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KARE 11 News LogoKARE 11 News is an NBC affiliate TV service owned by Tegna Inc and providing services to Twin Cities TV Market. It is a licensee of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota. Channel 11 can be tuned in on cable network, satellite service, over the antenna via KARE live stream. The network uses the branding KARE 11 News for the tagline Minnesota’s Own for its newscast. KARE TV offers local Minneapolis news, community events, health reports, national and world news, entertainment content, school status, political discussion, and other top stories.

KARE 11 Weather offers multiple weather services including KARE Radar keeping an eye over the entire Minnesota region, Traffic conditions, KARE 11 weather forecast, and KARE 11 school closings. Other features provided by NBC Minneapolis are Land of 10,000 stories, Grow with KARE, Behind the Business, #EyesUP, Sandwich Generation, Communities that KARE, Real Men Wear Gowns, Women ‘Crushing It’ Wednesday, and etc. Moreover, the audience can also enjoy live sports of different local teams such as Golden Gophers, Twins, Wild, Vikings, High School, Timberwolves, Lynx, and United. It also airs the Olympics.

Watch KARE 11 Live Streaming

Keep a close tab on the surrounding areas of Minneapolis with the Up-to-minute Minneapolis latest news, KARE 11 Breaking News, Minneapolis News Today, KARE 11 weather reports, and other important things. Make sure to not skip every single detail by accessing the station’s online coverage via KARE 11 live stream over the mobile/laptop here at livenewsglobe. The stream is upbeat, easy to watch, less buffered, and free to watch. Click the button provided below.

General Questions

What channel is NBC in Minneapolis?

NBC programming can be watched on KARE 11 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Get local news Minneapolis, Minneapolis news today, sports transmission, KARE 11 school closings, and top stories on KARE 11 live.

How old is Belinda Jensen?

Belinda Jenson is a 51 years old TV journalist and meteorologist who was born in 1969. She finished her education after graduating from the University of Utah. Belinda is a part of the KARE 11 weather team and currently co-presents KARE 11 News Saturday and Grow With Kare, and serves as Minnesota Bound’s feature reporter. She has also been a part of the National Weather Services, therefore she knows one or two things about meteorology. Belinda Jensen has also earned a Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society for broadcasting. She loves her work and passionate about serving the community. Belinda visits schools and encourages the students to pursue science, especially girls.

Did Sven Sundgaard leave KARE 11?

Yes, Sven Sundgaard left KARE 11 News MN and not in a pleasant way. He served the station for 14 whole years as a meteorologist. Sven joined the KARE 11 weather team in February 2006 and ended his long-term relationship with the channel in May 2020 after an intense dispute. The station fired the Sven KARE 11  meteorologist with a statement that he continued to violate the station’s policies and ethics. Meanwhile, the weatherperson defended himself by suing NBC Minneapolis and its parent Tegna with a claim that he suffered discrimination over his religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

How to watch KARE 11 on Roku?

KARE 11 on Roku

If you have a Ruku (a streaming device) and want to watch KARE TV on it. Roku is an amazing platform that provides on-demand streaming services to customers. Almost, all US channels are included in Roku that offers streaming from different streaming services. Kare 11 news and weather services are also included in Roku, you can watch the channel’s exciting TV programs live here. Just buy the device and connect it with your TV. It directly downloads the streaming from the Internet.

How to watch KARE 11 online?

Channel 11 can be watched online through various internet streaming platforms. Most of them are paid subscription services while others are free. The prices vary for each streaming platform. FuboTV, Sling TV, At&T TV, Philo, Hulu+ Live TV, Vidgo,,  Frndly TV, and YouTube TV are some online web services that provide HD non-stop KARE 11 live stream, anytime anywhere. You are miles away from your home, can’t get to your TV, tune into these online platforms and enjoy.

What happened to Kim Insley on KARE 11? where is Kim Insley KARE 11?

Kim Insley Story

Kim Insley left KARE TV after serving the channel for around 24 years from 1993 to 2017. It was an emotional departure filled with tears. She used to anchor the morning show on Weekdays called Sunrise. Kim announced on 20 October 2017, that she is going to say goodbye to her KARE News family. She led the news team in the newsroom, the channel admires her services that she has given so far. Everyone at the bureau expressed their gratitude and respect for the oldest member of the station. They said it is hard to say goodbye.

Who is the new KARE 11 weather person?

