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See local news from Texas capital with another perspective by ABC Austin

KTUE News logoKVUE News Austin is an ABC affiliate TV broadcaster that serves the entire area of Austin, Texas. The channel operates under the ownership of Tegna Inc. KVUE is the popular source of regional news, KVUE Breaking news, Austin Local News, Austin COVID News, sports content, Austin Texas News Today and weather updates in Austin county. With the slogan “Where Trust is Earned,” the network works for the rights of the community and telecasts authentic local news Austin TX in town.

Ask anything from the team of “KVUE Defenders,” they would try best to answer your query. Channel’s weather service includes high-precise “interactive radar” for accurate Weather forecasting, its “sky cams” drones give the aerial view of the region. Cams also show traffic view to get to know the traffic conditions in town. The channel is available to watch on a satellite network and cable services. However, it can also be accessed on the official website and mobile app through KVUE live stream. Follow the channel of KVUE Facebook, KVUE Twitter and KVUE Instagram account for latest updates.

Watch KVUE News Austin Live Streaming

The station offers round the clock KVUE live streaming to its local and international viewers with KVUE Local News, Austin . Watch a live stream and don’t miss any headline and breaking news from Austin.

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General Questions:

What Channel Is ABC In Austin Tx? What Channel Is KVUE Austin?

Austin viewers can access the ABC programming in different regions on the cable network and over-the-air via KVUE live stream at Local Channel Number 24. Tune in to the station now and enjoy Austin News Live, Austin Breaking News, Austin Coronavirus News, and several other services.

How Old Is Albert Ramon? Is Albert Ramon Still at KVUE?

Albert Ramon was an experienced weatherman at Austin Texas News, providing up-to-the-minute weather coverage in the community. Ramon possesses both seals of approval from the National Weather Authority and the American Meteorological Society. He became a part of the channel in October 2009 and served the station with integral reporting during his tenure. However, recently, Ramon left Tegna Inc and started working for WGN America as the station’s Chief Meteorologist. Albert Ramon, a US-born weather anchor, doesn’t like to reveal his age to the public. Hence, no one knows how old is Albert Ramon.

How Tall Is Kris Betts?

Kris Betts Height

Kris Betts was an Anchor and Reporter at KVUE Austin who joined the station in January 2013. During her stay at KVUE Austin TX, she covered Austin News Today, Austin MN News, several national investigative stories, including the West fertilizer plant explosion, Hurricane Harvey, Beto O’Rourke’s election night loss, and La Grange’s historic flooding. Plus, she is also a blogger who writes about life as a working mom. Kris is a tall woman with an estimated 5-foot 6-inches height. She is widely known in the Austin market due to her taller height.

Why Did Mike Barnes Leaving? What Happened to Mike Barnes? Why Did Mike Barnes Leave KVUE? Why Is Mike Barnes Leaving?

Mike Barnes was a sportscaster at KVUE News Team who used to provide detailed sports discussion and Austin TX Breaking News in Central Texas for more than 29 years. He started working at the channel in December 1989 and left the station in March 2019. He gave 29 years of his life to journalism and spent all his career in the ABC Austin Network. Barnes has hosted above 12000 sportscasts, three national championships, reported four Super Bowls, five Final Fours, 12 Bowl Games, Nine College World Series, and 24 Texas-OI Games. Later, he joined Barnes Team Media as a Media Advisor, Motivational Speaker, and Communications Consultant and still working there. He left the KVUE career to start his own media company Barnes Team Media.

Did Nathan Gogo Leaving KVUE? Is Nathan Gogo Leaving KVUE? Where Is Nathan Gogo Going From KVUE?

Nathan Gogo Story

Nathan Gogo appeared as Multimedia Journalist at KVUE Media Group, where he produced visually engaging content that rings reverberate with several demographics. Plus, Nathan managed strict deadlines for storytelling projects for TV content and digital media, helped the channel enhance its audience to number one in Austin, and developed the network’s brand as the area’s trusted source of news. Gogo, however, decided to leave ABC News Austin in December 2019 after serving the channel for around four years. Currently, he works on the same post in Spectrum as a freelancer.

Does It Work Wednesday KVUE?

Does It Work Wednesday is a consumer segment by KVUE News that is all about telling local stories in the Austin market. The segment is presented by Quita Culpepper, who is a skilled reporter and anchor serving the station for more than 22 years. Aside from anchoring Does It Work Wednesday, Culpepper also conducts 5 pm KVUE News.

