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Channel 12 News San Antonio Live Stream

KSAT 12 News logoKSAT-TV is a virtual and VHF advanced channel 12. It is an associate of ABC networks. KSAT 12 news is authorized to San Antonio, Texas, United States. Moreover, the channel is claimed by the Graham Media Group auxiliary of Graham Holdings Company. KSAT’s studios are situated on North St. Mary’s Street. It is on the northern edge of downtown. However, its transmitter is located off Route 181 in northwest Wilson County (upper east of Elmendorf). KSAT 12 News presents local news, crime reports, consumer reports, health news, education information, politics, Behind the Kitchen Door, and World.

KSAT Weather services include rooftop weather, traffic updates, KSAT pollen, Kaiti’s Science Lab, Weather 101, Junior Meteorologist, Thermometer Thursday, climate reports, and weather history. The channel’s other services and features include Day of the Dead, Weird News, Rodeo, KSAT Kids, Fiesta, Selena, Texas Eats, Something Good, In the Shadows, Methodist Healthcare, Contests & Ruler, and KSAT Insider. Catch ABC San Antonio on various local cable services such as Grande Communications, Charter Spectrum, and AT&T U-verse. Plus, viewers can also watch it over the official website through KSAT live stream. The station uses the brand name “KSAT 12 News” and the tagline “Expect More” for its newscast.

KSAT 12 News Live Stream

On satellite, the KSAT live stream is accessible on Charter Spectrum channel 13. While on Grande Communications and AT&T U-stanza, it is available on channel 12. Not only this, but the channel also provides the facility of access to the news via the website. Individuals can easily stay updated with just one click.

Methodist Healthcare by KSAT News provides proper healthcare services to the San Antonio community, offering the latest achievements and innovative technology in treatments. Be a part of the KSAT Insider program and enjoy several free benefits, including First Look at the latest news happenings, offers & giveaways, access to premium stuff, and be a part of the storm spins forecast. With the KSAT Extra by KSAT 12, viewers can get to know more about the stories or reports which they saw on the station’s live newscasts. The service contains extra footage and detailed interviews about the top stories of the day. History Untold by KSAT News is a segment by the channel exploring and revealing the past that is hidden from the world and never written in the textbooks.

General FAQ’s by KSAT Live Audience

What channel is ABC in San Antonio?

For the ABC Network, KSAT works as a franchise and partner station in San Antonio. Watch the non-stop exclusive services of KSAT 12 News in the city through KSAT live stream at Channel 12. From San Antonio local news to exciting entertainment interviews, KSAT 12 offers everything in between.

How old is Myra Arthur?

Myra Arthur is an anchor and reporter at KSAT 12 Live, providing the latest San Antonio TX News with detailed coverage. She covered several incidents in the region that changed not only Texas but the entire country. She was the first person to reach the premises in a Fort Hood shooting that killed 13 people and wounded 32 others. Arthur hosted more than 7 hours of breaking news transmission on that day as the situation surged and caused military installation all over the nation. Myra’s age is nowhere to find on her digital platform, including her bio page on KSAT, Facebook page, or Twitter account.

How long has Greg Simmons been with KSAT 12 live?

Greg Simmons is a sports director and anchor at KAST News. There is very little data about his life or career on the channel. We tried to dig out some of his information but found nothing. Hence, we don’t know when Greg joined the team and started providing sports coverage to San Antonio, Texas.

How tall is Justin Horne KSAT 12 news?

Justin Horne Height

Justin Horne is a weather authority reporter and meteorologist providing up-to-the-minute weather coverage in the San Antonio market. Horne collects the complete weather data from different sources, compiles them together, and then presents a summary about the climate condition. He observes the KSAT radar thoroughly and tells whether the severe climate conditions are about to hit. Apart from providing accurate forecasts, Horne also delivers reports about Texas History. He has a huge fan following that wants to know more about their favorite meteorologist, including his heights, i.e., 6 feet 4 inches. He is the tallest member of the squad.

How old is Steve Browne KSAT 12 and what happened to him? Where is he is?

Steve Brown was the most senior weather anchor at San Antonio’s team of meteorologists. He spent 25 years serving the community with quality weather coverage. Browne announced on 28 March 2018 that he is ready to retire now and would give a lead to the news weather team. Steve was like a family, and everyone in the team respected him; it was hard for them to say goodbye to the KSAT’s senior meteorologist. There isn’t any information regarding Steve’s age anywhere on his social media platforms, including Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. It seems Browne wants to keep this a secret and doesn’t want to reveal it to the public.

