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WCCO News LogoWCCO News is an American CBS O&O TV channel providing services to Twin Cities Television Market. The station works under the name of ViacomCBS’s CBS Television Network and operates at Virtual CH 4. WCCO TV features Minneapolis News, politics, St. Paul news, crime, entertainment, business, consumer news, autos, HealthWatch, and water cooler. CBS Minnesota also offers sports transmission including the latest sports news from the teams: Vikes, United FC, MLB, Wild, Twins, Wolves, and Lynx. WCCO Channel 4 News can be streamed live on various cable services, satellite networks, and at via WCCO news live stream. The station uses the brand name WCCO 4 News and the tagline Minneosta’s Most-Watched Station.

The video library at WCCO 4 contains news videos, sports videos, WCCO interviews, WCCO live videos, weather forecasts, and Seen On WCCO TV. WCCO Weather covers all the weather conditions in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, and Minnesota with live WCCO Weather radar, WCCO Weather App, Weather Watchers, WCCO school closings, and On The Spot.

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The channel offers HD transmission to the audience. To get a free and fast WCCO live stream, either open up the browser and watch it over the official website or enjoy the non-stop non-buffering streaming experience here on livenewsglobe. Minneapolis breaking news, WCCO local news, WCCO morning show, Minneapolis news today, and WCCO weather reports are available anytime, anywhere in the world within the reach of a few clicks. Hit the huge play button below and get your favorite programs right here. You can get the streaming on mobile, laptop, tablet, or even on the iPad.

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General FAQs

What happened to Molly Rosenblatt? Where is Molly Rosenblatt WCCO Meteorologist?

Molly Rosenblatt stopped serving WCCO in July 2018, even though she was making quite an appearance on the screen. Molly used to be a meteorologist and anchor at WCCO News. She was among the station’s most prominent news personalities. Before coming to WCCO TV, Molly served KRTV, WOFL News, WGNO News, and a few other channels. The reason isn’t clear yet, but it seems she had some issues with the news director and both of them couldn’t sort out things. There are, however, few other claims that Rosenblatt got addicted to alcohol and drugs which resulted in destroying her career.

Whatever, the reason was, fans didn’t like her sudden departure and want her back on the camera as she isn’t anywhere to find. It seems, she decided to quit the broadcasting career and thought it would be better to stay out of the light.

Where is Kim Johnson?

About Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson is not a part of WCCO News anymore and has been working as a Freelance Network Reporter for Law & Crime since March 2021. She announced on 1 June 2020,  that she will no longer be conducting top stories for one of the greatest news channels in Minneapolis. She further said that the authorities decided to go in a different way. So, it is clear that she was fired by the station. Kim  Johnson became a part of the WCCO 4 News in May 2014 as a Saturday morning news anchor and reporter and eventually became an anchor at WCCO This Morning in August 2015. Kim served the channel for 6 years and during that time performed her duties as a responsible news personality for the Minnesota people.

Johnson also made different friends during her stay at the station and wished them good luck for the future and said she is happy for them. Kim was sad about not reporting stories in the area anymore and said she will miss that.

What channel is CBS in Minnesota?

CBS is available for the people of Minnesota on WCCO News. Viewers throughout the state can get the channel’s coverage by tuning the station at Channel 4. From WCCO breaking news to Minneapolis Mn News, WCCO News Today, WCCO Good Question, and WCCO Weather transmission, enjoy everything that one needs to get updates about the latest conditions.

Is Kim Johnson of WCCO still married? and how old he is?

Martial Status of Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson is still married to the love of her life Dan McIntosh. Kim is a 46 years old journalist who was born on 29 August 1975. She was an anchor at WCCO TV who was fired by the station in June 2020. Kim posted her pictures with Dan on Twitter but didn’t reveal his name. Eventually, with the passage of time, people understand that Kim’s boyfriend’s name is Dan McIntosh. When Johnson saw that his boyfriend’s name has been revealed, she also talked about him and said that they both were engaged at that time. They got married on July 26, 2017.

How tall is Mike Max? and how old he is?

