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KSTP News LogoKSTP News is a Saint Paul-Minneapolis-based news channel that runs at Virtual CH 35. It is an ABC affiliate service that offers services to the entire area of Twin Cities, TV market. The channel operates under the ownership of Hubbard Broadcasting, the company located in Saint Paul. KSTP is known as Hubbard Broadcasting’s mainstream channel. KSTP Channel 5 News uses the brand name 5 Eyewitness News and a tagline Minnesota’s News Leader. Other than providing coverage on cable, satellite, and antenna, KSTP 5 can also be accessed on and mobile apps. KSTP brings the top-rated news stories, interviews, KSTP Weather, sports transmission, and live contests to its valuable customers. From national stories to School Planning and Data, entertainment, technology, politics, business, medical, entertainment, Stay Safe MN and So Minnesota, viewers from Minneapolis can access any of this. KSTP Weather segment includes the most accurate forecast, Interactive KSTP radar, temperatures, School Alert, Severe Weather Guide, and Outdoors. The other services covered by KSTP News are Traffic Map, Features on 5, KSTP Connection, 45TV, At Issue, 5 Eyewitness News Nightcast, and whatnot.

Watch KSTP News Live Stream

Watching KSTP News has been made easier than ever on the internet. Of course, you can watch Minneapolis breaking news, KSTP local news, KSTP Weather, traffic, live sports, and many other things on cable as well. But, you can now watch it remotely anytime and anywhere in the world by streaming the KSTP live on your mobile phone/tablet, or laptop here. Below, you can find the non-stop, buffer-free HD transmission of KSTP with just a single tap or click.

General FAQs

What channel is ABC in Minneapolis?

ABC programming can be watched in the Minneapolis region on KSTP News by tuning the station at CH 5. The audience can enjoy KSTP Breaking News, KSTP live stream, KSTP Weather Forecast, Minneapolis news today, and local news Minneapolis.

Where is Josie Smith from KSTP channel 5 and what’s her age?

Josie Smith is a Traffic Reporter at KSTP 5 News. She loves her job at Channel 5 Minneapolis because each day is different and exciting and full of chilling experiences. Josie completed her education at Metropolitan State University in 2016. Before being a part of KSTP 5, she used to provide traffic reporting for Total Traffic Network as a Traffic Anchor. There she used to deliver live traffic updates on WCCO-AM Radio along in The Morning News with Dave Lee. Josie’s date of birth is not available on any public platform including Facebook and Twitter. We will let the fans know about her age as soon as this information comes to light.

How old is Ken Barlow?

Ken Barlow Age

Ken Barlow is a 58 years-old chief meteorologist at KSTP Weather. He joined the weather team in June 2011 and since has been serving the channel with great dedication. Barlow was appointed the Chief Meteorologist of the station at the start of 2021. He got an opportunity to lead Minnesota’s one of the best weather teams. Before this, Ken used to serve WBZ News as a Chief Meteorologist in January 2006. Prior to that, Barlow was a weather anchor at KARE 11 from December 1990 to December 2005. It is the longest tenure of his career in any of the US News stations. Barlow stepped into the weather career in February 1985 when he became a part of FleetWeather. He is an alumnus of Plymouth State University.

Is Paul Folger married?

Paul Folger Marital Status

Whether or not Paul Folger married is a mystery. Paul Folger likes to keep his personal information a secret from the public. His fans, however, are curious about his romantic relationship and want to know about it. We will let them know as soon as the information unveils. Folger works as a TV anchor and reporter at KSTP Minneapolis.

What happened to Bill Lunn KSTP?

Bill Lunn was a prime-time news personality at KSTP News who used to serve his duties as a News Anchor. Later, he has moved away from the desk anchoring role and given a new position as a field reporter in October 2017. A few months later, he announced his departure from the KSTP in April 2018 with a statement that they couldn’t figure out a new role for him. He joined the station in May 2009 and served it for almost 9 years. After leaving KSTP 5 News, Bill started his own venture as NewStory in November 2018 with a partner; though, that didn’t last long. Meanwhile, Bill also started a Lunn Media LLC company in April 2018. The company seems to be running great. Currently, Lunn works as an Assistant News Director at KSTP News which he joined in May 2019.