How Old Is Erika Lopez?

Erika Lopez Age

Erica Lopez was a weekend broadcast meteorologist at KVUE Austin News. She used to conduct forecasts on weekends and report live stories during weekdays. Her weather coverage ranged from Tropical systems closing in from the Gulf of Mexico to Central Texas’s major flooding events. Moreover, she also has experience in storm chasing around the Central Plains and presenting forecasts on a national platform. There isn’t any record of her age on any of the weather anchor’s social media accounts. It seems she likes to keep things private.

Why Is KVUE Off the Air?

On 1 December 2020, KVUE suddenly went became offline after the existing agreement of retransmission consent with AT&T terminated. It was a countrywide dispute causing trouble to more than 60 local tv stations in 52 different markets of the United States. KVUE was also a part of that dispute and lost the transmission on 1 December. The missing channels include The CW, FOX, CBS, ABC, and other local networks.

Station’s App

ABC Austin news app brings the latest newscast and weather conditions in the Austin and nearby regions. The app delivers the breaking news related to the Austin community, local events, interactive doppler radar, and KVUE live stream. With the slogan ‘Where trust is earned,’ read the exciting stories and get the quick notifications of the latest news. catch the breaking news as soon as it happens. Moreover, users can also browse through several photos, raw videos, and clips.

ABC Austin Weather service delivers round the clock weather news to the community. It provides hourly and daily weather forecast of the area. All the weather reports are provided by the experienced team of the meteorologists. The automatic severe weather alert system of the station immediately warns the citizens about any kind of harsh weather conditions in the area. The application also has an option of customizing the app according to the user’s own liking. Also, the user can also save his favorite topics for later reading and watching live KVUE live stream.

KVUE News Team

The dedicated team of news anchors offers their valuable services to the citizens of Austin, Texas. They are always the first to reach the incident site and gather information as quickly as possible. Austin people tune to KVUE news first for the latest updates, then move to some other station. The team thinks of the community as family and delivers the most accurate report. KVUE News Team consists of a trusted group of people that are highly qualified with notable degrees in hands. They earn what they have now with years of experience and dedication. Brittany Flowers, Hank Cavagnaro, Jake Garcia, Emily Giangreco, Daranesha Herron, and Shane Hinton are the top-rated news personalities in the KVUE News Austin.

Hannah Rucker: Weekend Daybreak News Anchor at ABC Austin

Hannah RuckerHannah Rucker is a capable news personality at KVUE Austin, reporting important events in Austin and its nearby areas since February 2020. She loves to interact with people whether she visits a grocery store or knock on the doors down a shingled road. Her skill set consists of producing, editing, writing, anchoring the programs, and running the live shots. Rucker earned her reputation in the journalism career with years of grinding. Her career list includes a vast number of jobs.

Rucker’s Professional Life

Hannah did her graduation BS in Mass Communications, Electronic Media with a Minor in Psychology from Texas State University in 2016; however, she stepped into the career life way before that in June 210 when Hanna joined Forever 21 as a Sales Associate. Rucker did several small jobs for almost a year, including Administrative Assistant at Anthony & Middlebrook in June 2010, Hostess and Cashier at Babes Chicken Dinner House in October 2010, and Administrative Assistant at Churchill Residential, Inc. in June 2011. Later, in August 2011, Hannah became a Social Media Consultant at Concept7Photo, where she constructed and implemented several marketing programs of the company.

In August 2013, Rucker joined Roscoe Properties, where she used to show the potential customers various facilities and appealing lifestyle as a Leasing Agent. However, at the same time, Rucker landed her first job in journalism career in KTSW-FM 89.9 as a Segment Producer and News Reporter. At KTSW, she used to reach 55000 people in Texas, wrote & edit several articles and produce segments. After completing a five-month internship as a News Reporter at KXAN-TV in January 2016, Hannah became a part of Nexstar Media Group as an Anchor and Reporter in October 2017. Rucker used to host six programs every weekend, write web stories, produce content, and aid field reporters. Currently, she is working in ABC Austin Texas as a host and reporter since Feb 2020. It is almost one year, and she seems to be having quite a liking to her new job.