Mike Max is an approximately 1.7m (5 foot 7 inches) tall sports director who was born in 1965. The 56 years old sports journalist works for WCCO News. He became a part of CBS Minnesota in April 2005 and since then has managed to earn a great name in the TV industry. Before WCCO TV, Mike was a member of WCCO Radio in 1998. Aside from WCCO Channel 4 News, Max works as a host and anchor for Midwest Sports Channel. Mike has a ton of experience in broadcast journalism which led him to be one of the top-rated journalists in America.

Did Ali Lucia Leave WCCO? and how old she is? Where is Ali Lucia?

Ali Lucia Age

Yes, Ali Lucia has left WCCO TV in July 2020. She is a 36 years old journalist who was born on 19 October 1983. She started working as the Feature Reporter in October 2014. Later, Ali was promoted to the Anchor desk in August 2015 where she used to conduct live events as a Producer and Field Anchor. Lucia also served as WCCO This Morning Traffic Anchor and WCCO at Noon Anchor. After leaving the station, she decided to start work at ERC as a Director of Communications in January 2021. Prior to WCCO 4 News, Lucia was a part of the Big Ten Network as a reporter in October 2015. Before that, the Alumni of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities used to be a part of Dallas Stars as a host and anchor in March 2013.

Is Chad Hartman still on WCCO?

Yes, Chad Hartman is still a part of WCCO Radio where he works as an radio host. Hartman is a member of Minnesota’s top sportswriter Sid Hartman. Chad took his degree from Arizona State University in 1988, completed his schooling at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School. His program is broadcasted live from Monday to Saturday from 2 pm to 4 pm. In his show, Hartman has invited several famous personalities and interviewed them. Chad has been called by a nickname The Barbara Walters of the Fan.

Where are Frank and Amelia?

Frank And Amelia Story

Frank and Amelia are a married couple who anchors the news program together at WCCO News. They are still a part of the channel and co-anchoring a news program together. Amelia was a part of the squad since May 1996 and Frank joined the station 10 years later on 29 June 2006. Since then, both are presenting the news together as co-anchor partners. They are the famous couple in WCCO and fans love them on screen. Both are professional and balance their work life and personal life perfectly.

Does WCCO have an FM station?

Yes, the WCCO franchise also holds a radio station both in AM and FM format. Its FM station is a Soft AC format radio service that works on a frequency of 102.9 FM. WCCO FM uses the brand name The Breeze and a tagline The Twin Cities Relaxing Favorites. Being a licensee of Stillwater, Minnesota, WCCO FM provides coverage to the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The station operates under the ownership of Worldwide Communication and its sibling networks are WTC, KROQ, WWTC-FM, and WTCC-FM. Minnesota Radio Group was the previous owner of the radio which decided to sell it to Worldwide Communications in 1986, before that it used to have a soft oldies station format.

How old is Pat Kessler?

Pat Kessler Age

Pat Kessler is a 69 years old political news reporter as of 2021, he was born in 1954. Kessler works at WCCO Channel 4 News who began to work in Minnesota’s one of the top-rated news channels in 1984. Since then, he has covered several political stories from the era of Paul Wellstone to Mondale to Al Franken to Jesse Venture to Michele Bachman to Tim Walz. He may have left the day-by-day political reporting job, but he is always welcome to join the special events and other political analyses. It will give Pat more time to spend with family as he spent a huge portion of his life in the public service. Kessler joined the year when VP Walter Mondale lost a Presidential seat against Ronald Reagan. Pat is among the few political journalists who know all the ins and outs of politics.

Is Matt Brickman leaving? Where is Matt Brickman?

Matt Brickman’s last day on WCCO News was 20 August 2019, after he got a position at WNBC New York. Brickman spent 8 great years at CBS Minnesota. Matt’s duties at WCCO Channel 4 News was providing weekday morning forecasts as a weekday meteorologist. Matt also used to provide severe weather coverage at WCCO Mn ranging from tornadoes to blizzards. After joining the WNBC’s Storm Team, Brickman started hosting the channel’s weekend broadcast of News 4 New York at 6 pm and News 4 New York at 11 pm. His passion for weather turned into a career when he joined the first TV network WICD News. A journalism graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Brickman went on to earn the degree of Bachelor of Science in Meteorology at Mississippi State University.

