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KSHB 41 News LogoKSHB 41 News is an NBC-affiliate TV channel having a license of Kansas City, Missouri, United States. The television station is serving the Kansas City metropolitan area. Moreover, the brand name of KSHB News is 41 Action News, and the call sign of the station is KSHB-TV. Likewise, the slogan of Channel 41 News Kansas City is Clear, Complete Coverage. KSHB TV features local news, national and international news, crime reporting, investigative stories, entertainment, sports, and much more. You can also watch KSHB 41 live stream by following the online mediums of the channel. Additionally, see the detailed KSHB weather reports from the expert meteorologists of the TV station.

Watch KSHB 41 Live Stream

To watch online KSHB-TV 41 Action News live streaming, you need to approach the official website of the station. You can also catch KSHB 41 Action News live stream by subscribing to the YouTube channel of the station. Likewise, users can install Channel 41 Kansas City app on their smartphone to watch the transmission online. The live stream contains KSHB 41 Weather forecast with accurate results. Channel 41 News Kansas City updates are also available for the online viewers of the channel.


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General FAQ’s

What channel is NBC in Kansas City? / What Channel is KSHB?

KSHB TV is an NBC channel in Kansas City and is serving the metropolitan area of the city.

How to watch 41 Action News on Cable?

You can catch KSHB-TV live on cable on Google Fiber, Charter Spectrum channel 13, and Comcast Xfinity channel 8. You can also watch 41 Action News live on AT&T U-verse channel 41.

Did Joel Nichols leave KSHB?

Meteorologist Joel Nichols joined KSHB Channel 41 in the summer of 2014 after leaving KMBC-TV. According to his LinkedIn official profile, he is still serving 41 Action News, Kansas City.

Is Christa Dubill still at KSHB?

Christa Dubill announced to leave KSHB TV in 2019 after serving the channel for more than twelve years. She is an Emmy award-winning anchor and was anchoring weeknights at 05:00, 06:00, and 10:00 pm. Now, Christa is working as a Chief Communications Officer and Vice president at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City.

What Channel is NBC on Time Warner Kansas City?

NBC Virtual channel 41 is on Time Warner Kansas City, Missouri.

Why did Rhiannon Ally leave KSHB?

Rhiannon Ally left the station for better opportunities in her professional career. Prior to KSHB 41, she served as the co-anchor of CBS4 News at Noon and CBS4 this Morning at WFOR-TV.

Did Jade Degood leave KSHB?

Jade Degood announced her departure from the channel after the birth of her new baby boy. Previously, she served as a morning traffic anchor after her joining in 2016. At present, she is a stay-at-home mom but always available for better opportunities to use her creativity.

Why did Mike Marusarz leave KSHB?

Mike Marusaraz left the TV station to take a better opportunity in his anchoring career.

KSHB 41 News Team

Fox 4 News Kansas City news squad is proficient and skillful in delivering authentic and timely services. Furthermore, KSHB anchors work capably to provide exclusive news content and stories. Therefore, the excellence and commitment of NBC Kansas City give an explicit identity to the station. Likewise, the viewership and audience of KSHB Kansas City in increasing day-to-day.

Additionally, the news coverage’s impartiality and neutrality present the most attractive face of the TV station. The residents of Kansas City and nearby counties always admire the devoted services of the channel’s journalists. Similarly, anchors and reporters work together in the studios and field to bring groundbreaking news content. In the same way, the administration uses to remember the likes and dislikes of its viewership. Anchors and reporters such as Taylor Hemness, Cynthia Newsome, and Caitlin Knute are leading members of the channel.

Cynthia Newsome

Cynthia NewsomeAnchor and reporter Cynthia Newsome is the Midday anchor for KSHB TV 41. She joined KSHB 41 Action News in January of 1997. Before joining the station, Newsome served Oklahoma City for thirteen years as a weekend news anchor at KWTV Channel 9. Likewise, she worked as a reporter at WKY Radio and KFOR-TV. She is an award-winning journalist and received the Silver Circle of the Mid-America National Association in 2012.

Notable highlights in her thirty-plus-year career in broadcasting include covering the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. Her reports on the lives of bombing victims displayed at the Oklahoma City Museum and Memorial in Oklahoma City. Community involvement is high on the priorities lists of Cynthia’s journalism. She also founded the Awesome Ambitions organization in 1997. Whereas in June 2011, she had breast cancer, and after eight chemotherapy treatments, she became a survivor. But after seven years, in February 2019, the breast cancer returned, and she diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Gabriella Pagán

Gabriella PagánGabriella Pagán began her career at KSHB 41 News in October 2019. Pagán went to Wayne State University in Detroit. She came to KC from WATE TV in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she served as an evening reporter and Midday anchor. Prior to that, she served at WPBN-TV in Traverse City, Michigan. Gabriella has a deep interest in history and is capable of sharing the best and worst of those moments.

