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Fox 26 News LogoFox 26 News is a Houston-based US Television that is affiliated to Fox Network and operates at Virtual CH 26. Under the ownership of Fox Television Stations by Fox Corporation, Channel 26 News Houston offers Houston news, Fox 26 weather, Fox 26 morning news, Houston Texas Breaking News, Fox 26 local news, and more. Channel 26 Houston also features National News, Texas News, World News, Smart Sense, Money, Black History Month, and Positively Houston.  Fox Houston’s other services include Fox Sports Services, Tropical Weather, Pump Patrol, Live Fox 26 Radar, High Water Locations, and whatnot. KRIV Houston uses the brand name Fox 26 News sand the tagline ‘Your Station for Life’ for its newscast.

Fox 26 News Live Streaming

Watching the KRIV News online over the web is easy now with Fox 26 live stream. You only have to visit the channel’s official website or download its official mobile app. Fox 26 Houston delivers the live streaming coverage to the Houston public in full HD. Wherever you are in the world, you get access to the Breaking News Houston, Houston Weather, KRIV Sports, traffic updates, and Houston news live at any time. Here below, you can find the smooth non-stop Fox 26 live stream without any buffering. Play the button below and experience the best news service in town.

General FAQs

What channel is Fox in Houston?

Viewers can watch Fox in Houston at virtual channel number 26. KRIV carries the Fox programming in Houston, Texas, and its nearby areas. Enjoy the latest Houston news and other exciting TV programs by tuning the KRIV Houston at CH 26.

What's Your Point Fox 26 cast?

Greg Groogan anchors one of the most popular political TV programs at Fox 26 Houston What’s Your Point. The show discusses the political happenings inside and outside of Houston county. It has been airing on KRIV News for years and has claimed quite a reputation in the market.

How old is Melissa Wilson?

Melissa Wilson’s birth year isn’t confirmed; however, she celebrates her birthday every year on 23 January. Melissa Wilson is an Emmy winner news reporter and anchor working for the station for more than 20 years. She starts a day anchoring the morning news during weekdays. After that, she moves to Texas Medical Center and puts on a comfy scrub, and covers the reporting from doctors and patients as a medical reporter.

Before this, she used to co-host Fox 26 News at 9 pm for 10 years; Wilson was among the longest-running anchor teams at Fox 26 Houston. Melissa decided to switch to the morning shift in 2010 when her little kid started school and she wanted to spend more time with her son.

How to send pictures to fox 26 news?

Sending Pictures to Channel 26 Houston

Sharing your pictures to Channel 26 Houston is now easier than ever. You can email your favorite pictures or videos at [email protected]. However, make sure that you put a proper title of your photos or videos in the subject line of the email. Put the description, including name/location/other personal information, should be in the text body of an email. If the administration approves that, your pictures or videos appear in the appropriate category at the station’s official webpage.

Where is Lisa Vaughn?

Lisa Vaughn is currently a Math Lecturer at Prairie View A&M University. She started the job in August 2020. Before that, Lisa Vaughn was a meteorologist at Fox 28 Weather who stopped delivering the weather forecast for the Houston community on 16 April 2018. A spokesperson from the station declared that Lisa is no more a part of Fox 26 Houston Weather. She also didn’t confirm if Lisa was fired, or did she decide to leave the job willingly.

Vaughn has a wonderful list of skills ranging from meteorologist to lecturer.  She did MS in Geosciences from Mississippi State University in 2014 and MS in Stats from Rice University in 2015. However, Lisa got a job at WJTV News Channel 12 as a Weekend Morning Meteorologist in May 2013 before completing the Meteorology degree. Later, she moved to WPTV NewsChannel5 in May 2014 and then KRIV in March 2016.

Who is Don Teague?

About Don Teague

Don Teague was an evening and nightside news anchor at Fox 26 News Houston. However, he decided to step down from the post in February 2016.  Teague has also won Emmy Award for his journalism skills. He did his graduation from San Diego State University in BA Journalism in 1987.  In the same year, Don became a part of the United States Army Reserve as a Helicopter Captain/Pilot.