WCCO News Team

WCCO TV News realizes that news is important and people should get the latest updates as soon as possible. For that reason, they have the most professional team of news personalities on their side looking into the little by little details of each possible event happening across Minnesota. The channel’s Morning anchor team consists of Jason DeRusha, Heather Brown, Shayla Reaves, and Riley O’Connor. The WCCO evening team consists of Chris Shaffer, Amelia Santaniello, Mike Max, and Frank Vascellaro. Its weekend WCCO anchor team includes Esme Murphy, Erin Hassanzadeh, Mike Augustyniak, Jenifer Mayerle, and Jeff Wagner. Moreover, the WCCO reporter team consists of Christiane Cordero, Caroline Commings, David Schuman, John Lauriston, Reg Chapman, Liz Collin, Kate Raddatz, Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield, and Katie Steiner.

Liz Collins: WCCO News Reporter

Liz CollinsLiz Collins is an Emmy-winner news journalist who mainly performs the reporting duties in WCCO Channel 4. Although, sometimes, she also appears at the WCCO anchors desk. She became a part of WCCO reporters team in 208 and has done a great job since then in order to serve the Minneapolis area. Before that, Collins was an anchor, producer, and investigating reporter in Florida, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and South Dakota. Thanks to Collins, her covered stories led to Minnesota changing its public policies. Liz’s most recent report was about healthcare that unravels the original stats behind the coronavirus crisis. Those stats left Minnesota state in shock. Liz discovered that there are people from all aspects of life who are open to sharing their stories. Collins’ other famous story involves a daycare where she forced them to hire more experienced CPR staff after a young girl choked to death.

Moreover, Liz’s stories also led to Minneapolis’ 911 emergency service to recruit more dispatchers as the state was experiencing a longer wait for help to arrive which resulted in serious injuries and increased fatality. Collins recorded everything that the Stillwater community endured for five years against Alzheimer’s disease, interviewing the most prominent heroin dealer of Hennepin County who was arrested after months of struggle. Liz loves her work and always gives her 100 percent to the story. She thinks of Minnesota as her family and doesn’t compromise over the quality.

Heather Brown: WCCO News Anchor

Heather BrownHeather Brown is a host of the WCCO Good Question segment in WCCO 4 News at 10 where she answers all the relevant questions asked by the public. She is a curious journalist who also presents WCCO This Morning program and the WCCO Mid-Morning news show. Heather made her comeback to WCCO TV as a reporter in November 2012. Brown had already, once before, served the channel from 2006 to 2010. During that 4 years, Brown reported memorable stories such as the 35W bridge collapse, the Republican’s St. Paul National Convention, and the terrible fire in the forests of Boundary Waters. Moreover, Heather also covered western Minnesota’s horrible tornadoes and Fargo’s destructive flooding.

She spent the middle two years in a Fox-affiliate news service in New York City WNYW, where her main duties include presenting the NYC public school reporting, but meanwhile, she also covered breaking news, 10th Anniversary of 11 September and Hurricane Sandy.

Prior to Minnesota, Heather was a part of the WIS Columbia, S.C. news squad in July 2013. There, she produced an award-winning and informative series about an education that helped the kids greatly in getting necessary school supplies in several institutes of South Carolina. Moreover, she also presented the aftermath report of the Katrina Hurricane from Biloxi and primarily reported the S.C. Democratic presidential report of 2004.

Heather’s Life

Brown was born and brought up in Philadelphia. She completed her honors degree from Colgate University, so you can imagine why cold doesn’t affect her. After the University, Brown started a job at CNBC Los Angeles where her duties were to compile business news stories. There, she worked for almost 2 years before getting a part in Boston. By the end of 2003, Heather had a public policy degree in her hands honored by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Furthermore, Heather has also earned a firefighting certificate from the Department of Natural Resources. Not to mention, her contribution to nine marathons and the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program. When not reporting, you can watch Brown with her family of a husband and three kids taking trips to restaurants, parks, and lakes all across the Twin Cities. But, when you give her a good book, you will not see her getting out of her seat for hours.

