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Channel 7 Pittsburg Kansas Live

KOAM 7 News logoKOAM-TV is also known as virtual and VHF propelled station 7. It is a CBS-auxiliary TV approved to Pittsburg, Kansas, United States. Along with that the channel also serves Joplin, Missouri. The station is proclaimed by Morgan Murphy Media. KOAM TV also works for two fold Fox/CW+ partner KFJX. The channel 14 is likewise approved to Pittsburg. KOAM News is working under joint arrangements and shared organizations such as JSA/SSA, with owner Sagamore Hill Broadcasting. The two stations share studios and transmitter workplaces on US 69 south of Pittsburg. Their office is adjustment to studio and news organization on South Range Line Road in Joplin.CBS holds the affiliation of KOAM news and FOX14. KOAM-TV is the 4-states most watched TV channel. The audience can tune KOAM live stream on mobile app, official website and channel 7 on TV.

KOAM News Live Stream

The website of KOAM News is available with live broadcast of its TV channel. It offers streaming of news update in high resolution without any buffering. Nevertheless, the network provides its audience with KOAM Live streaming of every sports event taking place around the state. From the matches to any minute propaganda arousing within the teams and players. The KOAM News seems to keep a keen eye on various aspects. The live streaming of sports news is presented with high resolution. Regardless of that, the people and game lovers are able to enjoy their favorite match without any interruption of unwanted ads.

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KOAM TV Schedule

Sr.TimeProgram Name
15:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.KOAM Morning News (Mon – Fri)
212:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.KOAM News at Noon (Mon – Fri)
35:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.KOAM News at 5 (Mon – Fri)
46:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.KOAM News at 6 (Mon – Sat)
510:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.KOAM News at 10 (7 days a week)

General FAQs by KOAM Audience

Why did Dave Pylant leave KOAM?

Dave Pylant was the most confident meteorologist at KOAM News, forecasting weather for Kansas and Pittsburg community in KOAM Morning Newscast for more than 20 years. However, on 15 February 2016, Dave was asked to leave after completing his third spell of the day. The station prepared a departing party and surprises for Pylant, and many people signed on to the morning show to help Dave send-off. But, unfortunately, Pylant didn’t make it to the show that day.

Are Kate Kelly and Nick Kelly on KOAM TV married?

There isn’t any solid proof backing the statement that Kate Kelly and Nick Kelly are married. Several rumors are around, just because the two share the same last name. They have nothing in common except their last name. Nick Kelly is KOAM News certified broadcast meteorologist by the AMS. Whereas Kate Kelly is no more a part of KOAM News.

Can I get a free KOAM live stream on the antenna?

Viewers in Pittsburg can watch KOAM News on the antenna by tuning the station at Virtual CH 7. From live Pittsburg News to local sports coverage, the audience can enjoy every piece of entertainment.

Can I get KOAM-TV on Hulu?

Yes, Hulu users can watch KOAM live stream for free, directly streaming the service on their mobile or tablet. Other than conducting KOAM TV live services on cable, satellite, and mobile app, the channel also provides it on various online streaming platforms such as Roku, Amazon Firestick, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, CBS All Access, and, of course, Hulu.

KOAM News Team

Reporters at KOAM 7 are answerable for conveying updates and investigation on current situations. They might be the events occurring with the principle objective to keep open refreshed. KOAM reporting team make stories and breaking news through various stations, for example, radio, TV, online news locales, and printed papers and magazines.

KOAM News interview set
KOAM News interview set | Courtesy: facebook page

As most of the stations are running across the state, the competition to prove to be the best, increases as well. Therefore, KOAM TV has been proving itself from the past decades.


  • Kaitlyn Shive
  • Zachary Dodge
  • Kate Kelley
  • Chris Warner


KOAM News Channel has the most efficient reporting staff which fulfils all the requirements of a good reporter. Some of the main efficiencies of good reporter are as follows:

  • He or she must be able to collect, verify and analyze thoroughly newsworthy information
  • The must be able to Assemble findings into a stable story
  • He or she must write and deliver news stories with the reader’s perspective in mind
  • They should Publish or broadcast news stories
  • The reporter must be able to receive assignments or investigate news leads/tips
  • Abide by journalism’s ethics and codes
  • They must gather contact, interview and research sources
  • They must maintain notes and audio recordings
  • He or she must cooperate with reporters, chief editor, producers etc
  • The reporting candidate must stay up-to-date with the latest current events in the “beat” by studying papers, attending events etc.

