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WAPT News LogoThe American TV station WAPT CH 16 is affiliated with ABC, broadcasting from Jackson, Mississippi, United States. Station facilities and studios are located on Channel 16 Way (off MS 18) in southwest Jackson, and the station is owned and operated by Hearst Television. Many local cable operators provide 16 WAPT coverage, including Breaking News and Weather Radar transmission. WAPT 16 News can be watched directly on a satellite network, over the air with a transmitter, and through the official website

WAPT News features news, weather, sports, entertainment, a news team, and more. The channel’s news section includes local news, coronavirus, national news, politics, editorials, and others. WAPT Weather provides weather coverage, WAPT weather radar, hurricanes, alerts, forecasting our future, and more. Channel 16 Jackson also delivers Blitz 16, Mississippi Matters, scholar-athlete, state of addiction, news we love, and 16 investigates.

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General FAQs

Did Kara James Leave WAPT News? Has Kara James Left WAPT?

Yes, Kara James left WAPT TV in August 2020. She is currently working as a Meteorologist at WeatheNation which she joined right after leaving WAPT TV. She started working at WAPT 16 as a Morning Meteorologist in June 2017. Her passion for weather has inspired her to pursue a career as a meteorologist from an early age. Being exposed to all types of weather from ice storms to tornadoes while living in different parts of the country prompted her to earn a degree in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma. During college, Kara spent a lot of time storm chasing, learning about the atmosphere and its power.

How Old is Megan West WAPT?

Megan West Age

The age of Megan West is not publicly available. Once she reveals the information or if another source discovers it, we will inform you. In addition to serving as a reporter, producer, and anchor for the weekend and morning newscasts, Megan West says co-hosting the 5, 6, and 10 p.m. newscasts is her favorite part of the job. Mississippi Associated Press awarded WAPT News the first prize for its “Who’s Accountable” series thanks to Meghan’s report on marriage records. Megan also enjoys finding out what causes road problems through a segment called Pothole Patrol and staying on top of current events.

How Old is David Hartman WAPT?

David Hartman’s age is not readily available on the web, which is a bit disappointing, as fans want to know how old their favorite meteorologist is. Chief Meteorologist at WAPT since 1986, David Hartman has 30 years of experience. Having graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1983 with a meteorology certificate, Hartman worked at WOLO-TV in Columbia, South Carolina, then at WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and then at WAPT from 1986 to 1990. David has been recognized by the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters numerous times for his work as a television meteorologist.

What Happened to Josh Jackson WAPT?

Josh Jackson Story

In middle school, Josh Jackson became interested in television as a Mississippi Gulf Coast native. By joining the journalism club at his school, he began writing stories and conducting interviews. During his senior year at college, he began working as a photojournalist for WAPT at 16 years old. As a reporter, he won several AP awards as well as a regional Emmy. Among his most memorable works are those on Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian, as well as Super Bowl XLVII, which are some of his most memorable.

WAPT News Team

16 WAPT News hosts one of the best news personalities in town including Cecil Hannibal, Keegan Foxx, Megan West, Troy Johnson, Jarred Hill, Aixa Diaz, Ross Adams, and Kara Peters. The primary role of these news anchors & reporters is to provide information about national, world, and local events to the public. They are regularly responsible for the following duties:

  • Providing viewers and listeners with a better understanding of news stories
  • Participate in on-air interviews with reporters
  • Obtain additional information or opinions from experts through live interviews
  • Report on stories you find
  • Data collection, verification, and analysis
  • Writing news reports and organizing material
  • As breaking news unfolds, report on it
  • Develop news shows, including reporting coordination

Keagan Foxx: Anchor at ABC Jackson Mississippi

Keagan FoxxLucedale native Keegan Foxx graduated from George County High School and grew up in Lucedale. Her career as a journalist will be able to expand in the Capital City, where she is able to pursue her passion. In addition to anchoring a morning show in Tupelo, Keegan was a reporter in Hattiesburg and Columbus before arriving in Jackson in 2012.

In high school, she covered boys basketball for The George County Times and wrote for the student newspaper, The Student Press. The University of Mississippi was Keegan’s first college after high school. A broadcast journalism degree was awarded to her by Ole Miss.

Erin Pickens: Morning Anchor at ABC 16 Live

Erin PickensDuring her almost two decades in television news, Erin Pickens has collected numerous awards. While working for WJTV in Jackson, Mississippi, she was the morning & noon news anchor for almost 13 years. Currently, she works as a member of 16 WAPT News. A former television news reporter in Memphis, TN, Greenville, MS, and Jackson, TN, she has worked in television news for many years. In addition to working in front of the camera, Erin has also worked behind the scenes.

Erin graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mississippi College with a Master of Science in Communication. Currently, she teaches Mass Communication at Tougaloo College. The Links Incorporated, LeFleur’s Bluff Chapter, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. are among her memberships. The Jackson Public Schools district selected Erin as a Summer Reading Ambassador in 2014. She was in the Leadership Greater Jackson class of 2009-2010.

16 WAPT Weather Team

WAPT Weather team offers amazing weather coverage based on the WAPT Weather radar’s prediction. The team carries the following responsibilities.