How old is Jackie Cain?

Jackie Cain Age

Jackie Cain is 37 years old news personality at 5 Eyewitness News. Cain was born on 24 April 1983. Jackie used to work at WTATE News, but she left the station and joined KSTP News. She now conducts 6 and 10 pm weekday newscasts with Paul Folger. Jackie graduated from West Virginia University in 2006. Before WTAE, Cain was a part of 424 Media as a Media Content Director in July 2012. Prior to that, Jackie worked at the Ohio Department of Transportation as a Spokesperson in March 2011 and Cox Media Group as an Anchor/Reporter in April 2006. Since her arrival to KSTP 5, Caine has represented KSTP News MN with multiple not-profit-organizations such as Open Arms of Minnesota, and Children’s Hospital Association.

How old is Jason Davis?

Jason Davis didn’t reveal his age to the public yet. It seems he doesn’t want to tell people his date of birth.  Jason Davis was an executive producer, host, and creator of KSTP Channel 5 News’ On the Road. Davis was only 15 years old when he left the house and joined British Merchant Navy. He traveled throughout half of the world and then started his TV career in 1968 in Australia. Later, he moved to KOOL News Phoenix and then became a part of KSTP News in 1976 as a reporter. Jason has claimed various accolades over the years including the National Television Academy Silver Circle and KSTP’s First Emmy. His current whereabouts are unknown.

How old is Joe Schmitt?

Joe Schmitt Age

Joe Schmitt is a 41 years old author and sportscaster who was born on 13 November 1980. Schmitt is a professional speaker and sports director on KSTP 5 News. Before that, Joe was a part of WBAY News Green Bay. Moreover, Schmitt has also served KCRG News and WKBT News as a weekend sports anchor. Since Joe joined the journalism career, he has claimed 17 Emmy Awards from National Television Academy. Plus, Schmitt has also earned a National Headliner Award for covering the 5 Eyewitness news about the death of Kory Stinger, the offensive lineman of Minnesota Vikings. Meanwhile, Joe also regularly appears on 1500 ESPN radio. He also wrote a book titled Silent Impact: Influence Through Purpose, Persistence, and Passion.

Is Katherine Johnson still at KSTP?

Katherine Johnson has left ABC Minneapolis since December 2018. She served the channel for 6 great years. Before KSTP Channel 5, she was a part of Newport Television Inc. as a reporter in August 2010. Katherine started her journalism career from there. She is currently working at CBS Newspath as a Freelance Reporter. Katherine Johnson is an Alumni of the University of Colorado Boulder.

How many times has Dave Dahl been married?

Dave Dahl Marriages

Dave Dahl has been married for once. He has been married to Julie Dahl. Dahl was a weatherman at KSTP News who served the station for 43 years. He became a part of the channel in 1977. Dave Dahl did his graduation in 1975 from the University of Minnesota. In his career, Dahl crafted 42,000 forecasts on TV and 18000 on the radio. Dave hated presenting forecasts during severe weather because he knew the lives of millions are at stake.

How old is Dave Dahl?

Dave Dahl’s age isn’t anywhere to be found. Since he has been serving KSTP News for 43 years, he is seriously old. The weird thing is, even Wikipedia doesn’t seem to know the legendary Meteorologist’s age. Minnesota people loved him because he has reported every snow blizzard in the state since the 70s. Dave got interested in weather since childhood when he witnessed various tornadoes.

