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KWTV-DT News 9 OKC logoKWTV-DT, a CBS-affiliated tv channel, giving services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. The brand name of the station is News 9, whereas the call sign of the channel is World’s Tallest Video. The slogan of News 9 OKC is Oklahoma’s Own. Griffin Communications (Griffin Licensing, LLC) is the owner of Oklahoma News 9. Watch the News 9 OKC live stream on the official website and the YouTube channel of the station. KWTV-DT features the latest news, health, technology, sports, entertainment, and much more.

KWTV-DT’s Brand Focus shares the stories of the great companies in society. Under the 168 Day campaign, the channel remembered those who killed such as Frances Fran Ann Williams. Moreover, under the Medical Marijuana section, the Channel 9 News team share all related stories about Marijuana. Educate Oklahoma is an initiative that shares statewide stories of teachers and students to spread education. The crime reporters make coverage of all the crimes happening in the city under the crime section. One can also update himself about the earthquake details happening in the city.

KWTV 9 Live Stream

You can watch the News 9 OKC live stream on the official website and YouTube channel. Furthermore, you can get the live stream of the channel by installing the app from the play store. KWTV 9 features all the breaking news, entertainment, politics, sports, and much more. Likewise, you can watch News 9 OKC below for free.

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KWTV 9 News Team

News 9 OKC loaded with the most experienced and professional news team. The news anchors of Oklahoma News 9 exclusively share the stories in their unique way for viewers. Anchors such as Kelly Ogle, Alex Cameron, and Lisa Monahan are a mixture of experienced and young blood in the field. Using their expert opinions, they intellectually debate the common issues of the city. You can also update yourself about the school closings and openings during the pandemic.

KWTV-DT News 9 OKC Weather Team

KWTV DT News 9 weather team logoJust like the news team, the meteorologist of Channel 9 OKC is also efficient and skillful. The weather team accurately forecasts the weather of Oklahoma City using their experience and latest radar. Weather is a big part of routine life in Oklahoma and nearby regions, so the channel shares useful tips to keep kids safe during storms. For this reason, the channel teamed up to bring a Virtual Wild Weather Camp under chief meteorologist David Payne. The weather team of News 9 OKC under the leadership of David Payne tried to aware people of various types of severe weather in the state and things to do when it happens.

Weather Services of KWTV-DT

KWTV-DT is using the latest weather technologies and services such as weather cameras, Doppler radar for providing accurate forecasting. Furthermore, the NextGen Live Radar offers the ability to add layers of your choice for a better interface. Likewise, the weather app facilitates mobile users to stay aware of their city’s latest weather changes. The following are some most prominent weather services of the TV station.

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NextGen Live Radar

News 9 OKC uses the NextGen live radar to give access to the same radar info as David Payne and the News 9 weather crew. It will provide the ability to select layers of your choice to view with its efficient user interface. To view News 9 OKC radar statewide and countrywide, use the new National Radar of the channel.

Air Comfort SKYCAM Network

The real-time cameras of News 9 display the latest camera images. These images update every ten seconds. The twenty-four-hour Time-Lapse shows footage of the last twenty-four-hours and updates them every fifteen minutes.

Bus Stop Forecast

For taking the morning bus ride to school or afternoon ride home, and you need rain gear. You need to tune-in to KWTV to watch Jed, and the Bus Stop Forecast at 06:15 am weekday mornings. Likewise, you can also find the traffic map of Oklahoma on the website of tv station. The map shows the complete and detailed situation of the state w.r.t traffic.

Stay 9 Ahead of the Storm with Chief Meteorologist David Payne

Tornado watch used to alert the citizens of Oklahoma to the possibility of tornado development. A Tornado Warning issued when a tornado actually cited or indicated on KWTV Radar. One can save his and his dear one’s lives by acting fast on the alerts. Payne shares several useful tips in his weather program to save lives in severe weather conditions.

KWTV-DT Newscasters
KWTV-DT Newscasters | Source: official website

Stay Safe During Storm Season by Installing the News 9 Weather App

Bring the KWTV News 9 weather team with you wherever you go by installing the News 9 Weather app. You can get the latest weather forecasts, alerts, radars, videos, and weather blogs from David Payne and other weather experts. The app is also an authentic source for breaking news, sports, developing stories, and live video. The following are the key features of the News 9 OKC weather app.