KVUE News building
KVUE Studio Office, located at 3201 Steck Ave Austin | Source: Flickr

Mike Marut: Journalist at KVUE News

Mike MarutMike Marut is among the professional multi-journalists at KVUE Austin TX, who has been serving the Texas community for more than one year. He has years of experience in demonstrating excellent reporting skills as a talented morning news anchor and reporter. Moreover, he has a robust background in several professional skills such as News Writing, Adobe Premier, Videography, Audio Editing, and Journalism.

Marut completed the studies at Northwestern University in Broadcast Journalism in 2016. However, he started working as a Salesman at Jamba Juice in April 2011.

Later, he joined Northwestern University as a PA Announcer in 2012. Eventually, got a chance at Big Ten Digital Network as a Cameraman, Broadcaster, and Roleplay Operator in October 2012. In December 2013, Mike started working as a Columnist and Sports Editor at The Quad. Eventually, he joined CBS Radio as a Sports Department Intern in May 2014.

By March 2015, Marut had already started an internship at WBOY, where he used to conduct reports on several newsworthy events in West Virginia’s north-central area. In March 2011, Mike became a Cameraman, Producer, and Broadcaster at The Cube – Share Events. After working there for almost five years, Marut joined KTVL News Channel 10 as a Reporter and Mornings News Anchor. He began a TV series called Community Character, focusing on the community people who are doing good deeds but aren’t getting any acknowledgment. In October 2019, Mike started working as a Multi-Skilled Journalist at KVUE News.

KVUE Weather Services

KVUE Weather department serves the Austin community with all the latest weather technology, including KVUE Weather Radar, KVUE SKY Cams, and KVUE Maps. Moreover, KVUE Radar gives comprehensive weather reports, including wind movement, rain prediction, snow prediction, and temperatures. Plus, KVUE Weather Radar also offers severe weather alerts of flood, marine, tornado, and winter. Viewers can watch the KVUE Radar in both earth style and road style. KVUE Allergy section tells the amount of pollen in the air. Plus, KVUE Allergy also forecasts pollen count in the region, which can be really helpful for those who are allergic to dust.

KVUE News van
Satellite Van KVUE News | Courtesy: facebook page

KVUE Weather Team

KVUE Weather team consists of exceptionally talented and professional weather personalities. The station’s weather team delivers its best services to the people and does thorough research on the Austin region’s daily weather conditions. Their forecast seems to have a significant impact on the community as they trust what they predict about the climate and plan their day accordingly. Furthermore, their weekend schedules are also based on the KVUE Weather team’s prediction and reporting. Aside from providing weather information like rain prediction, hurricane reports, tropical updates, severe weather alerts, the KVUE Weather team also provides a KVUE Allergy report that tells the Austin community about the pollen count in the area. Erica Lopez (the chief meteorologist) and Mariel Ruiz are famous meteorologists in the KVUE Weather group.

Mariel Ruiz: Morning Weather Anchor at KVUE Weather

Mariel RuizRuiz is a CBM from the American Meteorological Society that she earned for her remarkable weather services in October 2017. She started working for the KVUE Weather in September 2019 as a Morning Meteorologist and since then has covered tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, floods, and snow events. She has witnessed a lot of extreme weather both on-field and in a studio, including the transmission of Hurricane Florence’s record-breaking rainfall.

Mariel Ruiz did her graduation degree in BS Meteorology from Texas A&M University in 2014. However, she started a weather Broadcast Internship at The CW/DC50 TV in June 2012. Later, in 2013, Ruiz joined National Weather Service as a Student Volunteer. Then, she started working at Texas A&M University as Bilingual Reading and Math Tutor in August 2010. Ruiz became a part of KWES News in May 2014 as a Morning Meteorologist. Eventually, Mariel started working at THV11 as a Meteorologist in June 2016 and Morning weather personality in Feb 2018. Currently, Ruiz got an opportunity at KVUE weather as a full-time Morning Meteorologist. She conducts daily forecasts crafted b KVUE Radar, pollen reports through KVUE allergy technology, and other weather services.

Hunter Williams: Experienced Meteorologist at KVUE Weather

Hunter WilliamsHunter Williams is a talented weather anchor and reporter at KVUE Austin Weather, providing KVUE Weather forecast, KVUE Allergy report, and other climate-related information. Williams closely reads the KVUE Weather radar and predicts how the weather will be all day. Hunter became a part of the station’s exclusive weather team in January 2020. Before that, Williams was a part of the KVUE’s sibling WMAZ Macon. While serving WMAZ, Hunter reported Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Irma, and many other severe weather events. Williams also possesses a seal of approval of Certified Broadcast Meteorologist from AMS (American Meteorological Society).

