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Watch Channel 4 News Jacksonville for Local Weather & Community Updates.

News4JAX Jacksonville logoNews4JAX or WJXT is a famous independent US TV broadcaster serving area of Jacksonville, Florida. The station operates at CH 4 under the possession of Graham Media Group, which is further owned by Graham Holdings Company. News4jax Live is the trusted local source for breaking news in Florida and Georgia. It features news programs, weather reports, and some fantastic BTS fun. The expert news team of Jacksonville delivers news headlines, sports events, and entertainment to the community. Get all the latest news reports as soon as they happen through the News4Jax live stream on the official website and mobile app. The channel uses the slogan “The local station” for its local coverage.

WJXT News is the market leader committed to serving the local community with quality newscasts and programming. The station’s Jaxbest service features all the strict Jacksonville things that make the region stand out of the rest. The station’s News4jax insider is a membership service bringing the community into the process of news gathering. It includes Talk to us, support, offers, access, and weather+. Moreover, it also offers different CW17 local programs, including River City Live Showplace, Inside Jacksonville, iKnowJax, and The Mark Brunell Show.

The network also has a solid base in its digital social media department. You can keep yourself updated anytime, anywhere with the channel’s several social networking platforms, i.e., News4Jax Facebook, News4Jax Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. They regularly updated their pages and deliver all the essential information related to anchors, News4Jax traffic, weather radar, and more.

Watch News4JAX Live Stream

News4JAX live stream works along with WCWJ CH 17. Both channels share their studios on the St. Johns River’s south bank at 4 Broadcast Place, Jacksonville. The channel’s transmitter lies in the Jacksonville’s Killarney Shores part at Anders Boulevard. It is one of the seven networks owned by Graham Media Group. The other ones are KPRC Houston, WCWJ Jacksonville, WKMG Orlando, WDIV Detroit, WSLS Roanoke, and KSAT San Antonio. To watch News4jax live stream, click play button below. It may take a minute to load the live streaming.

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News4Jax Live Stream Schedule

Here is the schedule for the station’s live streaming service. Watch all these programs on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, personal computer through WJXT live stream.

Sr. ShowTime
1.News4Jax4:30 am to 7 am
2.The Morning Show7am to 10 am
3.River City Live11 am to 12 pm
4.News 4 Jax12 pm to 12:30 pm
5.News 4 Jax4 pm to 4:30 pm
6.News 4 Jax5 pm to 7 pm
7.News 4 Jax10 pm to 11:30 pm

General FAQs asked by the Jacksonville audience

While looking at the channel’s coverage, these questions often come into viewers’ minds. Here we tried to answer them all for you. Please have a look.

How Old Is Rebecca Barry?

Rebecca Barry is a talented meteorologist at WJXT News. She became a part of the team in May 2006 and still working at the channel with her best level of expertise. Her fans often wonder how old Rebecca is. However, it is quite challenging to know as she didn’t reveal her age on any of her digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But based on her experienced and University year, we guessed Rebecca must be around 35 to 36 y/old.

How Old Is Tom Wills News4Jax?

Tom Wills is the most respectable member of the News4Jax team because of his superiority in terms of both experience and age. He has given a part of his life to the channel and still serving Jacksonville, Florida, with everything he’s got. Wills is a limited person without any of the digital background. Therefore, finding out his age is among the trickier things. Unlike Rebecca Barry, we don’t know Tom’s educational experience; consequently, we cannot guess how old Tom is. So, folks, you must live with that and do let us know if you ever found out about the Tom Wills’ age.

How Old is Mary Baer?

Mary Baer Age

Mary Baer is another oldest team member of the News4Jax who works together with Tom Wills and offers news service every weeknight at 5 pm, 6m, and 10 pm. She became a part of the channel in 1992. Like Tom Wills, her age is also a secret that no one managed to discover yet. However, there are some wild guesses around that Mary is might be a 55 y/old (this isn’t official, though).

What Channel Is News4jax On Xfinity?

Cable viewers, especially Comcast Xfinity users, can watch the network’s live coverage over the TV network at CH 3 as the number 4 was already in use by an HSN. However, in the market’s most of the outlying regions, it delivers the services at CH 4. Meanwhile, you can access the channel’s HD transmission on Xfinity digital CH 437.

Does Stacey Spanos Work at News4jax?