  • Receive severe weather alerts through push notification during life-threatening weather conditions,
  • The app will automatically wake up with alerts, even when it is close.
  • One can receive alerts from boundless locations – parents, kids, vacation homes, etc.
  • Also, watch the accurate weather forecasts when you miss the Television broadcast.

Programs of KWTV-DT 9

KWTV-DT 9 News OKC currently broadcasts the maximum of the CBS network schedule. The TV station may anticipate some CBS programs to deliver long-form breaking news alerts or severe weather coverage when needed. The channel decided not to continue airing the telethon for September 2011 broadcast, when it reduced from its original 21.5-hour format to a 6-hour primetime telecast. Therefore, the channel is broadcasting a huge variety of interesting and informative programs. Here below are some popular programs of KWTV-DT. However, you can watch them according to the KWTV schedule.

United Voice Oklahoma

The team of United Voice Oklahoma is working under the flag of KWTV to make a single voice of the county. They also organize several programs to promote the voice of Black Americans. Black artists use to perform are different shows held under the United Voice Oklahoma leadership. They are going positive on the track to achieve their goal.

Covering the Capitol: Unemployment in Oklahoma

After the worldwide situation of lockdown and pandemic, especially in the United States, the unemployment rate increases automatically. News 9 OKC is leading the issue from the front by shaping many events and shows to lessen the unemployment rate in Oklahoma City. The channel aims to create jobs and let needy people know about them.

Popular Programs of KWTV-DT News 9 OKC

Oklahoma’s Own First and Football The Late Show with Stephen Colbert The Late Show with James Corden Entertainment Tonight
CBS Overnight News Dr. Phil My Mooching Mom Has 5 Months to Get a Life News 9 This Morning: Early Edition Live with Kelly and Ryan
The Young and the Restless The Bold and the Beautiful Dr. Phil A Teen Missing 399 Days: Was She Being Kept Prisoner? MacGyver Right + Wrong + Both + Neither
60 Minutes Red Flag/ Talking to the Past The Late Late Show with James Corden CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley Now Showing! / Standing Tall/ History Under Glass/ Less Lethal? / Animal Magnetism/ Olivia Newton-John Military Makeover Harvey-Woodruff Family
Mission Unstoppable A Super-Hero, Some Super-Soil and Several Super-Shrimp! Pet Vet Dream Team Hopping into Health News 9 Saturday Morning Edition The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Best Friends Furever With Kel Mitchell City Slickin’ Chicken Hope in the Wild Hope Goes to Bat for a Bat 48 Hours the Life and Death of Amie Harwick The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Cat Shelves

Channel’s Overview

News 9 initially started its services in December 1953 for the people of Oklahoma. A growing and dynamic Oklahoma-owned and operated company reached more than 90% of Oklahoma households with KWTV services. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the licensing authority of KWTV News 9 and using facility ID 25382. As of September 2018, the channel broadcasts 39.5-hours of locally produced newscasts every week.

Studios and Transmitter of KWTV News

KWTV-DT is part of a duopoly with KSBI with the affiliation of My NetworkTV. News 9 OKC and KSBI share studios on 74th Street and Kelley Avenue in northeast Oklahoma City. Whereas, the transmitter of the channel located between the John Kilpatrick Turnpike and 122nd Street.

KWTV-DT News 9 OKC building
7401 N Kelley AveOklahoma City, OK 73111 | Courtesy:

Cable and Dish Network Services of KWTV 9

On cable, KWTV-DT News is available on channel 10 of Cox Communications and AT&T U-verse channels 9 in SD. The stream is also available in high definition on channels 710 and 1009 in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Either it is available on channel 9 on most of the cable systems within the Oklahoma City DMA. Similarly, one can also watch the Oklahoma News 9 on satellite providers DirecTV and Dish Network.

Affiliations of KWTV 9 News

Following are the affiliations of KWTV 9 News:

  • CBS (since 1953)
  • News 9 Now (since 2011)
Tel: 405-843-6641
Tower Location: located between 122nd Street and the John Kilpatrick Turnpike
Brand Name: News 9

Coverage Map

KWTV Weather coverage map
KWTV Weather coverage map | Source:
SourceNews 9

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