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KHOU 11 LogoHouston Texas’s KHOU 11 News is an American News Channel affiliated with the CBS Network. The network operates under the ownership of Tegna Inc. The channel offers KHOU breaking news, Houston local news, political reports, national & international news, health reports, and investigations. KHOU Weather section includes various weather features like KHOU radar, maps, traffic updates, live webcams, KHOU weather forecast, 10-day forecast, hurricane reports, weather school, and more. Discover sports-related information about Rockets, Texans, and Astros only on KHOU 11. Not to mention the other exclusive services such as You Ask, We Answer, Great Day Houston, Heroes Nextdoor, COVID Vaccine, and whatnot. Cable providers in the region, including Comcast and Spectrum, carry the KHOU News, or you can watch it via satellite. You may, however, enjoy KHOU 11 live stream anywhere in the world by visiting The channel uses a branding KHOU 11 News.

Watch KHOU 11 Live Stream

Stay informed with the latest news and stories from Houston, Texas, KHOU weather, live sports, and investigative content. Additionally, keep up to date on Houston news, entertainment events, and KHOU Radar. Meanwhile, viewers can watch the KHOU 11 live on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other digital devices too. They simply need to click the button, and the stream will start, it’s available in full H.D.


General FAQs

What happened to Brooks Garner?

Brooks Garner left the KHOU 11 in April 2019 and started working for KDVR News as a Denver TV Meteorologist in July 2019. Garner is a well-reputed meteorologist with years of experience exploring and researching weather in different regions of the United States. Even though Brooks completed his education at Mississippi State University in 2007, he made his career debut at 7 News WHDH News in September 2003 when he joined the Boston TV weather team as a reporter.

Following that, Garner became an Iowa T.V. Meteorologist at KMEG 14 in October 2004. After jumping through channels to channels, Brooks ultimately found himself working for KHOU 11 News Houston as a Houston TV Weather Personality. But, after working for the station for around six years, Garner became a part of Fox31 Denver’s weather team.

Is Brandi Smith KHOU married?

Yes, Brandi Smith from KHOU 11 is married to Justin Stapleton, a meteorologist at KPRC 2. Even Though both works at different competitive channels in Houston, fans can often find both of them together. After looking into the matter, it was revealed that both are married to each other and living a happy life. Both met at KEZI 9 News, where Brandi worked as a reporter, and Stapleton was hired as a weather personality. Both had great chemistry together. Thus they became friends in no time and eventually ended up in relation.

How old is David Paul?

David Paul Age

David Paul’s birthday isn’t publicly available on any of the social platforms. We tried to look out for his date of birth everywhere but ended up in vain. Although, we are keeping our eye open and will update the section as soon as we got any information about the expert KHOU meteorologist.

He covers the entire Houston weather at KHOU Weather and leads the talented KHOU 11 Weather Team, consisting of skilled weather anchors and reporters, as a Chief Meteorologist. He is the oldest member of the squad serving the KHOU Channel 11 for 24 years. David Paul services are highly admired by the other members of the team, and they respect his decisions.

Where is Sherry Williams going from KHOU News Houston?

Sherry Williams said goodbye to KHOU 11 in August 2018 among the buzz of other T.V. reporters who left in the same year. After getting out of KHOU, Sherry decided to focus on her series about the victims of the Harvey Hurricane called ‘The Forgotten.’ Although, in September 2008, Williams joined Houston ISD as a Press Secretary and Media Relations Manager and still working there. Williams is an Emmy-nominated TV reporter who joined Houston’s no. 1 news station in January 2009 and, after giving her nine precious years to the channel, said goodbye.

How old is Lisa Hernandez/ What happened to Lisa Hernandez?

Lisa Hernandez Story and Age

Lisa Hernandez’s age is unknown. She is one of those who want to keep their personal life away from work and even sensitive information. Hence, there isn’t any information that when Lisa celebrates her birthday. Hernandez is a popular T.V. personality that spent eight years working for KHOU News and then moved to KPRC 2 in June 2020. She has vast experience in journalism, starting from 2002 when she first joined the KESQ News Team as a Morning Show Producer. Lisa took her degree in B.A. Political Science from the University of California in 2001.

