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KWWL News LogoKWWL News is a Cedar Rapids-licensed TV news channel that operates at Virtual CH 7 under the umbrella of Allen Media Broadcasting. NBC Cedar Rapids is an NBC affiliate service that serves the entire Eastern Iowa TV market including Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Iowa City, and Waterloo. Allen Media Broadcasting is further works under the management of Entertainment Studios located in Los Angeles. KWWL News Waterloo Iowa uses the brand name News 7 KWWL or KWWL News for its newscast. However, the network serves the audience with the slogan We’ve Got You Covered. Watch the channel live on local cable, over the antenna, and at kwwl.com. The station is home to Cedar Rapids News, KWWL Weather, Coronavirus Coverage, KWWL Sports, Things To Do, and many other local services.

Find KWWL Cancellations, KWWL weather forecast, weather cameras, KWWL Weather Radar, Schnack’s Weather Blog, KWWL closings, and Alerts Radar,  on the KWWL Weather section. Moreover, the audience can also get KWWL 7-day forecast, weather services alerts, Derecho, River Levels, Surviving The Storm, and Road Conditions at KWWL weather. KWWL Radar presents the layer-by-layer weather conditions not only in Iowa but also in Waterloo and other nearby areas. In its Things To Do section, viewers can explore Community Calendar, Mr. Food Recipes, Contests, Tools for Schools, KWWL Virtual Tour, The Salvation Army, and KWWL Sponsored Events.

KWWL Live Stream

Live Stream is a wonderful way of watching Television anywhere in the world with the help of just a handheld device. Whether you use a cellphone or loves to spend time with your laptop, you can enjoy the channel live stream on either of your devices with just a single tap. Thanks to Live News Globe, you can enjoy HD transmission without any buffering, and annoying ads. Feel free to let us know if the stream doesn’t load properly or isn’t working at all.

KWWL Live Stream Schedule

Find below the live stream schedule of KWWL News.

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Sr. ShowsDaysTime
1.KWWL NewsMon-Fri/Saturday/ Sunday4:30 a.m. – 7 a.m./8 a.m. – 9 a.m. /6 a.m. – 7 a.m. & 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.
2. KWWL News at NoonMon-Fri12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
3. KWWL News at FiveSun-Fri5 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
4. KWWL News at SixMon-Sat6 p.m. – 6:30 p.m
5. KWWL News at TenWhole Week10 p.m. – 10:35 p.m.

General FAQs

What happened to Ally Crutcher?

Ally Crutcher has left the KWWL News since June 2020. She is now working as an Account Executive at Community Impact Newspaper where she started as a journalist in June 2020. Ally was an excellent journalist at the station who used to co-present the show Today in Iowa. Crutcher became a part of this wonderful squad in May 2013 and served the channel for 7 years and 2 months. During that time, she has covered multiple major events in Cedar Rapids. It was one of the best career moments in her life. Ally attended the University of Missouri School of Journalism from 2009 to 2013 and completed her BS in Radio and Television.

Did Rick Coleman leave KWWL? What happened to Rick Coleman?

No Rick Coleman is still a part of the channel’s sports team and leading the squad as a Sports Director. Coleman is one of the oldest members of the station’s news team who started covering the KWWL sports transmission in July 1987. It has been now more than 34 years and Rick seems to be doing perfectly fine at Cedar Rapids’ one of the popular news stations. Who would have thought that an Engineering Alumni of the University of Iowa will stick to Journalism for this long? There aren’t many journalists out there who can boast about this. Coleman is an inspiration to other TV journalists.

What channel is KWWL on Mediacom?

Medicom provides the station’s programming and NBC coverage in Cedar Rapids at CH 7 (in standard table) and CH 16.12 (in QAM Channel). Mediacom is a cable service not only in Cedar Rapids but the entire Iowa City community.

Did Rachael Peart leave?

Rachael Peart Story

Yes, Rachael Peart has left the channel’s since September 2018. She is now working as a full-time meteorologist at 13News Now in Norfolk, Virginia. Rachael joined the news team at WVEC 13 News Now in October 2018. Peart was a talented Noon and Weekend Morning Meteorologist at KWWL weather who covered many severe weather events while serving Iowa. Some of the wonderful stories that she reported at KWWL weather are: reported the record-breaking flood in Iowa in September 2016, increased wall-to-wall tornado transmission with the Facebook live service, multi-analyzed KWWL weather forecast with the help of WSI Max graphics, and managed more than 5 social media accounts for regular weather reporting for digital users.

