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KTBS News LogoKTBS News is an ABC affiliate US TV broadcaster that serves the Shreveport region in Louisiana , as well as the Texarkana area of Texas. Being owned by Wray Properties Trust, the station operates at Virtual CH 3. The owner of WrayPropertities is Betty Wray Anderson, Wdwin N. Wray Jr., and John D. Wray. Find the station’s exclusive news coverage and weather transmission over the local cable network, transmitter, satellite, and official website via KTBS live stream. Channel 3 News Shreveport uses a branding KTBS 3 News, and taglines News When You Need It; First in News, First in HD for its newscast. The station also has a catchphrase for its weather coverage i.e. The Calm During The Storm. KTBS 3 offers local stories, Shreveport Breaking News, KTBS weather, Live Videos, KTBS Jail Bookings, Weekly Ads, KTBS Local Marketplace, KTBS 3 Now, Community Coverage, Pictures, KTBS Payroll, Video, and other stuff.

Its news section includes Shreveport News, LSU Health Shreveport Allegations, Infrastructure: Code Red, Community Contributors, East Texas, Crime Report, Texarkana, ArkLaTex In-Depth, and more. KTBS Weather station covers StormTeam 3 Weather, Weather Headlines, Gulf Watch, Jr. Weather Watchers, Hurricane Tracker, Weather Headlines, Gulf Watch, and KTBS 3 Interactive Radar. Its community transmission includes Featured Projects, What’s Happening, Calendars, Spring Tips, Hometown patriots, Paws to Care, Local Live, Community Caravan, Featured Projects, and Ask The Trooper.

KTBS News Live Stream

KTBS News offers the live stream of news telecast & weathercast in full HD to its viewers. The streaming service is crisp and without any lag. You don’t need a Television to catch your favorite news segment or TV show. Just click the button below and Enjoy!

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General FAQs

Is Devon Patton still at KTBS News? Is Devon Patton still with KTBS?

No, Devon Patton has left the KTBS 3 since 2017. He took a one-year break and then joined Spectrum News in June 2018. Patton is currently working as a TV Anchor at Spectrum News. Devon started his journey with KTBS Shreveport in March 2013 and over the years conducted various empowering stories in Shreveport, Louisiana. Before that Devon was a TV anchor/reporter at WLEX, an NBC affiliate channel, from 2010 to March 2013. Patton studied BS Communication from Syracuse University and started his first job at WCTI.

Did Jon Dupre leave?

Yes, Jon Dupre has left the KTBS News. He was a news anchor and reporter and covered various stories for Channel 3 News Shreveport. Dupre ended up in Shreveport after providing services in ArkLaTex from Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Boston, and LA. Moreover, Dupre is a writer, who has written the best seller book on Amazon The Prodigal Father – a True Story of Tragedy, Survival, and Reconciliation in an American Family.

Did TW Starr leave KTBS?

TW Starr Story

TW Starr is still a part of KTBS News. He joined the station in March 2014 as an Anchor, reporter, and multimedia journalist. Starr develops and manages media/public relations with federal, local, and state leaders. He anchored 10 to 12 hours of live news every week. Moreover, he provided investigative, thorough, and informative stories. TW took his education at Liberty University and then started working at KAV News as an Anchor and Sports Director from February 1997 to March 2000. In September 2000, Starr became a Sports Anchor at KBMT News.

Why did Kristen Holmes leave?

Kristen Holmes left KTBS News in November 2017 in place of a better opportunity at ABC10. She started working at ABC 10 in November 2017 and then joined KFMB Stations as a news anchor in May 2021 after leaving Sacramento, California in November 2020. Holmes completed her education at the University of Central Arkansas in BA Mass Communication in 2008. Before KTBS, Kristen was a KHBS-KHOG 40 at News Reporter in October 2011, she worked there for one year. From June 2009 to October 2011, she was a Plan Representative in Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield.

What channel is ABC in Shreveport?

ABC services can be watched in Shreveport and Texarkana at KTBS 3 News by tuning the station at CH 3. The station offers the latest Shreveport News, Shreveport Local News, KTBS Weather, sports transmission, and traffic updates.