Is Chita Craft still with KHOU/ Does Chita Craft still work/ How old is Chita Johnson?

Yes, Chita Craft is still working for KHOU 11. On 10 December 2019, Chita took maternity leave as she was expecting a baby. However, after spending three months away from the station, Craft returned on duty. Chita is 30 years old mid-aged woman who first joined the team of meteorologists at KHOU Houston in July 2011. It’s been almost a decade that Craft has been a part of the channel, and since her joining, Chita has covered many severe weather events in town. She is both AMS and NWS certified meteorologist and claimed various awards and nominations in her field.

How to watch KHOU live online?

Besides watching KHOU 11 live on cable or antenna, viewers can get the station’s digital transmission on various online streaming platforms. Although many streaming services provide CBS coverage in Houston at Ch 11, such as AT&T TV, YouTube, and Hulu, the best platforms, so far, to stream the KHOU live services digitally are Paramount Plus and FuboTV. Paramount Plus costs $5.99 per month and fuboTV.

Is Gerald Treece Still on KHOU?

Gerald Treece Story

Gerald Treece, who was a Legal Analyst at KHOU, died on 13 July 2020. He served the station for more than 30 years and educated the best legal minds in the nation. Gerald used to appear regularly on KHOU’s Saturday morning shows, answering the queries asked by hundreds of viewers. Moreover, the deceased used to explain complicated legal problems for the station’s top stories. Treece loved to discuss issues of Constitutional Law, civil rights, appellate advocacy, and tots & trial. He also served as the professor, dean, and vice president at South Texas College of Law.

What channel is KHOU?

Enjoy the KHOU 11 Houston live services over the antenna or cable network by tuning the station at virtual CH 11. The network’s coverage is available in both S.D. and H.D. on different cable networks, including Comcast and Spectrum.

What channel is KHOU on Direct T.V.?

Direct T.V. and U-verse users can access KHOU 11 live stream at CH 11. They can enjoy the CBS programming with a variety of exciting shows airing in full H.D.

What happened to Gene Norman?

Gene Norman used to serve the station as a chief meteorologist. He left the channel in November 2012, and after keeping a break of few months, Norman ultimately joined WIAT News on 22 April 2013. Gene became a part of KHOU’s weather team in June 2008, replacing the Chief Meteorologist Neil Frank. His history went beyond the 90s when he started working for KTRK CH 13 as a meteorologist; there, he used to serve Houston as a NASA contractor. Even before that, Norman was a part of WGLG Atlanta for seven great years.

What happened to Greg Hurst?

Greg Hurst Story

Greg Hurst left the KHOU 11 Houston on 24 March 2017. The statement was given by the channel’s General Manager and President Susan McEldoon. Hurst served the station for a very long time; he joined the KHOU’s talented team of journalists in 1999. Before that, Greg was a part of WABC News New York, where he served the channel for ten years. Hurst has a beautiful experience as a lead anchor, and for that, he has claimed several recognitions, specifically while covering the Iraqi War. Greg has also traveled to different exciting places that only a few people have explored because of his work covering everything from Pope to natural disasters and politics.

Why is KHOU TV off the air?

KHOU 11 was off the air for both AT&T U-verse users and DirecTV users on 1 December 2020. However, it came back online in the same month after being unable to broadcast its over-the-air coverage for three whole weeks. The incident occurred because of a dispute in an agreement between Tegna and AT&T. Luckily, the agreement was reached between both parties in a short time, and Tegna’s T.V. stations became available for both DirecTV and AT&T users.

KHOU News Team

KHOU News team covers all the latest Houston Texas News, Houston Texas Breaking News, Houston Weather News, political happenings, KHOU Vote Now, crime incidents, natural disasters, homicides, community news and whatnot. The channel’s squad serves to provide the most accurate details of the happenings around the neighborhood. KHOU 11 News live team broadcasts 33.5 hours of locally produced news content every week, including 5.5 hours each on Monday to Friday, 3.5 hours each on Saturday, and 2.5 hours each on Sundays.