How old is David Sears?

David Sears Age

David Sears is also one of the oldest team members of the KSAT 12 Local. He served the channel for more than 20 years and, during his time, performed a number of duties and lead the team at the front. His main achievements included an interview of the star entertainer Bob Hope and late President Gerald R. Ford. The information about David’s birthday is not revealed to the public yet. We tried to find it through many sources but failed. We will update the information as soon as we find it.

How old is Greg Simmons and how long he has been at KSAT?

Greg Simmons’ birthday is not public to anyone. We have very little information on him, even about his career. We are trying to find it out and will update the information as soon as we get something.

How old is Katie Blake?

Katie Blake is an AMS Certified meteorologist at KSAT weather, serving the channel for more than three years. She loved hurricanes since her childhood and grew up watching the twister movie over and over again. Katie Blake presents detailed KSAT weather reporting and an accurate forecast to the public. Katie’s age isn’t public on any of her social media platforms.

Can I get KSAT TV on the antenna and what channel is it?

KSAT 12 News is available to watch over-the-air on the antenna via KSAT live stream at CH 12.1, 12.2, and 12.3, broadcasting various programming from MeTV and Movies.

How do I contact KSAT 12 news?

KSAT 12 News Contact Details

Contact the KSAT 12, San Antonio, directly on their official Facebook page “KSAT 12 &”. Plus, viewers can either call their news center at 2103511269 or email them at [email protected]. They will respond quickly and listen to each and every request or complaint.

How old is Sarah Spivey?

Sarah Spivery is a talented TV Host and meteorologist at KSAT Weather who is famous for showing her excellent weather forecasting skills. She currently serves the San Antonio area as a full-time weather news anchor. Sarah Spivey likes to keep things private and doesn’t want to share her personal information with the public. That’s why it is difficult to find her birthday date anywhere on digital platforms.

How to send pictures to KSAT 12 news?

Viewers can now send their weather pictures to the channel directly by sending an email at [email protected]. They might get a chance to feature or post on the channel’s official website or Facebook page.

Is Katie Blake from KSAT 12 pregnant?

Katie Blake and Mark Chapin got engaged at the end of 2019 and finally got married in November 2020. Mark was Katie’s best friend since college. After they got separated and reunited again in KSAT 12 News, Mark proposed to her in a flashy way on her birthday, which she couldn’t resist and accepted immediately. Now they are married for more than four months and spending a happy life together as a couple. Although, there aren’t any reports of Katie being pregnant yet.

What channel is KSAT on spectrum?

KSAT Channel on Spectrum

Charter Spectrum users can get KSAT live news stream by tuning their TV set at CH 12. Enjoy everything from political discussion to entertainment shows at KSAT 12.

What happened to Josh Skurnik from KSAT 12?

Josh Skurkik was an inspiring News Reporter at KSAT News San Antonio. He used to appear as a morning reporter at KSAT’s Good MORNING San Antonio. He has been providing valued services to the number one news providers in the market and local ABC affiliate in San Antonio. Josh conducted a mix of feature and breaking news live, on-site, for the 2.5 hours program starting at 4:30 am throughout the weekdays (M-F). However, in March 2018, Josh decided to leave the journalism career for another dream and created his own production company Josh Skurnik Productions LLC.

Where is Mark Austin?

Mark Austin is a veteran anchor and broadcast journalist who claimed Emmy twice for his excellent newscasting. He hosts a leading weekday morning news service at KSAT News in San Antonio, TX. Austin joined the top-rated news channel in Texas in January 1999 and still serving the community as a prestigious TV personality. Before that, he also used to cover weather coverage in Fox 51 News and KETK NBC as a weather forecaster in November 1995.

Good Morning San Antonio KSAT
Good Morning San Antonio KSAT | Credits: News App

With the tagline Expect More, the news app asks the users to always expect more news and reports related to the San Antonio and other Texas regions. The app includes almost all the digital features that its news website contains, such as San Antonio Breaking News, Traffic, Sports, My San Antonio News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Marketplace, and About section. Moreover, users can also watch several exciting top stories with the exclusive KSAT live stream. KSAT Pollen Count San Antonio tells the users allergic to Pollen about the pollen density in the air. The app is convenient to use and quite useful during the out of town visits, as users can get frequent updates on their mobile phones anywhere in the world with its push-alerts notification service.

