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KOMU TV LogoKOMU TV News is the official news channel of the United States of America. It is an independent station operating on Channel 8. It is licensed to Columbia and owned by the University of Missouri. KOMU TV News makes local news broadcasts available to everyone in Columbia through our website,, and our mobile app. Its journalists are committed to covering issues that matter most to you, so they can all learn more about what’s happening in your community. They also provide information about student activities and events so students can stay informed about what’s happening on campus throughout the year! The University of Missouri is a member station of NBC and THE CW Plus, which means it has access to more than 250 networks across many platforms, including digital content. KOMU News puts a huge focus on the weather section.

KOMU 8 features KOMU News, KOMU Weather, Contests, Sports, KOMU 8 Cares, and What’s On. The news section covers Mis-Missouri News, State News, Elections, Target 8, COVID-19, Local Lookout, COVID-19 Vaccine, EMVP. KOMU 8 Weather section includes KOMU Weather Radar, Traffic, Weather Maps, Sunsense, Text Alerts, Show Me Climate, and Closings & Cancellations. Furthermore, experience more at KOMU 8 Cares section that features A Brighter Tomorrow, Daily Pledge, Community Calendar, and KOMU 8 Fan Club.

Watch KOMU Live Stream

Looking for a way to watch KOMU? We have you covered! Our website has everything from a news feed that will bring you up-to-date on local news and events to our live weather cam that shows you what’s happening outside on a beautiful day.

You can also check out our mobile site for an experience that’s just as convenient as it is fun. The app is available for most modern smartphones, so you can enjoy all of this content without having to download anything extra onto your phone or tablet.

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General FAQs

Did Tori Stepanek Leave KOMU?

Yes, Tori Stepanek has left KOMU since January 2022. She no longer works at the station and currently serving as a Director of Development at Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri, which she joined in July 2022. She was also a part of the University of Missouri-Columbia as a Teaching Assistant and Advancement Officer, where she worked for 8 years from August 2013 to January 2022.

Does KOMU Carry the Debates?

Yes, KOMU News carries the debates and airs them online as well as in recorded sessions. Debates are an important aspect of Politics, and KOMU tries to deliver all the political aspects to the Columbian public in terms of every possible means.

How Old is Angie Baily of KOMU?

Angie Baily Age

The birth date of Angie Bailey is 29 September since she celebrates her birthday every 29th September of the year. However, we don’t know her birth year. Once we get some information, we’ll update that. At the moment, Angie Bailey is working at KOMU-TV as an anchor. Her first assignment at KOMU-TV was as an evening anchor with Jim Riek in 2005. Her naive home is in northeast Missouri. After graduating from Mizzou, she worked at KOMU 8 in Columbia after moving to Columbia. She was eventually convinced by Meg Judy in 2014 that joining KOMU 8 News Today was a good decision in light of the fact that she was raising two young children and had a family.

Aside from cooking, renovating a room, and hunting for bargains, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Additionally, she is often seen picking up and dropping off her children at their activities.

Where is the KOMU TV Tower?

In 14 counties across mid-Missouri, KOMU reaches about 170,000 homes. In Columbia, Missouri, the station can be found at 5550 Highway 63 South. Located adjacent to the television studio is a 700-foot steel tower that transmits channel 8’s full power signal.

How Old is Jim Riek KOMU?

Jim Riek Age

Jim Riek was an ex-news anchor at KOMU News whose age range was 57 to 66. There has been no sign of Jim Riek on the KOMU newscast for a while now. His good-natured disposition may be reflected in the broad smile on his face wherever he is at this moment. There’s a good chance he’s playing golf or hanging out with a friend. He certainly has a few stories to tell. Many mid-Missourians recognize Riek from his 23 years as an anchor and reporter for KOMU-TV. A red baseball cap with an NBC logo adorns his head, lending him a fresh, recently retired vibe. His workday is over, and he’s ready for the next adventure.