Live TV Schedule for KSTP 5 News

Sr.Monday to FridaySaturdaySunday
15 Eyewitness News Morning
4:30 AM - 7 AM
5 Eyewitness News Morning
6 AM - 7 AM
5 Eyewitness News Morning
6 AM - 7 AM
245 News Morning
7 AM - 9 AM
5 Eyewitness News Morning
9 AM - 10 AM
5 Eyewitness News Morning
8 AM - 9 AM
35 Eyewitness News Midday
11 AM - 12 PM
5 Eyewitness News Evening
5 PM - 5:30 PM
Good Morning Cleveland at 6am
45 Eyewitness News Evening
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM
& 6:00 - 7:00 PM
5 Eyewitness News Evening
6 PM - 6:30 PM
545 News at 9
9 PM - 10 PM
45 News at 9
9 PM - 9:30 PM
10 PM - 10:35 PM
5 Eyewitness News at 10
10 PM - 10:35 PM

5 Eyewitness News Team

KSTP News team consists of multiple news journalists including anchors, reporters, traffic reporters, investigative journalists, and Multimedia Journalists. Their dedication towards the Minnesota public stands them out from the rest. Kevin Doran, Jackie Cain, Chris Egert, Brett Hoffland, Leah McLean, Brandi Powell, Ellen Galles, and Tom Hauser are among the top-rated broadcast journalists at Channel 5 Minneapolis. The station is known for creating legendary journalists who have claimed recognition throughout the entire United States.

KSTP News anchors offer 37 hours of in-house produced news content each week including 3.5 hours on every Saturday and 3.5 hours on every Sunday. Moreover, the team also presents a political debate program called At Issue presented by Tom Hauser. The squad also hosts a sports highlight show Sports Wrap on every Sunday evening at 10:45 pm or on special events such as during the telecasts of Minnesota Vikings and ESPN Monday Night Football.

Paul Folger: News Anchor at KSTP News

Paul FolgerPaul Folger is a proud member of KSTP 5. He has reporting and anchoring at the channel for more than 2 years now. Paul joined KSTP TV in July 2018 and he loves journalism. Folger believes it is people’s right to know the truth. The University of North Carolina at Asheville Alumni stepped into the career life in October 1995. Before KSTP News, Paul was an Evening News Personality at KOCO News from July 2008 to July 2018. Prior to that, Folger used to serve WTEV News Jacksonville, Florida as Morning News Anchor. He worked there for almost 6 years from October 2002 to July 2008. Paul joined KDAF Dallas-Fort Worth in November 1998 as a news reporter and served the channel from November 1998 to October 2002. In September 1996, Folger was appointed a Bureau Chief at an ABC affiliate service WHS News 3. Though, he only worked there for a short time period of 11 months. It was NCN5 News Northland Cable News from where Paul began his broadcast journalism career in October 1995. He served it for only 1 year.

Paul’s Best Work

Paul has been awarded several awards for his extraordinary reporting skills. He has reported top-notch breaking news and stories including the 2013’s EF-5 tornado that left Oklahoma City and its nearby areas in a devastating situation. Folger has got an opportunity to travel alongside the veterans of the Second World War to attend their Memorial ceremony in Washington, DC on an Honor Flight. He has also traveled alongside Marines following Cape Canaveral’s Space Shuttle inauguration. Paul also covered the blizzard coverage of 2009 as a co-anchor; the story earned him a Murrow Award.

Paul Folger was raised in North Carolina and completed his education at the University of North Carolina, Asheville. After getting out of the University, Paul moved to Germany and lived there for a while. During his stay there, Folger worked at a needle factory; later, he moved to Europe. Paul loves traveling; he traveled across the United States living in a VW Van. Folger’s hobbies include cycling, outdoor activities, swimming, and running. Moreover, he is passionate about cars and mostly loves American Muscle Cars and German Cars.