South Texas Weather Authority App

Despite having the weather section in the news app, KSAT 12 San Antonio decided to introduce a separate KSAT weather app for the Texans. South Texas Weather Authority provides the latest KSAT weather coverage and an accurate forecast of the day. It’s easy to understand and convenient to use.

With the help of Your Weather Authority (Adam Caskey, Mike Osterhage, Justin Horne, Sarah Spivey, and Kaiti Blake), the app features live KSAT Weather Radar, current temperatures, aquifer level, 10-day Forecast, Alerts & Warnings, Daypart Forecast, and tomorrow’s forecast. KSAT 12’s weather service keeps you and your family safe from the bad weather.

Hurricane Tracker – Your Weather Authority App

To make the news accessibility more user-friendly, KSAT 12 news has also come up with a mobile app for people to track the news quickly. It is available in both Andriod and Apple stores. The tracker alerts the user for any hurricane or storm that might be heading their way. KSAT Hurricane App uses a GPS to navigate a person’s location and form a comprehensive update about weather conditions that he or she might be facing.

KSAT 12 News Team

The network has an award-winning team of news personalities consisting on skilled anchors, experienced reporters, and enthusiast investigative journalists.

Tiffany Huertas: Video Journalist at Channel 12 News San Antonio

Tiffany HuertasTiffany Huertas is one of the excellent KSAT 12 News Anchors who provides the latest San Antonio News and San Antonio News Live at the station. She is a multi-lingual news personality delivering exciting writing skills, along with detailed knowledge of news gathering, publishing tools, and video editing. Huertas conducts all kinds of national stories, including border corruption, immigration issues, and other border-related problems. In 2016, Tiffany claimed a Hard News award from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists for covering the cartel couriers’ stories in South Texas.

Moreover, she was also nominated for NAHJ Awards for reporting Latino Issues in 2016. Tiffany Huertas claimed her Journalism and Tourism degree from Florida International University. After completing the education, she got an opportunity to start working at City od Doral Newspaper as a Multimedia Journalist in Feb 2012. Tiffany became a News Writer at WSVN Fox 7 in November 2012, where she used to write a script for the Noon news program during Weekdays (Monday to Friday) and perform several other duties.

In November 2013, Huertas began to work as a Multimedia Journalist, Producer, and Fill-in Anchor at WJHG-TV. She was a weeknight reporter for the 5 pm and 6 pm news telecasts and fill-in host during Saturdays and Sundays. Tiffany started a job at Sinclair Broadcast Group after serving the WJHG for almost one year in November 2014 as an anchor, MMJ, Producer, Reporter at KGBT. In May 2017, she already joined KSAT Local News.

KSAT 12 News weather Team

KSAT 12 Weather logoWeather forecast is yet another major broadcasting success of KSAT 12. It provides visual updates of present weather conditions around the state. The channel is fully equipped with the proper sources for investigating the atmospheric conditions.

Moreover, a wise team of meteorologists is present on and off the camera to provide the audience with an accurate news alert of any storm surge.

Kaitie Blake: Meteorologist at KSAT 12 Weather

Kaitie BlakeKaiti Blake is a weather anchor and reporter working for San Antonio Weather KSAT for more than three years. She joined the team in April 2017 and has been covering the major weather incidents in town with detailed coverage. Since childhood, Blake was passionate about hurricanes and was an enthusiast about learning weather in her middle school during weather camps.

Katie completed her master’s degree in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University in 2016. However, her love for weather drives her to step into a weather career even before starting her master’s degree. She started a metrology internship in May 2012 at KTRK TV. After that, Blake joined KCBD-TV in January 2013 and completed a 1-year internship in the channel.

Katie used to compile daily and weekly weather forecasts for Lubbock, along with writing and sending daily forecast emails and updating social media platforms. In May 2015, Blake became a part of WJTV News Channel 12 as a Morning Weekend Weather Anchor. Afterward, she joined Mississippi State University as a Teaching Assistant. Kaitie Blake started working as a Weekday Morning and Midday Weather Personality at KTAB. Eventually, she became KSAT San Antonio Meteorologist in April 2017.

Entertainment Programs on KSAT 12 News

Perhaps, there is another reason why the channel has gained so much popularity in the past couple of decades. It is due to their entertainment factor that has increased millions of audiences. Not only San Antonio, but viewers from around the state are drawn towards it. KSAT 12 news has a fantastic entertainment sector. Individuals who are bored of listening to the news can easily find shows liking to their tastes. Live shows, interviews are some of the many programs that have made the viewers hooked up to the TV screens.

