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KMBC 9 News LogoKMBC 9 News is an ABC affiliate TV service serving the Metropolitan area of Kansas City. Being owned by Hearst Communication’s Hearst Television, KMBC News operates at Virtual Channel 9. The station covers everything from Kansas City Local News to Real Estate News, Breaking News Kansas City, KMBC Weather, Traffic, Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Community, Automotive, and Investigative journalism. The audience can watch KMBC live on various cable networks, including Spectrum, AT&T, and Suddenlink Communications. They can, however, also watch KMBC live stream over the kmbc.com and KMBC 9 News and Weather App.

KMBC Weather provides Hourly Forecast, 9-Day Forecast, KMBC Radar, KMBC School Closings, Severe Weather Alerts, First Alert Weather 9 Team, First Alert Weather App, and other services. Meanwhile, Channel 9 Kansas City also features National News, State of Addiction, Coronavirus Updates, High School Sports, Matter of Fact, In Focus, ulocal, Stitch, Editorials, exciting contests, and whatnot. Channel 9 Kansas City uses the brand name “KMBC 9 News” and the catchphrase “Leading the Way” for its news services.

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Watch the Kansas City News and weather updates 24/7 along with investigative journalism, sports telecast (Royals, Chief, High School, etc.), political discussion, community events, KMBC Weather, and traffic reports. Furthermore, the audience can also enjoy KMBC live stream for free. Get better news and KMBC weather experience with HD and crisp stream. Load the stream by clicking the play button below.

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Live Stream Schedule

The following Table Shows the live streaming schedule for KMBC 9 News. It may change accordingly.

Sr. Monday-FridaySaturdaySunday
1.04:30 AM5 AM5 AM
2.5 AM5:30 AM5:30 AM
3.5:30 AM7 AM7 AM
4.6 AM7:30 AM7:30 AM
5.6:30 AM8 AM8 AM
6.7 AM8:30 AM8:30 AM
7.7:30 AM5 PM5 PM
8.8 AM6 PM5:30 PM
9.8:30 AM9 PM9 PM
10.5 PM10 PM10 PM
11.6 PM-10:30 PM
12. 9 PM--
13.10 PM--

General FAQs

What channel is ABC in Kansas City?

Kansas City viewers can watch ABC programming over the cable network, satellite service, and antenna at Virtual CH 9. They can enjoy all kinds of shows from Entertainment to political discussion.

Who is Don Fortune?

Don Fortune was one of the oldest members of the KMBC 9 News team. He was among the channel’s most talented sportscasters. Fortune was admired by many great personalities, including Larry Boore and Fred Broski.

How old is Bryan Busby?

Bryan Busby Age

Bryan Busby is a Chief Meteorologist at the KMBC Weather team. He has been leading the weather personalities in KMBC 9 News for more than 25 years. He had a passion for climate since his childhood when he was in third grade. Moreover, Busby also acts as a Chief Meteorologist at The Chiefs Fox Football Radio Network and can be found on Newsradio 980 AM and Newsradio 98.1 FM. In addition, Bryan introduced many media weather innovations that are used in the industry today. Bryan Busby’s age isn’t public to anyone. However, we have noticed that every year Bryan celebrates his birthday on 8 December, and his birth sign is Sagittarius.

How old is Dave Stewart?

Dave Stewart is an anchor or a host at KMBC 9 News. He is a capable sports personality who covers the channel’s sports segments. Dave started working at KMBC News as a Sports Anchor in December 2018 and debated on several memorable games in Kansas City, including basketball and football. Aside from providing his valuable services to KMBC 9, Stewart also hosts a program at KU Athletics. Dave is a member of the Big 12 Network delivering contests for ESPN PLUS. We tried to find out Dave’s date of birth but unfortunately failed as his birthday was nowhere to find. It seems Stewart likes to keep things secret about his personal life, in this case, his birthday.

How old is Lara Mortiz?

Lara Moritz Age

Lara Mortiz works as an anchor of 6 pm and 10 pm news programs at KMBC 9 News. She has been a part of the team since January 1995. It has been 26 years, and Lara seems to be doing perfectly fine at KMBC News. Besides anchoring and hosting both news shows, Moritz help write the news content for these programs. Moreover, she also writes, produces, and sets up her exclusive special projects. Lara Moritz has been an honored news personality at the channel, and other anchors respect her seniority in the station. We looked for Lara’s age everywhere on social media but found nothing about that. Hence, her date of birth is a mystery that is yet to solve.

How old is Larry Moore?

