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Local News, Austin Lifestyle and Weather from Texas's Capital

KXAN News logoKXAN News is an NBC affiliate US TV Broadcaster that serves the entire area of Austin, Texas. The Nexstar media group-owned channel operates at Virtual CH 36 and UHF CH 21. The station offers local and regional news transmission through its senior newcast team. Being operated in Texas’s capital, it serves the public as a connection with the ruling seat. Most of the content is based on regional politics, weather, and sports of the province.

The station’s “KXAN Investigates” is the largest award-winning investigative team in Central Texas that consists of nine reporters. The network works for the betterment of the community and covers stories that involve officials at high ranks. KXAN Austin aims to provide in-depth investigation reports daily.

Watch KXAN News Austin Live Streaming

Whether it’s national or local news, KXAN News live stream cover every top story. To start watching, click on the below player to load the live streaming. To watch KXAN live stream, one needs to install the channel’s app on his smartphone. KXAN News live stream is also available on the official website and YouTube channel of the television station. Likewise, you can click below on the play button to run the station’s live streaming.

You can catch your favorite shows and programs at the live news coverage by following the KXAN TV schedule. Sometimes users can find details of their favorite event or program on the KXAN Facebook page. Additionally, find the latest statistics of Austin coronavirus news in your state as well as nationally. In short, the live stream provides Austin Texas News Today with full authenticity and fairness.



What Channel is NBC in Austin TX?

KXAN News, virtual channel 36, is an NBC station in Austin TX, United States.

What happened to the KXAN news anchor?

Anchor John Dabkovich announced his retirement in November 2019 after finding a better opportunity in his home state, California. John co-anchored KXAN News Today along with David Yeomans, Sally Hernandez, and Amanda Dugan.

Did David Yeomans leave KXAN?

No, David is still working with KXAN Austin, even he is the Chief Meteorologist of the station.

How old is Jim Spencer? Where is Jim Spencer? How old is KXAN weatherman Jim Spencer? Is Jim Spencer KXAN married?

Jim Spencer Bio

James Lloyd Spencer is around fifty-four years old. He is an Emmy Award-winning anchor and meteorologist. Jim is still working as a part-time meteorologist at the station after announcing his partial retirement. Jim’s marital status is still not public, but we will soon update it as soon as available for us.

What is wrong with KXAN? When will KXAN be back on the air?

Previously, KXAN faced cable carriage problems. But nowadays there is nothing wrong with the TV station. KXAN News is available on-air for its lovers and viewers.

How to watch NBC in Austin? When will KXAN be back on DirecTV? How to stream KXAN? Is KXAN back on DirecTV? What channel is KXAN on DirecTV? What channel is KXAN on Spectrum? When is KXAN coming back to DirecTV?

KXAN Channels

You can watch KXAN live stream, Austin local news, and KXAN traffic updates at the online mediums of the station. NBC is available on the cable for cable users and is not available on DirectTV. You can also Austin news live on Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku. You can find KXAN on Spectrum Channel 1203 in HD and on Channel 4 in SD.

Where is Robert Hadlock on KXAN?

Robert, the evening anchor, is still serving Austin Texas News at KXAN-TV.

Did Rosie Newberry leave KXAN?

The award-winning broadcast meteorologist and reporter Rosie Newberry joined KXAN-TV in January 2015. But she resigned from the station for moving her broadcasting career.

What happened to Natalie Ferrari on KXAN?

Natalie Ferrari Story

Meteorologist Natalie Ferrari left KXAN-TV in December 2018 to join WTSP-TV as a weathercaster. She is still serving WTSP News in beautiful Tampa.

Why did Gigi Barnett leave KXAN?

A veteran Television news reporter and anchor, Gigi left KXAN TV to do her own service-based consultancy. She gave her services by coaching business owners how to do their own public relations to achieve more exposure.

KXAN Austin offers regional news coverage, relevant weather conditions, and the latest traffic updates. The network strives to provide information to the community of Central Texas. Plus, it offers residents the latest news headline, top stories, and other entertainment stuff. In its sports section, KXAN covers “NFL Draft,” “High School Sports,” and “Texas Longhorns.” The network also hosts an entertainment show, “Studio 512”. Stephanie Gilbert and Rosie Newberry present it.

Nexstar Media Group also co-owns KBVO CH 14 and KNVA CH 54. All three networks share the same studio at West Martin Luther King Jr. However, its transmitter resides towards West Lake Hills’ north side in the West Austin Antenna Farm.

Studio 512

KXAN offers the best lifestyle and entertainment show in Austin “Studio 512”. Stephanie Gilbert and Rosie Newberry host it. Studio 512 is a platform for encouragement, motivation, real-life living, and balance. The show helps the community to inspect the town’s best-kept secrets and discover the truth behind them.