  • Various scientific techniques are employed by meteorologists at WAPT Weather to understand, analyze, observe, and forecast the earth’s atmosphere. Their main duties include:
  • Weather stations around the world, satellites, radars, and remote sensors are analyzed and recorded
  • Analyzing observations taken on land, at sea, and in the upper atmosphere
  • Forecasting and reporting the weather to customers including broadcast companies, civil aviation companies, and military units
  • To make long-term and short-term weather predictions using mathematical and physical formulas and computer modeling applications
  • Identifying the causes of climate change and predicting its future
  • Making it easier to predict the weather
  • Creating reports, reviews, summaries, and research papers
  • Researching and keeping abreast of relevant technological advancements

David Hartman: Chief Meteorologist at WAPT Weather

David HartmanHaving held this position since 1986, David Hartman is the Chief Meteorologist for WAPT. After earning a degree in meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University in 1983, he began working in television with WOLO-TV in Columbia, South Carolina, moved on to WSPA-TV in Spartanburg, South Carolina, before joining WAPT in 1986.

As a TV meteorologist, David has won numerous awards from the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters, including Best TV Meteorologist. He received an Edward R. Murrow award for coverage of the Yazoo City tornado in 2010 as well as a regional Emmy for coverage of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The 30-minute program, “A Matter of Seconds,” an educational program designed to raise tornado awareness, earned him a prestigious Emmy award nomination in 1995.

He’s always eager to visit schools in the area to speak about the weather with classes. That’s one of Hartman’s most important contributions to community weather education. Each year, he gives dozens of presentations. Besides assisting Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts with weather patches and badges, he is also a resident weather expert. Further, he speaks regularly about weather-related issues to civic groups in Mississippi. He was the official weather person for the Mississippi AA baseball team for many years and regularly provided weather reports for many festivals, community events, and golf tournaments.

Christina Kay: Weatherperson at WAPT Weather

Christina KayChristina Kay originally hails from Buford, Georgia, but has resided in Mississippi for the past few years. After school, she watched local meteorologists instead of cartoons because she grew up loving the weather. A tornado of EF 3 hit downtown Atlanta in 2008. Since then, she has been obsessed with all things related to weather. She later earned a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University before earning a master’s degree in Professional Meteorology and Climatology from Mississippi State. Her background includes Colorguard and clarinet sections of the Famous Maroon Band. The Associated Press selected Christina as the recipient of the 2017 Best Collegiate Weathercast award.

In addition to dance, basketball, clarinet, competitive figure skating, and color guard, Christina competed in many sports as a child. While performing in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas alongside millions of soldiers nationwide and overseas as a member of the US Army All American Colorguard in 2014, she was selected for the US Army All-American Colorguard. As part of the Macy’s Great American Marching Band, she was in the parade twice.

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ABC 16 Live TV Listing

Following is the list of shows being aired and transmitted by 16 WAPT including WAPT Breaking News Today and WAPT Weather coverage.

Good Morning America 16WAPT 5 a.m. News The View Live With Kelly and Ryan
GMA3: What You Need to Know The Good Dish The Ellen DeGeneres Show General Hospital
Tamron Hall ABC World News Tonight With David Muir Judge Judy The View
Wheel of Fortune The Goldbergs The Conners Home Economics
Abbott Elementary ABC News Nightline Jimmy Kimmel Live Press Your Luck Whammageddon!
ABC World News Now Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night 20/20 Made in Hollywood
Black College Quiz Show U.S. Farm Report Wildlife Nation With Jeff Corwin Hearts of Heroes
Outback Adventures With Tim Faulkner Free Enterprise The Great Dr. Scott Teen Kids News
Misha’s ‘We Care MS’ To Be Announced The Rookie Party at the Palace
Castle Major Crimes Prime Crime With Jesse Weber Prime Crime With Jesse Weber
New Jerusalem Baptist Church Ocean Mysteries With Jeff Corwin Sports Stars of Tomorrow Inspirational Ministries
Made in Hollywood Joel Osteen Ministries Crossgates Baptist Church Matter of Fact

About WAPT News

With the airing of Stagecoach West, the station began broadcasting on October 3, 1970. Ahead of ABC’s debut, the network was restricted to off-hours clearances on CBS affiliate WJTV News and NBC affiliate WLBT, with the exception of WSLI-TV 12, which briefly served as a standalone ABC affiliate between March 1954 and June 1955 before merging with WJTV, the channel of which had formerly been 25. Jackson, even with only two networks by the 1960s, was among the nation’s most important markets. On paper, it could have supported three major networks. The Federal Communications Commission has long been rumored not to have granted any licenses to any potential broadcasters in central Mississippi due to WLBT’s discriminatory coverage of African-Americans and hostility towards the civil rights movement.

American Public Life Insurance Company established WAPT, an insurance company that still operates through its affiliation with American Fidelity Assurance. The station was sold to Clay Communications by American Public Life in 1979. On April 30, 1987, in an effort to separate newspaper and television businesses, Clay sold its WAPT television station and four sister stations for sixty million dollars to New York City-based Price Communication; it was approved by the Federal Communications Commission on June 23, 1987.

Tel: 601-922-1607
Tower Location: Southwest Jackson
Brand Name: 16 WAPT

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