Channel 11 Houston has consistently been recognized as a steppingstone for several famous T.V. news anchors and reporters, as most of its journalists have turned out to be working for national channels. Moreover, the channel has also acquired quite popular for its investigating team KHOU 11 Investigates.

The investigative reporting staff has covered several major stories such as a story in the 2000s that eventually closed the crime lab of Houston Police Department, a story of defective tire designs in Firestone vehicles that resulted into the immediate recall of Firestone ATX, Wilderness AT, and ATX II tires including the lawsuits that occurred because of numerous deaths caused by those defective tires. Not to mention the fraud in the Houston Independent School District’s dropout rate that led to the firings of multiple staffers at HISD. All these stories were primarily covered by Anna Werner, an investigative reporter, that eventually rose to the ranks and became CBS News’ Chief Investigative reporter.

Mia Gradney: Emmy Winner Journalist at KHOU 11 Houston

Mia GradneyMia Gradney is a Houston Native news anchor and reporter who has claimed Emmy Award for her journalism excellence at KHOU 11 News. She joined the station in July 2012 and since then has covered many significant events both at the neighborhood and national level. Mia is expert in continuing coverage and breaking news Houston. She is also known for reporting Hurricane Katrina, Andrea Yates, Tropical Storm Allison, Tax Day Floods, the B.P. Oil Spills, the Santa Fe School Shooting, Josue Flores Murder Investigation, Hurricane Harvey, and ITC Chemical Plant Explosion. Currently, she presents the 5 PM, 6 PM, and 10 PM newscasts at KHOU Houston and delivers the major Houston news live.

Gradney’s Creer

Gradney received her Radio/Television degree from Sam Houston State University. She started working for KTRK News as a Writer and Production Assistant. She researched videos, wrote scripts, helped in the production of The Deborah Duncan Show, and operated a teleprompter.

A year later, Mia became joined KAVU News as an Anchor, Reporter, and Producer. There, she used to shoot, edit, and conduct news as a single-person T.V. crew. In 1999, Gradney joins KMBT 12 News as an Anchor/Reporter and began to produce and host Morning Newscast, reported and introduce specialty franchise sections, and conducted news stories as well. Following that, Mia became a part of Health and Fitness Sports magazine as a Columnist & Feature Writer. There, he hosted seasonal special events and compiled monthly feature blogs related to fashion and trends.

Gradney, eventually started a job at KIAH News as an Anchor and Producer. In KIAH, he was a newsroom leader and primary anchor. Mia Wrote content and anchored various newscasts exclusively guiding the audience through breaking news. She reported live on-set interviews about numerous topics from politics to pop culture. After giving 11 years of her life to KIAH News, she ultimately joined KHOU News as a full-time news anchor in July 2012. Her duties as an evening news anchor include guiding the viewer’s nightly reports and everyday news headlines.

KHOU 11 News Anchors
KHOU 11 News Anchors | Soruce: official website

Marcelino Benito: A Talented News Personality at KHOU 11 News

Marcelino BenitoMarcelino Benito has been a part of the KHOU Houston News Squad since February 2014. During his seven years of time at Channel 11 Houston, Benito has covered several important assignments that also include the trip of Pope Francis to the US-Mexico border. Moreover, he has also traveled across the sea to Germany to cover the future of Houston’s wonderful Astrodome. In KHOU 11, Marcelino was a leader of the story reporting team who was able to overcome any problem with determination and driving force. Benito has also aided in refreshing and revitalizing daily news telecasts with unique story ideas. He also kept the community leader and stakeholders under his radar.

Eventually, Benito was recognized by Tegna (The channel’s owner company), and they appointed him a trainer of the media broadcasting organization. In Tegna, Benito flies over to significant news markets and leads and caches young journalists about technology and storytelling techniques. Moreover, he also conducts one-on-one training with reporters and producers of the station to enhance the quality of on-the-air content for Tegna. Marcelino also aids in designing and executing corporate training programs for the journalists of TEGNA.