KXAN News building
KXAN Studio Office located at 908 W. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd Austin, TX

KXAN Austin News App

With the tagline “In-Depth. Investigative.”, KXAN News offers the latest news transmission, accurate weather updates, and up-to-the-minute traffic conditions in the Austin Region. Get every important news relevant to you and your family directly on your cellphone.

The channel offers in-depth, regional investigative newscasts and First Warning weather updates, traffic alerts, and stories related to Central Texans. Users can easily navigate through different sections of the app. Moreover, they can get breaking news as quickly as it happens. With the KXAN Weather service, find the weather reports in the area with accurate forecasting, updated maps, KXAN radar, and live stream. The following the major features of the KXAN News Austin TX mobile app:

  • Stay alerted about KXAN breaking news
  • Mobile users can easily navigate through local news events and information that’s important to you
  • Understand how severe weather will affect you with local forecasts, maps, radar, and video
  • Stay also up-to-date on severe weather and its impact on you
  • Plan your tour with updated traffic information
  • Help shape local coverage by submitting news and photos tips through the ‘Report it’ feature
  • People can share interesting stories and articles through e-mail, and social media platforms
Roger Wallace, Sydney Benter, Robert Hadlock, and Jim Spencer
Roger Wallace, Sydney Benter, Robert Hadlock, and Jim Spencer | Source: twitter

About KXAN News Team

KXAN News team consists of an exclusive squad of journalists providing authentic news to the Austin Community. The news squad of KXAN News Austin TX is vigilant and skillful in providing authentic and timely services. In addition, the whole KXAN news team works proficiently to deliver exclusive news content and stories to its audience. The commitment and excellence of NBC Austin Channel’s crew put the station at the next level of fame. Continuity and diligence of authentic reporting of the journalists help the residents of Austin to stay aware of the latest happenings. You can see KXAN Austin breaking news from the senior news team members of the TV station.

Moreover, the impartial news coverage of KXAN Austin reflects the real face of the TV channel’s administration. Similarly, KXAN TV anchors and reporters work together to bring innovative and latest news coverage. So, to get KXAN local news, you need to follow the best services of the television station. Additionally, if you want to stay aware of your area’s latest happenings, simply subscribe to the channel. You can also catch your favorite shows and programs according to the KXAN TV schedule.

Robert Hadlock

Robert HadlockEvening anchor Robert Hadlock is anchoring KXAN News at 05:00, 06:00, and 10:00 pm. In his present position at NBC Austin, Robert has been working since 1990. It makes him the honor of the longest continuously serving news anchor in Austin TV. The viewers of the television station caught Robert reporting on several breaking news stories and events. Many of these stories linked with important severe weather outbreaks. One of the most tragic and memorable stories was the 1997 tornado of the Williamson County town of Jarrell.

Robert reported from southeast Louisiana in 2005 on Hurricane Katrina’s landfall night. The following day Hadlock took his viewers on a tour of the destruction in New Orleans abroad the helicopter. He also filed a report from New York City in 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Furthermore, he honored to report the disintegration of the Space Shuttle Columbia in Nacogdoches in 2003. After two years, Robert reported live from the Johnson Space Center on its return to flight for the shuttle program. KXAN News anchor has an extensive political reporting resume.

Likewise, Robert covered five conventions of the United States, two presidential inaugurals. He also covered the late Pope John Paul II on three trips for the station; Toronto in 2002, Cuba in 1998, and St. Louis in 1999. He was the only journalist from Austin to report live through satellite in Havana after the Cuban government’s approval. His reporting on Cuban people earned Channel 36 Austin the prestigious Texas Headliners Award for Best Hard News coverage. Previously, Robert worked as a TV news reporter and anchor at KCRA Sacramento, KSLA Shreveport, Los Angeles.

Amanda Dugan

Amanda DuganAmanda Dugan started her career after selected as America’s Next Top Co-Host. Afterward, he moved abroad on KTSW-89.9 FM for the famous morning show Orange Juice and Biscuits. Amanda promoted to the host of her own morning show, Rise N Shine, in less than two years on radio. She named among one of the Top 5 Finalists in the yearly CW Star Search. Amanda also selected as the 2011 CW Austin Star.

Likewise, Dugan worked as the face, voice, and personality of the CW Austin. Amanda represented the channel on-air, at several events around Austin, in social media during one year. The traffic reporter and anchor conducted professional interviews with figures like Conan O’Brien, Perez Hilton, Will Ferrell, and many others. She seized an opportunity to join the number one morning news team at KXAN News as the Morning Traffic Reporter.