A year later, Teague started working for NBC News as a correspondent in June 2002. He worked there for almost 7 years and during that time he performed as a correspondent for The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and MSNBC. Later, in March 2010, Don became an author at Simon and Schuster. In April 2009, Teague joined CBS News as a correspondent. Eventually, he found his way as an Anchor at Fox 26 Houston Live. Though, Don left the Fox in Feb 2016 and started his own business Teague’s Tavern in September 2016 and still running that.

How old is Jonathan Martin Fox 26?

The information about Jonathan Martin’s birthday isn’t available publicly. We tried to look for his age on different social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but didn’t get any solid information. Jonathan is a star journalist at Fox 26 News Houston Texas who has been a part of the station since May 2016. He co-hosts Fox 26 News at 5 pm and 9 pm together with Kaitlin Monte.

Martin has reported several major events. He covered the Funeral of an ex-President George Washington Bush and also reported Astros World Series Victory. Jonathan hosted more than 20 hours of reporting of Hurricane Harvey that caused tremendous damage to Texas’ Coastal Area.

What happened to Tom Zizka?

Tom Zizka Story

Nothing happened to Tom Zizka, he is fine and still providing valued services to the KRIV Houston. Tom Zizka is a part of a Fox 26 News Anchors team since 1998. It has been almost 23 years that Zizka joined the number one news channel in the Houston market. Until now, Tom has worn several hats, including the channel’s consumer advocate ‘Problem Solver’, an investigative reporter, and a reporter for the Predator Check, a highly successful project.

Zizka has also covered several other main events such as The Shuttle Columbia Disaster, The Aggie Bonfire Collapse, the Astros 2005 trip to the World Series, Hurricanes Rita & Katrina, and the two Super Bowl occasions held at NRG stadium.

Where is Melinda Spaulding?

Melinda Spaulding currently serves the Texas Southern University as a VP for Advancement and Communications. She joined the University in August 2017. Before that, Spaulding used to serve as an Anchor and reporter at KRIV News. She remained a part of the station for 13 long years. Melinda joined the channel’s news team in November 2004 and she said goodbye in August 2017.  When she came, Spaulding started as a reporter and eventually promoted to anchor at Fox 26 News at 12 pm. Then, Melissa got a hold of Fox 26 News at 5 and ultimately became a news anchor of 9 pm. She is an award-winner news personality.

Before Houston, Spaulding used to work at WGNO New Orleans. She used to anchor and report morning updates there. However, she began her journalism career at KTLA Los Angeles as a morning producer and a writer.

What Channel is Fox 26 On?
Xfinity Channel 9
Comcast Channel 9
DirecTV Channel 26
Uverse Channel 26

Fox 26 Houston News Team

Fox 26 news anchors and reporters are known for covering the latest Houston news, Houston Local News, Fox 26 Houston weather, fox 26 local news, local & national sports, crime investigation, top stories, and much more.

Their team has reported several major events including George H.W. Bush’s funeral, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Rita, Astros World Series, and many others. Moreover, KRIV Houston is also known for creating legends in broadcast journalism. Their reporters have earned several awards in their respective fields including the Emmys. Lina de Florian, Isiah Carey, Natasha Geigel, Jose Grinan, Natalie Hee, and Ivory Hecker are among the renowned personalities at Channel 26 News Houston.

Isiah Carey: Factor Uncensored Host

Isiah Carey services for Fox 26 NewsIsiah Carey is the most popular name among Fox 26 News Anchors who became a part of the team as a General Assignment Reporter. However, later Carey shaped himself into a role of a host at the Isiah Factor Uncensored program. Isiah had a nick for journalism since his childhood. He even appeared on camera at the very little age of five on WVLA News’ Thought for the Day segment. Throughout his reporting journey, Carey has claimed many awards including recognition from the Society of Professional Journalists and, of course, an Emmy for his best journalism skills. Isiah completed his education at Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College at Baton Rouge. He stepped into a broadcast journey in 1990 as a Public Affairs Talk Show anchor and reporter at WVLA News.

After one year, he started reporting for WAFB News as a Fill-in anchor and reporter. In November 1995, he became a reporter at KARK News and gave 4 years of his life to that channel. In 1999, Carey joined WHBQ as a news journalist and served the station good. Later, he moved to BET as a reporter and South Region Correspondent. In September 2001, Isiah became a member of the KRIV News Team as a fill-in Anchor and reporter. It has been almost 20 years; he is still working there. In June 2016, Carey became an anchor at Factor Uncensored on Channel 26 News Houston and Fox Soul.