Hunter Williams first decided to pursue the Weather career on 27 April 2011 when he witnessed the historic tornado outbreak in his hometown in Alabama. Williams remembers sitting on the floor watching the live transmission of the EF-4 Tornado in Tuscaloosa as it rampaged through the entire town. This specific event transformed him totally and made him passionate about the weather. Hunter completed his BS in Meteorology from Penn State University. When not reporting weather, Williams can occasionally be spotted on local trails running & hiking and loves to play basketball.

KVUE Programming Schedule

KVUE Austin brings all the latest TV programs ranging from the Entertainment show American Idol to General discussion ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. The coverage is available for all age-groups. The network’s entertainment section can amuse the kids and children, whereas its other discussion program targets adults and political geeks. Aside from local cable networks (Xfinity, AT&T), satellite networks, and over-the-air, KVUE services are also available on various streaming platforms such as Roku and livenewsglobe via KVUE live stream.

Hannah Rucker briefing news updates
Hannah Rucker briefing news updates

American Idol: Reality Competition Show

Megastar judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Ryan are on a hunt for new rising talents around the country with a spice of Disney magic on KVUE News. The show’s cheerful host and Emmy Winner Ryan Seacrest anchor the amazing series to walk beside these potential idols toward stardom. Until Now, American Idol has been nominated for 57 Emmy Awards and claimed 8 of them, including the 2016 Prestigious Governors Awards. Not to mention, 1 Academy Award, 2 Golden Globes, and 13 Grammy awards for its talented discoveries, among several other accolades.

American Idol has revolutionized the music industry and effectively launched the careers of many big names such as Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson. So far, American Idols talents have sold above 257m albums, including 47 platinum records and 95 Golden. Furthermore, its contestants have earned around 444 Billboard No. 1 hit and received 257m digital downloads.

American Idol is a US singing reality competition originally introduced by Simon Fuller, produced by 19 Entertainment & Fremantle North America, and circulated by Fremantle North America. Its first 15 seasons were broadcasted on Fox network from 11 June 2002 to 7 April 2016. Later, the series revived on 11 March 2018 on ABC Network. Watch the show’s exclusive episodes on mobile phone via KVUE live stream.

American Idol Reality Competition Show
American Idol Reality Competition Show | Courtesy: official website

The Good Doctor: An American TV Series

The Good Doctor is a US medical TV series bases on the Korean drama of the same name. A young doctor Shaun Murphy with autism and savant syndrome uses his God-gifted medical skills at the surgical unit of St. Bonaventure Hospital. Along with strengthening his romantic relationship with Lea, he will continue to tackle the latest duties as a 4rth-year resident when the medical unit asked him to lead a new group of residents to test his ability in various ways. In the meantime, the team will face the uncertainty and pressure of dealing with the Coronavirus that has shaken the world to its core.

The Good Doctor features Freddie Highmore (Dr. Shaun Murphy), Paige Spara (Lea Dilallo), Antonia Thomas (Dr. Claire Browne), Will Lun Lee (Dr. Alex Park), Christina Chang (Dr. Audrey Lim), Hill Harper (Dr. Marcus Andews), and Fiona Gubelmann (Dr. Morganb Reznick). The TV program is a signature ABC series and distributed by Sony Picture Television and Disney. Catch it online over the channel’s official website via KVUE live stream.

KVUE TV Schedule Table

Here is the table containing the list of all the TV programs airing on KVUE News that is available to watch on different local cable networks through KVUE live stream.

Jimmy Kimmel LiveThe Good DoctorThe BachelorKVUE News Nightbeat
Entertainment TonightABC News NightlineLive With Kelly and RyanLast Man Standing
America This MorningABC World News NowKVUE News DaybreakDaily Blast Live
GMA3: What You Need to KnowKVUE Midday NewsGeneral HospitalKVUE Midday News
The Ellen DeGeneres ShowInside EditionExtraBoomtown: Pushing Past the Pandemic
ABC World News Tonight With David MuirMixed-ishTo Tell the TruthBlack-ish
KVUE News NightbeatSoul of a NationThe Ellen DeGeneres ShowAmerican Housewife
The GoldbergsCall Your MotherThe ConnersThe Con
Celebrity Wheel of FortuneOutback Adventures with Tim Faulkner20/20Shark Tank
Oh Baby!The ChaseSportsCenterSea Rescue
Ocean Treks With Jeff CorwinGood Morning America SaturdayDFL SoccerUFC Live
Inside Edition WeekendKVUE News at 6:00 p.m.American IdolAmerican Ninja Warrior Texas Country Reporter
In Touch With Dr. Charles StanleyThis Week With George StephanopoulosThe Undefeated Presents: A Room of Our OwnESPN Presents

