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Fox 5 New York

Fox 5 NY Live Stream

Fox 5 NY New York LogoFox 5 New York is the East Coast flagship channel of the Fox TV network. The television station is giving its services in New York, New York, United States. Moreover, the brand name of the channel is Fox 5 News, while its call sign is WNYW. On the other side, its slogan is We Are Fox 5. Channel 5 New York features local news, national news, world news, sports, entertainment, traffic, and much more. Fox 5 NY live stream connect you with your favorite programs and shows on your mobile devices. Besides Fox 5, NY weather forecast services provide an early and accurate forecast.

The Big Idea section contains innovative ideas in almost every sect of life from the professionals and experts. Chasing News is a talk show and is repeat telecast on WNYW-TV after airing at its sister channel WWQR. Fox 5 Good Day Street Talk features interesting topics surrounding education, community events, and the arts. Whereas Good Day Café is a cooking show which includes the best recipes of foods with delicious tastes.

Watch Fox 5 NY Live Stream for free

Fox 5 NY Live Streaming refers to recorded and ongoing broadcasting in real-time on the official website. Watch the Fox 5 live stream by installing the channels app, visiting the website and its YouTube channel. One can catch his favorite programs like Chasing News according to Fox 5 NY schedule.

Affiliations of Channel 5 New York

The following are the main affiliations of Fox 5 NY:

  • Fox (O&O)
  • Movies!
  • Light TV
  • Decades

Studios and Transmitter Facilities of Fox 5 NY

WNYW TV shares the studio facilities with its sister channel WWQR-TV. Their studios located at the Fox Television Center on East 67th Street in Manhattan’s Lenox Hill neighborhood. Whereas the transmitter facilities of the television channel located at One World Trade Center. The transmitter coordinates of Fox 5 NY are 40°42′46.8″N 74°0′47.3″W.

Fox 5 New York newscasting studio
Fox 5 New York newscasting studio | Source: official website

Short Intro of Fox 5 New York News Team

The most intelligent and skillful Fox 5 NY team made it the most favorite channel of the New York citizens. Furthermore, the news team’s excellence and devotion provide exclusive and impartial news coverage. The Fox 5 NY anchors and reporters are delivering the innovation in journalism with racism-free services.

In addition, Fox 5 NY Early Morning News anchors deliver the latest news and stories daily in the morning. Dari Alexander is one of the leading WNYW Fox 5 News anchors. Likewise, Dan Bowens acclaimed for his fantastic work for journalism, as he covered different political events.

Dari Alexander

Alexander is anchoring the FOX 5 News at 05:00 p.m. and the FOX 5 News at 10:00 p.m. with Steve. Previously, she worked as an anchor and New York field correspondent at FOX News Channel. Moreover, Alexander also reported primetime news stories and updates. The newscaster covered big domestic stories like the D.C. Sniper, the 2004 presidential elections, and the Capitol Hill anthrax scare.

Dan Bowens

Bowens is the weekend anchor of FOX flagship channel, WNYW-TV in New York. He also won a three-time Emmy Award for his extraordinary services and news coverage. Besides, Dan is the hosting crime podcast, “The Tape Room with Dan Bowens.” His additional services include writing and assist in producing Emmy nominated series Jazz Stories of FOX 5. For his special contribution to establishing a report on Autism, Dan won a New York Emmy in 2018.

FOX 5 New York News App

You can take Fox 5 NY everywhere you go by installing the app on your smartphone. The app connects you with top news stories happening across New York City, New Jersey, and nearby areas. WNYW schedule features breaking news alerts, real-time weather forecasts, and live steram. Moreover, watch live weekday morning Fox 5 Good Day NY shows on your mobile screen.

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Dan Bowens covering news bulletin
Dan Bowens covering news bulletin | Source: facebook page

The following are some major features of the WNYW Fox 5 News app:

  • Fast approaching Breaking News
  • Good Day live stream and other newscasts daily
  • Modernized content display for a best and user-friendly experience
  • You can also enable specific geolocation tracking for favorite location

Fox 5 NY Weather Services and Team

Just like the news team, the Fox 5 NY weather team is also working faithfully and efficiently to forecast weather. WNYW meteorologists are professionally predicting New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, and surrounding areas weather. WNYW Fox 5 is using interactive radar technology to provide the best weather services. The technology also allows users to pan and zoom to their desired location on the map.

How Interactive Radar Technology Works

Fox 5 NY weather Interactive radar technology holds a dual-polarization. The innovative development allows the radar to send out dual-energy beams into the air. One of these two beams originated vertically, and the other originated horizontally. However, the phenomenon gives the image of the falling object through the climate. Through the size and shape of the object, the meteorologists can realize the difference between tornado, rain, snow, and hail. Furthermore, the radar allows mobile users to pan and zoom to their favorite locations.

