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Cleveland's Own | WJW Live Stream

Fox 8 News Cleveland logoFox 8 News Cleveland, a Fox-affiliated TV channel, giving its services in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Fox 8 News is the brand name of the channel, while its brand name is WJW. Nexstar Media Group, Tribune Broadcasting Company II, LLC, is the owner of the television channel. Watch the Fox 8 Cleveland live stream on channel’s webpage and this website as well. WJW Fox 8 features local news from the city, national news, entertainment, sports, and much more. Get also the accurate WJW weather forecast from the expert team of a meteorologist.

The latest and breaking news in Kickin’ It with Kenny brought you up-to-date with the latest trends. Cooking lovers also see the delicious new food recopies at New Day Recipes section. Stay in touch with the U.S. General Elections 2020 news at Your Local Election Headquarters. Fox 8 News Cleveland is supporting a big cause of backing women with the Celebrating Remarkable Women campaign. Channel 8 News Cleveland also loves to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by giving a special separate section on its website. Through Cleveland’s Own helping Cleveland’s Own Foundation, the station helps needy people of the society.

Watch Fox 8 Cleveland Live Stream

You can watch the Fox 8 News live stream online free on its website and YouTube channel. Furthermore, smartphone users can install the FOX8 news app from the play store to watch Fox 8 News stream. Its live stream features breaking news, online streaming, latest news as well as the weather forecast. Catch your favorite programs of WJW TV according to the TV schedule.

Studios and Transmitter Facilities of WJW TV

The studios of WJW News located on Dick Goddard Way just northeast of downtown near Lake Erie’s shore. Whereas, the transmitter facilities of the television channel located in the Cleveland suburb of Parma, Ohio. 41°21′48″N 81°42′57″W are the transmitter coordinates of WJW News.

Fox 8 News Cleveland News Studio Building
Fox 8 News Cleveland news building loacted at 5800 S Marginal Rd, Cleveland

News Team of Fox 8 News

WJW TV known for its enduring valuable and experienced news staff. The Fox 8 News team devotedly gathers the exclusive news and share them with the community efficiently. The unbiased and racism-free journalism is the identity of the news crew of the television channel and Fox 8 News live stream. Furthermore, news analysts of WJW News offer interesting and up-to-date news and videos during live and recorded transmission. People of city watch to the Channel 8 News Cleveland as an authentic and trusted news source. The team has a solid drip to cover political and investigative reporting exclusively. Anchors like Stefani Schaefer, Lou Maglio, and Gabe Spiegel are the backbone of the channel’s best news reporting.

Weather Team for Fox 8 News Cleveland
Weather Team for Fox 8 News Cleveland | Source: official website

Lou Maglio

Lou Maglio is the co-anchor of Fox 8 News at 06:00 and 10:00 p.m. during weekdays. He joins WJW TV as a reporter/anchor in 1994 to host morning newscasts. Previously, before joining WJW, he was an anchor at WEWS-TV in Cleveland from 1981-1984. He also serves as a producer at WFMY-TV in Greensboro, N.C. from 1980 to 1081. Using his experience and skills, he took the channels at the height of fame.

Tracy McCool

Like Maglio, McCool also attached with Fox 8 News many years ago. She joined the TV channel as a general assignment reporter in May 2000. You can find her at 05:00, 06:00, and 10:00 p.m. newscasts while co-anchoring with Gabe Spiegel and Lou Maglio. Tracy was active in establishing Akron/Summit County Bureau at Summit Mall. Besides, before joining Fox 8, she served as an anchor/reporter in WSYX-TV and WTTE-TV in Columbus, Ohio. She also stands among the major faces of WJW Fox 8.

WJW Fox 8 – Mobile Application

Watch Fox 8 cleveland live streaming, breaking news, and latest news by installing the Fox 8 News app in your smartphone. You can also read and watch the stories at the same time. Stay in touch to aware of what’s happening in your area. Fox 8 Cleveland live stream runs smoothly without any interruption and gap. So, this app is the most authentic and reliable source to know about the November Elections of 2020. Furthermore, with the help of weather maps, stay alert about the weather forecast and traffic of Cleveland. Also, know early news of school closings and openings. The following are the major features of WJW Cleveland:

  • Breaking news alerts and exclusive stories
  • Fox 8 News stream live
  • Smooth and user friendly
  • Get favorite topics with personalized updates
  • Find interesting and exclusive stories
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Traffic updates
Satellite van for Fox 8 News Cleveland
Satellite van for Fox 8 News Cleveland | Courtesy: facebook page

Fox 8 Cleveland Weather Team

The meteorologists’ team of Fox 8 devotedly covers the early weather forecasts of Cleveland and nearby regions. Accuracy and early predictions about the weather are the foundation of the WJW weather team. Moreover, their meteorologists gather the best and most comprehensive weather data to deliver predictions with accuracy. Due to the most real-time forecast engine, the residents of Cleveland blindly observe its forecast. They rely on the superior accuracy, consistency, and extraordinary Fox 8 News Weather service.