KXAN News studio
KXAN News studio | Courtesy: KXAN website

Previously, she joined KXAN-TV in March 2012 as a morning traffic reporter in Austin, Texas, Area. She brings the latest updates on the morning commute every 10 minutes with First Warning Traffic on NBC Austin Channel. Additionally, Amanda tracked statistics using MAX Traffic on-air traffic system. The morning anchor also produced live unplanned on-air traffic reports with updated information every ten minutes. She also used to create maps, graphics, and drive times for traffic and transportation updates.

Tom Miller

Tom MillerEmmy award-winning morning anchor Tom Miller is anchoring KXAN News Today. He joined KXAN Austin TX in 2018, and he covered the devastating Highland Lake floods. Moreover, the skillful anchor walked alongside homeowners whose homes sank some feet in the water. Likewise, Tom was a key contributor to the award-winning saves our student’s series of KXAN, focusing on student’s mental health. Tom Miller is also famous for providing authentic KXAN local news with timely delivery.

Before joining NBC Austin, he worked in Sacramento, where he covered the most destructive wildfires in the history of California. Later, Tom won AP and Emmy awards for his extraordinary news coverage. He also won a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award in the Excellence in the Innovation category. Previously, Tom worked at KVUE TV and returned to Austin. Whereas Tom’s career started at KSBW TV on the Central Coast of California and served his birth area.

KXAN Weather Team / First Warning Weather Team

First Warning Weather Team LogoThe station’s First weather Warning Team delivers its best services to the people and tells if any severe weather is about to hit the area. Likewise, the weather squad of KXAN Austin TX is providing the precise weather details of the region and surrounding areas. In addition, the aspiring and vigilant weather team of the television channel shares the most reliable forecasts. Therefore, users can get detailed forecasts from the most skillful KXAN weather team. You can also find the KXAN weather forecast with the most advanced KXAN weather radar.

Austin weather KXAN is available for internet users on the channel’s app and the official website. Furthermore, the live radar of the weather department offers the latest information of incoming worst weather, including hurricanes, storms, and floods. Similarly, the future radar of KXAN News Austin helps people to stay aware of the approaching worst weather. Smartphone users can also track the accurate time of the storm on android and Apple devices. Weathercasters such as David Yeomans, Jim Spencer, and Kristen Currie are the most prominent names among other meteorologists.

The station’s First Warning Weather service is well-recognized by the audience. It is presented by the KXAN chief meteorologist and veteran Jim Spencer. Viewers can access the station’s broadcast at KXAN News live stream on the official website. If we see the channel uses an exclusive tagline, “In-Depth, Investigative,” for its programming.

David Yeomans

David YeomansDavid Yeomans is leading the weather department of the channel, and he is the current Chief meteorologist. He honored to receive three Emmy Awards for his exclusive weather services for the television station. Moreover, David joined the KXAN weather department as an internee under Jim Spencer. During his college career, David held internships at Spectrum News in CBS4 Miami and Austin.

In addition, he helped reconstruct the upper-Ninth Ward neighborhood after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in 2005. David also served as the main weather anchor for the University of Miami campus TV channel’s half-hour news show, Newsvision. For his Masters’s thesis, David researched Hurricane formation. He was also a guest weather scientist aboard an NOAA Hurricane Hunter flight.

David honored to present his research at the annual conventions of the American Meteorological Society in 2012. 2013 and 2016. In the same way, the meteorologist holds the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seal from the American Meteorological Society. David also received a Lone Star Emmy Award for his 2019 and 2020 First Warning Weather University series. Whereas, in 2016, the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters awarded him the First Weathercast. Similarly, in 2018, the Alliance for Women Media honored him with an on-air Television Personality of the year.

Kristen Currie

Kristen CurrieWeekend evening weathercaster Kristine Currie joined the First Warning Weather squad as the noon and weekend evening meteorologist. Kristen holds a certificate in Broadcast Meteorology from the Mississippi State University. Whereas she served as an intern at the ABC and FOX affiliates in Denver during her college life. Furthermore, the meteorologist started her on-air career in 2013 at KAMC in Lubbock, Texas. There she forecasted everything from tornadoes to dust storms and ice with severe wind events. Kristen spent around 4.5 years as the morning weathercaster for the overall states of NM, southern Colorado.

Jim Spencer

Jim SpencerAward-winning weathercaster Jim is the senior meteorologist at KXAN TV. He is with the station for more than three decades and forecasting Austin and Central Texas. Jim joined the television station in 1990 and became the first meteorologist on Austin’s first hour-long morning newscast. In 1993 he became chief meteorologist, taking over the evening broadcasts until his semi-retirement on 1st March 2021. Whereas, he continues to work part-time.