Marcelino’s Achievements

In 2016, Texas Associated Press named him the Best T.V. Reporter of the year. Moreover, during his more than three years of time at TEGNA, Benito has claimed first-place Texas Associated appreciation consecutively for two years for deadline editing and honored with two Lone Star Emmys for his work on general assignments. Not to mention the two Rocky Mountain Emmy nominations and two regional Edward R. Murrow Accolades for his excellence in journalism, especially for covering the reports of the US-Mexico border.

Benito’s Career

Benito did his graduation from Northwestern University in 2010. Right after getting out of the University, Marcelino became a weekend anchor and reporter at KMSB Fox 11. There, he used to conduct an hour-long weekend news program for 9 PM newscast, one of the highest-rated fox affiliate channels. Moreover, he also did assignments related to politics and city government. In February 2012, Marcelino joined KGUN News 9 On Your Side as a fill-in anchor and reporter. There, he offered collaboration with photographers to tell unique stories in order to gather a large sum of audience. Meanwhile, he also appeared as a fill-in anchor on all news services from morning-cast to 10 PM.

KHOU 11 News Live Coverage Studio
KHOU 11 News Live Coverage Studio | Source: twitter

In February 2014, Marcelino Benito decided to be a part of Houston’s number one news team KHOU News Team and started covering the entire area with the latest Houston news and weather updates. Later, in November 2017, Marcelino became a part of TEGNA, the parent company, as a trainer and started providing reporting and journalism training to the young talents.

KHOU Weather Team

Besides the news services, KHOU Weathercast is also popular among the Houston community. The team covers everything related to the climate conditions in the area, including the weather forecast, hurricane reports, live traffic, KHOU Radar, weather school, 10-day forecast, live webcams, maps, and more. The team has earned several awards for covering the severe weather events, including Hurricane Harvey that caused a lot of disaster to not only Houston but also to the KHOU’s studio location. KHOU Weather Team consists of three meteorologists: Blake Mathews, Chief Meteorologist David Paul, and Chita Craft. All three of them make a great team together and present the most accurate reporting to the audience based on the KHOU weather radar and other state-of-the-art equipment.

David Paul: Chief Meteorologist at KHOU Weather

David Paul Paul works as a Chief Meteorologist at KHOU Weather for more than 24 years. During his time at KHOU Houston, Paul has gathered the day’s complex meteorological data and created an exciting, easy to get weather presentation for the viewers. All age groups of people, including the children, parents, and grandparents, can easily understand it and watch it. David is an excellent communicator, and his love for weather drove him to pursue broadcast journalism. He has also claimed a Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society in 2008.

David’s exceptional talent for making a connection to his audience allowed him to succeed in his profession. Paul did not only fulfill his management’s expectations for the last 25 years but surpassed them with his extraordinary popularity in the Houston market. Aside from claiming several Emmy Awards, David is a local emcee and has a huge demand as a public speaker.

David’s Awards and Accolades

In 2015 National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences honored David with Lone Star Emmy from the award for his work on ‘Hurricanes, Who Knows Best.’ Plus, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences also awarded him for his work ‘Severe Weather- News, Continuing Coverage’ in 2007.

Paul’s Career

Paul completed B.A. American Literature from University of Texas, Austin in 1991. He did B.S. Broadcast Meteorology in 1994 from Mississippi State University. After completing the education in December 1996, he started working for KHOU News live as a meteorologist and since then has been serving the channel with great responsibility.

Blake Mathews: Meteorologist at KHOU Weather

Blake MathewsBlake Mathews is an experienced and highly skilled weather anchor and reporter at KHOU Weather with more than 14 years of experience in reporting weather information. Mathews works as a full-time meteorologist at KHOU Weather. He became a part of the station in September 2016. He also compiles weather data from KHOU Weather Radar.

Since his joining, Blake has covered numerous weather events in Houston, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe weather. In KHOU 11 News Houston, Mathews’ vital duty is risk assessment and internal communication for high impact occasions; he reports straight to the upper-level authority. Meanwhile, Blake also writes and publishes blogs and other web content on the channel’s digital platforms. Takes part in the community outreach programs of the channel and does other essential duties such as recording local events and visiting schools. Moreover, the skilled meteorologist also creates, designs, and updates graphical content for both on-the-air and digital platforms.