How old is Abby Turpin? Who is Leaving KWWL?

Abby Turpin didn’t share any information regarding her age on social media. Turpin works as an Executive Producer and Main Anchor at the station. She co-presents the 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm news service of a weeknight. However, there are rumors hitting the surface that she is going to leave the station in the coming September. She will be missed at the KWWL News Waterloo Iowa and the team will never forget her efforts in making this community a better place.

How old is Amanda Goodman?

Amanda goodman’ didn’t reveal her age to the fan. It seems she doesn’t want people to know how old is she. Goodman joined the channel in 2013 and left the station in 2017 after serving it for more than 4 years. Goodman served the Texas and North Carolina region for almost 10 years. Moreover, Amanda has also worked at West Texas A&M as a journalism instructor.

How old is Ron Steele?

Ron Steele Age

Ron Steele is a news anchor at KWWL news whose age is 71 years as of 2021. He was born in 1950 in the Washington City of Iowa. Steele is the oldest team member of the station who joined the channel’s news team in 1974 and still has been working in the channel with great determination. Ron has created a history of NBC Cedar Rapids over the years. Ron has covered some of the world’s greatest stories. He conducted a report on a Whitehouse when American soldiers, captived in Iran, stepped into US soil. Moreover, he was also a part of the Persian Gulf War, when Desert Shielf suddenly turned into Desert Storm.

Is Eileen Loan left?

Eileen Loan has left the KWWL Weather on 31 March 2020. She served the channel as a meteorologist for 16 great years. The day when Eileen left the channel, the KWWL weather team hosted a goodbye party for her. Loan has covered much of the weather at the station over the years and reported several severe weather events in Cedar Rapids. Eileen is now enjoying a simple life being a mother and wife. She is giving time to her family which she couldn’t give when working.

KWWL News Team

News Team is the main driver in any news channel and so for the KWWL TV. The channel has excellent team members including Daniel Winn, Ron Steele, Taylor Vessel, Travis Breese, Alaina Kwan, Michele White, and Collin Dorsey. They communicate well with the other team members and viewers. Moreover, they are technically proficient, have wonderful investigation skills, possess an exceptional personality, are good team players, and are versatile in nature. KWWL News Team covers everything from a little crim story on the street to the big White House Tantrum. Moreover, the team always stays on top during the election year and provides the most accurate results to the public in a timely manner.

Taylor Vessel: Anchor at KWWL News

Taylor VesselTaylor Vessel is a news anchor, reporter and multimedia journalist at NBC Cedar Rapids. Vessel has been a writer and a storyteller since he first learned to read. Taylor has also been actively narrating stories for the 6 years of the people residing in the Midwest. It is his mission to tell as many stories as he can, especially the ones that are exceptional. At KWWL TV, Taylor has pitched, created, and edited content for Television. Moreover, he has also compiled and published blogs for the channel’s website along with fostering relations with public relations management. Vessel started a job at KWWL News in May 2018. Taylor completed his education at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale at BS Radio, TV, and Digital Communication, Senior.

Alongside KWWL News, Taylor is also a Freelance Marketing Assistant at Southern Illinois University Press. He recently became a part of the University in June 2021. Before this, she was a Multimedia Journalist and Assistant Producer at WSIL News from August 2017 to May 2018. There she researched and pithed content to the station’s editing squad. Furthermore, Taylor was also responsible for writing and filming exciting reports, along with helping with several web content tasks.

Live Coverage Studio KWWL News
Live Coverage Studio KWWL News | Courtesy: Facebook Page

From February 2016 to February 2017, Vessel was a content Producer at WSIU News. Eventually, she was promoted to Assistant News Director in February 2017 and then left the channel in May 2018, after serving it for 1 year and 4 months. Her non-media jobs include Bookseller at Barnes & Noble, Associate Trainer at Panera Bread Co., and Manufacturer at Aisin Electronics.

