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KVUE News Austin

See local news from Texas capital with another perspective by ABC Austin

KTUE News logoKVUE News Austin is an ABC affiliate TV broadcaster that serves the entire area of Austin, Texas. The channel operates under the ownership of Tegna Inc. KVUE is the popular source of regional news, sports content, and weather updates in Austin county. With the slogan “Where Trust is Earned,” the network works for the rights of the community and telecasts authentic local news in town.

Ask anything from the team of “KVUE Defenders,” they would try best to answer your query. Channel’s weather service includes high-precise “interactive radar” for accurate Weather forecasting, its “sky cams” drones give the aerial view of the region. Cams also show traffic view to get to know the traffic conditions in town. The channel is available to watch on a satellite network and cable services. However, it can also be accessed on the official website and mobile app through KVUE live stream.

Watch KVUE News Austin Live Streaming

The station offers round the clock KVUE live streaming to its local and international viewers. Watch a live stream and don’t miss any headline and breaking news from Austin.

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The network also focuses on local sports coverage. It is home to “Texas Longhorn Football” and “High School Sports.” Tune in to the station at Time Warner Cable CH 12 and experience the regional doppler radar and breaking news service round the clock. The channel also features “Boomtown 2040,” which shows how Texas would look by 2040. KVUE News Austin studios are situated in Steck Avenue, northwest Austin. The transmitter for live streaming of the channel is installed in downtown Austin’s West Austin Antenna Farm.

KVUE News Austin studio
KVUE News Austin studio | Credits: official website

Availability of the station

Different US cable operators provide ABC Austin’s services at CH 3 on Grande Communications, Suddenlink, and Charter Spectrum.


  • ABC
  • Circle
  • Estrella TV
  • Quest
  • Justice Network

Station’s App

ABC Austin news app brings the latest newscast and weather conditions in the Austin and nearby regions. The app delivers the breaking news related to the Austin community, local events, interactive doppler radar, and KVUE live stream. With the slogan ‘Where trust is earned,’ read the exciting stories and get the quick notifications of the latest news.  catch the breaking news as soon as it happens. Moreover, users can also browse through several photos, raw videos, and clips.

KVUE News building
KVUE Studio Office, located at 3201 Steck Ave Austin | Source: Flickr

ABC Austin Weather service delivers round the clock weather news to the community. It provides hourly and daily weather forecast of the area. All the weather reports are provided by the experienced team of the meteorologists. The automatic severe weather alert system of the station immediately warns the citizens about any kind of harsh weather conditions in the area. The application also has an option of customizing the app according to the user’s own liking. Also, the user can also save his favorite topics for later reading and watching live KVUE live stream.

News Team

The dedicated team of news anchors offers their valuable services to the citizens of Austin, Texas.

Weather Team

KVUE Weather team delivers its best service to the people and does thorough research on the Austin region’s daily weather conditions.

About KVUE TV Austin

Channel 24 started programming for the first time on 21 September 1971. It originally used to work under the ownership of Center Broadcasting Co. of Center, Texas. KVUE Austin was the only full-time ABC affiliate network in the market.

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In 1978, KVUE News Austin moved from Center Broadcasting to the Universal Communication. It was the renowned broadcasting media of The Detroit News. Later in 1968, Gannet Company purchased The Detroit News. It transferred the ownership of KVUE live stream under Gannet.

Mike Rush with Mike Rush at KVUE Studio
Mike Rush with Mike Rush | Courtesy: KVUE website

In 1999, Belo Corporation came in and exchanged KVUE News Austin in place of KXTV from Gannet Broadcasting. Before this, Belo used to operate TXCN (Texas Cable News). After adding KVUE into its broadcasting assets, Texas Cable News could offer news & information services from the largest four cities of Texas. On 13 June 2013, Gannet bought Belo corporation for 1.5m dollars, the deal again made KVUE News Austin the property. This move made KVUE a sibling network of KXTV in Sacramento.

KVUE claimed a Peabody Award in 2014 for the documentary “The Cost of Troubled Mind.” It was all about addressing mental health situation and how to take care of it.

Later, Gannet Company divided into two sub-companies on 29 June 2015, one would handle the print media, and others would focus on digital and broadcast media. The second company, Tegna Inc, acquired Channel 24 Austin.


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Tel: +1 512-459-2025
Tower Location: in downtown Austin’s West Austin Antenna Farm
Brand Name: KVUE

KVUE News Austin coverage map
KVUE Coverage Map | Source:

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