The Beginning of Blake’s Career

Blake completed his degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology from Mississippi State University in 2016. However, his journalism career had already been started since 2007 when Mathews became a part of KBTX Media as a part-time meteorologist. There he used to conduct weather reports on weekends. In January 2011, Blake got a chance to showcase his journalism skills at KPRC 2 as an Assignment Editor.

Though he worked there for only 11 months, during that time, he got experience editing assignments for the station. It was December 2011 when Mathews got his actual chance in meteorology at WJXT News as a full-time weather personality. There, Blake performed several critical duties, including producing and stacking graphic content on-air to help weather anchors quote exciting weather stories.

In WJXT, Mathews also acted as the lead correspondent of the parent company during the hurricane outbreak and reported live out there for all the USA channels. Moreover, he has also delivered on-air broadcasts and created web content related to weather only. Ultimately, Blake found himself working for the KHOU Weather team in September 2016. A year later, he was awarded with Edward R. Murrow’s award for reporting Hurricane Harvey.

Metro Interactive Radar on KHOU in Houston

KHOU Radar aka Metro Interactive Radar is an advanced weather technology loaded with several latest and impressive features including the layers, overlays, and alerts.  KHOU Radar provides the HD satellite imagery of the entire Huston Area. Though, one can even zoom it out up to the state level and see the entire real-time or upcoming climate conditions in the region.

Users can visit the KHOU Radar over the radar page of the station’s official website and browse through different layers such as satellite view, snow report, temperature condition, precipitation, wind speed, dew point, road weather, feels like temp., and UV Index. Upon selecting any of the mentioned layers, the information related to those layers will start popping up on the user’s screen. Furthermore, viewers can also see the severe weather alerts in the form of red overlays such as flood warnings, winter alerts, tornado alerts, tropical alerts, marine warnings, and severe storm alert.

KHOU Radar Maps

The following table below enlists all the areas covered by the KHOU Radar. The radar covers not only the Houston areas but the whole of Texas- even the entire United States can be viewed.

Houston Fort Bend County College Station Montgomery County
Galveston Coast Huntsville Wharton County Brazoria County
Chambers Area Liberty Area Waller County Corpus Christi
Dallas-Fort Worth Matagorda Area Austin San Antonio
Lake Charles LA Shreveport Beaumont Victoria
New Orleans South Padre Island Oklahoma Louisiana Gulf Coast
Nacogdoches Southwest Texas Panhandle West Texas Radar
Northwest Radar Texas Gulf Coast Northeast KHOU Weather Radar Southeast Radar
Far West Texas KHOU Radar South Texas KHOU Weather Radar Central Texas KHOU Radar North Texas KHOU Weather Radar
Texas KHOU Radar US KHOU Weather Radar Louisiana Gulf Coast Gulf of Mexico

Houston News from KHOU 11 Mobile App

Wherever you go, keep the KHOU 11 always with you. With the catchphrase KHOU Stands for Houston, KHOU 11 Mobile App offers Houston Texas Breaking News, latest Houston news, Houston News Today, Houston Weather KHOU, KHOU vote now, KHOU Breaking News, and whatnot. The exciting mobile and tablet app presents a modernized interface.

KHOU 11 News Satellite Van
KHOU 11 News Satellite Van | Credits: facebook page

Moreover, its friendly user experience allows the user to find all the essential information they care about.

  • Houston News from KHOU 11 Mobile App’s features includes:
  • Houston Local News and Breaking News
  • Get real-time push alerts for news headlines
  • Look for exciting top stories
  • Read the breaking news as soon as it happens in the Houston area
  • Browse news clips, images, and raw vides
  • KHOU live stream

The app also covers the KHOU Weather services such as:

  • Hourly and 24-hours weather forecast based on your city
  • KHOU Radar and Maps
  • The latest weather forecast directly from the experienced team of meteorologists

Moreover, viewers can also enjoy breaking news from KHOU and live video news telecasts. Meanwhile, users can discover and look for topics that impact both them and their family and select favorite stories to get personalized updates. People can also visit KHOU Facebook, KHOU Twitter, or KHOU Instagram and read stories and videos and share them with their friends or family. See behind-the-stage pictures or videos of your favorite anchors and reporters and receive information about the school closings or delays as they happen in the Houston area.

