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News 3 Las Vegas logoNews 3 is also known as call sign ‘KSNV’. The popular local channel of Las Vegas, which is generally branded as Channel 3. While for the newscast, it is working as News 3 Las Vegas. Affiliation of the channel is done with NBC-Network. It is covering breaking news as well as weather, traffic, and sports for the Las Vegas, Nevada. Reporting and news team is working at their best to make citizens of LA updated about weather, traffic and live stream of every happening in the area.

In the beginning, firstly, it went on air on January 23, 1955. At that time, the station started broadcasting as KLRJ-TV on VHF channel 2, but later on, it changed its calls to KORK-TV. In 1967, it moved to channel 3. Currently, the channel is working under the ownership of Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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The Success Story behind News 3 LA.

Two significant events contributed to rising News 3 Las Vegas on the top. Firstly, there was an explosion and fire in May 1988, which rocked the Pacific Engineering and Production Company in Henderson. Though News 3 Las Vegas remained off air for a few moments. Later on, once it back on the air, it was the first local station to continuously broadcast its live streaming and breaking news of that explosion. Secondly, in 1988 Channel 3 Las Vegas made a documentary about the condition of the city to respond to the 48 hours in Las Vegas, produced by CBS. It represented the city as full of riddled by crime and gamblers. The one-hour documentary, Las Vegas, Beyond 48 hours, portrayed a more realistic view of “Sin City” than 48 hours in Las Vegas.

News 3 Las Vegas news team
News 3 Las Vegas news team | Credits: facebook page


Channel 3 Las Vegas remained affiliated with following networks in the past:

  • ABC (1955-56)
  • NTA (1956-61)

Presently, Channel is affiliated with the following networks:

  • NBC
  • Estrella TV
  • Charge! (O & O)
  • Stadium (O & O)
  • My Network TV

Why News 3 is so famous in Las Vegas?

The news team is working hard to make it possible for people to stay updated with every happening. For this purpose, presently, News 3 Las Vegas is broadcasting weekly 42½ hours locally produced newscast. This broadcast is including 7½ hours of each weekday and 2½ watch hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

Syndicated Programs of KSNV TV

News 3 syndicated programs distributed by CBS Television Distribution include ‘Sports Night Spitfire’ (Sports Program produced by Bryan Salmond & Amber Dixon at Sunday night), an hourly weather report by Kelly Curran.

Another more famous program is ‘Wake up with the CW, ‘ which provides local morning news programs. Jeff Maher, Krystal Allen, and Kim & Dana Wagner are Co-Anchors of this live streaming from News 3 studio.

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Channel is going to start a new entertainment show ‘Space Force’ by Steve Carrel. This show is started after the more ‘spacey’ initiatives of Donald J. Trump.

KSNV news studio
News 3 Las Vegas – KSNV news studio | Courtesy: flickr

News 3 Today is another popular news broadcasting program. Kim & Dana Wagner are anchors of this program from the last 12 years. This program was known as News 3 at Sunrise before News 3 Today. It was started on July 25, 1989.

List of Popular Anchors of KSNV News 3 Las Vegas

Some of the famous news Anchors are the following:

Name Working As Show Name & Schedule
Bryan Salmond
Bryan Salmond
main sports anchor Sports Night in Las Vegas
Heather Mills
Heather Mills
Anchor 7-9 a.m. CW all week
Kim Wagner
Kim Wagner
News Anchor Morning news, working from last 12 years which is more than any other team.
Dana Wagner
Dana Wagner
News Anchor Morning news program with Kim Wagner.
Reed Cowan
Reed Cowan
Anchorperson Working from 2012, live at 3,6 and 7 and examines homeless crisis in Nevada.
Jeff Gillan
Jeff Gillan
Fill-in Anchor Former host of “What’s Your Point?”
Jim Snyder
Jim Snyder
Anchorperson He anchors channel’s newscasts at 5:00, 6:00, 6:30 and 11:00 p.m. Working from 1994-up-to-date

Weather Forecast Team of KSNV TV

Some of the meteorologists of the weather team are following:

Name Working As
Kelly Curran
Kelly Curran
Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown
Weekday morning weather anchor on “NBC Nightside”
Kevin Janison
Kevin Janison


About News 3 Las Vegas

The most popular local news channel of Las Vegas which is working from 1955 to cover breaking news, sports, weather, and traffic updates. Currently, channel 3 is broadcasting its streaming under the ownership of Sinclair Broadcast Group. In the beginning, the channel started its broadcasting as KLRJ-TV. Later on, it remained affiliated by ABC from 1955-56 and NTA from 1956-61. It came at a peak in 1988 because of two significant events. Once in 1988, the channel broadcast the live streaming of fire and explosion (PEPCON) in Henderson. Another development in the same year was when it produces an hourly documentary about “Sin City,” in which channel portrayed an actual image of Las Vegas.

All the anchors and reporters are competent and hardworking. The channel also produces the sports highlight program which goes on airs on Sunday evenings after the 11:00 p.m. While newscast at 11:35 p.m. A program with public affairs discussion, on telecasts after weekday noon newscast. Coronavirus, bush fires, political dramas, Channel 3 Las Vegas marks 65 years on air covering the big stories. While in this pandemics, it is also covering an up to minute updates of each happening.

How Channel 3 is Helpful in the times of Corona Pandemic

In this continuously changing scenario of the world, News 3 wants to ensure that people are informed with the most up-to-date breaking news. So, for this purpose, the channel is providing proper updates about the current situation of the city.

Tel: 702 642 3333
Tower Location: Black Mountain, near Henderson
Brand Name: Channel 3

Coverage Area Map

KSNV coverage map
KSNV coverage map | Source:
SourceNews 3
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