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KCPQ TV Seattle Live Stream

Q13 Fox News LogoQ13 Fox News KCPQ is a Fox O&O TV network that serves the entire community of Tacoma-Seattle, Washington. KCPQ 13 works under the ownership and management of Fox Television Stations, which is further a sub-company of Fox Corporation. Q13 Fox News offers newscasts, weather information, and traffic alerts to the entire Seattle area. It is also home to local sports teams, including Seattle Storm, Seahawks, and Sounders FC. Channel 13 news Seattle is famous for airing community news, lifestyle news, and local weather forecast.

To watch the Q13 Fox News live stream, you can download the mobile app or check the below player. Often regarded and praised among Seattle Media, KCPQ is the best-rated news TV for local news. Viewers can also explore exciting stories, political content, educational material, food, and entertainment.

The station is available on multiple cable services. The viewers can have it over the internet through the Q13 Fox News live streaming at the channel’s official website or mobile app. The network uses a catchphrase “All local” for its coverage as its main focus is to provide the latest news coverage to the local community.

Watch Q13 Fox News Seattle Live Stream

Anyone can watch the online transmission of the station through Q13 Fox News live stream on the below section. Just click on the play button to load live streaming for KCPQ TV. For the KCPQ TV schedule, go down the page and check your favorite programs.

General FAQ’s realted to Q13 Fox News Stream

How to Stream Q13 Fox News Online for free?

There are three ways to stream the Q13 Fox News. 

  1. Tune KCPQ TV on DirecTV Channel: 13. 
  2. Download the Q13 Fox News Mobile App.
  3. Livenewsglobe.com is also giving you the facility to watch Q13 Fox News live streaming.

What Channel is Q13 fox on DishTV?

The availability of Channel 13 Seattle on DishTV is sometimes disturbed. Q13 Fox customers often complain about the transmission. We dont exactly when it will be available online.

The news transmission of KCPQ 13 is the number one local news service in the Western Washington. Its “Washington’s Most Wanted” show is based on catching the fleeing fugitives and making the Washington a safer place to live in. The show marked its 1,000th caputure on August 13th. “The Divide with Brandi Kruse” emphases on such common political issues that dividing the US citizens.

The network’s “This Morning” show covers the news telecast of Washington state along with traffic, sports, political content and weather updates of the day. The Channel 13 Seattle has an interactive radar loaded with all the latest features. It helps the weather team detect the accurate weather conditions in the state and deliver them to the community with much efficiency.

Q13 Fox News and JOEtv (KCPQ-TV & KZJO-TV) situated at 1813 Westlake Ave. N. Seattle
Q13 Fox News and JOEtv (KCPQ-TV & KZJO-TV) situated at 1813 Westlake Ave. N. Seattle | Courtesy: q13fox.com

The network operates along with KZJO CH 22, which is a MyNetworkTV owned and operated TV station also licensed to Seattle. The studios and transmitter site of the channel are in Westlake Avenue, Seattle and Gold Mountain, Bremerton, respectively.

Affiliations of KCPQ TV

  • Fox
  • Court TV
  • Stadium
  • Court TV Mystery

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Q13 News Fox is one of the five TV networks in Seattle that can also be watched in Canada. It can be accessed over the satellite through Shaw Direct and Bell Media. Plus, many cable providers also carry it all over Canada. The channel can also be seen on different cable services in Southeastern Alaska.

Q13 Fox News Anchors - Walter Kelley, Erin Mayovsky, Tim Joyce, Grace Lim, and M.j. McDermott
Walter Kelley, Erin Mayovsky, Tim Joyce, Grace Lim, and M.j. McDermott | Source: q13fox.com

Q13 Fox Mobile News App

Q13 News app delivers breaking news, top stories, real-time weather forecast and Q13 sports coverage. It covers such events that matters most to the community such as local headlines, national newscast, weather, politics and traffic. Also, it also focuses on education, food, crime and entertainment. Except from these, the app also offers Q13 Fox news live stream.

Q13 Fox Program with guest
Q13 Fox Program with guest | Credits: twitter

Get the hourly and 7-day weather forecast with high-tech radar that shows clear satellite imagery. Moreover, browse through latest video updates from the expert weather team. The app also gives an option to enable the specific location. It tracks your precise position and provides services accordingly i.e. advertisements, weather reports and traffic updates.

Q13 Fox News Team

Q13 Fox News team has a professional squad of anchor persons and news reporters. They deliver their best services to the community all day long.

Weather Team

The channel’s exclusive weather team is dedicated to providing the latest weather reports in the area accurately and precisely.

Channel’s Overview – About Channel 13 Seattle

Q13 Fox News started operating as KMO-TV on 2 August 1953. Carl Haymond was the network’s original owner, who also happened to manage KMO radio that time. At first, the channel used to air NBC content, until KOMO-TV CH 4 came into existence on 11 December. Later, Haymond had to sell the network to J. Elroy McCaw due to facing bankruptcy.

Under the new ownership, the station shifted its calls from KMO-TV to KTVW. Another exciting twist come into the station’s history when in the end of 1957, KTVW carried Columbia Broadcasting System news coverage for a while. Though, in 1962, KTNT-TV stopped receiving content from CBS and became an independent channel.

After the death of McCaw, the company decided to sell the channel to Blaidon Mutual Investors Corporation for 1.1m dollars in 1971. Later, on 12 December 1974, the network had to shut its all operations down due to bankruptcy. Eventually, it had to give away the entire assets for 378000 dollars. Clover Park acquired the KTVW ownership by winning the bid from Trinity Broadcasting Network. It was also the local company to get the channel. Under the Clover ownership, the station once again flipped its callsigns and this time started using KCPQ.

After going through several ownerships, the Q13 Fox News ended up under the name of Nexstar Media Group on 3 December 2018 for 6.4b dollars (in cash and debt). Afterwards on 5 November 2019, Nexstar Media Group declared that both KCPQ and KZJO would be sold to Fox Television Stations for 350m dollars.

Grace Lim, Omar Lewis, and Ali Bradley of Q13 Fox
KCPQ TV Anchors – Grace Lim, Omar Lewis, and Ali Bradley | Credits: twitter

Programs & TV Shows at Q13 Fox News

The station is popular for news shows, current affair programs. The exeprt team of newscasters and show hosts of Q13 Fox News live is well known for its reputed content.

Washington’s Most Wanted

Washington Most Wanted show by Channel 13 News Seattle commenced broadcasting in July 2008. It started off as a weekly section of “Q13 Fox News at 9 & 10 pm”. Later, they acknowledged the need of capturing fugitives from the police custody and making the community a safer place. Therefore, they decided to convert the segment into a full-fledged program on 14 November 2008. Currently, WMW is a total crime-fighting show, helping catch people fleeing from custody in Yakima, Spokane and Tri-Cities regions.

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Tel: +1 717-843-0043
Website: http://fox43.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fox43
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fox43news
Tower Location: Susquehanna Township
Brand Name: Fox 43

Coverage Map

Q13 Fox coverage map
Q13 Fox coverage map | Source: www.publicfiles.fcc.gov
SourceQ13 News
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