Ruben Dominguez: Lifestyle Reporter at Fox 26 Houston

Ruben Dominguez work for Fox 26 NewsRuben Dominguez has been working as a lifestyle and entertainment reporter for more than 18 years on Channel 26 Houston. During his time in the station, Ruben has served as an assignment manager, assignments editor, planning manager, traffic reporter, host of My Fox Houston Live, intern coordinator, lifestyle reporter, and entertainment reporter. Ruben Dominguez love to work on TV set because you learn new things every day and there isn’t any day similar to others. His specialties include expanding the network, brainstorming, social network and making new connections. He likes to follow the old way of connecting people face to face.

Ruben followed American Idol beat for almost a decade until it signed off in April 2016. Currently, he does recaps of the show Empire twice a week. Moreover, Dominguez also understands the importance of social media, nowadays. He gives some of his evenings sending live tweets during Lucifer, Rosewood, Gotham, and other hot programs. Unlike his fellows, who have dozens of Emmy Awards, Dominguez didn’t receive any yet.

Moreover, he also doesn’t like to appear on the Camera. Ruben did his graduation from Texas Southern University. After completing his studies, Dominguez joined KHOU 11 in December 1994 as a reporter and worked there for 1 year. Next, he moved to Channel 26 Houston in December 1995 as a Planning Manager and Reporter. It has been more than 25 years since Ruben joined the station, he has been giving his valued time to the customers.

Gulf Coast Weather Authority

Fox 26 News Weather Team LogoFox 26 Weather department is run by an experienced team of meteorologists called the Gulf Coast Weather Authority Team. It has its own separate fan base in Houston. With the exclusive Fox 26 radar, the Fox 26 Houston Weather team predicts the accurate climate conditions in town and provides the hourly forecast and 7-day forecast. The team is always keeping an eye on the tropical conditions and tracks it in real-time. The skilled squad of weather personalities consists of four people: Jim Siebert (Chief Meteorologist), Mike Iscovitz, Stephen Morgan, and John Dawson.

Stephen Morgan: Weekend Morning Anchor at Fox 26 Weather

Stephen Morgan services for Fox 26 NewsStephen became a part of Houston’s top-rated weather team Gulf Coast Weather Authority in July 2017. Morgan started his career in Fox 26 News Houston Texas as a reporter, and eventually became weekend morning weather host in March 2019. Morgan’s love for weather for obvious since the moment he hit Houston’s street for covering Hurricane Harvey as a lead reporter. Stephan’s extraordinary storytelling skills if combined with his education can keep the Houston community in the loop about the daily Fox 26 Weather forecast. He also points out the climate and environmental issues in the region that are affecting the Houstonians greatly. The Gulf Coast brings its own exclusive way of forecasting challenges and Morgan loves to tackle them all.

Plus, he also operates a highly interactive radar Fox 26 weather radar. From political journey to geographical interest, Morgan revisited one of the terrible natural disasters that the US has observed in history and that is Missouri EF5 Twister. The deadliest tornado cost 162 lives and caused 1000 injuries. Stephen loves traveling and has visited many great counties including Mexico, Juarez, Germany, Bulgaria, and Italy. Morgan’s most exciting journey, however, was to Israel where he participated in the historic archeological dig.

Stephen did BS in Meteorology from Saint Louis University in 2012. However, Morgan stepped into his career life from Best Buy as a Sales Consultant in October 2007. He spent five whole years in that company and after that got the opportunity to work at Fox 5 KRBK as an Anchor and Reporter in May 2013. Eventually, he was promoted to News Content Manager at KRBK Fox 5 in February 2015. Ultimately, Stephen found his way to Fox TV stations at Fox 26 Houston Weather as a reporter and then a meteorologist.

Jim Siebert: Chief Meteorologist at Fox 26 Weather

Jim Siebert services for Fox 26 NewsJim Siebert acts as a chief meteorologist at Fox 26 Houston Weather who has been a part of the channel for 14 years. He joined the station in March 2007. Siebert also has a research paper published and presented his paper’s contents at national conferences. In that paper, he also described that how graphical technology helps to shape the broadcast meteorology towards better findings. Jim Sibert has earned awards from Electronic Media and Associated Press for being the best weathercaster. Currently, Jim presents a children’s book series that features children as the main characters in the storyline and teaches children about the weather concepts through short stories.