Larry Moore Age

Larry Moore is a Director-General at KMBC 9, Hearst Corporation, for more than 27 years. He has professional TV media experience such as live news, sporting events, variety shows, and commercials. Moreover, Larry has industry experience producing NFL football telecasts, Award-winning news shows, and MDA telethons. At KMBC, Moore directed news by coordinating all prospects of the show, including live feeds, on-air talent, viz graphics, field reporters, and live shots to bring the story to the audience with accuracy and clarity. According to Wikipedia, Larry Moore is 75 years old and has been serving Kansas City for more than three decades.

Is Brenda Washington still with KMBC?

Brenda Washington was one of the most skilled news personalities at KMBC 9 News who joined the team in 1985. Washington was among the most influential African American women who had been accepted as a producing fellow of a US Film Institute. Reporting wasn’t the only cliché that she had; Brenda excelled in various other things as well. However, in June 2017, Washington decided to step down from her journalism career after serving Kansas’s one of the top-rated news channels for 32 years. She has plans to enjoy the remaining time with her family. Of course, Kansas City viewers miss her and her class that she always brought in her news reporting.

How old is Erin Little?

Erin Little Age

Erin Little is a weekday morning meteorologist and weather reporter at KMBC Weather. She has been covering the Kansas weather for more than a decade. Little joined the KMBC Weather team First Alert Weather 9 in July 2008 and since then has covered various severe weather events. Erin has substantial experience in the TV Market with a varied background in media relations, public relations, social media management, and marketing. The information about Erin’s date of birth isn’t publicly available on any of her social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We will let you know as soon as we get any information regarding her age.

How old is Johnny Rowlands?

Johnny Rowlands

Johnny Rowlands is a traffic reporter and NewsChopper 9’s chief pilot who has been a part of KMBC 9 News for a long. He appears on FirstNews every Monday to Friday between 5 am, and 7 am and ‘KMBC 9 FirstNews’ from 7 am to 9 am on a sibling channel KCWE. Moreover, viewers can also see him providing the breaking news Kansas City in the 5 pm and 6 pm newscast on ABC Kansas City. Rowlands introduces a whole perspective to the station’s newscast as being one of the few chopper pilots who also appear on camera reporting the traffic conditions. Johnny has filmed some of the fantastic Kansas City stories. Rowlands’ birthday isn’t available on any of the online platforms. Hence, it isn’t easy to know his age. Although, we will update this page as soon as we get any information.

Why is KMBC off the air?

KMBC’s over-the-air transmission covers the entire Kansas City and its nearby areas. It has been, currently, working perfectly fine. Sometimes, however, the station goes off-the-air due to some technical issue or natural problem. But they fix the matter as soon as possible and let the customers enjoy their continuous coverage.

KMBC 9 News Team

KMBC News offers 34 hours of news telecast produced locally every week, including 5 hours each from Monday to Friday and 4.5 hours each on weekends. The channel’s newscast is covered by a talented team of anchors, reporters, and investigative journalists. KMBC 9 News Team offers round-the-clock news services to the Kansas community. Because of devoting several hours to a local newscast, KMBC live is the 3rd top-rated news service among the TV channels of Kansas Market, and the network’s news team plays a significant role in maintaining the channel’s rating. They also generate 22 hours/week of local news transmission for CW affiliate sibling KCWE. Haley Harrison, Jarred Hill, Larry Moore, Brian Johnson, Martin Augustine, and Lara Moritz are among the most popular news personalities in Channel 9 News Kansas City.

Emily Holwick: News Anchor at ABC Kansas City

Emily Holwick famous anchor of KMBC 9 NewsEmily Holwick is one of the skilled journalists at KMBC News Team who has joined the squad in November 2015. Since her joining, Holwick has covered various news events. Currently, she presents the weekend morning news & report in the newscast. From such stories that shiver the audience down to their spine to breaking news Kansas City, Emily works squarely to offer the audience good-researched content while introducing emotional constituents to reports.

Holwick has reported from Rome, London, and Berlin, congealing her passion for international reporting. Emily did her graduation in Journalism/Communications from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012. However, her passion for journalism drove her to start a news internship way before that in 2010 at WPXI-TV. Later, she joined CBS News and ABC News in September 2010 and May 2011, respectively, for the 4-month internship each. In May 2012, Holwick became a part of WICU News as a news reporter, and after serving the station for one year and eight months, she moved to WSEE News and started working as an anchor and reporter.

