pm
10 News at 5PM
6:00 pm NBA Basketball Playoffs-Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Lakers
7:00 pm NBA Basketball Playoffs-Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Lakers
8:00 pm 10News Special Edition
9:00 pm America’s Funniest Home Videos
10:00 pm Castle (syn-secondary)
11:00 pm 10 News at 11PM:

10 News Team presents the day’s major news events and late breaking stories, along with the latest San Diego area weather and tomorrow’s forecast.

12:00 am Wipeout (Synd-Secondary):

A series of contestants must navigate their way through four rounds of “the largest obstacle course in the world” for a shot at the coveted $50,000 prize.

Coverage Area

ABC 10 News covers region of Bay Area cities. Below map for more details.

10 News San Diego Coverage Area Map

Tel: (619) 237-1010
Tower Location: Mount Soledad in La Jolla
Brand Name: ABC 10

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