Yes, Stacey Spanos serves Channel 4 News Jacksonville Fl. She has been working at the channel since March 2018 and serving as a Television Producer. Before starting her journalism, career Stacey used to be a Real Estate Advisor at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. Her journalism expertise is admirable, and one cannot deny that she is among the few talented reporters at News4Jax.

How Can I View News4jax On My Firestick?

News4Jax on Firestick

You may wonder that apps are mostly available on smartphones, tabs, and personal computers. However, that might not be the case; you can now get applications directly on your TV as well. Streaming Sticks such as Firestick and Smart Television are now allowing news junkies to do much more with their standard TV sets. Together with the local station, WJXT News is providing the audience the gift of experiencing something new. News4Jax-WJAX Channel 4 Mobile App is available on Google TV, Samsung Smart TV, Yahoo Smart TV, Roku devices, and now at Amazon Fire TV as well via News4Jax live stream.

Who Is Channel 4 Jacksonville Crime Analyst?

Currently, Gil Smith has been holding the position of Crime and Safety Analyst at News4Jax. He entered in the channel in September 2014 and since then has been covering major crime incidents in Jacksonville, Florida, and its neighborhood.

Is Chris Parento Still with WJXT News?

Chris Parento gave almost a decade in the service of Channel 4 News Jacksonville. He was a prestigious meteorologist at News4Jax Weather team used to cover the channel’s weather coverage. He joined the station in October 2009 and later switched the profession in July 2018 when he became a part of 20 Twenty Creative as an Operation Manager. His time at WJXT News was remarkable, and people enjoyed watching him in action on the screen.

News4JAX Jacksonville building
WJXT-Channel 4, WCWJ-Channel 174 Broadcast PlaceJacksonville, FL 32207 | Courtesy:

Become a member of News4Jax insider community

WJXT News is the community’s most trusted source of the newscast. You can always count on the News4Jax squad whenever the story breaks in the area. But it cannot provide the best without the community’s help, whether it is some tip from an unknown source or the side story that the station’s news team is unaware of. The best way to do that is by becoming a part of the News4Jax insider, a program that connects you with the channel’s newsroom team. It will help the station in getting tips related to the stories that it tells the public, along with several exciting perks.

Apart from being a part of the Jacksonville Fl News, News4jax insider can get different opportunities, such as access to community events, offers, and contests available only for the specific members.

About WJXT Jacksonville

News4jax Live first hit the air for on 15 Sep 1949 as WMBR-TV. It was the 2nd TV channel in the Florida market to sign on and the first to be licensed outside the Miami region. The network’s owner also happened to co-own WMBR Radio. However, the primary affiliate partner of the channel was CBS; it also had a secondary affiliation with DuMont, ABC, and NBC Network. Later, in 1953, the Washington Post Company decided to buy WJXT TV/radio. After five years, Washington Post Company sold the radio channel and kept the TV station. Under this new ownership, the network flipped its calls to WJXT, which it is using till today. Channel 4 news Jacksonville live stream remained CBS and ABC affiliate, later WJXT became a CBS affiliate network solely.

News4JAX Jacksonville news team
News4JAX Jacksonville news team | Source: twitter

The channel also used to air different games and sports events at the station.

  • Affiliations:
  • Independent
  • Start TV
  • Dabi

Currently, News4jax has been grown up to become an independent network under the name of Graham Holdings Company. It has an excellent reputation in the entire Florida state and has been getting quite a fame since the last few years.

The audience can get the channel’s viewership on different cable network services. Comcast Xfinity delivers it on CH 3 in the local area and CH 4 in the market’s several remote regions. It can be accessed in HD format CH 437 on Xfinity digital. News4Jax is also available to watch in Gainesville at CH 19 on Cox Media, both in SD and HD format.

WJXT as an independent network

In early 2002, a negotiation process for new affiliation agreement between CBS and Post-Newsweek was initiated. In that process, CBS put a catalog of requirements on a table that would have to leave WJXT with receiving no monetary compensation for providing the network’s coverage.

Instead, it was asking the WJXT TV to broadcast the entire lineup of CBS programming in pattern without purchasing the rights; extended local News4Jax breaking news Today and severe weather transmission was an exception. The Channel 4 News Jacksonville, FL, believed such terms would come at the cost of local coverage. Rather than surrendering to CBS requirements, the Post-Newsweek channel declared to cut tied with the CBS network on 3 July 2002, which was about to terminate on 10 July of the same year. Hence, WJXT News started an independent operation and extended its newscast by occupying its daytime, prime-time, and late-night timeslots.