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What a better way to end the day with some entertaining late-night show. Well, late-night shows are yet another significant factor in the channel’s popularity. It’s a laid-back show where the host sits down to have a chat with famous celebrities of Hollywood. The audience waits for their favorite celeb to show up on the screen and listen to their off-screen views. The show also helps the audience to get a glimpse of the lives of these famous people.

KSAT 12 News live streaming studio
KSAT 12 News live streaming studio | Credits: facebook page

Since it’s a late-night show, it is required to be entertaining and relaxing at the same time. The viewers must feel delighted after a long hard working day. Moreover, this is also a family show. The viewers can have quality time with their loved ones while watching the program.

Programming – Shows at KSAT 12

KSAT 12 news broadcast the whole ABC programming plan. Along with that, it also runs some partnered programs. Moreover, K SAT-delivered assortment and way of life program, SA Live. However, it is one of the two ABC stations that airs The View on a one-hour delay at 11 am (Focal).

KSAT 12 Newscast

Channel 12 News San Antonio currently airs 43 hours of local news every week, including 7 hours during Monday to Friday, 3.5 hours during Saturdays, and 3.5 hours during Sundays. Furthermore, ABC News San Antonio also broadcasts the 60-minute long sports discussion show Instant Replay that broadcasts on Sundays at 11 pm.

KSAT 12 Local News

Apart from delivering a wide variety of wholesome news, let’s not forget KSAT’s local news headlines. The news is available 24/7 a week and provides reports from every corner of the state. KSAT 12 has its way of alerting locals. The channel broadcasts breaking news from time to time. The reporters go all the way to keep the audience informed about the situation.

San Antonio Breaking News by KSAT 12

San Antonio, Texas, is the central hub of news reporting for KSAT 12 news. Therefore, the news delivered on the channel primarily consists of the city’s headlines. Reporters cover up the stories about different activities taking place in the area. From a school’s local game to a horrific murder case, KSAT makes sure that locals stay updated with present situations.

Sports Updates from KSAT 12 News

In addition to that, KSAT-TV broadcasts NBA-selected games. This includes the San Antonio Spurs through the group’s agreement with the system.

Programs Chart – KSAT TV Schedule

All the telecast on Channel 12 San Antonio is aired according to station’s prescribed TV Schedule. Below are the names of popular programs.

The Rookie American Idol Instant Replay KSAT 12 News Nightbeat
Hagee Ministries Joel Osteen Americus Diamond Live with Kelly and Ryan
The World’s Funniest Weather Storm of Suspicion Good Morning San Antonio America This Morning
ABC World News Now Good Morning America The View Good Morning San Antonio at 9:00 a.m.
KSAT 12 News at Noon General Hospital GMA3: What You Need to Know SA Live
ABC World News Tonight With David Muir The Good Doctor The Bachelor Jimmy Kimmel Live
Comics Unleashed ABC News Nightline KSAT News Today To Tell the Truth
Mixed-ish Black-ish Soul of a Nation KSAT 12 News Nightbeat
KSAT 12 news today The Conners The Goldbergs American Housewife
Call Your Mother Celebrity Wheel of Fortune For Life The Hustler
The Chase 20/20 Shark Tank Forensic Files
Texas Eats Ocean Treks With Jeff Corwin UFC 259 Countdown Sea Rescue
Something Good NCAA Basketball Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma


KSAT 12 news late breaking Nashville Insider

About KSAT 12 News

KSAT Channel 12 KONO OldKSAT TV first hit the waves on 21 January 1957 with KONO-TV. The channel was established by the Mission Telecasting Corporation possessed by Roth Family, currently known as Nexstar Media Group. The group also used to own a radio station KONO 860 AM and 101.1 FM. KSAT 12 News has been a part of ABC Network since its inauguration, taking the affiliation from KENS 5 and WOAI News; it also had an association with NTA Film Network from 1956 to 1961. The station’s initial operations were performed from the studios at 1408 North, Saint Mary’s St, downtown San Antonio. In 1968, Mission Telecasting sold ABC San Antonio to The Outlet Company.

Year after, the network flipped the calls to KSAT TV. In 1986, after Outlet became a private organization, KSAT 12 Live was sold to H&C Communications that eventually sold KSAT and its sibling KPRC News to the Post-Newsweek company. At the beginning of the 2000s, the company decided to keep a unified brand, “Local,” for almost all its channels. Channel 12 San Antonio was also rebranded into Local 12 during that time. However, later, the company reverted it back to KSAT 12.