KARE 11 News Weather Person

Guy Brown was the latest addition to the KARE 11 weather team in September 2017. Before that, he used to offer forecasts for WKOW News Madison, Wisconsin. Before Madison, Brown was a member of the KGWN News team. There, he reported many severe weather events such as blizzards, wildfires, tornadoes, and Chinook winds. He is also actively taking part in the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Weather Association. His first TV channel was an ABC affiliate network WJLA News. The WJLA team named him the hardworking news production assistant. Guy completed his education at Towson University by studying meteorology along with Electronic Media and Industry.

How old is Randy Shaver KARE 11?

Randy Shiver is a 63 years old TV personality who was born on 20 December 1958. He worked as the sports director and news anchor at KARE 11 News and left the channel on 19 July 2019. Shaver joined the KARE team on June 11, 2015. Before that, he used to perform his duties at KIMT News 3 as a sports anchor. After leaving the Minneapolis news station, Randy started a job at TCO as a social media and digital video specialist.

Where is Laura Betker?

Laura Betker Story

Laura Betker has been serving KARE TV as a full-time meteorologist since February 2012. Betker covers all the weather events in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before that, she used to serve as a morning meteorologist at WLIO News, and before that she was a part of radio and American Heart Association. Laura took her graduation degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006.

How old is Diana Pierce?

Diana Pierce is 64 years old professional who used to be a part of NBC Minneapolis as a news anchor since September 1983. She served the channel for almost 33 years. Diana was a great asset for KARE 11 News. She decided to retire from journalism in April 2015 and pursued her career in other fields. In KARE 11 News MN, Piece’s duties include writing and reporting news, both live and on-air. Then she started her own venture Wander Without Wifi with some partners in January 2018. It is about creating Vlogs about nature in Minnesota. In January 2014, Diana created her own exclusive business, Diana Pierce.

Where did Jeff Edmondson from KARE 11 go? What happened to Jeff Edmondson KARE 11 weather?

Jeff Edmondson Story

Jeff Edmondson is currently serving WAVY-TV 10 as a meteorologist. Edmondson was a weather person at KARE TV who forecasted weather for the Twin Cities for years. Jeff completed his high school for Minnesota High School and took his meteorology degree from Iowa State University. Moreover, he also holds a seal of approval from AMS. From snowstorms to hurricanes and tornadoes, Edmondson has reported different severe weather events. He has once before served the WAV for 3 years from 2012 to 2015.

Who left KARE 11 weather? Who is leaving KARE 11?

Over the years, many anchors, reporters, and meteorologists have left the station. Jason Disharoon is, however, the most recent news personality who left the KARE 11 weather team. Disharoon joined the NBC Minneapolis weather team as a weekend weather anchor in May 2019 and left it in May 2020. He found a new position at The Weather Channel as a meteorologist. He broke the news to the public with a picture of him standing next to the Weather Channel board. Jason posted his statement about leaving, after the few weeks of Sven’s departure from the channel, where he described that he feels sad to leave the KARE and friends that he made during his stay at the channel. He is looking forward to seeing what fate has decided for his future.

How to get KARE 11 on the antenna?

KARE 11 on Antenna

Getting the strong signals of Channel 11 transmission on your antenna is a challenge and most people ask this question. To get strong signals, Tony McDonald, the station’s chief engineer, told us to use a classic rabbit ear antenna coupled with a UHF loop because they are able to pick up excellent signals. Furthermore, make sure, that you tune the station at CH 11 after placing the antenna at your home. From Minneapolis news today to KARE 11 breaking news, KARE 11 weather forecast, and KARE 11 School closings, viewers can enjoy different exciting services.

Who is the new KARE 11 news anchor?

New KARE 11 News Anchor

Many news personalities have joined the team of KARE 11 anchors since its inception. But, the most recent addition to the news anchor team is Lauren Leamanczyk. She started assisting Randy Shaver, Eric Perkins, Belinda Jensen, and Julie Nelson in the KARE 11 5 PM newscast as an anchor in July 2019. Apart from handling the news desk, Leamanczk also investigates stories for the channel’s Investigative team. However, she has been serving Channel 11 since  August 2016. Lauren did her BS in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Before Channel 11, she used to work at WBZ News – CBS Boston as an Investigative reporter and anchor. Leamanczyk started her broadcast journalism career at WTMJ News when she got a chance to appear as a General Assignment Reporter in October 2004.

Which KARE 11 anchor died?