These were previously filled by CBS transmission with extra syndicated shows. Moreover, the channel also substituted its sports telecast with the basketball and SEC College Football transmission from the syndicated sports networks Jefferson Pilot Sports, currently known as Raycom Sports. However, Jacksonville News decided to keep Jaguar preseason games rights for one more year, excepting that AFC regular season & playoff soccer games were moved to CBS affiliate WTEV. In 2002, after the NFL Preseason games, the team terminated their agreement with News4Jax Live and began delivering preseason games to WTEV in the next year.

Scot_Ackerman_on_set | Sources: twitter

Change in Branding

Unlike its Graham sibling networks, WJXT News doesn’t quite follow the exact “Local” branding scheme; instead, the network uses the on-air catchphrase “The Local Station.” In 2014, the channel decided to use a diagonal logo similar to that of WIDV-TV and NBC-affiliate Detroit Network. It also changed the branding to News4Jax in the same year.

WCWJ Became A Sister Channel

On 27 May 2016, the news came that a CW affiliate-service WCWJ would be acquired by Graham Media together with WSLS-TV Roanoke for 120 million dollars. The FCC approved the deal on 11 January 2017, thus making WJXT a sibling station of WJXT as a part of the duopoly.

Channel’s News Services

News4Jax currently airs 56.5 hours of locally produced news service every week, including 9.5 hours from Mon to Fri, 5.5 hours on Sat, and 3.5 hours on Sun. In terms of providing a maximum number of hours to the local newscast, WJXT News is the 3rd highest producing news service among Florida’s TV channels.

The first two stations are WTVT Tampa and WSVN Miami; both are fox affiliate services. Channel 4 News Jacksonville Fl is the only TV channel in the Florida market whose newsroom operates as a separate entity from the other local channels. News4Jax has used the Eyewitness News format for its news service from 1967 to 2005. From 1997 to 2002, when the channel became an autonomous service in 2002, News4Jax recognized with the general branding ‘News Channel 4’. The network remained a dominant news entity in the Jacksonville area for more than fifty years.

This was only possible because most of the members of its news team, including the News4Jax anchors and reporters, were remained a part of the channel for over the decade or even more. On 14 January 2009, after starting its noon news service, the channel entitled as the first TV network in the Jacksonville market to commence Jacksonville local news operations in HD. The modifications were made into its new on-air graphics and news music along with some changes to computer-operated and robotic cameras. Furthermore, they also made some changes to the channel’s control room using the ignite technology or Miranda Vertigo system.

Scot Ackerman on set
Scot Ackerman on set | Credits: facebook page

Dig into the News4Jacks – WJXT Channel 4 App

With the slogan “The Local Station,” get into the roots of every local story related to Jacksonville. Get news4jax breaking news today, traffic alerts, sports coverage, and entertainment provided by Jacksonville’s elite news team. Viewers can also watch here different programs online through the News4jax live stream video.

News4Jax Weather Authority

News4Jax weather authorityNews4Jax weather authority keeps the tracks of storms and other severe climate conditions with the New4jax Weather Authority app. With the precise location, the app delivers accurate, weather alerts about storms and lightning and traffic alerts. Plan your day with proper weather information, customize the sections according to your own taste, and see the forecast of 1 day and seven days with the highly interactive real-time News4Jax radar. John Gaughan is the chief meteorologist of news4jax with a high level of expertise and experience. He has been interested in weather journalism since he was three years old.

Plan and Prepare by News4Jax Weather

Being aware of the hurricane and preparing for it is important for everyone living in Florida State or Coastal Georgia. Whether you are thinking of facing it or planning to dodge the approaching hurricane, Channel 4 News Jacksonville Fl delivers all the ideas and resources that keep you and your family safe. It gives complete information on how to prepare and what to keep in mind before the storm approaches. It predicts the movement of the storm accurately with News4Jax weather radar. Then tells how to evacuate and where to find shelters in the area. Later, when it passes, what things to do under that situation and how to recover from it.

Get everything you need about WJXT News Team

News4jax has been leading the news services in Jacksonville for more than 50 years. It is because many of its news anchors are the part of the channel for more than a decade or so. Some of the channel’s personalities are working for around 22 years, such as its evening news squad consisting of anchors Deborah Gianoulis (until she resigned from the services in 2003) and Tom Willis, a sports director Sam Kouvaris, and a weather leader George Winterling. They are currently among the country’s oldest running anchor teams.