Brett Hoffland: KSTP News’ Weekend Reporter and Anchor

Brett Hoffland

Brett Hoffland is a news anchor and weekend reporter at KSTP News. Hoffland joined Minneapolis’s top-rated news station in April 2015. During his 6 years and still counting stay at Hubbard, Brett has performed various duties. Prior to KSTP 5, Hoffland was a part of Rycom Media-owned Fox 18 WXIX TV. He worked there for around 2 years from March 2013 to March 2015 as a News Reporter. In December 2010, Hoffland joined 14 WFIE as a News/Sports Anchor. He left the channel in December 2012, after serving it for a couple of years. Before that, Brett did a 4-month internship in News at WKRC TV in May 2020. Prior to that, he worked as a Floor Clerk at Man Financial from May 2008 to June 2010. Brett once did singing as well as a profession at Royal Caribbean Cruises Worldwide Travel for 7 months.

Hoffland took his Mass Communication Degree from Miami University in 2010. Brett was raised in Chicago’s areas in Wheaton City. He was passed out from Wheaton Warrenville South High School and then moved to Ohio for college life. Hoffland’s major focus was on Journalism where he also acquired great TV experience from the Miami market.

Brett’s Work

When Brett was serving WXIX, a lot of hot stories emerged during those days in Cincinnati. Some of the top-notch stories that Hoffland covered are the IRA Scandal that indicated a significant connection to Queen City, an arrest of a local man who made a failed bomb attempt on the Capitol, and Interstate 75’s deadly bridge collapse. During his time at WFIE, Hoffland also reported Western Kentucky’s flooding.

Brett loves sports and as he grew up close to Windy City, he has a great crush on all major sports teams. He loves to watch them and cheers them in a play (excluding the White Sox). Moreover, Hoffland stays fresh with running, golfing, lifting, playing pickup sports, and biking. Hoffland enjoys getting together with new people and spends quality time with his family that lives close to Twin Cities.

KSTP Weather Team

Wren Clair, Ken Barlow, Sam Ryan, Nicole Mitchell, and Jonathan Yuhas form a capable team of meteorologists. From Tornado report to Severe Thunderstorms, KSTP Weather provides the latest climate news from across Minnesota. They are highly professional with acclaimed degrees in their hands.

Sam Ryan: Meteorologist at KSTP Weather

Sam RyanSam Ryan serves as a weather anchor/reporter at 5 Eyewitness News. He became a part of the channel in June 2013 and since then has done several forecasts for KSTP Weather and for 45 tv during weekend evenings and other timeframes. Sam is a graduate of the University of Minnesota that he completed in 2004. Plus, he also acquired Meteorology certification from Graduate School in 2012. Before being a part of KSTP Weather, Ryan used to serve WSAW News as a meteorologist in 2011. During his two years stay at the channel, he conducted on-air morning weather reports from 4:30 to 7:00. Prior to that, he joined Fox 21 KDQS-DT as a meteorologist in 2010. Sam also served the Sound Sleep as a Medical Sales Representative in November 2004. There, he used to sleep testing services and medical equipment to clinics and hospitals.

Plus, he provided presentations, workshops, and in-service training to Cardiologists, Neurologists, Otolaryngologists, Urologists, FPs, Bariatrics, Pulmonologists, and IMs. Sam Ryan loves the Minnesota public. He finds, serving the community, more of a responsibility and passion rather than a duty. He is passionate about delivering the most accurate weather coverage to the Minnesota people with the help of data collected by the state-of-the-art KSTP Radar.

Ryan can be often found walking on Minneapolis and St. Paul streets during the chilly afternoons of Minnesota. Moreover, you can catch him giving treats and hot chocolates to the homeless guys. Meanwhile, Sam loves to spend time with his beautiful wife and son and to explore Minnesota together with them. His other personal interests are fishing in the Lanesboro’s streams, canoeing the Rum River, jumping the Taylor Falls’ cliffs, Hiking Buffalo Ridge, and storm chasing in Windom.