KTBS Channel 3 News Team

KTBS Channel 3 team offers the best services in town including accurate news reporting and trusted stories. Each member of the squad is proficient in the language, updated in current affairs, and has good communication skills. Moreover, they also make sure that they look perfect in appearance and have a good dictation and a confident delivery style. In addition, they have a sharp presence of mind and strong domain knowledge. On top of that, their team effort skills are perfect and they are willing to work for long hours as news personalities. Nate Fluharty, Linnea Allen, Gerry May, T.W Starr, and Bill Lunn are leading news personalities in the KTBS News team.

Linnea Allen: News Anchor at KTBS Shreveport

Linnea Allen KTBS News has one of the most experienced journalists in its anchor team known as Linnea Allen. She joined Channel 3 News Shreveport in March 2020. Since her joining, Allen has covered major exciting stories related to the Shreveport area. Linnea anchors 5 pm/6 pm newscast along with reporting health content. Moreover, she compiles, edits, and comes up with her own stories together with many long-form reports every month. Meanwhile, Allen co-presents two news telecasts: 30-minutes news at 5 pm and 60-minutes news at 6 pm. Allen completed her BA in Communications at Louisiana State University in Shreveport. While studying there, Allen was honored by the communications faculty as the Speech Student of the Year couple of times.

Moreover, she has also attended Louisiana Tech University and earned a Masters’s degree in Counseling and guidance with a 4.0 CGPA. There, the College of Education awarded Linnea the Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year. Allen started her career in journalism as a sports reporter in the same city Shreveport but at a different channel. She used to produce and present three multiple sports telecasts where she used to conduct thorough interviews with huge sports figures and legendary athletes. Linnea was also the one who covered News England’s Super Bowl win against Carolina Panthers in 2004 and LSU’s win against Oklahoma in national football.

Linnea’s Career

Prior to joining KTBS 3 News, Linnea was a Vice President/Social Media Director/ Cultural Communications Officers at Origin Bank from June 2012 to March 2020. She was responsible for leading social media strategy, providing the brand’s voice around all social media handles of the company, and renovating some parts of its internal websites such as creating weekly newsletters.

More About Lennea’s Career

From 1990 to March 2020, Allen spent a huge chunk of her life on Television and Radio as a Spokesperson, emcee, writer, and producer. Linnea was involved in various TV and radio projects. The projects were about performing as a consultant, or talent, and writing/producing TV commercials. She was also a motivational speaker at church groups, women’s groups, and schools.

Linnea also spends 1 year and 2 months as a Contemporary Worship Leader at First Baptist Church of Ruston from July 2017 to August 2018. From June 2005 to June 2012, Allen was a part of Squire Creek Country Club as a Director of Marketing and Membership. While working there, Linnea coordinated and conducted special events of all members, emceed functions, and managed all marketing strategies.

She was also the manager of the website and handling the company’s digital content. She once has severed the Shreveport region as a news broadcaster from 2002 to 2005 at KSLA News. Her professional career started in 1999 when she first joined Bossier Shreveport Mudbugs Hockey Team as a Director of Community Relations.

Mega 3 Storm Team

Mega 3 Storm TeamKTBS Weather team/Mega 3 Storm Team or Weather Watchers are the talented meteorologists of KTBS 3 Weather. The team, consisting of three people, knows its way around the weather and understands what’s best for the public. Apart from reading the weather data at KTBS weather radar, the team creates an accurate forecast, provides information on school closings and delays, delivers alerts about severe weather, and tells people what measure to take if they ever encounter such harsh conditions. Weather is a wonderful thing, and it requires a lot of skills to understand. Therefore, the channel requires a talented team of people. KTBS Weather team includes Joe Haynes, a chief meteorologist, Patrick Dennis, and Brian Fowler.