Emily produced and hosted 6 pm, 10 pm, and 11 pm news services for SEE News, provided news reports to WICU 12 News, and acquired a Fullbright Scholarship in December 2012 for attending Berlin Capital Program from German Fullbright Commission. Ultimately, Holwick became a part of the KMBC News Team as a Weekend Anchor & Reporter in November 2015. Eventually, she rose to the ranks as a Morning News Anchor & Reporter in the station in April 2016. Finally, she became a Weekend Evening Anchor and Reporter in September 2018 after serving Kanas City’s one of the highest-rated news channels for around three years.

First Alert 9 Weather Team

First Alert Weather team of KMBC 9 NewsOther than news transmission, KMBC weather reporting is also among the top-rated news services in the town. With the help of an experienced team of meteorologists (weather anchors and reporters), KMBC 9 Weather delivers the most accurate regional and national forecasts presented by the local AccuWeather channel. KMBC Channel 9 team reads the KMBC radar carefully and provides real-time climate conditions in Kansas City and its suburbs.

The audience can also always rely on the KMBC Weather team’s prediction before going out for a picnic or attending the outdoor wedding ceremony. From severe weather alerts to a 9-day weather forecast, KMBC First Alert 9 Weather Team prepares for everything. Katie Horner, Bryan Busby, Nick Bender, Neville Miller, and Pete Grigsby form a perfect team of meteorologists at KMBC News.

Pete Grigsby: KMBC Weather Anchor

Pete Grigsby @ KMBC 9 News LivePete Grigsby is among the oldest weather personalities working in the KMBC Weather department for more than 20 years. In his 30 years of weather reporting, Pete has earned a Seal of Approval from both the National Weather Association (NWA) and the American Meteorological Society (AMS). Grigsby has worked as a weather personality in Kentucky, Indiana, and Virginia. Later, Pete decided to adjust his career path by accepting a position at Blue Springs School District as an administrator in July 2008 in order to accommodate for extra family hours. He supervises the radio channel and TV channel (BSSD News) for Blue Springs’ High Schools. Pete also provides weather forecasts based on the KMBC weather radar.

Moreover, Grigsby also teaches broadcasting and meteorology classes. Currently, he offers limited time to KMBC, especially when the weather gets severe. Pete completed his education at Western Kentucky University in 1992. However, he started working as a chief meteorologist for WBKO in January 1990, right when he began doing Meteorology at the University. In 1993, Grigsby joined WEVV News as a TV Meteorologist and served the station for three years.  Later, Pete started working as a Chief Meteorologist at WTKR News 3 in 1996. Eventually, Grigsby began to work as a TV Meteorologist at KMBC Kansas City in February 1999 and since then has been serving the channel with great passion. While working for KMBC Weather, Pete also joined Blue Springs School District as a Media Director and Instructor in July 2008. He has been managing both jobs for more than a decade.

Neville Miller: Meteorologist at KMBC Weather

Neville Miller of KMBC 9 NewsNeville Miller has been working as a weekend meteorologist at KMBC Weather department for more than seven years. Joining the station in 2014, Miller covered many severe weather events over the course of years. He had the drive to learn about weather and relaying that information to other people since the beginning. Neville Miller provides weather forecasts predicted by KMBC radar, KMBC School closings, breaking news alerts during severe weather conditions, and many other services like that.

Miller did a BS in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia. After that, he became a part of KMIZ News ABC 17, KQFX Fox 22, KZOU MyNetworkTV, StormTrack 24/7 in 2006. Two years later, Neville started working as a Meteorologist at Allbritton Communications in 2008. Then, he started working as an Anchor at Newsy.com in 2012. Eventually, he joined the pair of KMIZ-TV again in 2011 and started appearing as a Morning Meteorologist. He produced weather content for all the stations, including ABC 17, Fox 22, MeTV, and MyNetworkTV KZOU. Ultimately, Miller became a part of KMBC Weather in 2014 and since then has been serving the station as a Weekend Evening Meteorologist.

KMBC Weather Services

KMBC Weather is among the top-rated weather services in town, providing Kansas City’s climate conditions accurately and precisely based on the KMBC weather radar and KMBC forecast. Aside from delivering the KMBC weather reports over the air, viewers can also get the latest updates through digital means such as kmbc.com (the official website) or KMBC 9 News or Weather (mobile app). You can see either the day will remain sunny or is it about to rain. Meanwhile, viewers can also see minute-by-minute update during the severe weather conditions and what measure should the residents take if a strong tornado or hurricane will hit the city. Moreover, the audience can watch severe weather alerts, different maps, KMBC school closings, live KMBC radar, 12-hour forecast, 10-day forecast, and hourly forecast.