Nicole Mitchell: Weather Reporter at 5 Eyewitness News

Nicole MitchellNicole Mitchell is a passionate KSTP Weather reporter at 5 Eyewitness News. She started giving her valuable services to the channel in May 2017. Mitchell began her career in weather right after completing her education at Georgia State University in 2010. She has also done BS in Speech Communications from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and a Meteorology degree from Community College of the Air Force. Nicole is currently also serving Air National Guard as the 126th Weather Flight Commander which she joined in September 2019. Plus, she also works as a Volunteer Attorney at Wills for Heroes Foundation which she joined in October 2019. Before KSTP Weather, Mitchell was a Meteorologist at the United States Air Force Reserve for 16 whole years. Nicole Mitchell joined the Air Force in August 2003. Meanwhile, she also did weather reporting for CBS News in April 2016, and Al Jazeera Media Network in July 2013.

Mitchell began her career in meteorology as On-Camera Meteorologist at The Weather Channel in 2004. When not reporting, Mitchell can be often found volunteering and serving the community greatly. She loves to work with kids, enjoys getting them excited about science and math. Moreover, Nicole loves adventure and traveling around the globe. She has enjoyed everything from Sky diving to rafting and kayaking.

She has even hiked on Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa. Mitchell loves to report the weather and to understand the weather and how it moves. She also loves how weather greatly affects our lives and our living styles. Whether Mitchel is giving local forecasts of the week or providing a weather report of Minnesota’s outdoor activities, she is honored to serve the community.

KSTP Weather Services

KSTP Weather section offers various weather-based services in Minneapolis town and its nearby areas. The hourly KSTP forecast for Minneapolis presents the hour-by-hour climate update within the area. The extended KSTP forecast for Minneapolis shows the 10day forecast within the area including both daytime and nighttime. In Current Conditions section, you can find the detailed present situations of the weather such as Feels Like Temp, Sky, Dew Point, Sunset, Wind, Ceiling, Pressure, Visibility, Sunrise, and Pressure.

KSTP interactive radar gives the three types of radar information to the public i.e. Comprehensive Radar, Metro Area Temperatures, and State Temperature. Moreover, viewers can also get information about Temperatures, Outdoor Activities, and School Alerts. Meanwhile, the audience can also find top traffic-related stories and Traffic Map.

KSTP Radar

KSTP Weather Radar covers the entire Minnesota region including Minneapolis and Saint Paul. There are multiple layers on the KSTP radar that represent the different climate conditions in the area with a satellite view. Reading the KSTP radar is now easier than ever. From First Alert Doppler to Road Weather, viewers can track various weather-related conditions.

Furthermore, KSTP Weather Radar splits the metropolitan area into four parts: Northeast Metro, Northwest Metro, Southeast Metro, Southwest Metro. It shows the climate situation of these areas in the form of images with time mentioned in the upper right corner. The images are updated regularly.

Severe Weather Coverage by ABC Minneapolis

KSTP Weather provides exclusive severe weather coverage to the public. It covers everything in severe weather including Severe Thunderstorms, Flooding, Tornadoes, and Heat. Each portion provides a detailed guide of respective severe weather conditions and tells the audience how to take precautionary measures and how to prepare yourself both at home and outside the home.


For instance, take an example of the Flooding section in Severe Weather. First, you will see a meteorologist Analysis where an expert weatherperson from KSTP TV gives a brief intro of the flooding and how the KSTP Weather team covers its coverage.

Plus, they also provide the detailed flooding guideline provided by National Weather Service and ask to look for the signs and road closures. Second, you can see watches and warnings of the floods by the KSTP Weather team. It tells about the issuance of flood watch and warnings when the severe weather conditions in the area are highly favorable. The watches don’t necessarily guarantee whether the flood will occur but indicates its possibility. The flood warning depicts that flooding is soon going to hit the area and it requires the people to act immediately. Third, the KSTP Weather team thoroughly advises the viewers about getting prepared for the situation at home.

It tells of precautionary measures to take at home such as making sure that all your electronic devices are charged, and you have NOAA weather radio on you for a minute-by-minute update. Fourth, how to survive the flood if you are away from home. When you are driving, make sure to never cross the waters when it is 6+ above as it can easily sweep your car away. Water with the depth of one foot possibly means your car is now a floating object and two feet of water will definitely sink you. All these steps are comprehensively explained by the KSTP Weather squad for each of the other severe weather threats in the same way, such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, and heat.