KSHB 41 Weather Team

KSHB 41 News Weather LogoKSHB weather squad comprised of skillful and reliable weathercasters. Furthermore, the weather team of KSHB News is delivering early and precise forecasting in the region. Additionally, using the latest KSHB weather radar technology, the channel provides detailed forecasting with early predictions. The whole weather crew of Channel 41 Kansas City work in collaboration with each other to bring exclusiveness and authenticity. So, using the Interactive Radar technology, the channel brings pan and zoom facility to its users. Moreover, the KSHB weather blog contains the latest and detailed weather information of the city and corresponding counties.

Besides, the residents of Kansas City felt safe from the severe effects of weather, including lightning and storms. Early predictions of KSHB Kansas City provide you an opportunity to track the exact time of approaching hurricanes. Parents and students can also find KSHB school closings and openings updates. Likewise, KSHB TV 41 offers minute-by-minute forecasting with alerts for smartphone users. Additionally, the real-forecast engine of KSHB Kansas City helps meteorologists to forecast matchless results. Lindsey Anderson، Gary Lezak, Wes Peery, and Jeff Penner are representing the KSHB weather team.

Gary Lezak

Gary LezakGary Lezak is a Chief Meteorologist at KSHB TV 41, Kansas City. The weatherman started his broadcasting career in 1986 at KWTV-TV in Oklahoma City as a morning meteorologist. Afterward, Gary moved to Kansas City in 1992 and joined KSHB 41 Action News in 1999 as chief meteorologist. For more than twenty-five years, he has been serving KC. Furthermore, the meteorologist established himself with his team as the most accurate forecasting source. His challenging time was in 199 when he diagnosed with extra-skeletal osteogenic sarcoma cancer.

Doctors performed two surgeries before the beginning of chemotherapy treatments to remove cancer from his body. Since 2000, Gary is cancer-free and celebrating every day of his healthy life. The meteorologist is an author of a scientific discovery that published in 2018.

Weather Services of KSHB 41 News

Channel 41 News Kansas City is providing the best weather services in town. Moreover, using the Interactive KSHB Weather Radar technology, the channel is bringing accuracy in forecasting. Likewise, Storm tracker, KSHB weather blog, weather alerts, and weather cameras collectively contributing to exclusive weather casting. Here below, we are going to discuss some of these weather services in detail.

KSHB 41 News Team
KSHB 41 News Team | Courtesy; official website

Interactive KSHB Radar Technology

The interactive radar technology helps KSHB TV 41 weather crew to deliver high-quality weather content. Furthermore, interactive radar tracks the big climatic changes and approaching severe weather in Kansas City and surrounding areas. KSHB weather radar also offers minute-by-minute comprehensive forecasts right from the studios and live locations. In addition, interactive radar helps smartphone users to pan and zoom to their favorite locations for best results.

Weather Cameras

KSHB Kansas City installed the weather cameras in different counties sporting Kansas City Downtown. Through these cameras, the weathercasters of the channel capture all ups and downs of weather changes in the city. The cameras also bring 360 views of the clouds and capture winds’ directions and humidity in the air.


KSHB News storm tracker offers smartphone users to track the exact time of approaching storms and hurricanes. The storm tracker facility is available in the channel’s app, which helps people stay aware of weather severeness. With the 7-day forecast from the meteorologist, residents can also keep them safe from storms and their outcomes.

Storm Shield

Storm Shield helps people to receive severe weather alerts on their android and iOS devices. Furthermore, the Storm Shield app is available for iPad and iPhone on the Apple app store. Similarly, Android users can find the same app on the Google Play Store. The app brings storm-based alerts for hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornados, floods, winter storms, and other life-threatening alerts through notifications.

These notifications are voice and push in nature. Storm-based alerts help the weather department for reducing false alarms by alerting severe weather depending on the exact location. On the contrary to the traditional county-based alerts, the alerts warn you when your location in the county is not within the vulnerable area.

Users can view NOAA severe weather alerts on the map on the smartphone, along with severe weather alerts. Additionally, you can view several weather layers, including clouds, radar, and snow cover, on the map. Storm Shield app also provides current conditions, hourly, daily, and 7-day forecasts to plan your day.

Channel 41 Kansas City News and Weather Apps

KSHB 41 news and weather apps are offering exclusiveness with the trending news topics and latest weather forecast. Moreover, the news app delivers current events happening in the area with news alerts for smartphone users. Similarly, the weather app can share severe weather alerts about conditions such as storms, hurricanes, flooding, and others. Here we will discuss in-detail features of both these apps.