Jason DeRusha: TV News Anchor/Reporter

Jason DeRushaJason DeRusha works as a Morning News Anchor at WCCO News Team. He joined the channel in April 2003 and has been among the most senior journalists. DeRusha conducted his very first story for WCCO Channel 4 News on April Fool’s day. In the Outstanding TV segment category of the National James Beard Awards, Jason’s food report won a finalist prize. Moreover, Minneapolis’s city declared 21st September as Jason DeRusha Day and he has also been named among the Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotans. Furthermore, Jason has claimed 9 Emmys over the course of years. Since June 2013, DeRusha has been hosting WCCO This Morning and Noon. Plus, he has also been contributing to all the local newscast stories.

Jason also hosted Our Sunday Night News program at 5:30 pm & 10 pm from 2011 to 2013. Additionally, he conducted the famous WCCO Good Question in January 2009. Here at WCCO Live TV, Jason compiles news stories, coordinates international & external communications, thinks systematically about news transmission, and writes speeches.

Through interaction with community organizations, DeRusha’s role entails community engagement and connection building. Every year, Jason conducts multiple events ranging from business events to chambers of commerce to non-profits.

Jason’s career

Other than WCCO News, DeRusha also serves as a Restaurant Critic/Food Editor at Minnesota Monthly which he joined in November 2015. There, his duties involve writing, editing, and providing criticism on dining segments in Minnesota Monthly magazine. He provides thought leadership for publications and strengthens the bond within the community. Jason also serves as the Fill-in anchor of the WCCO-AM Talk Show at CBS Radio in Greater Minneapolis which he joined in January 2011. He frequently appears as a part-time news host from 9 am to 12 pm and then 12 pm to 3 pm in the talk radio show. DeRusha was also a member of Minneapolis’ Saint Paul Magazine as a Contributing Columnist & Editor from November 2013 to October 2015.

There, he used to report and write for a general interest column of the monthly front-of-book at the Magazine. Moreover, Jason has also served the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, first as the President of the Board of Governors from April 2010 to June 2014. Then, he became President of the same foundation in June 2014 where he managed three Upper Midwest Chapter’s foundations of the National Television Academy. Under his presidency, the company has distributed 10 scholarships in different educational institutes including both schools and colleges, with a value of 25000 dollars in total. DeRusha served the Minnesota Monthly once before from December 2009 to November 2013 as a Contributing Editor.

Erin Hassanzadeh Ready for News Coverage
Erin Hassanzadeh Ready for News Coverage | Credits: facebook page

DeRusha’s TV Career

Before WCCO TV, Jason used to work at WISN News as a reporter from Feb 2000 to Feb 2003. He was a General Assignment Reporter and mostly leading the WISN News Milwaukee. Prior to that, he was an anchor and reporter at KWQC News from July 1997 to February 2000. DeRusha was a weekday reporter and weekend anchor at the channel where Jason anchored and produced the market’s top-rated weekend news transmission.

Even before that, DeRusha was a freelance news reporter at WREX-TV from July 1996 to May 1997. The internship ended in getting an on-air position at WREX News. Right after the two days of internship, Jason began to file primetime stories for the station’s news program at 5 and 6. A month later, he was recruited by a news director as a freelance reporter. DeRusha conducted several major stories for WREX and provided live reports from WREX breaking news.

More Local News from Minnesota: KARE 11 News

WCCO News Weather Team

Minnesota is considered to have the most challenging weather. Therefore, they need an expert team of WCCO weather anchors and reporters to handle such climate conditions. The WCCO weather team consists of Katie Steiner, Chris Shaffer, Riley O’Connor, Mike Augustyniak, and Lisa Meadows. There are thunderstorms, severe tornadoes, heavy rainfall, snow, and other such things. WCCO weather reporters conduct the minute-by-minute update in the field regardless of the weather condition. The team handles the most advanced WCCO weather radar in the region and predicts the accurate weather in the area.

Katie Steiner: Meteorologist at WCCO Weather Team

Katie SteinerKatie Steiner is passionate about the weather and loves everything about it. Being raised in Hasting, Minnesota, she left the state and took part in the union to join college. Steiner was happy to be back in her home state. Katie started working for the WCCO Weather team in September 2018 as a weather reporter and fill-in weather anchor. Katies most recent job was at WWL TV New Orleans as a weekend morning reporter and anchor, as well as the weekday morning reporter. At WWL, she reported tropical storms, hurricanes, terrible floods, tropical storms, and, on some rare occasions, snowfall events. As Steiner is fascinated by the weather, she loves to conduct weather stories in Minnesota. Prior to that, Steiner was a member of KHQ TV Spokane, Washington, where she did multiple tasks.