Jesse Irwin: Journalist at KOAM News

Jesse IrwinJesse Irwin is a Morning News personality at CBS Pittsburg, providing news reports in Pittsburg/Joplin. Since the coronavirus pandemic, Irwin has spent most of his time co-hosting the 3-hour program live from his living room. While producing stories and conducting interviews from home, Jesse comes to the news bureau when safe and needed. During his stay at KOAM TV News, Jesse Irwin con-anchored the latest morning show with a bit of mix of lifestyle programming, covered 3+ hours of local and national Investigative news, holding daily live interviews on various topics ranging from business, arts, culture, activism to politics, health, and athletics. Writes, edits, and shoots exciting stories around the area.

Irwin’s Career

Irwin completed his education from the University of Pittsburg in Bachelor of Arts, Media, and Film Studies in 2017. However, he started working as a Sports Talk Show Anchor at WPTS FM in September 2013. In December 2013, Jesse became a Staff Writer at SB Nation, hosting podcasts and writing content for Cardiac Hill. Later, he became a News Intern at CBS Corporation and started covering the Pittsburg Toady Live program. Plus, Jesse wrote questions, tags, and teases for morning talk programs and covered news reports, and produced stories.

In May 2016, Irwin became a General Production Intern at Conan. There, he used to run various errands for the program, took coffee, lunch, and dinner orders, and several other duties. In January 2014, KOAM News started working as The Pitt News at Livestream Reporter. Eventually, Jesse became an Actor at Freelance-Self Employed in March 2014 and did a film, The Greater Image, and a stage show, Even Apart. In January 2015, Jesse became a freelancer Host and Presenter. Ultimately, Irwin found himself reporting for KOAM TV live as a Morning Anchor and Features Reporter.

Christopher Warner: Weekend Anchor/Reporter at KOAM News

Christopher WarnerFor many years, Chris Warner has been a TV anchor and reporter for both KOAM and FOX 14. The reporter covers all of Jasper, Barton, and Vernon Counties. Warner also occasionally serves as a fill-in anchor in addition to his reporting duties. A day in Chris’s life is spent searching for stories and events that matter the most to the Jasper community. Warner aims to tell your story to the entire world, sharing your experience with people from all four states. The day he learned of journalism, Chris was already in love with journalism, and by bringing his passion and fire to you, he feels happy. The Missouri Southern State University awarded Chris his bachelor’s degree in 2012. However, Warner’s love of journalism drove him to begin his broadcasting career much earlier in 2004, when he joined Nexstar Broadcasting Group as a Photographer/Weekend Reporter.

In August 2008, Chris became a Photo Center Specialist at Walmart. Following that, in October 2009, Warner joined Freeman Health System as an Admission Rep Specialist. Later, he found himself working for Walgreens as a Certified Digital PhotoSpecialist in October 2010. Experian Consumer Direct offered Chris a job as a Customer Sales Rep in May 2011.

Warner, then, started working as a Sales Floor Team Leader in DAV Thrift Store in May 2003 and later promoted to 3rd Key Supervisor in December 2013. Eventually, Chris decided to pursue a broadcast career and became a part of Channel 7 News Pittsburg as an Associate Producer in January 2017. Later, he was promoted to Reporter and a fill-in desk anchor in April 2017. Currently, Chris serves as a full-time Weekend Anchor for KOAM News.

KOAM News: Weather Team

KOAM 7 News weather team in KOAM NewsKOAM Weather services are known as one of the best services in town. From accurate weather forecasts to the latest KOAM closes, the channel’s team of talented and skilled meteorologists covers everything. They precisely extract the weather data for the state-of-the-art equipment, evaluate it carefully and deliver (what is) the most accurate report to the public. Their skills are highly appreciated around the state, and people love to trust their journalism expertise. The prestigious team of weather personalities consists of three reporters: Nick Kelly, Doug Heady, and Michael Hayslip.

Nick Kelly: Meteorologist at KOAM TV Live

Nick Kelly presenting cast on KOAM NewsThe services of Nick Kelly to the station are beyond excellence. He was a meteorologist at the KOAM Weather department. During his nine years’ tenure at KOAM TV, Kelly did a lot of great stuff, including predicting the weather with the latest KOAM Radar and reporting severe weather events. He has also received a Seal of Approval certification from the American Meteorological Society. Not to mention the other achievements that Nick received in his life while reporting weather events for KOAM News Now.

Local News from Texas: Fox 26 Houston

Nick’s Career

Nick earned his meteorology degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2010. Though, he started his career in January 2004 while serving the Agostino’s GP Restaurant as a Busboy.

Later, Kelly decided to pursue a weather career and started doing an internship at KPLR News in May 2009. There, he used to create maps and graphics for the weathercast presented by John Fuller. In June 2004, Kelly began to work as a Courtesy Clerk at Schnuck Markets, Inc. His duties included handling customers, return carts from the parking lot, help customers to their vehicles, assist customers in finding store’s items. In October 2008, Nick started as a Weather Producer and Meteorologist at KOMU News.