Brad Woodard, an EX KARE 11 reporter dies at the age of 51. The police do not suspect foul play. The anchor was found dead in his house and a relative called the police when Brad didn’t answer any of his phone calls. Brad served the Channel 11 Minneapolis from 1990 to 2006. Known for his love of animals and commitment to journalism, Woodard was a popular figure on the channel. Over the course of his career, Brad earned various national, regional and international awards. He claimed above 20 Emmys and was also honored with National Press Club Award in 2008. Channel 11 will never forget Woodard because of his pensive storytelling and great sense of humor.

KARE 11 News Team

The channel’s news team consists of highly famed anchors and reporters including Randy Shaver, Julie Nelson KARE 11, Eric Perkins, Gia Vang, Jennifer Austin, John Croman, Karla Hult, and Boyd Huppert. The squad offers 27.5 hours of locally produced news services to the people of Minnesota every week. On weekdays, there are 4.5 hours of newscasts every day, on Saturdays 4, and on Sundays 1. The team doesn’t conduct Sunday morning newscasts like all the other NBC affiliates in both large and mid-sized markets. Aside from featuring the primetime KARE 11 News Extra (the extended inclusive news stories at 10 pm), the team also produces exclusive sports programs occasionally. Moreover, the talented KARE news team also helped the channel in receiving the Station of The Year award from The National Press Photographers Association award in the following years: 1985, 1995, 2000, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2015.

Alicia Lewis: Host/Anchor at Channel 11

Alicia LewisAlicia Lewis is a Morning Host and Multimedia Journalist at KARE 11 News MN. Her commitment to journalism started from UTVS News at Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota. It was a regional TV station in St. Cloud, where Lewis was a Field Reporter, Lead Anchor, and Managing Editor. She used to share local stories, events, and other individual stories within the society. Moreover, she also used to produce and write three live news content every day. Alicia Lewis, while serving the UTVS, had the luxury of being a member of the award-winning newscast team that was honored by the National Academy of Television Arts & Science and Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts as the country’s Best Television Newscast.

After completing the degree, she started working at WICS ABC Newschannel 20 as a multimedia journalist. At WICS, Lewis excelled in covering the breaking news, presenting lead stories, engaging audiences through Facebook & Twitter, networking within the community, and offering daily live telecasts. She was a morning news anchor there and a weekend evening host.

Currently, Alicia works at Channel 11 as a morning news anchor and reporter. Whether she is reporting on-camera, or doing tasks off-camera, Lewis cherishes her job and is committed to engaging viewers through storytelling art. Plus, she also loves to share the same commitment with the public.

How old is Alicia Lewis?

Alicia Lewis from Channel 11 never speaks about her age and didn’t write it anywhere on her social media pages as well. Lewis is a Morning News Anchor at the station. She is an Alumni of St. Cloud State University. Alicia joined the channel’s dedicated news team in December 2014. In KARE Alicia compiled an Emmy-winning campaign about distracted driving #eyesUP. She is a passionate storyteller who loves her job and provides the truth to the public, no matter what. Before KARE, Lewis was a multimedia journalist at WICS News from October 2012 to December 2014.

Julie Nelson: KARE TV News Anchor

Julie NelsonJulie Nelson is a popular news anchor and journalist among the team of KARE 11 news anchors. She has been managing the station’s anchor desk since September 2003. Nelson provides evening KARE 11 News together with another anchor at 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm every night. Prior to this, Julie Nelson was a part of KSTP News where she was even honored by St. Paul/Mpls. magazine as Best Newcomer. Nelson loves her journalism job because it gives her an opportunity to get along with all types of people from various cultures. She loves to explore different people and tell their stories. Julie feels happy to do that. Nelson’s spouse’s name is Kurt and both are living a happy married life along with their two daughters.

Julie loves to play Golf and you can often find her golfing during her holidays. She admired her mother and thinks of her as the most ideal person in her life. Moreover, her favorite subjects in the schools were Political Science, History, and English and she takes a little liking to Basketball; though, she isn’t much of a sportsperson. So, sports geeks don’t hate her only because she doesn’t like sports much.

A.J. Lagoe: Investigative Reporter at NBC Minneapolis

A.J. LagoeA.J. Lagoe has been serving Channel 11 since June 2014 as an Investigative Reporter. He loves to look into the most important stories in the community that can make a little bit of difference to the people’s lives in Minnesota. At KARE, Lagoe’s investigations have exposed state law’s loopholes in which sex offenders are driving school buses, led to the criminal’s dedication towards the embezzlement of taxpayer money, and prompted the latest state and federal laws. Plus, his work also introduced several state and congressional legislative hearings and initiated numerous Inspector General and Attorney General Investigations.