News4jax expert team of news anchors and reporters work hard to deliver the news4jax breaking news today, tomorrow, and the day after that. They know their audience’s needs and deliver accordingly. The team also has several Emmy-award winners on their side. Other than Tom and Deborah, Joy Purdy, Kent Justice, Alicia Booth, and Scott Johnson are among the well-known news personalities at Channel 4 News Jacksonville.

Tom Willis: One of the Oldest News Anchor at News4Jax Jacksonville

Tom WillisTom Willis is an aspiring 5 pm and 6 pm news anchor at News4Jax. In Addition to that, he also co-hosted a top-rated evening news show for around forty years. Tom has been known for covering few major events, including Bobby Kennedy’s Funeral, Luther King Murder riots, the Watergate break-in, the Supreme Court Hearing about the Pentagon Papers, and a resignation of Richard Nixon from the White House. Furthermore, he also used to serve as a part-time lecturer at American University and educate news reporting.

Before being a part of WJXT Channel 4, Willis worked as a reporter at WTOP TV and WTOP Radio. Here in News4Jax, Tom has had an opportunity of meeting every US President personally and interviewing them since Jimmy Carter. Willis says he loves his job, and the most favorite part is that you can experience something different and exciting every day. Due to his non-stop hard work, he earned quite a reputation by claiming two Columbia Dupont Awards and two Florida Emmys.

Alicia Booth: A Skilled Reporter at WJXT

Alicia BoothAlicia Booth loves to tell tales and investigates the stories to their core. Therefore, she was excited when Booth got an offer to join the News team. Alicia has covered thousands of stories and helped hundreds of people in raising their voices. Moreover, she has served in almost all US states and reported all kinds of events, including the First Gulf War. Her experience also includes a trip to Saudi Arabia and working with a support unit from the seventh infantry division of Ford Ord. According to Alicia, News4Jax contains a passionate group of people who provide their 100 percent to the community, and she is proud to be a part of that.

When a bomb incident at Centennial Olympic Park occurred, she was only 50 yards away covering the Atlanta Olympic games that time for her station. Alicia was among the firsts to reach the premises and reported the bomb news to the nation. She is a proud Emmy winner for her skills in covering exciting stories. Meanwhile, she has also promoted several awareness campaigns, such as breast cancer, women’s leukemia, and heart disease, and supported them with everything possible.

Booth was a volunteer at Charlotte’s inner city, where she spent eight long years. Moreover, she was even a member of the board of Girls Club and Salvation Army Boys. Alicia also used to be a spokesperson for Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Currently, she serves News4Jax as a part-time news reporter as she is giving more time to her family these days.

Contribution of News4jax weather team in the station

News4Jax weather department is known to have a stronghold in the entire Jacksonville area. The public turns to WJXT News whenever they want to know about the current weather conditions in the region. Of course, they are expecting the most accurate climate reporting from the channel, and they trust the journalism skills of its meteorological team called The Weather Authority. Channel 4 News Jacksonville Fl has a highly qualified team of weather meteorologists and reporters. The team works round the clock and deliver accurate climate conditions to the public. The team has covered several severe weather events in Florida and protects the citizens with up-to-minute coverage. John Gaughan, Rebecca Barry, and Richard Nunn are some famous names in the WJXT weather team.

Daniella Uliano: Meteorologist at News4Jax

Daniella UlianjoDaniella Ulianjo is a notable meteorologist at News4Jax weather Authority. She loved to watch thunderstorms and lightning since she was a child. She started her weather career at KQTV St. Joseph, Missouri.

While serving there, Daniella got a chance to cover everything from snow, tornadoes, severe storms, ice, and hot summer days.

When Uliano graduated from the University of South Alabama in 2016 with a BS in Meteorology, she started an internship at WKRG-TV for five months. However, until then, she had already done several part-time jobs along with her studies, including the internship at WWAY News Channel 3 in May 2015 together with Sales Associate at Victorias Ragpatch. Danielle was also a Student Assistant in the South Alabama University’s Engineering and Construction Office when she was studying BS Meteorology in the same institute in December 2013.

