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Channel 9 News Los Angeles. Local News from Orange County & LA

KCAL 9 News logoKCAL 9 News is an independent TV network providing services in the area of Los Angeles, California. The channel works under the ownership of CBS Television Stations, which further operates under the name of ViacomCBS. The company also co-owns KCBS-TV CH 2, a CBS O&O TV station that serves the West Coast. CBS 2 Los Angeles operates to provide local news content, events, and the best stories to Orange County and Los Angeles. KCAL 9 News live stream is offered online to get updated with the latest happenings.

The channel also offers sports coverage with independent investigative journalism. Get into the core of different exciting stories by exploring the investigative journalism of the station. In its sports section, KCAL 9 News covers most of the local sports events in the area and is home to several sports teams of LA, such as Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, Clipper, and ducks. Viewers can get the station on the official website via KCAL 9 News live stream. It uses a famous catchphrase, “Always On”.

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Discover California’s taste at KCAL’s “Best of LA” and “Best of Orange County.” Best of LA explores all the tasty and yummy food in the Los Angeles Area. However, the latter brings delicious meals in Orange County.

Together with KCBS-TV CBS 2 Los Angeles, KCAL 9 News works as a duopoly and provides a quality transmission in the area. Both channels have their roles to play in their service to the community. In some parts of the USA, where KCBS-TV can’t reach through the cable service, the channel provides its coverage via satellite through DirecTV.

KCAL 9 News Studios
Anchors aligned for photography outside CBS Studio City Broadcast Center 4200 Radford Avenue Studio City, CA.

The studios of the TV station KCAL 9 News and CBS 2 LA are situated in the City’s Studio section at CBS Studio Center, Radford Avenue. The transmitter of the channel is placed atop Mount Wilson. KCAL-TV doesn’t host any independent website; instead, it shares it with the sibling station CBS 2 Los Angeles.

News App

Keep yourself updated with the latest regional news coverage, investigative stories, and different sports content with the KCAL 9 News app. Users can also get exciting lifestyle content and the latest weather updates in the LA region. The app has several user-friendly features that let the user navigate through different sections efficiently. They can find almost all the essential stuff on the home page. Also, viewers can also get in-depth, extensive articles, stories relevant to the community of Los Angeles, and on-demand videos. Viewers can also watch KCAL 9 News live stream over an app.

News Team

The station’s news team consists of an experienced group of KCAL 9 News anchors. The squad offers 24/7 news services to the entire city of Los Angeles and Orange County.

KCAL 9 Weather Team

KCAL 9 Weather works with great passion and provides up-to-date weather information to the people of LA and OC.

Sports Team of Channel 9 Los Angeles

KCAL 9 News Sports team carries the expert squad of sports anchors that deliver the latest updates related to the sports events in the area.


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Channel’s Overview

KCAL hit the air on 25 August 1948 for the first time with the callsigns KFI-TV. The station’s original owner was Earle C. Anthony, who also happened to manage KFI Radio 640 AM at that time. At first, the channel used to air for only a limited hour weekly and started programming formally on 6 October 1948. Though KFI Radio was linked with NBC for so long, KFI-TV didn’t get the NBC-affiliation. The owner wanted to get the affiliation, but NBC was building its own channel at that time, KNBH. The station has been an independent entity for almost its entire life, excluding the two years from 1954 to 1956, when it got the Dumont affiliation temporarily.

KCAL 9 News studio
KCAL 9 News studio

In 1951, when the KFI-TV’s engineers showed an intention to go on strike, the owner decided to give it away to the General Tire and Rubber Company. In September of that year, the new owners decided to change the channel’s calls into KHJ-TV to align with their sister radio. One of their employees stated that the callsigns are referring to “Joy, Happiness and Kindness,” although they were adopted randomly. Later General Tire & Rubber Company formed sub-company RKO General solely for the purpose of managing KHJ-TV.

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The Walt Disney Ownership

Amid the corporate problems, RKO General reached an agreement with Westinghouse Broadcasting to sell KHJ-TV in November. But the deal didn’t end up well, and RKO General decided to sell it to The Walt Disney Company. But this sale was also challenged by the Fidelity group for the exact same reason related to the channel’s license. In 1988, Fidelity finally managed to snatch the license from Walt Disney Group. However, later, Disney eventually took back the license from Fidelity Group and the channel’s assets from RKO General.

In 2002, Young Broadcasting sold KCAL due to facing a debt situation. CBS eventually bought the station and later a Viacom company on 14 February 2002; the deal was concluded in 2002.

Programs of KCAL 9

Family Feud Balck-ish Sports Central KCAL 9 News
Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls The Game Celebrity Page
Judge Mathis The Verdict with Judge Hatchett The 700 club America’s Court with Judge Ross
The People’s Court Hot Bench Raw Travel Sports Central
Small Town Big Deal The World’s Funniest Weather Comedy.TV Cars.TV
Funny You Should Ask Made in Hollywood Elevation with Steven Furtick David Jeremiah
Jentezen Franklin Joel Osteen Danette Crawford Mike Webb
Entertainers with Bayron Allen Mike & Molly In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
Tel: +1 818-655-2000
Tower Location: atop Mount Wilson
Brand Name: KCAL 9
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