About KVUE TV Austin

Channel 24 started programming for the first time on 21 September 1971. It originally used to work under the ownership of Center Broadcasting Co. of Center, Texas. KVUE Austin was the only full-time ABC affiliate network in the market. In 1978, KVUE News Austin moved from Center Broadcasting to the Universal Communication. It was the renowned broadcasting media of The Detroit News. Later in 1968, Gannet Company purchased The Detroit News. It transferred the ownership of KVUE live stream under Gannet.

In 1999, Belo Corporation came in and exchanged KVUE News Austin in place of KXTV from Gannet Broadcasting. Before this, Belo used to operate TXCN (Texas Cable News). After adding KVUE into its broadcasting assets, Texas Cable News could offer news & information services from the largest four cities of Texas. On 13 June 2013, Gannet bought Belo corporation for 1.5m dollars, the deal again made KVUE News Austin the property. This move made KVUE a sibling network of KXTV in Sacramento.

Mike Rush with Mike Rush at KVUE Studio
Mike Rush with Mike Rush | Courtesy: KVUE website

KVUE claimed a Peabody Award in 2014 for the documentary “The Cost of Troubled Mind.” It was all about addressing mental health situation and how to take care of it.

Later, Gannet Company divided into two sub-companies on 29 June 2015, one would handle the print media, and others would focus on digital and broadcast media. The second company, Tegna Inc, acquired Channel 24 Austin.

KVUE’s Features

Boomtown 2040 by KVUE Austin proudly focuses on a campaign devoted to Central Texas development: general affordability, the cost of housing, transportation, industry, jobs, and the effect of changes on the area’s unique culture. The KVUE’s Medical Device Dangers is a service presented by Terri Gruci, a KVUE Defenders reporter, who looks into the possible dangers of medical devices. Our Homeless: Struggle on the Streets by ABC Austin is an initiative by the station to go out and talk and photograph the homeless people in Austin. Together with Lorenz & Lorenz and KVUE presents Scholar-Athlete of the Month service to help promote talented student-athletes who get it done in the classroom, on the court, and on the field.

Availability of the station

Different US cable operators provide ABC Austin’s services at CH 3 on Grande Communications, Suddenlink, and Charter Spectrum.


  • ABC
  • Circle
  • Estrella TV
  • Quest
  • Justice Network
Albert Ramon at studio
Albert Ramon at studio | Source: official website

Digitalization of KVUE

KVUE Austin TX, cut off its analog transmission on 17 February 2009 following the FCC-imposed transition from analog to digital transmission for full-power TV networks. The date was, however, changed to 12 June by the Congress. KVUE’s digital transmission continued its pre-transition UHF CH 33 using Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) to show the station’s virtual CH as 24 on digital TV receivers.

KVUE News Services

KVUE Austin currently telecasts 31 hours of locally produced news programs every week, including 5 hours each on Monday to Friday, 3 hours each on Weekends. On 1 June 2008, KVUE started using HD services for its newscast. With the conversion, ABC Austin became the first Austin area TV service in the market to use HD weather graphics and telecast field reports in the widescreen format, i.e., 16:9 ratio.

The network also focuses on local sports coverage. It is home to “Texas Longhorn Football” and “High School Sports.” Tune in to the station at Time Warner Cable CH 12 and experience the regional doppler radar and breaking news service round the clock. The channel also features “Boomtown 2040,” which shows how Texas would look by 2040. KVUE News Austin studios are situated in Steck Avenue, northwest Austin. The transmitter for live streaming of the channel is installed in downtown Austin’s West Austin Antenna Farm.

Tel: +1 512-459-2025
Tower Location: in downtown Austin’s West Austin Antenna Farm
Brand Name: KVUE
KVUE News Austin coverage map
KVUE Coverage Map | Source:
SourceKVUE News
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