How to Get Weather Alerts from KOMU?

Having multiple ways to receive severe weather warnings is a good idea. W.E.A., or Wireless Emergency Alerts, is one way to access that information. Those of you with smartphones probably already receive tornado warnings and amber alerts, but beginning on April 28th, these alerts will be available for destructive thunderstorms.

Destructive thunderstorms are severe thunderstorms that are warned for baseball size hail and/or 80+ mph wind gusts. There is no difference between a storm of this caliber and a weak tornado in terms of its damage. For these alerts to work, the location must be enabled.

KOMU News Team

The KOMU News Team is a dedicated team of journalists who work to provide the best coverage of Missouri events. The news team has a passion for covering stories that matter, and they make sure their stories are covered thoroughly, accurately, and with expert insight. The KOMU News Team is made up of three experts: a reporter, a producer, and a videographer. They approach each story as an opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with viewers by providing news that’s relevant and useful. They cover breaking news from around the state in real-time as it happens. This means they can bring audiences information they can really use—like traffic conditions in communities across Missouri at any given time—and keep them updated on what’s happening before anyone else.

The team also keeps viewers informed about important events happening in their areas by covering those events live. They do this through social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as video stories posted on YouTube channels owned by KOMU TV News which include both original content produced by the channel itself as well as user-generated content uploaded by viewers like you. The news team consists of Jordan Berger, Emily Spain, and Ben Arnet.

Emily Spain: News Anchor at KOMU 8 News

Emily SpainThe news team she watched as a child has now become a part of Emily Spain‘s life. Having grown up in Columbia, graduating from the Missouri School of Journalism, and getting married there, she has a strong connection to the state. Telling stories about her hometown is one of her favorite things to do!

She can be seen on KOMU 8 News at 5, 6, 9, and 10 weekday evenings along with Jim Riek. After returning to the station in 2017, she worked as a news reporter. Her first time on KOMU 8 was from 2012 to 2014, when she worked as a morning anchor.

In North Carolina, she worked as a multimedia journalist and videographer for WFMY News 2 and Duke Health for three years before coming home to mid-Missouri. She and her husband welcomed a daughter in Durham in 2016, named Catie.

KOMU Weather Team

KOMU weather team is a dedicated team of meteorologists who provide weather news and alerts to Missouri. The team has expertise in severe weather and forecasting, and they are able to provide accurate forecasts for the state of Missouri. The KOMU weather team has exceptional abilities in the field of meteorology. They have extensive experience with severe weather events, including hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and thunderstorms. They also have experience with forecasting heavy rains or snowfall. The KOMU weather team uses a variety of tools to cover the weather forecast and make sure that their viewers always receive the most up-to-date information about current conditions in the area where they live or work.

KOMU Weather team use satellite data to get a better understanding of what’s going on at ground level, so they can give viewers up-to-date information about severe weather conditions as they happen throughout Missouri—no matter where they live! This dedication means that viewers always know what’s coming next when it comes to severe weather activity—and you’ll never have to wonder if your area will be affected or not!

Tim Schmidt: Meteorologist at KOMU 8 Weather

Tim SchmidtKOMU’s morning meteorologist, Tim Schmidt, forecasts the central Missouri weather from 4:30 to 7:00 am every weekday. When storms rolled in as a child, he usually hid under a blanket to avoid lightning, but he was fascinated with storms.

As a child, he would never stop talking about the weather in front of his family. As Tim overcame his fears, he began chasing storms, witnessing the St Louis tornado on Good Friday 2011. Storm Patrol is often where you can find him during severe weather conditions.

In college, Schmidt graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Atmospheric Science and began working for KOMU as a meteorologist during college.


If you’re looking for a way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Missouri, the KOMU TV mobile apps are here for you. The apps allow users to access all of the latest news and information from Missouri State, and they can do so quickly and easily by using an intuitive user interface. Users can also follow popular stories and get updates on weather, traffic conditions, school closings, and other important information about the state of Missouri.