Siebert holds a Seal of Approval by the American Meteorological Society and his HAM radio license, which he uses while chasing the storm. Jim also has a good grip on different weather equipment including the Fox 26 radar. Jim Sibert did BA in Broadcast Journalism in 1993 from Brigham Young University. Next, he did MA in Earth Sciences in 1996 from Baylor University and then did a doctorate level Ph.D. fin Instructional Technologies in Science Education in 2000 from The University of New Mexico.

Jim started at KCEN News in 1993, then he moved to KXXV News as a Weekend Meteorologist in 1994. Next, he joined KVBC News as a Chief Meteorologist in February 2001 and served the station for more than 3 years. In March 2005, Siebert became a Director of Meteorological Operations at Weather Insight. Later, he joined KRIV Houston as a Chief Meteorologist in March 2007 and still working there as a team lead. Aside from that, Jim is also a co-founder of Dynamic Measurement, LLC and a Keynote Speaker.

Fox 26 Weather Services

KRIV News presents the exclusive Fox 26 Houston weather services to entire Texas. They have state-of-the-art weather equipment with exclusive interactive Fox 26 Radar, Hurricane tracker, and others. The section also features the Office of Emergency Locator, which tells about the Hurricane protection centers and allows the public to take shelter during hard hurricane conditions. Meanwhile, Fox 26 Weather center also offers Tropical weather reports and features different Gulf Coast Weather Authority Tropical Models. Furthermore, explore KRIV radar maps, Hourly Forecast, 7-day forecast, Hurricane Gear Test, and more.

Watch More Local News: Click2Houston

Fox 26 Radar

Fox 26 Weather Radar gives detailed information on climate conditions in Houston and other areas in Texas. Viewers can watch real-time weather movement in their respective areas based on the GPS location. Plus, they can also zoom in or zoom out the radar to the extent. Fox 26 Radar represents three colors on the right top corner each representing the severity of rain, Mix, and Snow respectively.

Sky Fox Fox 26 News
KRIV News Sky Chopper | Courtesy: facebook page

The rain box consists of various colors from left to right, the green color indicates the light rain and the light purple color tells about heavy rainfall in the specific region. The same goes for the other two boxes of Mix and Snow in the Fox 26 Weather Radar. The ballerina pink shade in the Mix box of Fox 26 Radar is also available in two shades: light and heavy. On the other hand, the snow box represents the blue color which is also available in both dark and heavy shades, indicating the severity of the snow.

Viewers can also explore different layers in the Fox 26 Radar. Each of which represents the detailed information of the certain weather conditions in the area such as Precipitation level predicts the rain, snow 24hr forecasts the snow and temperature section highlights the severity of temperature. Similarly, the Road Weather layer in Fox KRIV Radar tells about the climate conditions on road, the Dew point represents the amount of dew in the air, and UV Index indicates the intensity of ultraviolet radiation.

Fox 26 Houston Mobile Apps

KRIV Houston features two main apps just for the convenience of its valued viewers. The users can get Houston Texas News at the station’s news app Fox26 Houston: News and Houston Weather News at the channel’s weather app Fox26 Houston: Weather.

Fox 26 News News Coverage Set
KRIV News Coverage Set | Source: twitter

Fox 26 Houston: News App

With the tagline, Your Station for Life, Fox 26 News App offers local Houston news, Houston News Today, Fox 26 Morning News, latest stories, live sports, traffic updates, and Fox 26 live stream. You can get the news, anywhere, anytime. The news app has a lot to offer to its users from the latest news alerts to real-time weather. The app offers topics that are most relevant to the community including local news headlines, national news, political crime, food, entertainment, education, and more.

Users can explore the following features:

  • News Headlines appearing as soon as they happen.
  • Streamlined content for better user experience
  • Fox 26 live stream news Monday to Friday
  • Hourly and 7-day forecast
  • FOX 26 TV Schedule
  • Sports updates from Rockets, Texans, High school, Dynamo, Astros, and other teams

Fox 26 Houston: Weather App

Fox 26 weather app presents all the latest Houston weather and southeast Texas weather in the palm of the hands. No matter where you are, you can keep an eye on your neighborhood’s weather conditions with this mobile app. The app has tons of features loaded with different weather services. Plus, it also has a section specifically focused on Hurricane reports.