At Spokane, she began as a general assignment reporter, then started doing mornings, and ended up being a weather forecaster in the area. Steiner’s very first job in broadcast journalism was at KOMU News where she served the city for 4 years while completing her studies at the University of Missouri.

The public needs all the necessary information to get going for the day, so Katie gets up early to make sure the information is readily available. Moreover, you will Steiner always be active and take part in the community. Aside from her work at the station, Katie plays volleyball, tennis, skis, swims, quilts goes cross-country skiing, spends time with her family, and watches sports. Additionally, she enjoys singing at mass on Saturday nights and visiting her local church.

Mike Augustyniak: Meteorology Director at WCCO Weather

Mike AugustyniakMike Augustyniak is an American Meteorological Society’s certified broadcast meteorologist and Consulting Meteorologist, having more than 20 years of experience in critical incident communications, weather, and climate. He loves Minnesota because of its changing and active weather conditions. He loves to conduct WCCO weather forecasts for the weather-savvy public in the area. Augustyniak started working at WCCO Weather as a weather anchor in September 2008. In his 12 years of period, Mike has covered several severe weather events. Since he joined the station, he also has managed to make an off-side record of consuming the most cups of coffee in a 10-hour period.

Augustyniak got interested in the weather during his early days. He thinks his curiosity for the weather was boosted by the fact that he always feared thunderstorms since he was a kid. With time, he overcame his fear of thunderstorms and decided to pursue weather when he was in the 8th grade.

Mike Augustyniak wtih Jennifer Mayerle Covering News for WCCO News
Mike Augustyniak wtih Jennifer Mayerle Covering News for WCCO News | Source: twitter

Prior to this, Mike was a part of Saint Cloud State University as an Adjunct Professor in January 2017. There, he constructed a course of study to educate students about the presentation of a thorough and comprehensive weather forecast on Television. Plus, he also used to teach them how to negotiate broadcast contracts, communicate weather changes, and tell the business setting.

Mike graduated in Meteorology from College under the supervision of various leading research scientists of the world at the University at Albany. Also, Mike earned his BS degree in Atmospheric Sciences, also a part of Phi Beta Kappa, and holds the AMS TV Seal of Approval.

WCCO Weather Services

WCCO features the most exciting weather services including live WCCO Weather Radar, state’s detailed weather coverage, and WCCO school closings. It also includes Weather Watchers Networks, On the Spot, and an exclusive weather app that helps people keeping a close eye on the current climate conditions of the region.

Weather Watcher Network: WCCO News’ Weather Watcher Network allows the weather-savvy people to interact with the team and the station’s community by sending their own weather reports.

11 AM Weather Report: Everyday WCCO News shares the daily weather report of the area at 11 am in morning.

Mobile Weather Lab: Mobile weather lab is the WCCO News’ advanced weather-tracking vehicle. You can think of it as a weather station on wheels. CBS Minnesota will always be chasing weather whenever it will happen in the area. It will find the weather, track it, interpret it, and present it to the public. You can also request a mobile weather lab in your school, event, or business by filling a form.

WCCO Weather Radar

WCCO Weather Radar presents the detailed weather coverage within the Twin Cities area, Metro area, Minneapolis region, and Minnesota. The station’s state-of-the-art WCCO radar detects everything from rainfall to snow, feels like temp, dew points, UV index, wind speed, and much more. Meanwhile, WCCO Weather Radar also helps to receive severe weather alerts about tropical conditions, severe winters, storms/tornadoes, floods, and marine situations. The following table shows the list of all the radars featured by WCCO News.