KOMU News App

Missouri’s news station app, KOMU 8 News Mid-Missouri, is a staple of the St. Louis community. Serving viewers in the greater metropolitan area and beyond, KOMU provides live coverage of breaking news, local sports, and events like the St. Louis Cardinals’ 2019 World Series run.

But what if you want to get the latest on all things happening in the state? The KOMU News App is an easy-to-use news app that brings all of Missouri’s latest stories right to your phone or tablet. From traffic reporting to small business news and more, this app will keep you up-to-date on everything happening around Missouri.

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KOMU Weather App

The KOMU 8 Weather App is a user-friendly, easily accessible weather app. It provides the latest weather information for Missouri and contains a full feature set, including:

  • Detailed daily and hourly forecasts for 10 days
  • Maps are displayed vertically and horizontally with looping
  • KOMU Weather Radar is the weather industry’s gold standard radar, NOWrad
  • A compass overlay has been integrated into the 3GS
  • Indicator of road weather pending patent
  • Localized weather reports for your area
  • Current weather conditions, including temperature, humidity, and wind speed
  • Severe weather alerts (tornado warnings, flash flooding warnings)
  • Severe weather information (wind gusts and frequent showers)

KOMU Weather Radar

Get the weather forecast from KOMU Radar Weather, Missouri’s No. 1 source for weather information!

KOMU Weather Radar is a user-friendly, easily accessible that offers full weather information for the state of Missouri. You can also get forecasts for other states in the United States.

Live Coverage KOMU TV
Live Coverage KOMU TV | Courtesy: Official Website

KOMU Weather Radar provides live radar images of current conditions as well as historical data. The radar can be used to determine ground level temperatures, precipitation amounts, and wind speed and direction.

You can view the current temperature at a specific location or zoom in on a specific area to see what it looks like right now. If you need more detailed information about where a certain feature is located (such as a lake or mountain), you can access it by tapping on that spot on the KOMU Radar Weather.

KOMU News Listing

Have a look at the TV shows that KOMU News has to offer to the people in Missouri State.

The Simpsons America’s Got Talent Inside Edition Weekend WA Track & Field
KOMU 8 News at 10:00 p.m. Meet the Press KOMU 8 Sports Extra Early Today
Today With Hoda and Jenna KOMU 8 News Today The Drew Barrymore Show Days of Our Lives
Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! Dr. Phil American Ninja Warrior
Wheel of Fortune Weakest Link American Ninja Warrior The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Good Dish You Bet Your Life KOMU 8 News at 10:00 p.m. Top Story With Tom Llamas
The Rachael Ray Show NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt Chicago P.D. NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt
Chicago Med America’s Got Talent Chicago Fire Law & Order Legacy
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Dateline NBC Triathlon UCI Cycling
The Wall Mikail and Shakira Top Story With Tom Llamas Saturday Night Live Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer
Open House Wild About Animals Wild Child Today’s Homeowner With Danny Lipford

About KOMU News

A long-time journalism professor at the University of Missouri, Edward C. Lambert, founded KOMU-TV, a station designed to provide students with practical experience working at a commercial station. In 1953, the station began broadcasting on VHF channel 8 and offered programming from all four major networks. However, it primarily broadcasts NBC programming. Due to the launch of KRCG (channel 13) from nearby Jefferson City, DuMont and CBS were lost in 1955. After KCBJ-TV (channel 17, now KMIZ) began broadcasting in 1971, KOMU became a full-time NBC station.  A live prime-time ABC network show, Ozark Jubilee, was temporarily produced by KOMU from January 22 through April 23, 1955.

Tel: (573) 882-8888
Tower Location: US 63 Southeast of Downtown Columbia
Brand Name: KOMU 8

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KOMU TV Coverage Map
KOMU TV Coverage Map | Source:
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