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Channel 3 News Sacramento Live Stream

KCRA 3 News logoKCRA 3 News – an NBC-affiliated television channel, giving its services in Sacramento, California, United States. Hearst Television is the owner of KCRA News. The brand name of the TV station is KCRA 3 News, while its call letter is KCRA-TV. Furthermore, the slogan of Channel 3 News Sacramento is “Where the News Comes First.” You can watch KCRA News live stream on its official website and mobile app. KCRA Sacramento features local news, sports, entertainment, investigative stories from Northern California. Get the accurate weather forecast of Sacramento from the expert team of meteorologists.

KCRA 3 News studio
KCRA 3 News studio | Source: facebook page

Farm to Fork Friday is a specific section lead by professional chefs who guide to cook delicious dishes. In the “Making Cents” part, the economics experts share different financial consultancies. Matter of Fact segment of the website share all political and election news of California and countrywide. The investigative team of KCRA TV live stream works efficiently on investigates stories to uncover the truth. At the same time, you can find them under the investigation category. U Local is dedicated to the local people and local news of Sacramento people. One can find answers to several questions by going “Dying to Ask” page.

Watch KCRA News Live Stream

KCRA live stream is available free on its official website and YouTube channel. You can also watch KCRA 3 News live online by installing the app on your mobile. It features KCRA 3 breaking news, local news, and almost every category. Additionally, one can catch your favorite programs and shows KCRA News Sacramento. To watch KCRA 3 news live on desktop, you need to install a flash player.

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KCRA 3 Live Stream Schedule

Check the below table for the TV schedule. Here we have compiled news timings for both weekends and weekdays.

1.4:30 am7:00 am
2.5:00 am5:00 pm
3.5:30 am5:30 pm
4.6:00 am6:00 pm
5.7:00 am10:00 pm
6.8:00 am11:00 pm
7.12:00 pm
8.4:00 pm
9.5:00 pm
10.6:00 pm
11.6:30 pm
12.10:00 pm
13.11:00 pm

Affiliations of NBC Sacramento

The following are the affiliations of KCRA TV:

  • NBC
  • MeTV

Studios and Transmitters of Channel 3 News Sacramento

KCRA news shares the studios with KQCA (channel 58) on Television Circle off D street in city center Sacramento. Whereas the transmitter facilities of KCRA 3 News located in Walnut Grove, California. The transmitter coordinates of the channel are 38°15′54″N 121°29′28″W.

KCRA 3 News building
KCRA 33 Television CircleSacramento, CA 95814-0794 | Courtesy:

Popular Programs and News Shows at KCRA 3

Here we have compiled a list of famous shows airing at Channel 3 News Sacramento. For every program, we have tried to give a comprehensive brief.

Farm to Fork Friday

Farm to Fork is actually an eating festival, which paves the way of life in the Sacramento region. The region is famous for its delicious food and agriculture. With the help of the festival, it shares its expertise with the rest of the country. Farm to Fork Festival of Visit Sacramento created a celebration of the incredible food and agriculture of the region. Moreover, it also provides a chance to introduce countrywide people to chefs, ranchers, farmers, brewers, and vintners. They collectively take delicious food and drinks to the table of common people. NBC 3 News brings the entire coverage of the Farm to Fork festival for its viewers.

Project CommUnity

Project Community is the initiative of KCRA News, which is supporting community health. They address the challenges of the community, just like it allows the students to engage in community-engaged learning experiences. Students of the community are able to learn new perceptions of social inequalities and racism. Furthermore, the project also focuses on the health issues and development of health clinics. Other areas of Project Community include awareness about Medication safety, Binge Drinking, Sex Assault, and Nutrition & Community. KCRA TV brings several informative blogs about the Project Community to promote awareness. In short, the project aims to work against racism, solve health issues, and promote child education in the community.

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State of Addiction

It covers the opioid crisis across the United States, especially Sacramento and nearby counties. Addiction is basically a brain disorder involving a number of psychosocial factors.

KCRA 3 News team
KCRA 3 News team | Source: official website

In other words, it is a brain disorder of the reward system which arises through an epigenetic and transcriptional mechanism. According to the figures, every day, 194 people die from drug overdoses in the United States. Only one in ten Americans with addiction receive unproven research-based treatment. A huge number of families use to experience to much shame and stigma due to the addiction of their loved ones. KCRA Sacramento live stream starts a public health approach campaign against the state of addiction. It shares several real motivational stories of former addict patients to encourage people.