In October 2011, Nick received an offer at KOAM Weather as a weather anchor. Kelly’s duties at KOAM were creating graphics for weathercast, operating WeatherVision cameras, writing scripts, doing camera work for high school sports, and conducting weekend news at 6 & 10. He worked for KOAM when Nick received his Seal of Approval as a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society in August 2015. Plus, he also solely covered severe weather and Tag-Team with Dough Heady (Chief Meteorologist).

Doug Heady: KOAM Weather’s Chief Meteorologist

Doug Heady of KOAM NewsDoug Heady is one of the bests weather reporters that KOAM News has in their squad. He has been covering Kansas weather for more than 18 years. Before coming to KOAM News Now, Heady used to work at KSHB, where he used to cover the morning weather reports. Dough, then, joined KOAM News and since then has been providing his quality services to the area’s one of the best news stations. He also has a record of holding the American Meteorological Society’s Seal of Approval at a very young age. Moreover, the University of Kansas Alum has also received a certification from National Weather Service in 2003.

KOAM Mobile App

With the tagline The Four States’ Most Watched News, KOAM Mobile App offers a lot of entertainment and thrill to the viewers. The app presents Pittsburg county news, sports, community events, KOAM Orbits, weather reports, and more to the public of Pittsburg, Joplin, and other greater areas of four-states. Meanwhile, the audience can also enjoy top stories, criminal reports, live interviews, and real-time traffic reports.

The station’s Mobile App KOAM Sky Watch Weather entirely focuses on the area’s weather coverage.

KOAM TV Weather app features:

  • Live KOAM Weather Radar
  • KOAM School Closings
  • Current weather condition based on your GPS
  • Video forecast and 10-day forecast by the SkyWatch Weather Team
  • Real-time weather notification sent directly to your cellphone

Programming Plan of the KOAM News

Despite the CBS arrange plan, facilitated programming on KOAM News consolidates Wheel of Fortune, Dr. Phil, The Game, Judge Mathis, and Judge Judy.

Wheel of Fortune’s sister show, Jeopardy! Misrepresentation on KODE (at 3:30 p.m.) and KSNF (at 5 p.m.). This makes Joplin–Pittsburg one of only several business divisions. It is the point where investigations are proceeded with isolated stations. Consistently, the two shows air on a comparative channel successive.

KOAM News live streaming studio
KOAM News live streaming studio | Credits: facebook page

Entertainment programs and TV shows

Precisely, the entertainment segment stands out due to its variety of programs. KOAM News Now, at the same time, not only does focuses on informing the people but it also shows educational shows indeed. Food programs, for instance, are somehow the main and most watched shows. From exotic to street cousin, the channel adds up to the craving of its audience.

SEAL Team: American TV Series

SEAL Team is an exciting US Military Television series revolving around the lives of elite NAVY SEALs as they train hard, plan, and execute the greatest and high-stakes missions that the United States can ask.

CBS Television Studios, the producing company of this show, started broadcasting it on CBS from 27 September 2017. The show can be watched online at various streaming platforms via KOAM live stream. An elite unit of US Navy SEALs depicted by David Boreanaz, Jessica Pare, Max Theriot, A.J. Neil Brown Jr., Toni Trucks, and A.J. Buckley. CBS premiered the 3rd season of the SEAL Team on 2 October 20019 and the fourth season began to premiere on 2 December 2020.

After the success of SIX by History Channel on 27 January 2017, CBS declared that they are planning to introduce another Navy SEAL project. Benjamin Cavell was the writer of the series’ first episode, though he was expected to be an executive producer together with Ed Redlick, Carl Beverly, Sarah Timberman, and Christopher Chaulack. Whereas the Pilot episode’s production companies were Chulack Production, Timberman/Beverly Productions, East 25 C, and CBS Television Studios.

SEAL Team | Credits: twitter

US Court Show: Judge Mathis

Judge Mathis is a US reality-based Court Show featured by Greg Mathis, an out-of-service judge of a 36th District Court and a black-culture motivational speaker. Judge Mathis is now airing its 22 hit season featuring a load of cases that excited and engaged viewers all around the globe. Mathis is a nationally syndicated, Daytime Emmy Award-winning program. The program is shot in front of a live audience inside the NBC Tower’s studio in Chicago and features litigants and cases from other jurisdictions of the United States. The program started airing its current season on 7 September 2020.

Each episode of the show runs for around 60 minutes and contains 4 cases. The program is telecasted from Monday to Friday through Omni Television in every state of the United States, as well as Canada. Judge Mathis aired its first episode on 13 September 1999 and filmed more than 3000 episodes since its debut on Television.