KRIV TV Studio Building
KRIV TV Studio Building | Credits: official website

Fox 26 Weather app has the following features:

  • Real-time weather conditions at a single tap.
  • Daily forecast, hourly forecast, and 7-day Fox 26 Weather Forecast
  • Interactive Fox 26 Radar providing HD images that helps in tracking the storm
  • Future Radar lets you observe that where the storm is heading
  • Integrated Geolocation that allows the users to get the most accurate Houston Weather News based on the location
  • Forecast clips from the Gulf Coast Weather Authority
  • Severe Weather Notifications issued by the Government or NWS
  • Remain prepared for the disaster with Hurricane Toolbox
  • Latest Traffic Updates
  • Ability to share the pictures and videos conveniently with the Fox 26 Weather.

What Comes on Fox 26 Tonight?

Fox 26 TV Schedule clears the entire Fox programming and most of the air without facing any kind of problem. The shows range from Political discussion to entertainment, game shows, thrilling TV series, sitting interviews, celebrity news, and weather. The syndicated shows in Fox 26 schedule include The Wendy William Shows, Judge Judy, The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Real, Access Hollywood, Extra, TMZ, Dish Nation, and other exciting programs.

Furthermore, Fox 26 Houston Live also focuses heavily on sports programming. Since the launch, KRIV News has broadcasted all the Fox sports divisions. At present, Fox 26 Schedule consists of Big 12 Conference Football games, along with two games of Houston Texans every season. Except that, Channel 26 News Houston has also covered Super Bowl Li that occurred at NRG Sodium. From 1994 to 1996, Fox 26 TV Schedule was also used to be involved with the Oilers, the previous NFL team of Houston, for three whole years.

What’s on Fox26 Tonight?

The following table includes the entire Fox 26 Schedule. Viewers can watch these shows on cable, satellite, or other various streaming platforms such as Roku, Amazon prime, and others via Fox 26 live stream.

Family Guy Bob’s Burger TMZ Fox26 News at 9 pm
Whacked Out Sports In Depth with Graham Bensinger Peter Popoff Ministries Access Hollywood Weekend
Dish Nation Wake Up! With SallyMac and Lina 5:00 a.m. The Kelly Clarkson Show The Dr. Oz Show COVID-19 Headquarters: Vaccine Myth vs. Fact Check
The Real The Wendy Williams Show Houston’s Morning Show 9:00 a.m. TMZ Live!
The News Edge: Early Edition FOX26 News at 5:00 p.m. 9-1-1 Blindsided Judge Judy Judge Unimpressed by Aspiring Rapper/ Big Wedding? Meet the Coronavirus
9-1-1: Lone Star Isiah Factor: Uncensored The Resident into the Unknown Prodigal Son the Killabustas
The News Edge at 10:00 p.m. Extra The Masked Singer Super 8 – The Plot Chickens! Hell’s Kitchen Hitting the Jackpot
Last Man Standing Parent-normal Activity WWE SmackDown The Moodys SSN Sports Pure Outdoor
Xploration DIY Sci Xploration Awesome Planet Dateline Xploration Weird but True
PBC Countdown Xploration Life 2.0 PBC Fight Camp Xploration Outer Space
NASCAR Auto Racing Game of Talents America’s Most Wanted Fox26 News Special: What’s Your Point?

About KRIV News

KRIV News hit the air for the first time on 15 August 1971 with the calls KVRL. It was the third UHF Channel to start operating in the Houston Area. The first two were KHTV News and KVVV News. KRIVE started broadcasting as an independent network in the area at first, later it was moved to Fox in 1986 when Rupert Murdoch, an Australian newspaper giant bought it.

Fox26 News Houston Texas operated together with KTXH, a MyNetworkTV O&O Channel. Both channels share the same location for studios at Houston’s Southwest Freeway that comes in the center of Greenway Plaza and Uptown districts. However, KRIV’s antenna is installed in Fort Bend County’s unincorporated area, close to Missouri City, Texas.

Tel: (713) 479-2600
Tower Location: Missouri City, Texas, in unincorporated northeastern Fort Bend County
Brand Name: Fox 26

Coverage Map

Fox 26 News Coverage Map
KRIV TV Coverage Map | Source:
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