KCRA News at 11 pm Weekday Evening

During the weekdays, get Sacramento news and weather forecast on KCRA News live stream at 11:00 pm. When you click between live broadcasts, you will see the most-recent newscast on demand. The news includes all the categories such as politics, health, technology, KCRA breaking news, entertainment, and so on. You need to tune Channel 3 Sacramento at 11:00 pm daily during weekdays to stay alert about the latest happenings. Sometimes KCRA reporters go threatening locations to cover exclusive stories for viewers. The newscasters also invite other news experts to take their viewpoints on some important issues.

KCRA 3 News tower
KCRA 3 News tower | Credits: twitter

High School Sports

To promote sports at the school level, the KCRA sports team gives a special space to High School Sports. Sports brings a special boost to the mental and physical health of children. To keep you up-to-date about the Sacramento latest sports update at the high school level, you need to follow this section. KCRA TV sometimes also gave live coverage to special sports events of Sacramento. Likewise, it shares videos and important clips of matches to bring inspiration to other children. You can also watch the highlights of matches and read expert opinions on the latest games.

u local

“u local” is the place of KCRA 3 News where people can share their photos, videos, audios, and stories. On can join the platform by creating your own profile and have access to unlimited media uploads. Channel 3 Sacramento gives importance to the user’s personal stories. Share your own captured images and videos in the newscast or on the website. A user should give a caption and his name to share his story on u local section of the website.

Ty Steele, Sarah Breuner, and Linh at KCRA TV
Ty Steele, Sarah Breuner, and Linh | Courtesy: official website

Making Cents

For the social and economic well-being of United States youth and adults, KCRA 3 promotes the “Making Cents” initiative. To explore the tremendous potential of people, they provide them a better opportunity on their platform. The channel aims to achieve positive change in a range of sectors such as; youth development, workforce development, agriculture and food security, financial inclusion, and enterprise development. KCRA TV is looking for clients and partners who want to bring lasting change in the lives of people they serve. You can read informative and beneficial articles and blogs on the ups and downs of the economy. Similarly, you can also find answers to several questions related to finance and the economy by going there.

Dying to Ask

Everyone has several questions in his mind about everyday happenings. For this purpose, you just need to go to the KCRA News “Dying to Ask” section. By doing this, you can take the right answers to your questions. These questions may range from technology to social issues. Like Deidre Fitzpatrick, the experts of KCRA live stream will provide you in the form of a short video package with an article. She especially covers the social issues of the community during the coronavirus pandemic with her expert research work.

What is the KCRA power outage?

KCRA news today shares the latest updates about the Public Safety Power Shutoff in Sacramento, California. A lot of people usually affected because of the power outage in the region. Because of the advance reporting on power shutoffs, people settle their daily routine matters to prevent additional problems.

KCRA News Truck
KCRA News Truck participating in the 2006 California International Marathon

KCRA 3 News Instagram

KCRA TV knows the trend, that’s why they follow them and give a special place on the channel and its website. Under the specific section, they share the most viral threads of Instagram. They took the move to keep those people up-to-date to the latest Instagram happenings, which are away from the platform. Therefore, you can keep you with the Insta trends by just following the Instagram section of KCRA Channel 3.

Investigative Reporting

Investigative reporting is the backbone of any news channel. It puts life in journalism by snatching the interest of the public and viewers. In investigative journalism, the reporters deeply investigate any single topic or MS happening like crimes and political corruption. The KCRA live stream reporters use several technologies, equipment, and skills to investigate any matter for their viewers. After that, they exclusively share their investigation on the channel and website in the form of a story. Investigative journalists like Mark Albert, who leads the Investigative Unit, the department got too much worth in the community.

News Team of KCRA 3 Sacramento

KCRA news team gathers and shares exclusive impartial news based on facts. With the help of the latest resources such as the internet, confidential information, audio, or video footage, the journalists break the news efficiently. Unbiased journalism is the identity of KCRA 3 News. News anchors such as Lisa Gonzales KCRA live stream are the face of the television station. She worked as an anchor and reporter for several TV channels in Sacramento, Redding, and Fresno. At 04:30 and 05:00 am, you can watch Gonzales during weekdays on KCRA 3.