KOAM Popular Shows

KOAM airs a variety of programs and covers almost all kinds of genres. From the Price is Right to CBS This Morning, KOAM Morning Show, Judge Mathis, The Young and the Restless, and The Talk, KOAM News airs quite a popular list of shows. Viewers can watch these exciting programs on their smartphone, laptop, and tablet via KOAM live stream.

SEAL Team KOAM News at 10 pm S.W.A.T. The Black Hand Man The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Family Feud The Late Late Show With James Corden CBS Morning News CBS Overnight News
KOAM Morning Show KOAM Noon News The Young and the Restless The Talk
United States of Al Pilot Let’s Make a Deal The Bold and the Beautiful KOAM News at 6:00 p.m.
Judge Judy You’re Giving Me a Heart Attack/ Daddy’s Good Deed Punished Young Sheldon: A Box of Treasure and the Meemaw of Science Wheel of Fortune Resort Livin’ B Positive Canine Extraction
Mom Tiny Dancer and an Impromtu Picnic Clarice How Does It Feel to Be So Beautiful Dr. Phil Dr. Phil’s 3,000th Show – With Bonus Footage! MacGyver Royalty + Marriage + Vivaah Sanskar + Zinc + Henna
KOAM News at 6:00 p.m. Magnum P.I. Dark Harvest KOAM News at 10:00 p.m. Off Air
Newsmakers The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Hope in the Wild At the Final Four
NCAA Basketball UCLA vs. Gonzaga The Outdoorsman With Buck McNeely Africa Zebra-Nyala Major Crimes Hindsight CBS Sunday Morning With Jane Pauley

About KOAM News

Initially, KOAM NEWS NOW went live on at 5:22 p.m. on December 13, 1953. The contract was signed under the terms by the Broadcasting Company. This was a joint agreement of The Joplin Globe paper and E. Victor Baxter and Lester Cox, owners of KOAM radio (860 AM, the current KKOW), with Baxter and Cox holding a controlling interest. The Globe would over the long haul sell its minority stake in the station to Baxtskyer and Cox.

KOAM 7 News live streaming building
KOAM TV Building located at 2950 NE Highway 69P.O. Box 659 Pittsburg | Courtesy:

KOAM Past Affiliations With Various Networks

Formally, KOAM News pushed as a fundamental branch of NBC. It was supported by KOAM radio’s long dispute with NBC Radio. Anyways, it had second affiliations with CBS. This was until KSWM-TV impelled in 1954. Later it had associations with DuMont and it stayed till the framework’s 1956 decision. Finally, ABC had its affiliations till January 1968. It was the time when KODE transformed into a full-time ABC accomplice and KUHI-TV got together with CBS. On September 5, 1982, KOAM exchanged affiliations with KTVJ. The channel was previously known as KUHI-TV and is now labled as KSNF. Later, in the following years, it transformed into a CBS auxiliary.

Brief weather forecasts of the state

The KOAM weather team of the news channel is incredibly efficient in providing the accurate weather reports of the city and its whereabouts. The crew has been working in day and night shifts to keep in check of any slight change in the atmospheric conditions of the state. Either it has been storm, rain, hail or snow, the KOAM weather team has acted as warriors with immense courage to provide its audience with authentic news alerts. In the times of deadly hurricanes, the team was usually found investigating the conditions and consequences brought by the disaster in the city.

KOAM 7 News news team
KOAM 7 News news team | Credits: twitter

Aside from general news, KOAM gives assortment of lifestyle

  • Mr. Food: Havana Pork
  • High interest for clinical cannabis causes deficiency in Arkansas
  • Helping your pet defeat division tension
  • Miami schools start “Consistent Summer” feast program

Sports News Major Highlights

  • Seneca preps for 2020 season
  • Chiefs announce 2020 tailgating policy, mask requirements; Arrowhead capacity capped around 22%
  • Joplin reloads for 2020 season
  • Columbus aims to build on 2019 success
  • Former Pittsburg standout Elkamil commits to Tulsa
Sports Team

Content provided by the channel

  • History
  • Digital channels
  • Programming
  • News movement
  • Notable past on-air staff
  • References
  • External joins

Strong signal quality

From the beginning of transmission. KOAM news 7 has been on airing it programs in high frequency. Furthermore, this has led to full resolution media screen for its audience to enjoy the transmission in no matter what the conditions are.

Tel: 417-624-0233
Tower Location: US 69 south of Pittsburg
Brand Name: KOAM-TV 7

Coverage Map

KOAM 7 News coverage map
KOAM 7 News coverage map | Source:
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