Audrey Puente

Mr. Puente is the meteorologist and feature reporter for WNYW Fox News. Before joining WNYW TV, she worked as Chief Weather Anchor at WWOR-TV. Audrey Puente also worked as a weathercaster for WNBC TV and shared weekend reports for Today in New York. Furthermore, she is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the National Weather Association. Puente is also a proud member of the American Meteorologist Society.

Mike Woods

Among some senior weathercasters of Fox 5 NY, Mike Woods has a prominent place. He joined Fox 5 New York in June 2001 as the weekend meteorologist. Furthermore, Woods became the morning meteorologist for Good Day in October 2003. Since his service, Mike covered several big weather events in the tri-state region, including Nor’ Easters, blizzards, heat waves, and hurricanes. Recently, the meteorologist spent almost seventy-two hours on-air covering Hurricane Irene.

FOX 5 New York Weather App

To catch the NY weather forecast and live radar, you need to install Fox 5 NY weather app. WNYW TV app allows you to track storms on the interactive radar. You can also see the current weather conditions. Additionally, the app provides hourly and 7-day forecasts of New York and surrounding areas. Here below are some reasons to download the FOX 5 NY weather app.

Anil Beephan at Fox Business studio
Anil Beephan at Fox Business studio
  • Get current forecasts at a glance, with integrated GPS to give accurate and precise conditions
  • Likewise, receive severe storm alerts on your phone screen from the National Weather Service
  • Updates about school closings
  • Check the past hour of a storm’s movement with an interactive radar map
  • Future radar helps to see where severe weather is approaching
  • Hourly and Daily NY weather forecast updates
  • Find and save your favorite locations across the world
  • Live streaming and video forecasts direct from Channel 5 New York weather studio
  • Perceive live traffic map

About Fox 5 News NY

Fox Television Stations, LLC (a subsidiary of Fox Corporation), is the owner of Fox 5 New York. WNYW Fox 5 initially started its services on 2nd May 1944 with facility ID 22206. Moreover, Fox 5 News NY is available through cable providers in areas of the Caribbean. The television channel also features historical news coverage that highlights New York City. On 15th October 2010, News corporation pulled the signals of WNYW from the Cablevision system in the NY television market area. It happened because of the dispute between Fox and Cablevision.

Fox 5 New York news team
Fox 5 New York news team | Source: facebook page

WNYW TV Programs

The channel starts producing one-minute vignettes named Big Apple Minute in 1980. Channel 5 New York also produced the PM Magazine’s New York City version from 1980 to 1988. Likewise, the television channel broadcast the Puerto Rican Day Parade from 2006 to 2015. At present, WNYW Fox 5 produces many local programs. The attractive WNYW TV Schedule provides the following programs:

Hell’s Kitchen Hotel Hell
Kitchen Nightmares MasterChef
New Girl The Simpsons
So, You Think You Can Dance

Here below you can see top popular programs of Channel 5 New York:

WWE SmackDown Street Soldiers The Big Bang Theory the Propagation Proposition Modern Family Rash Decisions
The Big Bang Theory the Convergence Convergence Dish Nation Extra Coffee with America
Good Day Street Talk Xploration Awesome Planet Xploration Outer Space Fox Bet Live
Fox Bet Live Big Noon Kickoff Fox College Football Extra Boxing
Cosmos: Possible Worlds Lost City of Life Central Avenue Whacked Out Sports Whacked Out Sports
Sunday Mass Joel Osteen David Jeremiah In Touch Ministries
FanDuel’s More Ways to Win! Fox News Sunday NFL Kickoff Fox NFL Sunday
The OT PBC Countdown Errol Spence Jr. vs. Danny Garcia To Be Announced TMZ
The Simpsons Undercover Burns Bob’s Burgers Now We’re Not Cooking with Gas Bless the Harts Pound Pinchers Bob’s Burgers Fast Time Capsules at Wagstaff School
Family Guy La Famiglia Guy Sports Extra In Depth with Graham Bensinger Smart Money Raw Travel Historic Vilnius Lithuania
Extra Weekend Good Day Wake Up Good Day New York The Wendy Williams Show
The Noon Show 25 Words or Less The Dr. Oz Show Your Covid Defense Plan: How Safe Are the Places You Go Most? Big-Box Stores and Supermarkets The People’s Court
Sports Programing of WNYW TV

Fox 5 News NY sporting division televised major sporting championships featuring NY teams during the past few years. WNYW also live-streamed the network’s coverage of the National Hockey League in 1995.

Tel: (212) 452-5555
Tower Location: One World Trade Center
Brand Name: Fox 5

Coverage Map

Fox 5 New York coverage map
Fox 5 New York coverage map | Source:



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