Patrick Dennis: Meteorologist at KTBS Weather

Patrick DennisPatrick Dennis has been working as a weather reporter at KTBS TV for years. His extraordinary skills helped him make a great name for himself in the weather world. Though he left the weather field for two years in between, now he is back on track. No one knows the weather in Shreveport as better as Patrick since he spent two decades chasing and reading the weather in the Shreveport region. He has also served the KSLA News as a Chief Meteorologist for almost 7 years. Dennis knows its tricks around the KTBS weather radar and after reading the data carefully, crafts the most accurate weather report for the channel. Dennis loves the outdoor activities and spends a lot of time exploring local areas including parks when not working in the KTBS Shreveport.

He loves outdoor to the extent that he even introduced Bayou Outdoors 365 in 2014, an outdoor program focusing on all outdoor activities. Moreover, Dennis loves to spend time with his family including her beautiful daughters. Dennis loves the ArkLaTex and considers it a special place for exploring and chasing weather.

Channel 3 News Shreveport Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are an easy way of connecting with the station. Viewers can connect with the KTBS news service and weather service with the station’s both news app called KTBS 3 and the weather app known as StormTeam 3. Shreveport LA News, Shreveport Breaking News, KTBS weather, KTBS radar, and public affairs are now in your pocket. Download these fantastic mobile apps on your smartphones and control the entire station anywhere in the world.

KTBS 3 News app provides offers the latest news, current affairs, traffic updates, KTBS jail bookings, investigative stories, community knowledge, KTBS payroll, sports updates, health coverage, KTBS live stream, and video clips of the stories to the people of Shreveport and Texarkana regions. KTBS 3 News is easy to use and users can navigate through different tabs within split seconds. They can access the latest top stories immediately, videos from the news studios are also available, and don’t forget the knicks and knacks of the town. Everything can be accessed with a tap.

Live Coverage Studio for KTBS News
Live Coverage Studio for KTBS News | Source: Official Website

StormTeam 3 mobile app presents the best and smooth weather coverage in the town. KTBS 3 Weather offers direct stories from the KTBS weather team, forecasts predicted by the KTBS radar, school closings/delays, severe weather alerts, and realtime weather updates. Meanwhile, viewers can get the weather notifications directly on their smartphones with a push-alert notification service.

KTBS TV Popular Programs

News, weather, politics, TV series, exciting interviews, quiz shows, and entertainment programs are the main focus of KTBS News. Viewers can watch these amazing and exciting programs on various digital networks including the Live News Globe. Inside Edition, The Drew Barrymore Show, Jeopardy!, and Bachelor in Paradise are few high-rated ABC programs on the list. Watch all these shows on KTBS live. Below is the table of all the shows airing from Monday to Friday on the KTBS TV schedule.

To Tell the Truth Monk The Chase KTBS 3 News at 10:00 p.m.
America This Morning Castle Hedge Fund Homeboys ABC World News Now Good Morning America
KTBS 3 News Midday Live With Kelly and Ryan The Drew Barrymore Show General Hospital
ABC World News Tonight With David Muir Jeopardy! Dr. Phil Playing Cop … Or Just Doing His Job? GMA3: What You Need to Know
The View Bachelor in Paradise The Celebrity Dating Game Entertainment Tonight
Access Hollywood Extra Home Economics Press Your Luck Whammageddon!
Press Your Luck Whammageddon! Holey Moley It’s Family Night! Superstar Kobe Bryant The Hustler
When Nature Calls With Helen Mirren Shark Tank Cornerstone Ocean Treks With Jeff Corwin

About KTBS News

KTBS News aired its first telecast on 3 September 1955 with the calls KTBS TV. It was the third channel to begin operations in the market of Shreveport-Texarkana. However, it was the second one to gain the license in the Shreveport area. KTBS TV was initially an NBC affiliate channel but later became a primary ABC associate. ABC News Shreveport operates alongside KPXJ CH 21 from a single studio on Shreveport’s east side at East Kings Highway. However, the KTBS News transmitter lies in Cado Parish’s rural area close to Saint John’s Baptist Church Road. ABC News Shreveport is among the few channels with local ownerships.

Tel: 318-861-5800
Tower Location: Near St. Johns Baptist Church Road (southeast of Mooringsport and Caddo Lake) in rural northern Caddo Parish
Brand Name: KTBS 3

Coverage Map

KTBS News Coverage Map
KTBS News Coverage Map | Source:
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