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Storm Track 7 Team

Storm Track 7 Team LogoKWWL Weather team includes the most talented squad of meteorologists who are ready to chase the weather anywhere, anytime. The team includes Mark Schnackenberg, Joi Betternhausen, Kyle Kiel, and Brandon Libby. These four people are responsible for handling the weather and climate conditions in Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, and other nearby areas. Moreover, they also manage the KWWL Radar and track the weather conditions based on it. Some of them have earned a Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society for their remarkable weather reporting.

Brandon Libby: Weekend Meteorologist at KWWL Weather

Brandon LibbyBrandon Libby serves as the station’s weekend evening and noon weather personality who has been a part of the KWWL Weather team since June 2019. Libby’s duties include forecasting, presenting, engaging, producing, and concise weather reports. Moreover, Brandon tells a story and connects with the audience, develops content and media for the on-air telecast, digital broadcast, and social media pages. Brandon is from California and that is where he took the passion for weather since Califonia is popular for warm temperatures, abundant sunshine, and dangerous thunderstorms. Brandon Libby understands how to operate KWWL Radar and presents the most accurate weather forecast to the public.

Before joining KWWL Weather, Brandon Libby was a Weather Reporter and Weekend Meteorologist at KIMT News from May 2016 to June 2019. Brandon took the start of his career at KMSP News as an Internee from May 2015 to August 2015. There, he used to help other weather reporters in creating daily weather forecasts as well as weekly. Moreover, Libby also used to prepare media for the weathercast presentation with the help of WSI’s TruVi Max program. Brandon took the degree in Meteorology at Iowa State University in 2016.

KWWL News Mobile Apps

NBC Cedar Rapids offers a couple of mobile apps for the user’s convenience. It’s KWWL News App focusing entirely on Cedar Rapids News, National/International News, KWWL Breaking News, KWWL Weather, KWWL Sports, and more. Storm Track7 app provides all the latest KWWL weather news, offers many other weather-related services such as KWWL Cancellations, KWWL Weather Forecast, Current Conditions, Road Conditions, KWWL Radar, KWWL School Closings, KWWL 7 Day Forecast, and Surviving the Storm.

KWWL Popular Shows

The following is the complete list of TV shows broadcasting from Monday to Sunday on KWWL News. The list consists of Access Daily, Wheel of Fortune, KWWL News at Noon, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Teen Kids News. You can watch these programs on different live-streaming apps, and websites.

The Wall Mikail and Shakira Late Night With Seth Meyers American Ninja Warrior Semifinals 4 KWWL News at 10:00 p.m.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Access Daily Early Today KWWL Early Today in Iowa
Today With Hoda and Jenna Days of Our Lives Jeopardy! KWWL News at Noon
25 Words or Less Wheel of Fortune Great American Cities NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt America’s Got Talent
College Bowl Semifinals 1 Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Set Up Chicago Med I Will Come to Save You Family Game Fight The Life Savers vs. The A+ Team
1st Look This Week in AgriBusiness Wild Child Chilly With the Family Lift Innovate: Willing 2 Win
NFL Football Teen Kids News One Team: The Power of Sports NASCAR Auto Racing
American Ninja Warrior Venice Qualifying Open House The World’s Funniest Weather That Wind-Blown Look Nazareth Lutheran Church
The Steele Report Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympic Games Hope City Church Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympic Games

About KWWL News Waterloo Iowa

KWWL TV first hit the air on 29 November 1953 on the day of Thanksgiving. When FCC decided to launch CH 7 in Waterloo, there were two major broadcasting companies that time in the area: Black Hawk Broadcasting and Sonderling Broadcasting. After an intense fight between the two, the license was finally granted to Black Hawk Broadcasting. The original affiliate partners of KWWL News were NBC Network and DuMont Network. The channel was also an affiliate of NTA Film Network in the late fifties for a short moment of time.

Tel: 319-291-1200
Website: https://www.kwwl.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kwwl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KWWL7/
Tower Location: North of Rowley, Iowa, a city in Buchanan County
Brand Name: KWWL

Coverage Map

KWWL News Coverage Map
KWWL News Coverage Map | Source: www.publicfiles.fcc.gov
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