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KBAK TV | CBS 29 Eyewitness Bakersfield Local News

KBAK TV logoKBAK TV, a CBS-affiliated television channel, giving its services at Bakersfield, California, United States. The brand name of the station is Eyewitness News. Moreover, Sinclair Broadcast Group (Sinclair Bakersfield Licensee, LLC) is the owner of KBAK 29. It features news such as local, nationa and entertainment. Also, health, politics, sports, and life style news. Watch the KBAK News live stream on its official website and YouTube channel. Additionally, check the accurate weather forecast of Bakersfield and the nearby areas of California.

Watch KBAK TV Live Stream

KBAK live stream is widely available free on its official website. Also, on YouTube channel, and installing the channel’s app. KBAK TV app features local news, national news, politics, and all other categories. In addition, you can watch your favorite programs of KBAK news on your smartphone anywhere by installing the app.

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Famous Shows at KPAK TV

America This Week With/ Eric Bolling is the weekly program that covers the local national political matters. Whereas, under the Eyewitness Mornings show one can find various topics. Discussion such as kids learning, hot topics, and many more. Spotlight on America aims at the major health issues people are facing in the country. Sinclair Cares: Wildfire Relief Fund specified for the help of suffered people of the disaster. KBAK News live stream promotes the cause by giving a special space on its official website.

Studios and Transmitter of Channel 29 News Bakersfield

KBAK TV share studios with its sister channel KBFX-CD on Westwind Drive west of Downtown Bakersfield. Whereas, the transmitter of the TV station located over Breckenridge Mountain. 35°27′10.8″N 118°35′28.3″W are the transmitter coordinates of KBAK News live stream.

KBAK TV studio
KBAK TV live coverage studio setup|

Affiliations of KBAK 29

The following are the affiliations of KBAK TV:

  • CBS (1953–1974 and since 1996)
  • Charge!
  • Fox

Sinclair Cares: Wildfire Relief Fund

Wildfires destroyed several homes and businesses in California and forced thousands of people from their homes. Therefore, hundreds of Red Cross volunteers are working twenty-four hours a day on the scene or to virtually help affected people. The Red Cross is providing relief supplies, emergency lodging meals, individual care contacts to help people medical and spiritual support. One can also support these historic wildfires affected people by approaching the specified section of the website.

Ally Triolo with Sara Shouhayib at KBAK TV
Ally Triolo with Sara Shouhayib at KBAK TV | Credits: facebook page

For Pets’ Sake

Pets lovers have a big opportunity to join the “For Pets Sake” section of KBAK 29. In this section, the animal experts give their best opinions to get the best solutions for the animal-related issues. You can find the informative tips to handle your pets during the pandemic at different blogs under the section. Likewise, you can read and follow the precautions to protect your pets from seasonal diseases. One can become the best pet owner by following the useful tips shared by experts.

Spotlight on America

Watch and Read all the health-related news updates under the “Spotlight on America” section. The news teamwork efficiently during the coronavirus pandemic wave across the country. Similarly, people also appreciate their work on female diseases such as breast cancer and its curies. So, this is a broad platform to stay up to date on the health matters in Bakersfield and nationwide.

KBAK TV Live News Satellite Van
KBAK TV Live News Satellite Van | Courtesy: twitter

Want to know about News Team?

The KBAK news team consists of talented and skilled news reporters and journalists. The seniority and experience of the crew is the assurance of importance and authenticity. KBAK news based on facts and exclusive content with the extraordinary efforts of news reporters and news investigators. Channel 29 news Bakersfield took as the impartial source of news in the region because of its unbiased journalism. Its news team also contains some award-winning anchors and reporters.

Weather Team of CBS Bakersfield

Likewise, the news team, the KBAK weather team is also serving the TV station professionally to ensure an accurate forecast. KBAK Bakersfield covers areas such as California, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, and Utah. The weather team teaches people to stay safe in a thunderstorm and other severe weather conditions.

It may increase the citizens’ chance of survival during these severe conditions. Additionally, internet users can find links to research, past events, materials about thunderstorms, tornadoes, and lightning. Similarly, get the tips regarding lightning safety, flood safety, and storm safety from KBAK’s meteorologists.

Miles Muzio is the chief meteorologist at KBAK Bakersfield and working in the field for 37 years. Get too much informative and necessary material on weather conditions from Miles’ video blog on the website. Furthermore, he shares his expert views on different weather events like a heatwave, toxic heat, wildfire, thunderstorm, and much more. Parents can also keep them update about the school closing and school opening schedules.

KBAK Bakersfield News App

The KBAK TV app delivers general news, weather, and sports instantly on smartphones. With the fully designed and latest app, watch the KBAK TV live stream and get national news and traffic conditions. The following are the major features of the KBAK local news app.

  • Get breaking news alerts
  • Watch Live Stream
  • Hourly and daily weather forecasts
  • Live weather radar and city traffic details
Kyndell Kim reporting for KBAK TV
Kyndell Kim reporting for KBAK TV

Channels Overview

KBAK Bakersfield initially started its services on 20th August 1953 with Facility ID 4148. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the licensing authority of KBAK TV. In 2010, it became the first channel in Bakersfield to start broadcasting local news in 16:9 widescreen. Likewise, in the following year, it became the first channel in Bakersfield to broadcast news in high definition. KBAK Facebook is another authentic source of fast and authentic news for social media users.

Programs & News Shows

Local people of Bakersfield strongly follow the famous KBAK programs and shows. Syndicated programming aired on KBAK TV includes Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, The Dr. OZ Show, and Jeopardy! The following are some popular programs of KBAK 29. However, you can watch them according to the TV schedule.

KBAK TV news at News Room
KBAK TV news at News Room | Source: twitter
CBS Evening NewsBig BrotherLove IslandFBI: Most Wanted Ride or Die
The Late Show with James CordenCBS This MorningThe Late show with Stephen ColbertThe price is right
Let’s make a DealThe Young and the RestlessThe Bold and the BeautifulMacGyver Tesla + Bell + Edition + Mac
Blue Bloods RecklessThe Henry Ford's Innovation Nation No Lid CupCBS Sports Special YETI Presents Film SeriesLucky Dog Atticus
Magnum P.I. Payback Is for BeginnersCBS Sunday Morning with Jane PauleyLove Island: More to LoveCBS Weekend News
Best Friends Furever With Kel Mitchell Behind Friend-emy LinesHope in the Wild from the Ocean to the SeaMission Unstoppable Snapshots, Scorpions and Sharks!Pet Vet Dream Team Don't Tell Mama
Tel: 661.327.7955
Tower Location: Atop Breckenridge Mountain
Brand Name: KBAK

Coverage Map:

KBAK TV Coverage Map
KBAK TV Coverage Map | Source:

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