In 2018, the station’s investigative team and A.J. Lagoe were presented with their 4rth national Estate Award for thoroughly investigating the Veteran’s issues. The National Commander of the American Legion gave the award. A. J’s investigation on Veteran’s issues turned out to be giving 25000 veterans around the nation care facilities and providing benefits for traumatic brain injuries that were earlier rejected by the VA. It drove Congress to present new laws to rethink the VA’s benefit claim programs and organ transplants.

Lagoe’s Achievements

His investigative story about Double Billing the Badge revealed how Minnesota’s every law enforcement agency had been swindled for years on buying squad vehicles in a chic double-billing scheme. AJ had won Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award, sometimes also known as Pulitzer Prize for broadcasters, for his Double Billing the Badge work. He claimed the second award in 2020 for a series of investigative stories that resulted in the refund of around 50 million dollars to veterans all across the country; it also revealed racial discrimination in the VA organ transplant program.

Lagoe took his degree from S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in Broadcast Journalism program. Before Channel 11, A.J. was an anchor and reporter at WRIC Youngbroadcasting from 2003 to 2014.

KARE 11 Weather Team

KARE 11 meteorologists cover every weather report in Minneapolis including the daily KARE 11 weather forecast, and KARE 11 school closings, and more. The meteorologists including Guy Brown, Ben Dery, Laura Betker, and Belinda Jensen (Chief Meteorologist) form a great team together.

Belinda Jesnsen: Chief Meteorologist at KARE 11 Weather

Belinda JensenBelinda Jensen has been leading the KARE 11 weather team for years. She has been providing the latest KARA 11 weather forecast to the viewers since her joining. Before coming here, Jensen was a member of KTVX Salt Lake, an ABC affiliate service. She also represented the National Weather Service. During her childhood days, she did a job at McDonald’s Red Lobster and Afton Alps. She completed her graduation in BS Meteorology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Moreover, she studied her secondary education at the University of Utah. Belinda Jensen also manages the KARE 11 radar and crafts the best weather reports for the people of Minneapolis and its nearby regions.

When she was in school she dreamed of becoming a social studies teacher, florist, or a veteran. She loves her job because according to her nature never bores her and she gets to witness different new things every day. Jensen enjoys her married life with her husband David and two kids David (a son) and Tori (a daughter).

Ben Dery: KARE 11 Weather Personality

Ben DeryBen Dery came back to KARE 11 Weather team after giving five golden years to the channel’s sibling network KING 5 Seattle. Being raised in the Chisago Lakes region, Dery began his weather career in Duluth providing reports in the morning news. Prior to that, Ben completed his degree in BS Meteorology from SCSU where he also did an internship in 2008 in Channel 11 Minneapolis. Ben Dery knows his hands around KARE 11 Radar too and predicts the accurate weather movement in the area from severe thunderstorms to a clear shiny day.Ben was attracted to the marvels of weather since his early days.

He has a picture of him with his family where they were standing outside the house in the hail storm with Dery covering his head with an Icecream bucket. Moreover, when he became an eagle scout, Ben was honored with a merit weather badge. Dery has a seal of approval from AMS and NWS. During his free time, you can often find Ben doing multiple outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing. Ben’s dream was to become a meteorologist at school and he is lucky enough to achieve that dream.

Some Personal Information

His favorite movies are Shawshank Redemption, Moneyball, and Interstellar. He loves to spend his vacation on the Rainy Lake’s Canadian Side at Fishing crappies. The best thing about his job is that he loves it, and it is an ever-changing position and he likes to discuss his passion. Thunderstorms were always his thing and he has been admiring them since childhood. Ben has a wife and a son Boston Terrier and a daughter Aurora who was born in 2019.

KARE 11 Weather Services

KARE 11 Weather department covers the entire area of Minnesota and provides the most accurate and authentic KARE 11 weather forecast to the public. It has divided its forecast system into three main categories: hourly forecast, 7-day forecast, and 10-day forecast. With hourly forecasts, you can keep tabs on the weather situation on an hourly basis. You will know what the weather situation will be at the specific hour of the day. Therefore, if you will have any plans within 24 hours of the timeframe, you can manage them accordingly. The same goes for the 7day forecast and 10-day forecast. Plan your picnic with a family or a trip with friends based on these two types of forecasts.

Moreover, KARE 11 School closings give details about the closings of all the educational institutes in Minneapolis and the entire Minnesota based on the weather report presented by the station’s exclusive team of KARE 11 Meteorologists.