His broadcasting career started the same month he began college at East Central University, in Ada Oklahoma. Additionally, Jim spent two years at KADA-AM before moving to TV at KTEN-TV in 1983. Upon graduating college, he became chief meteorologist at KTEN and remained there until joining Channel 36 Austin. He is a former receiver of the National Weather Association’s Weathercaster of the Year award. Jim honored to receive three Emmys and has been nominated for many others.

Jim also won five Texas Associated Press Best Weathercaster awards. Whereas the readers of the Austin Chronicle voted him twenty-one times as Austin’s Best Weathercaster. Austin’s American Women in Radio & TV Chapter named him Television Personality of the Year five times. Moreover, Jim serves on the Community Advisory Board for the Helping Hand Home for Children and served neglected children. The meteorologist also co-hosted the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association for nineteen almost years.

Sponsored WebCams of Austin MN News

KXAN weather team installed their sponsored weather cams at the following locations:

Liberty Hill, Tx Granite Shoals, Tx
Lake Travis Buda, Tx
Lakeway Marble Falls
Round Rock Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Georgetown South Austin

About KXAN News

KXAN News first hit the air on 12 February 1965 by using the call-signs KHFI-TV. The channel used to operate under the ownership of Kingsbury Family, who also happened to co-own KHFI radio. It was the second TV channel to signed in the area after KTBC-TV. The station was originally planned to operate as an NBC-affiliate network. But due to FCC rules, the system served as an independent channel for one whole year before coming under the affiliation of NBC in 1966.

Want to see news from another channel of Austin? Check CBS Austin News

On 15 January 1973, the station decided to change its calls from KHFI-TV to KTVV. Plus, it also relocated from CH 42 to CH 36 in the same year. In 1979, LIN Broadcasting decided to take ownership of Channel 36, and with this change, the company transformed its calls once again to KXAN-TV on 15 October 1987. Currently, KXAN-TV operates under the name of Nexstar Media Group.

Now, KXAN live stream is delivering 31 hours of news content every week. Five hours of which are producing every weekday and three hours are offering every Saturday and Sunday.

Affiliations of KXAN Austin TX

The following are the main affiliations of the Austin Tv station:

  • NBC
  • Ion Television
  • Cozi TV

Availability of the network on Cable and other sources

The channel offers its programming on different cable networks at CH 4, which include Suddenlink, Charter Spectrum, and Grande Communications. Moreover, it can also be served on the internet at the official website via KXAN News live stream.


KXAN Simple Health

Together with the American Heart Association, the channel’s Simple Health initiative introduces top stories to Central Texas people. Plus, it also points out relevant resources targeting wellness and a person’s health. The station thinks that a way to live a healthy life is knowledge. Hence, Simple Health could be their platform to know the ways of eating smart, moving more, and adding color for living a healthier life.

KXAN Simple Health
KXAN Simple Health | Courtesy: twitter

In short, the main component of Simple Health is to provide hands-only CPR training. Moreover, the Austin bystander rate is below the national average. One can find them at several health events across Central Texas, including the Austin Marathon. Furthermore, users can share their stories or event regarding health by emailing the channel’s team.

KXAN Allergy Report

The channel took the help of health experts to organize allergy reports of Austin and Central Texas. This report tells the official pollen count measured on weekdays and weekends. So, users can find the latest allergen counts for Central Texas by physicians of Allergy and Asthma of Georgetown. The KXAN allergy report tells details whether it is mold, cottonwood, pine, cedar, ash, pine, poplar, or any other allergen. You can track the recent allergy reports on the official website of the station.

Here below are some famous programs and shows of NBC Austin Channel:

World of Dance America’s Got Talent The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy KXAN News
A little late with Lilly Singh Late night with Seth Meyers Dr. Phil Today
Studio 512 Today with Hoda & Jenna Early Today Days of our Lives
Jeopardy The Rachel Ray Show Chicago Med Wheel of Fortune
Saturday Night Live Dateline NBC The Texas Bucket List Your Move with Andy Stanley
The World’s Funniest Weather Just for Laughs: Gags The King of Queens Funny You Should Ask
NHL Hockey Your Move with Andy Stanley Celebrity Page Whacked Out Sports
State of Texas In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley Vets Saving Pets Cannonball
Tel: +1 512-476-3636
Tower Location: towards the north side of West Lake Hills in the West Austin Antenna Farm
Brand Name: KXAN

Coverage Map:

KXAN News coverage map
KXAN Coverage Map | Source:
SourceKXAN News
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