Similarly, an award-winning journalist Gulstan Dart joins KCRA 3 around seventeen years ago. KCRA 3 Sacramento is taking advantage of these senior anchors and reporters to make their name in the market.

Weather Team of KCRA 3 News Sacramento

KCRA Weather TeamThe weather team of KCRA News is serving the channel professionally to predict the weather conditions. The television station is using the Doppler weather radar to forecast the climatic changes before time. KCRA Doppler radar used to locate precipitation, estimate its type, and calculate its motion. The weather radar sends directional pulses of microwave radiation using a cavity magnetron to a parabolic antenna to forecast weather.

Through KCRA 3 weather warnings, the channel is playing its role to protect life and property. Similarly, a temperature-based forecast is important to agriculture and commodity market. By using these predictions, people used to plan their routine activities and events. Additionally, KCRA weather radar also used to monitor the traffic of Sacramento and nearby areas. KCRA traffic monitoring system will guide the citizens to stay organized during their movements on the roads.

KCRA 3 Weather Radar

With the help of KCRA Doppler Radar, you can track storms, rain, and weather. Click on the Layers menu in the radar’s bottom right to select radar options such as Storm Tracks, Current Conditions, and Feels Like Temps. In addition, get information on present severe weather warnings and watches in the region. Sacramento residents can zoom into their street or out to the region and view past and future forecast radar.

Chief Meteorologist at KCRA 3 News

KCRA 3 weather team is working efficiently under chief meteorologist Mark Finan. Finan covered almost all of the major weather events since he joined KCRA news in 1991. He was one of the first meteorologists in the United States to earn the status of Certified Broadcast Meteorologist from the American Meteorological Society. Also, Sacramento Magazine named him a Best TV Weather Person every year since 2000.

Among Mark, other meteorologists such as Dirk Verdoorn and Linh Truong are also doing their job expertly. Dirk joined the channel in 1998, since then he has been experiencing California weather. Like Dirk, Linh also follows a variety of weather patterns such as lake-effect snow, tornadoes, and record-breaking cold. Her way of style and beauty attracts her fan all across the world. People want to know much more about her; here below, we will try to give them answers to their questions.

KCRA 3 News weather at Coverage Studio
KCRA 3 News weather at Coverage Studio | Source: twitter

How old is Linh Truong KCRA 3?

Linh Truong is Hon Kong-born, an American meteorologist giving her services at KCRA News since November 2015. She started her professional career at an ABC-affiliated channel in Northern California. Here you will the right answer to your question, how old is Linh Truong KCRA 3? At present, Linh is 41 years old as of 2020. She was born on 20th June 1979 in Hong Kong and came to the U.S. when she was nine months old. Another question is, how tall is Linh Truong? Her exact height is not clear, but she has an average height with moderate weight.

How old is Melanie Hunter KCRA News?

You can find a lot of searches on how old is Melanie Hunter KCRA news? Melanie Hunter joined KCRA 3 News as the morning traffic anchor in December 2014. Before that, she worked with the NBC affiliate KVOA. Previously she filled in as news and weather anchor. She was born in St Lui, in the Northwest suburb, United States. Because she keeps her personal life private, so her age is not clear.

People also use to search how tall is Melanie Hunter KCRA Sacramento. Hunter looks to have a reasonable height as she appears in her photos. Whereas, her exact height is still not clear because she keeps her private information secret. Melanie Hunter also serves at the meteorologist department of KCRA 3 News Sacramento.

KCRA 3 Traffic Map and Reporting

With the help of an interactive traffic map, get the latest information about congestion and construction on the roadways. Using the KCRA traffic map, plan your route and stay away from the traffic jams. You can see additional interactive options by clicking the menu on the lower left of the traffic map.

Moreover, to receive email alerts about the severe weather, you need to sign up. Similarly, watch the current severe weather warnings and watches for Sacramento and Northern California on the KCRA 3 alerts page. Get location-specific push alerts, latest weather conditions, and view the Interactive Radar with the KCRA News app.

KCRA 3 Weather Milestones

Following are the significant milestones of KCRA News weather:

KCRA 3 News and Weather App

Get real-time access to Sacramento, national news, politics, traffic, and sports and entertainment stories by installing the KCRA app. Also, get the breaking news alerts and severe weather forecast right on your smartphone. The good thing for phone users is that they can watch KCRA News live stream on the map.