KARE 11 News Newsteam
Newsteam KARE 11 News | Courtesy: facebook page

KARE 11 Radar

KARE 11 radar is the state of the art technology that provides accurate weather reports to the KARE 11 weather team. The report is then properly read by the squad which in return predicts the climate conditions in various locations of Minneapolis. Afterward, the weather anchor/ reporter presents those reports on-screen to the viewers in Minnesota in a newscast.

KARE 11 weather radar consists of different layers, overlays, and alerts. KARE 11 Radar provides the images both in a satellite view and road view. The overplay section in KARE 11 weather radar contains earthquakes, temperature plots, current conditions, active model track, wildfire detection, active tropical track, and lightning summary. By clicking each overlay, you will see different kinds of objects will appear on the radar map telling various climate situations. For instance, when you click the current conditions in the Overlays section, small forms of clouds or suns will pop up on the screen. After checking the temperature plots option, different numbers will appear on the map each will be representing a temperature in certain areas. In wildfire detection, KARE 11 radar will show an image of small fire-like objects on the screen.

Channel 11 Mobile App

Channel 11 features the best mobile app in the town that is user-friendly and provides the best user experience. The KARE 11 mobile app is updated regularly and the station’s regular team of developers keeps a close eye for possible bugs that may appear within time. From the latest Minneapolis MN News to Minneapolis breaking news and Minneapolis news live, viewers can get details about every little detail about current affairs. No matter where you are in the world, take the mobile out of your pocket, open the KARE 11 Mobile app and get access to hundreds of exciting stories and news events within just a few taps.

Get the KARE 11 Weather services, community events, health news, KARE 11 radar updates, KARE 11 school closings, and much more from the St.Paul-Minneapolis region, western Wisconsin areas, and greater Minnesota.

KARE 11 News Satellite Van
Satellite Van KARE 11 News | Credits: official website

KARE 11 app provides the following features:

  • KARE 11 breaking news, as soon as it happens within your area
  • Real-time push alert service for the latest stories
  • Photos, raw videos, and news video clips
  • Top investigative stories
  • Hourly and daily KARE 11 forecast exclusively for your area
  • Alerts for severe weather conditions in the region
  • Accurate forecast from the KARE 11 Meteorologists
  • Interactive KARE 11 radar
  • KARE 11 live stream
  • Personalized notifications for your favorite stories
  • Read the topics that are most relevant to you and your problems
  • Option to easily share the videos and stories to your loved ones
  • Get information about KARE 11 school closings

KARE 11 Popular Programs

When watching Channel 11, one can enjoy every type of TV program available for all age groups. Watching all the shows is easy now with different online streaming services, like YouTube TV, Hulu, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. Whether you are a 5 years old kid or a 60 years old man, KARE 11 TV Schedule offers Helping Kids with Mental Health, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Early Today, Today with Hoda & Jenna, and other programs.

Meet the Press

Meet the Press is a weekly US news and interview tv program that airs on every NBC station including Channel 11. Being the longest-running NBC show on the US TV market, It has bagged 70 seasons and more than 3600 episodes so far. The show’s genre is news analysis and public affairs and it is created by Lawrence E. Spivack and Martha Rountree. Narrated by Fred Facey, Dennis Haysbert, and Bert Pence, Meet the Press is presented by Chuck Todd.

During the program, guests are interviewed and sit-downs are held with leaders from Washington D.C. and around the country on issues pertaining to public policy, economics, politics, and public affairs, as well as panel discussions offering analysis and opinions.

Meet the Press
Meet the Press | Courtesy: official website

Meet the Press was also the first live TV News show in which a current US President of that time appeared; it happened in the episode that was aired on 9 November 1975 and it featured Gerald Ford. The creator of the show was Martha Rountree and since then it has been anchored by twelve several moderators. Currently, the program is moderated by Chuck Todd who has been doing his job since 2014; he is also NBC’s political director.

The American Athlete

The American Athlete is a US sports and interviews TV series owned by Byron Allen, who also acted as the previous host of the program. The program has issued 23 seasons and its first episode was premiered on 1 June 1996 at the Los Angeles facility of Entertainment Studio Culver City. The program was broadcasted on various TV channels around the USA including different affiliates such as CBS, NBC, and ABC.

Also Watch: WRAL News

The show features interviews of different sportspersons in a documentary style. The interview discusses the entire journey of an athlete, how he managed to grab success and what ups and downs he faces during that journey. Personalities such as Mia Hamm, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Khris Middleton, Derek Jetek, Jimmie Johnson, Wayne Gretzky, Kobe Bryant, Laird Hamilton, and Jim Brown.

