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Fox 25 News Oklahoma Live

KOKH Fox 25 News logoKOKH Fox 25 News/KOKH-TV is a Fox affiliate US TV broadcaster operating at Virtual CH 25. The network operates under the ownership of Sinclair Broadcast Group and serves the area of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The station delivers all the latest news headlines from the city. Plus, it also offers KOKH Weather services, Fox 25 News OKC Morning News, and sports coverage within seconds. Further Explore segments like Addicted Oklahoma, Partner Spotlight, Sinclair Cares, and Waiting Little Wednesday, all in one place.

KOKH Fox 25 is also home to a different local sports team, and the residents of Oklahoma can watch their favorite games live here on KOKH TV. Moreover, if you are away from your Television set and afraid that you will miss your favorite show, just watch it over the official website or mobile app through KOKH TV live stream video. The station uses the slogan We’ve Got Your Back for its news service.

Discover different interesting stuff at Living Oklahoma. It is the station’s popular Lifestyle program reflecting the city’s best life, presented by Shelby Love and Julie Musgrave. Find all the latest news related to drugs and other Oklahoma City addictions and nearby areas at Oklahoma Addiction. The station’s Community Focus entirely emphasizes the community and works for the betterment of the people. It pinpoints different problems and tries to find out a possible and easy solution for them.  Furthermore, every Tuesday, the station features an incredible recipe show “Tasty Tuesday,” where the host introduces new and delicious recipes every week.

KOKH-TV Live Streaming

KOKH-TV operates alongside KOCB CH 34 as a duopoly. Both networks share the studio place at East Wilshire Boulevard on the northeast side of Oklahoma City. However, their antenna is installed at 78th Street.

KOKH News Team

KOKH-TV has a history of producing the best newscast team including the Fox 25 News OKC Morning News Cast as well. Its dedicated news squad of anchorpersons and reporters works round the clock and provides all the critical information to the community. Adam Pursch acts as the news director of Channel 25 News OKC. He works with a great passion and manages hiring, station’s budgets, and other long-term strategies.

FOX 25 Storm Watch

KOKH Fox 25 weather team logoChannel 25 News OKC has an experienced weather team providing their valuable services to the Oklahoma community. Jeff George is the network’s chief meteorologist who also serves as the weather forecaster in the Oklahoma National Guard. He has been providing his services in this field for more than 29 years. His fans can watch him in action via KOKH-TV live stream.

KOKH Fox 25 News App

With the slogan We’ve Got Your Back, get all the latest news headlines as soon as they happen on the KOKH Fox 25 mobile app. Its fully updated user-friendly interface lets you explore different climate conditions in the area, discover sports events, get traffic alerts, etc. Furthermore, you can also receive push alerts for breaking news, watch Fox 25 News OKC Morning News, read exciting recent stories, and see local events. The app also lets you watch KOKH-TV live stream video anywhere in the world.

KOKH Fox 25 News Team
KOKH TV Team | Source: facebook page

Go to the Fox 25 News OKC weather tab and watch hourly and 24-hours forecast with the channel’s highly developed interactive radar. Users can also see the real-time traffic conditions in the area based on their exact location.

Fox 25 News OKC Programs

Below is the list of popular shows airing on KOKH Fox 25 News OKC.

Fox 25 Late Edition MasterChef Fox 25 Primetime News Last Man Standing
Sports Wrap Up Modern Family Seinfeld Two and a Half Men
TMZ Daily Mail TV The Steve Wilkos Show Good Day OK
The Wendy Williams Show Living Oklahoma The People’s Court Hot Bench
Divorce Court Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court Judge Judy MLB Baseball
Boxing Labor of Love Ring of Honor Wrestling Better Horses
Xploration Weird but True Jesse Duplantis: Voice of the Covenant Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson Fox News Sunday
Hugo Xploration DIY Sci Duncanville Goin’ South
The Simpsons FOX 25 News OKC Morning News Bless the Harts The Armstrong Williams Show

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Channel 25 News OKC first hit the waves on 2 Feb 1959. It used to operate on CH 25 at that time. Most of its programming consist of lecture-based distance learning acquired or developed in accordance with the Oklahoma State Department of Education. The station’s original owners were Oklahoma City Public Schools. In 1978, they decided to sell the network the station KOKH-TV as it was getting more of an expense for them. Hence, they came up with this idea to channel that funding towards the teacher’s salaries.

After moving through several ownerships in the past years, Channel 25 News OKC currently works under the possession of Sinclair Broadcast Group. It has been using the Fox content since 1991.


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At Which Platforms Can You Watch KOKH TV?

KOKH-TV is available on several cable services, including Cox Communications at CH 12 in SD and CH 712 in HD. It can also be watched over AT&T U-Verse in the metropolitan region of Oklahoma City on CH 25 in SD and CH 1025 in HD. Plus, it can be accessed on CH 12 and CH 13 on different other cable networks in the city’s several areas. On Satellite, viewers can get it on Dish Network and DirecTV at CH 25. However, they can also stream it live over the internet via KOKH TV live stream video.

Tel: 405-843-2525
Tower Location: East Wilshire Boulevard and 78th Street on the city’s northeast side
Brand Name: Fox 25

Coverage Map

KOKH Fox 25 coverage map
KOKH TV coverage map | Source:
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