KMBC 9 News Live Weather Team at KMBC 9 News
KMBC 9 News Live Weather Team | Courtesy: twitter

KMBC Weather Radar

Watch the storm movement, rain updates, and severe weather conditions anywhere in the world with the channel’s exclusive interactive radar “KMBC Radar.”

Go to the bottom right corner of the radar and click the layers menu. It will show the options like Storm Tracks, Current Conditions, and Feels Like Temperature. Meanwhile, users can also find real-time severe weather watches and alerts in their respective regions. KMBC Weather Radar has the ability to zoom in to the street level and zoom out up to the regional level or even the country level. Moreover, the audience can also see past weather updates and forecasts.

You can also go to the official website and sign up on the page to receive warnings and alerts via an email about the severe weather in town. Furthermore, the channel’s alert page updates Kansas City’s current severe weather warnings and watches.

KMBC 9 News and Weather App

With the catchphrase Leading the Way, KMBC 9 News and Weather App offer real-time breaking news, Kansas City local news, national news, traffic reports, sports, politics, top stories, entertainment, and more. Moreover, viewers can also enjoy KMBC 9 News live stream free on their mobile devices.

Sky Chopper KMBC 9 News
Sky Chopper KMBC 9 News | Source: official website

With the Channel 9 Kansas City News and Weather App, the audience can get:

  • Alerts about breaking news and Kansas City News Today with push-alert notification service.
  • Get real-time updates from the KMBC 9 News Team and watch KMBC live breaking news and local news.
  • Share the stories and news articles with friends on social media pages or via email.
  • Submit a news tip, breaking news, or send their news photos or weather photos & videos through an email directly to the channel studio. It might get a chance to feature online.
  • View the current weather situation in Kansas City or its suburbs, hourly forecast, weekly forecast, anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night.
  • KMBC Radar will allow the user to zoom in and zoom out up to the street level or regional level and watch the storms as they reach close to the city.
  • Users can watch the significant weather activities in town by moving the map around.
  • Watch exclusive videocast from the channel’s favorite weather personalities and receive weather notifications and updates.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet; The app will provide the latest and up-to-date weather news and information related to Kansas City local area.

KMBC 9 Popular Programming

Channel 9 News Kansas City presents various amazing Television shows, including The Con, Call Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, ABC World News Now, and The Kelly Clarkson Show. KMBC Live clears the entire ABC schedule and provides all the popular programs with a high rating.

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Good Morning America KMBC First News KMBC First News at 5:30 a.m. America This Morning
Extra The Big Bang Theory Jimmy Kimmel Live The Conners
The Con Call Your Mother KMBC News at 10 pm ABC News Nightline
Entertainment Tonight ABC World News Now The View Tamron Hall
KMBC First News at 4:30 am The Dr. OZ Show General Hospital GMA3: What You Need to Know
The Ellen DeGeneres Show The Kelly Clarkson Show ABC World News Tonight with David Muir KMBC News at 4 pm
Station 19 A Million Little Things Grey’s Anatomy Shark Tank
20/20 Raw Travel US Farm Report KMBC First News Weekend
MyDestination.TV Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Good Morning America Saturday UFC Live
NCAA Basketball The Song Modern Family American Idol
Nifhtwatch Extra Weekend African American Short Films Small Town Big Deal
Storm of Suspicion Made in Hollywood Matter of Fact Joel Osteen
Hiring America Teen Kids News America’s Funniest Home Videos The Week with George Stephanopoulos

About KMBC 9 News

KMBC TV is a Hearst Television-owned TV channel that is among the leading Kansas City News Stations. The station takes primary content from ABC and secondary programming from MeTV. Being licensed to Kanas City, Missouri, KMBC 9 News operates alongside a CW affiliate TV channel KCWE. Both networks share the studio place in the Winchester-Ring section of the area on Winchester Avenue, close to Swope Park along I-435. However, KMBC 9 antenna is installed at the intersection of Topping Avenue and the East 23rd St in the Blue Valley section of the region. Different cable operators such as Consolidated Communications, Comcast Xfinity and Charter Spectrum provide the station’s transmission.

Tel: (816) 221-9999
Website: https://www.kmbc.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kmbc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kmbc9
Tower Location: Intersection of East 23rd Street and Topping Avenue in the city’s Blue Valley section
Brand Name: KMBC 9

Coverage Map

KMBC 9 News Coverage Map
KMBC 9 News Coverage Map | Source: www.publicfiles.fcc.gov
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