KARE TV Listing

The following table lists all the shows and programs broadcasting on KARE 11 News MN from Monday to Sunday. Watch them on your mobile app or at via KARE 11 live.

Chicago P.D. The Other Side Chicago Fire No Survivors KARE 11 News at 10:00 p.m. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon New
A Little Late With Lilly Singh Late Night With Seth Meyers Early Today The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Today Entertainment Tonight KARE 11 News Sunrise The Rachael Ray Show
Today With Hoda and Jenna The Drew Barrymore Show Daily Blast Live Days of Our Lives
Jeopardy! NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt Inside Edition The Wall Red Nose Day: Jon and Stephanie
Breaking the News Law & Order: Organized Crime Everybody Takes a Beating Sometime The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Law & Order: Special Victims Unit What Can Happen in the Dark
The Blacklist Balthazar ‘Bino’ Baker Dateline NBC Secrets in the Smoky Mountains 1st Look Into the Outdoors
Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer Feathered Friends Vets Saving Pets Wild Child Meet the Heat Time of Grace
Joel Osteen CHAMPS Golf Dew Tour NHL Hockey
Minnesota Bound In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley Saturday Night Live Schwebel
Gametime With Boomer Esiason Joey Logano Grace for Living MyDestination.TV One Team: The Power of Sports Eyes on the Prize
The Voyager With Josh Garcia INDYCAR Auto Racing IndyCar Series Pre-race Meet the Press
Ellen’s Game of Games Fake It ’til You Make It Rain Minnesota Bound Full Court Press With Greta Van Susteren Entertainment Tonight Weekend
The American Athlete ITF Tennis American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers 1 KARE 11 News at 6:00 p.m.


KARE TV first hit the waves in 1953 with the callsigns WTCN TV, their broadcasting hours split between WMIN News St. Paul and WTCN News in Minneapolis. The WTCN TV calls were originally taken by channel 4 Minneapolis. Later, WMIN Radio’s owner and Butler’s group both applied for the construction permit of CH 11. The deal was approved by FCC and WTCN-TV/WMIN-TV started operating on 1 September 1953 as an ABC affiliate network. The channel took the secondary programming from DuMont.

It was also briefly affiliated with NTA Film Network during the time period of the 1950s. On 3 April 1955, when FCC gave permission, WMIN sold its part of CH 11 and WTCN took the frequency full-time. It was the same day when Bitner Group decided to buy the WTCN channels. Later, after 2 years, the Bitner Group merged its operations with Time-Life. In July 1971, Metromedia decided to buy WTCN-TV from Chris-Craft. Later, in 1972, when it took control of the network’s operations, Metromedia decided to took CH 11 as its 4rth independent outlet, coinciding with the company’s channels in NYC, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

KARE 11 News Live Coverage Studio
KARE 11 News Live Coverage Studio | Source: twitter

In the 70s, ABC, America’s then most-rated TV station, started looking for good affiliate partners around the nation. The TV industry was surprised to witness the affiliation of KSTP CH 5 with ABC in Minneapolis, which terminated its 30-years partnership with NBC Network. NBC then decided to provide content to WTCN News Minneapolis after declining the approach of KMSP-TV. The whole process took place on 5 March 1979, which made WTCN News the only Metromedia channel to ever have an affiliation with NBC.

Gannet Ownership

After sustaining a number of losses, In August 1982, Metromedia declared that it was decided to sell the NBC Minneapolis to Gannett Company. Gannet took the charge in March 1983 and made considerable changes to its on-air appearance. Gannett rebranded the station into WUSA in July 1985. However, in the same year, when the company acquired WDVM News Washington, D.C., it changed the callsign yet again, and this time called KARE which sounds like care.

KARE TV became the first TV channel in the Twin Cities on 27 April 2006 to begin telecasting its local news service in full HD. Currently, KARE TV operates under the name of Tehna Inc and takes primary content from NBC Network and also takes secondary content from True Crime Network, Court TV, Circle, and QUEST (O&O).

KARE TV studios are situated in Golden Valley’s Olson Memorial Highway, whereas its antenna lies in Shoreview’s Telefarm location in Minnesota.

Tel: (804) 330-8888
Tower Location: Bon Air
Brand Name: ABC 8

Coverage Map

KARE 11 News Coverage Map
KARE 11 News Coverage Map | Source:
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