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CBS 4 News Miami

Watch Channel 4 News Miami for Local News, Weather & Traffic Updates

CBS 4 News Miami logoCBS Miami or CBS 4 News Miami aka WFOR-TV is the channel giving its services in Miami, Florida, United States, and also in Fort Lauderdale. CBS Television Stations is the owner of the channel. Moreover, the slogan of CBS 4 News Miami is “South Florida’s Smart Choice.” You can watch the CBS 4 News Miami live stream from its official website, YouTube channel and smartphone application.

CBS4 Miami is a news channel covering categories such as business, Miami local news, politics, health, sports, weather, and others. WFOR TV also backs Neighbors 4 Neighbors, a non-profit organization. The organization raised funds and donated to their neighbors in need. Under the HealthWatch, the section covers the news regarding health in Miami and countrywide. Virtual channel 4 also considers the “Florida Lottery” program, which offers fun and excitement. CBS4 live stream also presents My TV 33, which broadcasts TMZ, Family Feud, Page 6 TV, and the Big Bang Theory.

Under the autos section, the channel shares all the event’s news regarding autos. They also move with the trend, as they share several useful techniques to protect cars from coronavirus. Similarly, the TV station also covers the ongoing countrywide pandemic news very efficiently. CBS4 weather team also forecast weather news of Miami and neighboring areas using their latest radars.

Watch CBS Miami Live Stream

One can watch Channel 4 News Miami live stream on its official website and YouTube channel. CBS Miami live stream broadcast all its programs as per following the TV schedule. You can keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news, breaking news of Miami and nearby areas on your smartphone. Here below, we are also providing the CBS4 live stream.

Studios and Transmitters of WFOR-TV

WFOR TV and WBFS TV mutually share studios on Northwest 18th Terrace in Doral (near the Miami International Airport). Furthermore, the transmitter of CBS Miami located in Andover, Florida. The transmitter coordinates of WFOR television are 25°58′8″N 80°13′19″W.

CBS 4 News Miami Live Streaming Studio
CBS Miami studio | Courtesy:

CBS4 Affiliations

Following are the affiliations of CBS4 News channel

  • CBS (O&O)
  • Start TV
  • Dabl

Neighbors 4 Neighbors

Neighbors 4 Neighbors, a non-profit origination established in the result of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The organization aims to connect needy ones with those who can help them. By combining resource development, teamwork with service providers, and the strength of media such as CBS 4 News Miami, the organization empowers the neighbors to use talent and money to help others. Using technology, they create human connections across the South Florida community.

Eliott, Rudabeh, Craig, and Jim
Eliott, Rudabeh, Craig, and Jim | Credits: flickr

CBS4 News This Morning at CBS 4 News Miami

CBS4 News This Morning is a political show on airs early in the morning covering countrywide political news. Walter Makaula selected as a new co-anchor of CBS4 News This Morning. He will co-host the newscast show from 05:00 am to 07:00 am every day during weekdays. Big political celebrities like Governor Rick Scott joins the show to discuss the current political scenarios.

Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery offers exciting and fun games for its users. The winners use to receive valuable gifts after competing with their rivals. Moreover, it supports education also through the organization’s different events. It made more than three thousand players as millionaires and offered over $69 billion in prizes.

CBS 4 News Miami news van
CBS 4 News Miami news van | Source: twitter


The section autos mainly cover all the latest news about automobiles. However, after feeling the need of the owners of autos during the pandemic, they share various tips to maintain their vehicle. Similarly, they also share health tips for car owners to keep their vehicle coronavirus free. The autos experts and news reporters cover exclusive stories of the auto’s events in Miami and neighboring. You can also watch and read the latest news about the upcoming vehicles of giant autos manufacturing there.

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The experienced Anchors of CBS 4 News Miami

CBS Miami live stream has a team of intellectual and expert news anchors. Liz Roldan is the News Director of the channel. Anchor, like Eliott Rodriguez, spent over four decades for the news coverage specifically at big events of the U.S. Just like him, the rest of the team, including the news reporters, are professionally giving their services.

Weather Team of CBS Miami

The weather is also an expert in its field, just like the news team. CBS4 weather team forecasts the Miami and nearby areas/ weather using the latest radar. The meteorologist team forecasts the accurate worse weather and climatic conditions. The residents of Miami follow and like the style of CBS 4 News Miami weather girl in which she presents weather predictions.

CBS 4 News Miami App

No need to worry about Miami’s breaking news notifications, local news, and live streaming, install the CBS4 Miami app. You can read and watch the stories while on your smartphone and find out what’s happening around you. Right from your smartphone or tablet, you can live stream CBS 4 News Miami for free. Furthermore, get a head start on the day with CBS4 weather maps and traffic conditions in the city. You can also join the contests and promotions as well as catch up on your favorite segments from the app.

WFOR TV – CBS 4 News Miami Overview and fascinating History

WFOR TV established in 1964 and initially on aired on 20th September 1967. In addition, the facility ID of CBS4 channel is 47902, and its owner is CBS TV stations Inc. CBS acquired the affiliation contract of the channel 1987. On 11th January 2010, WFOR-TV started broadcasting newscasts from a temporary set. After almost fourteen days of preparation, it became the last major English-language station in Miami. Also, it upgraded its news production to high quality on 2nd February 2012. On 4th December 2017, WFOR expanded the duration of CBS4 News This Morning from 05:00 to 07:00 am and from 04:30 to 07:00 am.

Lissette Gonzalez briefing weather updates
Lissette Gonzalez briefing weather updates | Source: twitter

Your Favorite CBS4 News Programs

Here below is the list of popular and informative shows and programs of CBS4 News Miami.

Tough as Nails Trust Your Gear Democratic Convention CBS4 News The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The Late Late Show with James Corden CBS Overnight News Let’s Make a Deal CBS This Morning
Hot Bench Lesbian Ex-Lovers Off the Hook/ Vending Machine Doom! Hot Bench Most Embarrassing Drunk Video Ever! CBS Morning News The Price Is Right
The Young and the Restless The Bold and the Beautiful Dr. Phil When Being Daddy’s Girl Goes Too Far Judge Judy Teen Witnesses Father’s Arrest
Judge Judy Service Dog Scammer/ The Court Can’t Help with Canoodling Your Move with Andy Stanley When Religion Meets Politics: Nothing Divides Like Politics The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Cat Shelves Mission Unstoppable A Super-Hero, Some Super-Soil and Several Super-Shrimp!
Hope in the Wild Hope Goes to Bat for a Bat Best Friends Furever With Kel Mitchell City Slickin’ Chicken Gametime With Boomer Esiason Carl Lewis CBS Sports Special Stampede at the E
Tel: 305-639-4500
Tower Location: Andover, Florida
Brand Name: CBS 4

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