The weather team of WJW Cleveland claims as the leading forecaster of the area to keep people safe. Their quick and early forecasting saves the lives of several people as well as billions of dollars in property. With the help of detailed weather data, people came to know about the traffic situation before leaving their homes. The following are some major weather services of Channel 8 News Cleveland.

AJ Colby

AJ is the senior meteorologist of WJW TV. He witnessed the terrible destruction of an EF5 tornado in Albion in 1985 during his childhood. AJ Colby gained too much experience from the horrible tornado and select weather forecast as his profession. He started reporting snowfall and local temperature data to several media outlets at the beginning of his career. AJ started his profession as a weather caster at the age of just sixteen at WSEE-TV in Erie. Afterward, Fox 8 News hire him on its channel at 19. Whereas he began working a full-time employee in Cleveland in 2000 and now serving as a staff meteorologist.

FOX 8 Cleveland Weather App

Fox 8 weather provides interactive, hourly, daily, and 8-day forecast. Get the weather alerts and video forecasts for Cleveland and the corresponding areas of Ohio. Install the Fox 8 weather app on your mobile to stay updated about the early weather alerts. The following below are some main features of the Fox 8 Weather App.

  • Early severe weather alerts
  • Hourly and 8-day forecast
  • Track wind speed
  • Moreover, take high-resolution satellite cloud imaginary data
  • Add and save your favorite locations
  • 250-meter radar, the highest resolution available
  • A fully integrated GPS for current location-awareness

Maps and Radar

WJW is using the latest weather technology and radars. The channel shares too much informative weather information with the residents of Cleveland. StormFOX Radar early informs the storm coming towards the city. Similarly, Akron/Canton Radar timely alerts the residents of these cities through the channel to stay aware. You can also track the wind speed and direction with a detailed map provided on the website. Likewise, farmers and other businessmen stay up-to-date about the temperature through the Heat Map. Using Fox 8 Radar, the channel also shares the updates of city’s traffic.

Weather Forecast Discussion

Meteorologist Harcher also gave the detailed forecast discussion of Cleveland on the blog. He discussed the weather with comprehensive information about the rise and fall of temperature. Also, Jenn Harcher uses to tell about the wind pressure, pattern, and speed of the city and nearby areas. You can monitor even a minor detail of Cleveland’s weather conditions. One can even check the 8-Day forecast of his corresponding.

About Fox 8 News Cleveland
WJW-TV – a telecommunications company based out of 418 N Marshall St, Winston Salem, United States. Initially, it started services on December 19, 1949, with facility ID 73150. The licensing authority of WJW Fox 8 is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). A wartime manufacturer of radio coils and transformers, the Empire Coil Company is the founder of the channel. The television works with several charities such as The Giving Tree, Stuff the Bus, and Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Affiliations of Fox 8 Cleveland Ohio

The following are the affiliations of Fox 8 News:

  • Fox
  • Antenna TV (O&O)
  • Comet
  • Charge!
Fox 8 News Cleveland newscasters
Fox 8 News Cleveland newscasters | Source: official website

Local News, Talk Shows and Programs on WJW TV

In the early years, the channel lagged behind its contestants in producing local programming. Its studio located at the transmitter in Parma. At present, Fox 8 News Cleveland broadcasts sixty-eight hours of locally produced newscasts weekly. It includes eleven and a half each weekday, five hours on Saturdays, and five and a half hours on Sundays. It stands among one of the maximum weekly newscast totals of any channel in the U.S.

In 2001, WJW live stream retook the top position in news programming from WEWS. The station replaced longtime 06:00 and 10:00 p.m. lead anchors Wilma Smith and Tim Taylor. Moreover, Bill Martin and Stacey Bell at 10:00 p.m. are trying to attract a younger audience to the program. The change paid off Fox 8 News, and today its newscasts often rank number-one in the ratings.

Celebrating Remarkable Women

WJW Fox 8 live stream hold the nominations for its Remarkable Women contest. It usually received many entries about women performing incredible things in Northeast Ohio every year. This year it received over two hundred entries for the contest. From February 11 through March, they are highlighting four local women. These four women would consider for Nexstar’s countrywide 2020 Woman of the Year Award. Though, one winner would select to receive a once-in-a-lifetime travel trip to New York City. Here she will join a taping of The Mel Robbins Show. Further, they will announce the national winner in mid-March.

Hispanic Heritage Month

The period from September 15 to October 15 celebrated as National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States. The month observes to recognize the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans in the country’s history. WJW Fox 8 also celebrates the month with full devotion to recognizing the culture, history, and achievements of Hispanic Americans. During this period, the United States Army honors the remarkable contributions of Hispanics.

They build and defend the country with their long-standing efforts. As of September 2018, around one lac and thirty-six thousand Hispanic soldiers serve the U.S. Army. It is 13.8% of the total Army of the United States. According to the official website of the Army, they aim to celebrate the various environment of the Army during Heritage month. The representation of Hispanic nationals on active duty increased by ten percent during the last thirty years.