Ty Steele and Deirdre Fitzpatrick
Ty Steele and Deirdre Fitzpatrick | Source: facebook page

Features of Sacramento KCRA 3 App

The following are the major features of the Sacramento local news app:

  • Watch online live streaming for free.
  • Get breaking news, news alerts with push notifications.
  • Also, get live updates from KCRA reporters.
  • Submit news tips, breaking news, or email news videos and photos right to the newsroom to feature on-air.
  • On can share exclusive stories through email or on social media platforms.
  • Monitor present Sacramento weather conditions.
  • Check out hourly and weekly forecasts wherever you are.
  • Using interactive radar, zoom in and out to street level.
  • Watch storms on your mobile when they approach.
  • Watch and share video-casts from expert meteorologists of KCRA News.

Channels Overview

Hearst Television (Hearst Stations Inc.) is the owner of KCRA 3 News. KCRA initially started its services on 3rd September 1955 with Facility ID 33875. Central Valley Broadcasting Company founded the station in partnership with the Hansen and Kelly families of Sacramento. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the licensing authority of Channel 3 Sacramento. KQCA is the sister television channel of KCRA-TV. Its call sign meaning is “Misspelled call letters for original radio sister; intended to be KRCA.”

KCRA TV started transmitting its signal from the Walnut Grove tower in January 1962. Whereas in 1965, the channel started using color film for use in its newscasts. Likewise, it started using remote cameras for live news reports. Similar to other local TV stations, KCRA 3 developed an in-house production house facility. It became the first channel in the Sacramento market to broadcast programming in HD by the start of the 21st century.

KCRA 3 News newscasters
KCRA 3 News newscasters | Credits: official website

Notable Incidents of KCRA 3 News

A fire broke out at the main building of KCRA on 4th January 2020 in Sacramento. The channel remained on-air during the evacuation of staff and working of firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

During the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, just like other TV channels, KCRA modified its news practices. It allows reporters to file news packages from remote locations such as their homes.

TV Programs of KCRA 3 News


At present, KCRA broadcasts forty-five hours of locally produced newscast every week. It broadcasts 7.5 hours each day during weekdays and four hours on Saturdays, and 3.5 hours on Sundays. Furthermore, it produces twelve and half hours one week of local newscasts for sister channel KQCA. The television station dominated the ratings in Sacramento for most of the time since records. Over the years, it anticipated some NBC programming, specifically the soap opera Another World.

Nowadays, KCRA airs Today Third Hour on an hour delay because of Live with Kelly and Ryan. However, other syndicated programming seen on the channel includes Access Hollywood and The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Dr. OZ Show, and Extra. Under the ownership of Hearst, the TV station either hosted or co-hosted several gubernatorial debates in California.

Ty Steele, Sarah Breuner, and Linh
Ty Steele, Sarah Breuner, and Linh | Source: twitter

On 12th February 2007, it became the first channel in the Sacramento market. Furthermore, on 21st December 2015, KCRA announced the addition of the latest 04:00 pm newscast, anchored by Brian Heap and Lisa Gonzales. It premiered on 25th January 2016. KCRA added an international hour of news and launched a new 07:00 pm newscast that airs on weekdays amid coronavirus.

KCRA 3 News Programs List

Here below is the list of some popular programs of KCRA 3 News. However, you can watch them according to the TV schedule.

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt America’s Got Talent Results Show 5 NBC Sports Special: Inspire Change Chicago Fire 51’s Original Bell
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Late Night with Seth Meyers A Little Late with Lilly Singh Early Today
Live with Kelly and Ryan Days of Our Lives Tamron Hall KCRA 3 News at Noon
Days of Our Lives The Kelly Clarkson Show NFL Kickoff Access Hollywood
Dateline NBC Local Programming KCRA 3 Reports After the Game The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Late Night with Seth Meyers A Little Late with Lilly Singh The Dr. Oz Show Mystery House: What this Medium Found Inside This Centuries-Old Home NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
NFL Football Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs Chicago P.D. Saturday Night Live Your Move with Andy Stanley
1st Look Dateline NBC The Rise and Fall of Oscar Pistorius Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer The Dr. Oz Show Celebrity Superfan Takeover: Tia Mowry
Tel: 916-446-3333
Tower Location: Walnut Grove, California
Brand Name: KCRA 3

Coverage Map

KCRA 3 News Coverage Map
KCRA 3 News Coverage Map | Source:

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