Metro WCCO weather Radar Northwest MN Radar Southwest MN Radar Regional Visibility WCCO Weather Radar
Regional Dew Points Southeast MN WCCO Radar Northeast MN Radar Regional Temperatures WCCO Weather Radar
USA Temperatures Metro Wind Gusts Regional SatRad Metro Wind Speeds
Regional Gusts MN Dew Point Metro Temperatures WCCO Weather Radar Regional ‘Feels Like’ WCCO Weather Radar
Metro Feels Like Metro Visibility Current Alerts Metro Dew Points

WCCO News Mobile Apps

WCCO TV mobile apps are the digital and the easiest means of getting information and updates about the Minnesota region within seconds. Get all the latest current affairs about the region with the channel’s CBS Minnesota News App. However, the network’s weather coverage is delivered separately on an individualized weather app CBS Minnesota Weather.

CBS Minnesota News App

Get the top stories that are the most relevant to the Minnesota residents with the WCCO News App. Moreover, the users can also explore CBSN Minnesota coverage, In-depth & detailed articles about the hot topics, Video-On-Demand and WCCO live video only on the station’s user-friendly mobile app. If you have a mobile/tablet and you have internet, you can have the entire WCCO Live TV in your pocket. Meanwhile, you can also find local news in Minneapolis, Minneapolis News Live, and Minneapolis’ latest news here on this app.

WCCO News Weather Station
WCCO News Weather Station | Courtesy: twitter

CBS Minnesota Weather App

Viewers of of the channel have access to the most advanced and user-friendly CBS Minnesota Weather app available. The app encompasses every weather-related information crafted by the channel’s most experienced meteorologists through WCCO radar. Moreover, users can go through the interactive maps, get important updates & notifications, receive severe weather alerts and, on top of them all, share their favorite weather pictures & videos with the WCCO weather department.

Its features include:

  • Customized layered maps
  • Hourly WCCO weather forecast along with daily & 10-day forecast
  • Top-rated stories and videos from WCCO News experts
  • High-Resolution Satellite Image

WCCO 4 Popular Programs

The following table features the list of popular shows and programs in the WCCO TV Schedule. You can watch these programs by tuning the WCCO News Live at CH 4.

Bull The Head of the Goat WCCO 4 News at 10:00 p.m. Tulsa 1921: An American Tragedy WCCO 4 News at 10:00 p.m.
CBS Evening News Comics Unleashed The Late Late Show With James Corden CBS Overnight News
WCCO 4 News This Morning at 6:00 a.m. The Talk The Price Is Right Let’s Make a Deal
CBS This Morning The Bold and the Beautiful Dr. Phil My Dad Believes He’s Married to a Woman Named ‘Maria’ He’s Never Met The Young and the Restless
WCCO Mid-Morning 9:00 a.m. Wheel of Fortune America’s Game The Ellen DeGeneres Show NCIS Winter Chill
FBI: Most Wanted Reveille Kids Say the Darndest Things FBI American Dreams S.W.A.T. Next of Kin
United States of Al Matchmaker/ Roybar B Positive Magnum P.I. Someone to Watch Over Me Young Sheldon A Virus, Heartbreak and a World of Possibilities
Clarice Motherless Child Mom Tang and a Safe Space for Everybody Blue Bloods The Common Good Your Move With Andy Stanley David: ‘The Reluctant Hero’
National Memorial Day Concert Mission Unstoppable Course Record With Michael Breed The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation
WCCO 4 News Saturday Morning National Memorial Day Concert Hope in the Wild Lucky Dog
Cornhole NCIS: Los Angeles In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley 48 Hours
Major Crimes Moral Hazard On the Spot What Could Have Been, Get Creative, Identify This Pet Vet Dream Team Origins Wind, Solar and Hydro Energy
CBS Sunday Morning With Jane Pauley 60 Minutes PGA Tour Originals Credentialed Rodeo


WCCO TV first hit the air on 1 July 1949 under the Presidency of Robert Rodder with the calls WTCN News. It was the 2nd TV station to start operations in Minnesota. WCCO News has been the primary affiliate of CBS Network since its origin. It is also the only commercial television station in the market to remain in its primary affiliation. The station’s calls were changed to the current call letters WCCO TV on 17 August 1952.

WCCO News studios lie beside the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis on South 11th St. The network’s transmitter, however, is based at the Shoreview’s Telefarm complex, Minnesota.

Tel: 1-800-444
Tower Location: WCCO Channel 4
Brand Name: Telefarm complex in Shoreview, Minnesota

Coverage Map

WCCO News Coverage Map
WCCO News Coverage Map | Source:
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