KHOU 11 Popular Shows

KHOU TV Schedule includes all kinds of shows ranging from political discussion to sports telecasts, entertainment content, celebrity interviews, live shows, thrilling T.V. series, and live game shows. Master Highlights, Blue Bloods, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Wash Allen, #HTownRush, All in With Laila Ali are among the most popular programs at KHOU 11. Not to forget the coverage from other affiliate partners, including Bounce T.V., Circle, True Crime Network, and Twist.

The following table includes the list of all the popular shows streaming on KHOU live.

Blue Bloods Magnum P.I. KHOU 11 News at 10 pm The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Masters Highlights Daily Blast Live Wash Allen The Late Late Show with James Corden
Pet Vet Dream Team #HTownRush Mission Unstoppable Lucky Dog
CBS This Morning The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Lucky Dog We Need to Talk
Bull Wheel of Fortune Golf CBS Sports Spectacular
We Need to Talk Bull Wheel of Fortune CBS Sports Spectacular
Hope in the Wild 48 Hours NCIS: New Orleans NCIS
KHOU 11 News at 10 pm Saturday Murdoch Mysteries Inside Texas Politics Latina Voices
Lilly Grove Baptist Church CBAS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley Face the Nation The Equalizer
60 Minutes JOEL Osteen Gametime with Boomer Esiason CBS Overnight News
The Price is Right CBS This Morning Great Day Houston The Bold and the Beautiful
The Ellen DeGeneres Show Let’s Make A Deal The Talk CBS Evening News
Bob Hearts Abishola The Neighborhood The Young and the Restless KHOU 11 News at 6 pm


KHOU TV first hit the air on 23 March 1953 with the calls KGUL-TV. The network was established by Paul Taft from the Taft Broadcasting Co. KHOU 11 originally possessed a license of service to Galveston, and it was the 2nd T.V. network to start operations in the market. It took the primary affiliation from KPRC’s secondary affiliate partner that was CBS Network, and has been airing programming from CBS since then.

Currently, the network works under the ownership of Tegna Inc as the primary affiliate partner of CBS. Meanwhile, BounceTV, Twist, True Crime Network, and Circle act as the channel’s secondary affiliate partners.

KHOU 11 News Studio Building
KHOU 11 News Studio Building | Courtesy: official website

KHOU TV operates alongside KTBU CH 55, the Quest-owned and operated station. The station re-telecasts KHOU 11’s signals on CH 11.11 through PSIP. Both stations possess the same studios to place at 5718 Westheimer Road close to Uptown Houston. However, the channel’s transmitter lies in Fort Bend County’s unincorporated northeastern region.

Hurricane Harvey and KHOU TV

On 21 August 2017, KHOU 11 started providing coverage to Hurricane Harvey as the terrible storm was predicted to hit the Gulf Coast of Texas with heavy rainfall; it was expected to affect the Greater Houston Area the most. On 25 August 2017, the KHOU 11 began to deliver a minute-by-minute update about the hurricane with detailed coverage of the Rockport’s Storm Landfall. On 26 August 2017, the continuous rainfall in the Gulf of Mexico resulted in terrible flooding throughout the entire metropolitan area. A day after, KHOU Houston was forced out of its studios because of floodwater caused by the Buffalo Bayou.

This caused a lot of trouble to the KHOU 11 and ultimately caused the station to relocate its studio place to some other place. KHOU News declared on 29 March 2018 that it has signed a lease for 399m square of space near the Uptown Houston at 5718 Westheimer Road.

Tel: (713) 526-1111
Tower Location: Missouri City, in unincorporated northeastern Fort Bend County
Brand Name: KHOU 11

Coverage Map

KHOU 11 News Coverage Map
KHOU 11 News Coverage Map | Source:
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Trevelyan Cosmo
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