The Reason Behind KSAT 12 Emergence

Originally, KSAT 12 news began broadcasting on January 21, 1957. It started its transmission as KONO-TV. KSAT 12 was established by the Mission Telecasting Corporation. This company was under the possession of the Roth family. They were also the proprietors of KONO radio (860 AM and 101.1 FM).

Keeping the Audience Involved

In mid-1973, to keep up the audience dedication, the station broadcasted the partnered TV program of ‘The Lawrence Welk Show’ instead of the sitcoms like ‘A Touch of Grace’ and ‘Here We Go Again’. The channel had to keep its audience in-tacked. This was the only way for KSAT to increase its ratings.

Former Affiliations of KSAT

Since the beginning of time, Channel 12 has been an ABC subsidiary. Initially, it took the alliance from WOAI-TV (channel 4) and KENS (channel 5). Both channels on-aired specific projects from the system on an optional premise. Later, WOAI started running ABC programming when on in December 1949. The production was carried by KENS. It was the time when it marked on two months after the fact in February 1950. The transmission was aired from 1956 to 1961.

Moreover, the channel, KSAT, was additionally a member of the NTA Film Network. Formerly, KSAT 12 news worked from studio offices situated at 1408 North St. Mary’s Street in downtown San Antonio.

KSAT 12 News team
KSAT 12 News team | Source: official website

Analog to Digital Conversion

KSAT-TV ended custom programming on its sign on June 12, 2009. The call letters were previously run over VHF station 12. The amendments were made under government order. The station’s advanced sign moved from its per-change UHF channel 48 to VHF channel 12 for post-progress operations.

The area’s traffic reports are reported by the SAPD’s police officers Marcus Trujillo and Robert Dart; it is quite an unusual thing for the TV channels. In 2002, When Lesli Mouton- the channel’s weeknight co-host who presently anchor’s weekday morning newscasts- suffered from breast cancer, she bravely reported the evening newscasts without wearing a toupee while undergoing chemotherapy. On 5 February 2009, KSAT became the second TV service in the region to provide its local news service in HD, even before the upgrade. However, it was only affected by the on-studios cameras with the video downscaled to the widescreen SD.

Meanwhile, the other channel cameras and few field cameras were still in SD with video upscaled to 16:9 widescreen in the control room. On 12 September 2011, KSAT 12 News San Antonio Texas became the only TV outlet in the market to extend its 10 pm news service to 1 hour. Consequently, it became only a few TV services associated with the Big Three Network broadcasting a 60-minute long newscast. In Feb 2017, KSAT introduced an additional hour of transmission in the 9 am programming, Good Morning San Antonio, at 9. A year later, the channel presented a 9 pm newscast, which oddly appears only on the channel’s digital apps.

Sarah Spivey, Max Massey, and Sarah Acosta
Sarah Spivey, Max Massey, and Sarah Acosta | Source: facebook page

Station’s Appearance in a Hollywood

In 2000, a comedy movie Miss Congeniality was released, which was about a beauty pageant being occurred in San Antonio, used KSAT live microphones and trucks in a fictional sense. However, the film didn’t use any of the staff members in the film; instead, actors were posing as the KSAT reporters in the scenes.

Infamous Culture

The 2000 parody film Miss Congeniality was set around a wonderful event. It was held in San Antonio. They utilized KSAT live trucks and receivers with the station’s mic banners from an anecdotal perspective. However, none of KSAT’s genuine staff showed up during the film. Rather than that, they used entertainers that played a KSAT journalist. This took place in a scene where the film’s lead character, FBI operator Gracie Hart (played by Sandra Bullock), is met at The Alamo.

Sarah Acosta and Mia Hernandez
Sarah Acosta and Mia Hernandez | Credits: twitter

Social Media Presence of Channel 12 News

Additionally, KSAT 12 news is accessible through social media as well. One does not have to stick to TV screens all the time. In fact, he or she can easily find updates via Twitter, Facebook, and other mediums as well. The channel 12 news San Antonio makes sure that locals have full access to the news updates whenever it is required.

Tel: (210) 351-1269
Tower Location: Route 181 in northwest Wilson County
Brand Name: KSAT 12

Coverage Map

KSAT 12 News coverage map
KSAT 12 News coverage map | Source:
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