KSHB 41 Action News App

The KSHB 41 mobile app delivers relevant community, national and international news, including breaking news and alerts. After opening the app, you can be aware of what’s essential to your local area as well as the country. With the intuitive layout and simplified navigation, users can enjoy the latest activities. Instead, the weather is the most favorite feature of the news app, as it contains hourly and daily forecasts. So, get the most updated severe weather information in an instant on your mobile screen. The following are the key features of the KSHB 41 News app:

  • Get breaking news alerts and stories
  • Dynamic weather section with hourly, daily, and seven-day forecast
  • Lightening alerts with the latest radar tech
  • KSHB 41 News live stream
  • User-friendly and convenient to use
  • KSHB school closings
  • Breaking news Kansas City
  • Kansas City local news
  • Kansas City News today
  • Watch a live traffic map of your city
  • Customized breaking news alerts and severe weather
KSHB 41 News Casters
KSHB 41 News Casters | Courtesy: official website

Storm Shield Weather App

Receive severe weather alerts for your favorite location. Additionally, the shield gives you alerts based on storms for tornados, floods, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. It also includes alerts of other life-threatening weather events through push and voice notification. Storm Shield Weather App has the following main features:

  • Receive voice alerts just like an NOAA weather radio through push notification
  • High-definition radar map on your mobile screen to quickly see what’s going on at your locations
  • View current conditions, hourly, daily, and 7-day forecast
  • Save favorite locations to endure family members stay safe
  • View NOAA severe weather alerts to see where severe wither is happening
  • Track hurricane and tropical storm forecast
  • Winter storms
  • Show multiple weather layers at the same time
  • A user can also buy premium features of the weather shield app to unlock:
  • Future radar for forecasted radar imagery
  • See future temperature map and forecasted temperature map
  • Track how fast storms are moving and wherein the next few minutes
  • See lightning on the map within hundred miles of the selected location
  • Get also push notifications for lightning strikes around you

Programs of KSHB TV 41

At present, KSHB 41 broadcasts 39.5 hours of locally produced newscasts every week. It includes 6.5 hours on weekdays and four hours every Saturday, and three hours every Sunday. Likewise, the television station produces five hours a week of local newscasts for its sister channel KMCI. Additionally, KSHB Kansas City produces the half-hour sports highlights program Sunday Sound Off, including discussions on Sunday nights. The station is one of the ten TV channels that air consumer reports from John Matarese of WCPO-TV in Cincinnati.

Cynthia Newsome interviewing at KSHB 41 News studio
Cynthia Newsome interviewing at KSHB 41 News studio | Source: twitter

Syndicated programming of the station includes 25 Words or Less, The Drew Barrymore Show, many others. KSHB debuted a locally produced mid-morning talk show Kansas City Live in September 2005. Currently, Channel 41 Kansas City broadcasts the entire NBC schedule. The station also airs The More You Know E/I block on a one-hour delay on Saturday mornings. Additionally, the channel produces Early Today at 03:30 am (thirty to sixty minutes earlier than other stations).

KSHB Kansas City Sports Programming

KSHB 41 became the unofficial home channel of the Kansas City Chiefs upon becoming an NBC affiliate in September 1994. The television station also aired select Major League Baseball games involving the Kansas City Royals in 1995. Scripps announced a broadcasting contract on 6th November 2013 between KSHB and Sporting Kansas City. The agreement gave KMCI the local broadcast TV rights to the regular-season games of the Major League Soccer club.

Popular Programs of KSHB TV 41

The following are popular programs of Channel 41 Kansas City:

Chicago Fire Chicago P.D. 41 Action News The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Late Night with Seth Meyers A Little Late with Lilly Singh The List Early Today
Today with Hoda and Jenna 41 Action News Midday Days of Our Lives Right This Minute
25 Words or Less The Drew Barrymore Show NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt Superstore
Dateline NBC 1st Look To the Rescue The Voyager with Josh Garcia
Vets Saving Pets 41 Action News Weekend Saturday Today NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: Kids Edition
Roots Less Traveled One Team: The Power of Sports Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer Spring Weather Special
PGA Tour Special 41 Action News at 5:00 p.m. Saturday NBC Nightly News: Weekend Edition Saturday Night Live
In Touch Ministries Weather Gone Viral Whacked Out Sports Nashville Insider
Open House NYC In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley Ellen’s Game of Games Sunday Today

About KSHB News

W. Scripps Company (Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC) is the owner of KSHB-TV. The station initially broadcasts its services on 10th August 1970 with facility ID 59444. Moreover, the channel started leasing a Bell JetRanger 106B helicopter on 24th May 2005 to provide aerial coverage. Whereas on 29th August 2011, television station debuted a half-hour weekday 04:300 pm newscast. Moreover, the program utilizes social media platforms for viewers’ interaction with the program. Furthermore, the channel won the Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Award in December 2012 for coverage of the natural gas explosion.

Affiliations of KSHB TV 41

The following are the affiliations of Channel 41 Kansas City:

  • NBC
  • Grit (O&O)
  • Laff (O&O)
  • GetTV

Studios and Transmitter Facilities of NBC Kansas City

KSHB Kansas City shared studios with KMCI-TV on Oak Street in southern Kansas City, Missouri. Moreover, the transmitter facilities of KSHB-TV located at the Blue River Greenway in the Hillcrest section of the city. Whereas the transmitter facilities of the channel are 38°58′42″N 94°32′1.8″W.

Tel: 816-753-4141
Tower Location: Blue River Greenway in the city’s Hillcrest section
Brand Name: 41 Action News

Coverage Map

KSHB 41 News Coverage Map
KSHB 41 News Coverage Map | Source:

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