Fox 8 News Cleveland live transmission dish antennas
Fox 8 News Cleveland live transmission dish antennas

The U.S. Navy celebrates this month (period) by commemorates Hispanic heritage sailors. Military service of Hispanic Americans dates back to the Civil War. Around fifty-nine thousand active and reserve Sailors of Hispanic heritage serve in the U.S. Navy as of June 2018. During this month, they honor both fallen and on-duty Hispanic Americans who served in the armed forces. Officials awarded 61 people of Hispanic Heritage with Medal of Honor.

Your Local Election Headquarters

The United States 2020 General Elections is almost ahead with the gap of some days. Everyone is curious to know about the updates of the latest happenings. Elections scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. However, due to the countrywide outspread of coronavirus, everyone is panic about the election practice. No need to worry about the latest election updates; just go to the “Your Local Election Headquarters” of WJW News. You can catch every single update of Republican and Democratic parties of the Unites.


The i-team of Fox 8 consists of top investigative reporters to cover the investigative stories. Further, the investigative team provides news regarding unethical activities happening in the city. The brainy investigation crew thoroughly investigates any illegal activity in the area. WJW’s investigative reporting uses its sources to uncover important truths.

Fox 8 News Cleveland live coverage studio
Fox 8 News Cleveland live coverage studio | Credits: twitter

The following some qualities of i-team of Fox 8 News Cleveland:

  • Curiosity
  • Passion
  • Logical thinking, organization and self-discipline
  • Team-working and communication skills
  • Broad general knowledge with good research skills
  • Fairness and strong ethics
  • Courage

New Day Recipes

New Day Recipes is the most popular cooking show of Fox 8 News. On every new day, the chef of the show shares a new recipe for cooking and taste lovers. Follow the program and the website’s section for tasty recipes, cooking tips, and best techniques to make your day. Cooking is just another skill, and you can polish your skill by following David at New Day Recipes. Sometimes it is tricky to find healthy foods without harmful hidden ingredients. The cooking show managed to provide a healthy meal with delicious taste.

Cleveland’s Own helping Cleveland’s Own

Fix 8 News is also promoting the foundation of Cleveland’s Own, helping Cleveland’s Own. The foundation collects donations from people and organizations to help the needy people of society. Especially during the lockdown days, many people suffered from the basic needs of life. The foundation aimed to help these people and fulfill their needs through their efforts and with the help of supporters.

Sports Programming

Fox 8 News Cleveland has a long history of broadcasting Cleveland sports teams. However, it produced in-house or broadcast through Fox or CBS. WJW News stands among one of two stations involved in the deal between New World and Fox. Which located in a market served an NFL franchise. The Cleveland Browns – whose sports rarely-aired on the channel dating back to its tenure with CBS – are part of AFC. Additionally, it, at the time of the switch, had most of their game telecasts carried on WKYC-TV.

WJW Fox 8 initially broadcast Browns games in 1956, when CBS gained the television broadcast rights to the pre-merger NFL. All Browns games would exclusively air on channel 8 until 1969. Since 1970, the station carried at least two Browns games annually, usually containing interconference games. In these games, the plays host at FirstEnergy Stadium to an NFC team. Moreover, it was the home channel for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers from 1976 to 1980. Likewise, it aired Cavaliers games through CBS’ NBA broadcast contract from 1973 to 1990. It aired Cleveland Indians games through CBS’ MLB coverage from 1990 to 1993, and since 1996, via Fox’s broadcast rights.

Fox 8 Cleveland Election Headqurater
Fox 8 Cleveland Election Headqurater |Credits: official website

Watch More Local News of Northwest Ohio: ABC 5 Cleveland

WJW Fox 8 Programs List

The following are some popular programs of WJW Cleveland. However, you can watch them according to the TV schedule.

See Complete WJW Programs List
WWE SmackDown The Big Bang Theory the Confidence Erosion Two and a Half Men Baseball Was Better with Steroids Two and a Half Men the Squat and the Hover
Seinfeld The English Patient Seinfeld The Doodle Impractical Jokers Sneaking Number Twos, Going Number One Xploration DIY Sci
Xploration Life 2.0 Fox 8 Saturday Early News Fox 8 Saturday Morning News Fred Martin Superstore Car Connection
Big Noon Kickoff NCAA Football TCU vs. Texas Fox College Football Extra MLS Pre-game
The Big Bang Theory the Hot Tub Contamination The Big Bang Theory the Fetal Kick Catalyst The Masked Singer the Group B Premiere – Six More Masks I Can See Your Voice
Labor of Love You’ve Got Babies Seinfeld The Yada Yada Two and a Half Men Twanging Your Magic Clanger Two and a Half Men Hookers, Hookers, Hookers
Xploration Nature Knows Best Two and a Half Men the Immortal Mr. Billy Joel Two and a Half Men A Pudding-Filled Cactus Bless the Harts The Last Supper
Tel: (216)432-4240
Tower Location: Cleveland suburb of Parma, Ohio
Brand Name: Fox 8

Coverage Map:

Fox 8 News Cleveland coverage map
Fox 8 News Cleveland coverage map | Credits: official website

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