Year Later, Danielle became Resident Assistant in South Alabama Housing & Dining in August 2014. As mentioned earlier, she professionally begins her weather services from KQTV in 2016, where she started as a weekend reporter/meteorologist but eventually became Morning Meteorologist. In November 2017, Uliano found a job position at News4Jax as a full-time meteorologist, and currently, she is serving the Jacksonville community with her years of knowledge of the weather.

Richard Nunn: The Morning Meteorologist at News4Jax Weather Authority

Richard NunnRichard serves the News4Jax weather team as the Morning Meteorologist who provides weather forecast of the day in the channel’s Morning Program. His duties include forming the day’s forecast and then presenting it to the Jacksonville community first thing in the morning.

Nunn completed his bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1995 from the University of Florida and master’s degree in Geoscience from Mississippi State University in 1997. His first job in a weather career was in the NW32TV as a Chief Meteorologist in 2003. Later, he joined KPTV Fox 12 as a Meteorologist in 2004, where he performed his duties as a freelance weather personality and co-anchor of the Weekend Program. Presently, Nunn serves as a team member of the News4Jax Weather team since March 2004 and predicts the weather condition for the community.

What to Watch on News4Jax? – Check News Shows & Programs

News4Jax covers an extensive list of TV shows ranging from Daily Mail TV to Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Nashville Insider, Opry, and Wipeout. Viewers can watch these programs on several platforms, including Dish TV, Dish Network, Spectrum, Smart TV, Firestick, and Roku Devices via WJXT live stream.

2 Broke Girls TV Sitcom

2 Broke Girls is a famous US TV sitcom that started featuring on CBS channels, including News4Jax, on 19 September 2011. It aired the last episode on 17 April 2017. The show’s production was managed by Warner Bros Television. However, its creators are Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King. The series is about the lives of two friends Max Black and Caroline Channing. Max was raised poor, whereas her friend Caroline grew as a billionaire’s daughter. Hence reflecting the different aspects of lives. Both Max and Caroline work at some local diner and meanwhile try to save funds for their cupcake business.

Since the beginning, the show has gained a mixed response from audiences. People admired the on-screen chemistry between the two main roles. However, at the same time, they have criticized about the program’s reliance on stereotyping and adult humor. It has been nominated for twelve Emmys so far but won the only one for its art direction in 2012. 2 Broke Girls contains a total of 6 seasons with 138 episodes. CBS decided to terminate the series on 12 May 2017 after finishing the 6th season.

River City Live: The station’s Exclusive Lifestyle Program

The station’s daytime program River City Live is hosted by Mark Payton and Eden Kendall. It highlights the exciting life of Jacksonville and nearby regions. The show broadcasts on-the-air from 11 am to 12 pm on weekdays at CH 4.

The program showcases every local thing from fun contests to steals and deals, local musicians, fashion, unique top stories, everything in between. The foodie and reporter Rance Adams connect the audience to exciting recipes, restaurants, and local hotspots. It is not your daily-life typical studio show, River City Live also sometimes takes the program upon the road. Suppose you want to see the show and can’t reach on your Television set, no problem. Watch your favorite show online at the News4jax live stream video.

River City Live
River City Live | Courtesy: official website

WJXT Schedule Table

The following schedule table for News4Jax provides extensive detailed information of programs currently airing on the channel. Viewers can watch these programs over the smartphone via WJXT live stream.

Football Friday The Big Bang Theory DailyMailTV The 10:00 News
Black-ish News4Jax at 11 pm The Game Entertainment Tonight
The Goldsberg Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls Entertainment Tonight Weekend
Wipeout News4Jax Breaking News Today Sunday Sports Zone Beat the Brains
NCIS: New Orleans Madam Secretary River City Live The Morning Show
The Wendy Williams Show Inside Edition The Kelly Clarkson Show Last Man Standing
Stellar Gospel Music Awards The Goldsberg Nashville Insider Elementary
This Week in Jacksonville The Church 3:20 Biz Kid$ Xploration Outer Space
Jack Hanna’s into the Wild Xporation Awesome Planet In the Game The Carbanaro Effect
Xploration Nature Knows Best The World’s Funniest Weather Ready, Set, Renovate Something Good
Tel: 904-399-4000
Tower Location: Anders Boulevard in the city’s Killarney Shores section
Brand Name: Fox 28

Coverage Map

News4JAX Jacksonville coverage map
News4JAX Jacksonville coverage map | Source:
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