KSTP 5 Eyewitness News Mobile App

With the tagline Minnesota’s News Leader, KSTP 5 Eyewitness News app presets Minneapolis latest news, Minneapolis News Live, KSTP breaking news, KSTP local news, Minneapolis Mn News, and others. Moreover, it also features a highly interactive KSTP Radar, KSTP live stream, KSTP anchors bio, KSTP weather forecast, and state-of-the-art technology to present the most important news to you.

Make sure you never miss the top news headline, KSTP Weather reports, sports transmission, and exciting stories by signing up to the channel’s newsletter. Meanwhile, don’t forget to enable the push-alert notification service of the app because it lets people keep tabs on current affairs anywhere anytime. You are in the middle of nowhere, suddenly your phone rings/vibrates, and you see something exciting has happened in Minneapolis or Minnesota.

KSTP News Studio Building
KSTP News Studio Building | Courtesy: facebook page

Moreover, don’t forget to track the severe weather on the KSTP TV Mobile app with the state-of-the-art KSTP Radar. You can also receive alerts and notifications of the severe weather warnings issued by the NWS and KSTP radar. Users can also keep a close eye on the traffic conditions on various spots in Minneapolis. Before going for a drive, make sure that you look at the road conditions and select the path with less traffic.

The services offered by KSTP News shows are as follows:

  • KSTP Breaking News and KSTP local News
  • Live traffic cameras installed on multiple locations
  • KSTP live stream with less buffering
  • Real-time weather watch from the KSTP weather team
  • Photo Slideshows and Daily Horoscopes
  • Entertainment Headlines and Pictures
  • Featured Segments such as 5 Investigate and On the Road
  • Option to submit a news tip, photos, and videos
  • Live KSTP Radar

KSTP 5 News Popular Shows

From 5 Eyewitness News: Nightcast to Entertainer with Bryon Allen, American Ninja Warrior, Shopper’s Showcase, American Idol, Twin Cities Live, and Matter of Fact, KSTP TV schedule features the top-rated TV shows airing during weekdays as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. The network’s George to the Rescue program helps poor families by renovating their houses. Hearts of Heroes is a TV program of a group of SOS professional rescuers who protects the people during catastrophic situations. Twin Cities Live program presents numerous topics including community, lifestyle, garden, and home.

General Hospital

General Hospital is the ABC TV Network’s television show. It is the longest-running American soap opera and the longest-running scripted drama, which also won Emmy Awards. This TV show holds the record for the most winning Outstanding Daytime Drama award among one of four remaining daytime dramas. Simply General Hospital took a record thirteen times prestigious Emmy Award to home. On 23rd, 2018, the show aired its 14000th episode, and it was filmed in Hollywood, California. Whereas General Hospital celebrated its fifty-fifth anniversary on 1st April 2018.

The show honored to elevate public awareness of several issues regarding health and society, including HIV/AIDS-related storylines, sexual responsibility, understanding, and tolerance for lesbian, gay & transgender people, sexual child abuse, drug & alcohol. Breast cancer awareness, organ donation, and many others. Moreover, General Hospital truly made a mark during the last five decades. It also paved the way for prime-time series like The Good Doctor and Grey’s Anatomy.

General Hospital
General Hospital | Courtesy: official website

Frank and Doris Hursley, the husband-and-wife soap writers, created the TV show General Hospital and initially premiered on 1st April 1963. Gloria Monty was appointed as an executive producer in 1978. Furthermore, it is credited with creating the 1st super couple such as ‘Luke and Laura Spencer.’ Their wedding in 1981 brought more than thirty million viewers and remains the highest-rated hour in the history of American soap operas.

