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Fox 28 logoFox 28 News WTTE is a Fox-affiliate US TV network. It serves the entire area of Columbus, Ohio. The station is owned by Cunningham Broadcasting. But, Sinclair Broadcast Group manages its all operations through LMA. The company is also a sort of WTTE TV owner as it also owns significant shares of Cunningham Broadcasting. The station offers regional, national & international newscast that is important to the Ohio community. It covers traffic alerts, weather forecasting, and consumer advocacy. Also, it provides information related to politics, sports, and law enforcement in the Ohio’s capital.

The channel also targets government waste, community events, and entertainment content. Viewers can get the official Fox 28 news live stream video on the station’s website or mobile app. The network uses a tagline “Your Local News, One Hour Early” for the programming.

Watch Fox 28 News Columbus, Ohio Live Stream

Waiting to watch channel 28 live from Columbus, Ohio? – Yes, here you can watch Fox 28 live stream anytime. The below player will load the stream shortly.

The station has been airing a TV show, “Good Day Columbus” since so long. It serves to provide regional news, traffic updates, and first warning weather forecasting. Fox 28 weather service gives detailed information about the weather conditions in the area.

Get different kinds of severe weather warnings, which are being categorized by National Weather Service. The network also features “School-Scout Visits”. It is a service where Fox 28 Weather team visits different schools. The team educates and informs children scientifically about weather events. Also, they also tell the children that how it all works.

Fox 28 Columbus news studio
Fox 28 Columbus News Live Studio | Credits: twitter

Affiliate Networks

The channel has a sibling network, “WSYX,”. It is an ABC affiliate service operating at CH 6. Channel also inherits WWHO channel. It is licensed to Chillicothe through Shared Service Agreement. The network shares its studios with WWHO and WSYX at Grandview Heights’ Dublin Road. The network’s transmitter is installed in Columbus’ Franklinton section.

Good Day Columbus

Good Day Columbus is the highest-rated TV program by Fox 28. It offers plenty of news content of the day and presents latest weather updates and traffic conditions. The show strives to provide different community events, consumer advocacy, and entertainment. It also offers gardening tips and several recipes.

Road Trippin’

The channel’s Road Trippin’ service explores the beauty around the town for road trips and tours. It can give you a pretty good idea of the places that are worth for visiting. if you are hunting for some adventure, Road Trippin’ can provide you one. Explore hills, jungles, lakes, huts, and treks with the Road Trippin’ service via Fox 28 News live stream.

Fox 28 studio
Fox 28 studio | Source: facebook page

Severe Weather Warnings

The national weather service has divided severe weather warnings into different types.

  • “Severe Local Storms alerts” give warning about small tornados.
  • “Winter Storms alerts,” tell about freezing precipitations.
  • “Fire Weather warnings” inform about wildfire risks.
  • “Lakeshore Hazards warning” notify about possible property damage near coastal areas.
  • “Marine Hazards warnings” provide information about such dangerous events that can affect shipping or fishing.

Likewise, there are several other warnings categorized by NWS, just for our comfort.

News App

Fox 28 Columbus News app delivers breaking news, and traffic alerts. It also provides sports, and weather updates on your fingertips. The app’s latest design offers Fox 28 News live stream video, top stories, and traffic conditions. Get instant news headlines, weather reports by the integrated weather radar, and much more here on the app. Download this app directly on your device (Cellphone or tablet) via Google Play Sotre or Apple Store. The app is user-friendly for both Android users and iPhone users.

You can also watch news from Columbus: WBNS 10 TV News

News Team

Fox 28 News team works with complete dedication and provides news updates round the clock.

Weather Team

Fox 28 Weather team delivers accurate and authentic weather forecast in the area.

Channel’s Overview

WTTE Fox 28 building and Tower
WTTE Fox 28 building located at 1261 Dublin Road Columbus.

WTTE hit the waves for the first time on 1 June 1984. It was the first independent and entertaining TV channel in Central Ohio. The original owner of the network was Commercial Radio Institute which was further owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. WTTE was channel’s 3rd TV service in the Ohio market. The first two were WBFF in Baltimore and WPTT-TV in Pittsburgh. Soon, Channel 28 News was the largest independent network in the region. Mostly because its programming schedule was more of a modern type as compared to the other ones in the area. WTTE has been linked with the FOX since the beginning. In 1996, River City Broadcasting, the owner of WSYX, merged its assets with the comapny, which automatically shifted WSYX under the management of Sinclair Broadcasting.

Changes in the Affiliations

FCC had a rule, according to which a single person can not operate more than one channel in the same market that time. Therefore, parent company decided to keep WSYX and gave away WTTE to Glencairn, Ltd. Glencairn was also a sort of parent company. So basically, WTTE was still working under its former owner.

Brianna McNary giving news briefing
Brianna McNary giving news briefing | Credits: twitter

Both companies tried to merge their operations in 2001 after FCC permitted duopolies. However, the Federal Communication Commission didn’t allow Sinclair to rebuy WTTE. Therefore, WTTE still worked under the name of Glencairn (now called Cunningham). In addition, Sinclair is still managing all the Cunningham’s operations. And by all means, Sinclair is using Cunningham as a proxy to dodge FCC ownership rules.

WTTE is also acting as an alternate network of ABC affiliate. It airs such ABC shows which WSYC can’t cover e.g. local special or breaking news emergency. In May 2012, Fox made an agreement with Sinclair Group to extend its affiliation with the channel until March 2012.

News Service

WTTE has been providing news for so many years. Currently, the channel has been producing 25.5 hours of newscast per week. It produced 4 hours of news on weekdays, 3 hours on Saturday and 2.5 hours on Sundays.


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Tel: +1 614-481-6666
Tower Location: Columbus’ Franklinton section
Brand Name: Fox 28

Coverage Map:

Fox 28 WTTE coverage map
Fox 28 Coverage Map | Source:
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