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Fox 5 DC

Washinton's well-known TV station WTTG for regional and local news.

FOX 5 DC logoFox 5 DC or WTTG is an American TV channel licensed to Washington, serving the entire region of metropolitan, including West Virginia, Northern Virginia, Martinsburg, and Maryland. One of the most eminent and old TV stations in DC, Fox 5 enjoys dominance over other news houses. It telecasts local news, weather reports, local and regional sports events. Channel 5 News DC is famous for its best-rated talk shows and current affairs programs. Thes audience praises broadcaster for covering community news and local happenings in state.

The Fox O&O TV channel operates at UHF Digital Ch 36 and virtual Ch 5. The service works under the partnership of Fox TV Stations by Fox Corporation and WDCA by MyNetworkTV. Both channels have the same studios and transmitter location in Friendship Heights, Washington’s Northwest Quadrant at Wisconsin Avenue.

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Cable Providers

  • Comcast Xfinity airs Fox 5 DC at two channels: Channel 5 serving the suburbs of Virginia and Maryland, Channel 25 operating in Washington, District of Colombia.
  • Verizon FiOS, Cox Communications, and RCN deliver it on Channel 5.
    WTTG broadcasting set
    WTTG broadcasting set | Courtesy: official website


W24ES-D is an LP digital translator of WTTG, re-telecasting station’s signals in Moorefield, West Virginia. Valley TV Cooperative, Inc. is the owner of the translator.

Allison Seymour, Toni Seldon, Cynthia Panicola, Missionary Dwana L Barlow and Jay Rice.
Allison Seymour, Toni Seldon, Cynthia Panicola, Missionary Dwana L Barlow and Jay Rice

Fox 5 DC Overview


While watching the Fox 5 DC live stream, you may not know how much the channel goes back in history. WTTG was one of the pioneer TV broadcasters in the world. Fox 5 DC hit the air on 19 May 1945 as the 1st TV channel in Washington, DC, and 2nd TV service of the now-discontinued DuMont Television Network. It was familiar as W3XWT that time: ‘W’ reflects North America, ‘3’ represents the country’s region, ‘X’ indicates experimental and the last two alphabets ‘WT’ were the call-signs.

Michelle Rotella, Anne Cutler and Lauren DeMarco
Michelle Rotella, Anne Cutler and Lauren DeMarco at newsroom of WTTG

The original owner of the station was DuMont Labs, who used to build Television sets and transmission equipment. Allen, the founder of the network, saw the channel as a primary source to sell more equipment.

DuMont started its regular services in 1946. Then after one year, W3XWT got a commercial license as WTTG on 3 Jan 1947, which was the first commercially-licensed channel in the capital city of the country. The TV broadcaster named after the Chief Engineer of Company’s Network Thomas T. Goldsmith, who was also the best friend of founder.

Same as its sibling broadcaster, Fox 5 DC was a lot more famous than the entire network. After terminating its entire network business in 1956, WTTG and WABD emerged as the DuMont Broadcasting network’s derivative. Later, the station flipped its branding into Metropolitan Broadcasting because of the failure linked with DuMont.

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John Kludge, a successful businessman of Washington, in 1958, took an interest in Metropolitan Broadcasting and assigned himself as a chairperson. In 1961, he once again changed the name of the broadcaster into Metromedia.

 Fox 5 DC News Team

The Time when WTTG became a Fox-Entity

In 1986, after purchasing 20th Century Fox, Rupert Murdoch decided to buy Metromedia and made it the heart of the Fox Network. WTTG was Fox’s one of the six (currently 16) TV channels, continuously maintaining high ratings, which was a rare case for Fox network, that time.

Mike Thomas, Gwen Tolbart, Caitlin Roth, Tucker Barnes, Sue Palka, and Gary McGrady
Mike Thomas, Gwen Tolbart, Caitlin Roth, Tucker Barnes, Sue Palka, and Gary McGrady | Credits: facebook page

At First, Fox 5’s transmission was the same as it was airing as a pure independent TV channel. Later, in 1990, the company decided to replace the channel’s morning cartoon block of the station with Fox 5 Morning News. WTTG was the 2nd Fox-owned and operated channel to broadcast news transmission and the 4rth or 5th Fox-affiliate service with the morning news.

Except being the 1st TV broadcaster in Washington DC, Fox 5 is also proud to claim:

  • First channel to air the Presidential commencement of Harry S. Truman (1945)
  • One of the first TV service to broadcast live in front of a studio audience (1946)
  • Original broadcaster to start operations in Washington, DC, early in the morning.
  • 1st TV station to telecast national transmission of McCarthy Hearings (1954)
  • Original TV channel to deliver Hoffa/Kennedy Hearings (1957)
  • The first channel to convert into fully automated service (1959), having videotape facilities (1966), and being the primetime news telecast in the nations (1966)


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Tel: +1 202-895-3000
Website: http://www.fox5dc.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fox5newsdc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/fox5dc
Tower Location: 7272 Wisconsin Ave
Brand Name: Fox 5

Coverage Map:

WTTG Coverage Map – | Source: www.publicfiles.fcc.gov
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