At Present, Frank Valentini serves as the executive producer of GH. Chris Van Etten and Shelly Altman are the co-head writers of the show. Furthermore, the TV show General Hospital airs on weekdays on the ABC TV network. It became the oldest American soap opera on 17th September 2010, following the last broadcast of ‘As the World Turns’ of CBS.

KSTP TV Listing

The following table depicts the list of programs airing on the KSTP TV schedule. Audience can enjoy these shows on various online platforms by watching the KSTP live stream.

5 Eyewitness News: Nightcast Grey’s Anatomy Tradition Rebel Just Because You’re Paranoid Pawn Stars Damn Yankees
Jimmy Kimmel Live Shopper’s Showcase ABC World News Now Twin Cities Live
BC News Nightline America This Morning 5 Eyewitness News at 5:00 a.m. The View
Live With Kelly and Ryan General Hospital


ABC World News Tonight With David Muir Twin Cities Live at 4:00 p.m.
Shark Tank The Conners Two Proposals, a Homecoming and a Bear A Million Little Things United Front Call Your Mother Jean There Done That
GMA3: What You Need to Know Station 19 Comfortably Numb 20/20 Celebrity Page
Hearts of Heroes When Seconds Count George to the Rescue Matter of Fact Good Morning America Saturday
Ocean Treks With Jeff Corwin Santorini: Mystery of a Lost Civilization Sea Rescue The Problem With Plastic Free Enterprise Everyday Heroes
NBA Countdown 5 Eyewitness News at 6:00 p.m. NBA Basketball Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets Castle At Close Range
American Ninja Warrior Northwest Regional Qualifying Round Wipeout Ballsy Shows Off His Giblets Multiplicity (1996) Entertainers With Byron Allen
Small Town Big Deal National Toboggan Championships This Week With George Stephanopoulos Reconciled Hope: The Story of Native American Catholicism F1 Auto Racing
NBA Countdown At Issue In Depth With Graham Bensinger Maya Gaberia On the Road With Jason Davis


KSTP News first hit the waves on 7 December 1947 with the calls KSTP TV when a 25-minute show was presented by Jack Horner. Later, KSTP Minneapolis hit the air as the first commercial TV network in the state on 27 April 1948. KSTP News initially took content from NBC network because its sister radio was an NBC Red Network affiliate since 1928. ABC Network, which became the No.1 TV broadcaster in the USA, began to look for new affiliate partners around the country in the mid of 1970s. It approached WTCN News CH 11- an independent network, KCTP News CH 5- An NBC affiliate network, and WCCO News CH 4- A CBS affiliate service for the affiliation agreement in Minnesota.

The audience was surprised when they heard the news about KSTP TV leaving the 30-years relationship with NBC Network and joining the ABC Network. Since then, KSTP News has been working along with ABC as a primary affiliate partner. The channel has been working under Hubbard Broadcasting since its launch.

KSTR News Live Coverage Studio
KSTR News Live Coverage Studio | Credits: twitter

Channel 5 and Its Other Entities

KSTP Channel 5 News operates together with KSTC News CH 45- an independent service and a sibling radios KSTP FM 94.5, KSTP AM 1500, and KTMY FM 107.1 Fm in the form of the duopoly. All five entities share the same place for studios on the Minneapolis-Saint Paul border at University Avenue. Meanwhile, the network’s transmitter lies in Shoreview, Minnesota at Telefarm Towers.

Aside from these, KSTP News also runs 2 FP satellite networks KRWF CH 43 operating in Redwood Falls and KSAX CH 42 operating in Alexandria. Moreover, Channel 5 Minneapolis also acts as the Mankato Market’s default ABC service as that region doesn’t have any ABC-associated channel of its own. Furthermore, the channel also extends its signal’s coverage across St. James, Minnesota over the K30FN-D translator that serves the entire market of Mankato.

Tel: (651) 646-5555
Tower Location: Telefarm Towers in Shoreview, Minnesota
Brand Name: Channel 5

Coverage Map

KSTP News Coverage Map
KSTP News Coverage Map | Source:
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