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Fox News Denver LogoKDVR News aka Fox31 Denver is a fox-affiliate TV broadcaster, serves the entire city of Denver, Colorado, and operates at Virtual CH 31 and UHF Digital CH 36. The channel serves the city with the motto ‘We are Fox 31’. It covers political activities, weather conditions, sports events and community news for the state of Colorado. Fox News Denver is well noted for its interactive weather radar and early warning forecasr. The station advocate for independent journalism and reporting in Denver. The network works under the ownership of Nexstar Media Group, along with Its sister network Channel 2 KWGN-TV. The studios and transmitter locations of both channels are in Denver’s Speer neighborhood and atop Lookout Mountain, Golden, respectively. KDVR has a history of reporting best climate updates using its own dedicated weather radar.

Watch Fox News Denver Live Stream

To watch the live steam of KDVR, just tap the play button below. The automated media will load Fox News Denver live stream. The station telecast news shows, current affairs program and political updates as per Fox31 TV schedule.

Channel 31 news has a full-time satellite translator KFCT, operating at Virtual CH 22 and UHF CH 21. The network, which serves Fort Collins region, has a transmitter placed atop Horsetooth Mountain. The translator helps the station provide services to those areas which are out of the range from Fox News Denver. KFCT simulcasts the entire transmission from KDVR, and it doesn’t have any kind of physical possession in Fort Collins, other than the transmitter.

Brooks Garner, Megan O'Halloran, Kirk Yuhnke,and Sam Boik at Fox News Denver
Brooks Garner, Megan O’Halloran, Kirk Yuhnke,and Sam Boik at Studio of KDVR Denver | Credits: official website

Availability of the Station

On Cable

The cable networks carrying the services of Channel 31 News Denver are:

  • CenturyLink Prism: delivering the station at CH 31
  • Comcast Xfinity: providing it at CH 13

On the Internet

Viewers can also watch Fox News Denver live stream at the official website of the station or over the official mobile app. Both KDVR and KWGN share the same website, as the latter doesn’t have an independent functional web. Hence, people can also watch KWGN live stream here.

Local Election Headquarters! Fox 31
Local Election Headquarters! Fox31 | Source: fox31 website

Honors and Awards

Jessica Lebel at news studio of Fox News Denver
Jessica Lebel at news studio

In the last three years, Fox News Denver has claimed fifteen National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Awards, which include Emmys for investigative journalism, program promotion, and general assignment reporting.

In 2011, KDVR Fox31 also won an award for Best Newscast from Colorado Broadcasters Associations for the show Fox31 Denver News at 9 pm. Plus, for the last 13 years, CBS has acknowledged KDVR News for 13 times.

Mobile Apps of Channel 31 Denver

Every TV channel has apps for viewers to watch live streaming and check news realted content on Mobile. KDVR has two dedicated mobile apps to for watching Fox News live stream. Here we have explained both apps with features and how to use them.

Fox News Denver News App

KDVR News App and Channel 2 News App (both channels share the same news app) delivers the best news services and latest weather reports to the people of Denver, Colorado. Check local interactive weather radar system, get alerts and watch breaking events as well as Fox News Denver live stream. Download the KDVR news app on both Apple Store for iPhone user and Google Play Store for Android users.

Exclusive KDVR TV Weather App

KDVR Weather app features the latest weather forecasts in the area as well as warns about any possible upcoming storms or calamities. The channel has a dedicated meteorological team called Pinpoint Weather only for this purpose. Plus, the network owns an exclusive Pinpoint Weather Beast, that lets the team keep an eye on present weather conditions in the area.

Fox News Denver host Jessica Lebel with Pinpoint Weather Beast
Fox News Denver host Jessica Lebel with Pinpoint Weather Beast | Source: facebook page

KDVR’s Pinpoint Weather Beast is a weather truck armed with the latest technologies. With this technology, the team covers weather conditions in Denver or its surrounding areas while in motion, such as during hail, flooding rain, or while chasing tornadoes.


Sports Team

Traffic Team

Weather Team

Overview and History

KDVR hit the air for the first time on 10 August 1983 with the call-letters KDVR TV.  On 5 April 1987, Fox News Denver got affiliation from Fox right after the inauguration of Fox Network. Later, KDVR became a Fox entity (O&O) on 3 July 1995. In November 1996, Fox 31 News Denver hit the milestone of 1 million households in the area. The channel moved from its previous location at Denver’s sixth & Speer Blvd. to the new facility 100 on 15 April 2000. Speer Blvd. In July 2000, Fox 31 News Denver started a news transmission Fox 31 News at 9’o clock.

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Programs and News Shows

The TV station has a good repute for its high quality onait content. Some of the news shows are the best-rated among viewers across Denver city. Moreover, the independent journalists reports live updates from the field. The special documentries of weather, lifestyle news, and food.

Jessica Lebel on green screen of Fox News Denver
Jessica Lebel on green screen | Credits: official website

Colorado’s Best Show

Colorado’s Best is a popular TV Show being aired by Fox News Denver at 11 am, and Channel 2 at 10 am, from Mon to Fri. Anchors Joana Canals, Paula Haddock, and Sam Boil invite Colorado’s best businessmen to the show and features entertainment, products, services, deals, and dining from the Front Range and Denver’s metropolitan region. Plus, viewers can also call at their help centers and ask for any kind of questions related to family finances.

Affiliations of Fox News Denver

Current affliations of KDVR are below.

Access Hollywood TMZ Fox31 News Denver Colorado’s Best on Fox 31
Fox 31 Morning News The Dr. Oz Show Xploration Awesome Planet Friend ‘The One Where Nana Dies Twice’
DailyMailTV Jeopardy Judge Judy Celebrity Watch Party
Wheel of Fortune Labor of Love Seinfeld Xploration Outer Space
Tel: +1 303-566-7600

Tower Location: atop Lookout Mountain, Golden
Brand Name: Fox31

Coverage Map

Fox News Denver coverage map
Fox 31 Coverage Map | Source:
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