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Channel 9 Cincinnati Live

WCPO News logoWCPO News, an ABC-affiliated TV channel, giving its services in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The brand name of the station is WCPO 9 News, whereas its call sign is WCPO-TV. Channel 9 Cincinnati is using the slogan “Home.” WCPO 9 features news regarding politics, business, entertainment, weather forecast, and much more. Watch the WCPO live stream on its official website and YouTube channel. Also, get the weather updates of Cincinnati and nearby regions by following the weather section. WCPO 9 News provides you the latest traffic and weather updates of Cincinnati. Maintain your healthy life by strongly following the Healthy Living section of WCPO News.

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Watch WCPO Live Stream for Free

One can watch the WCPO live stream on its official website and YouTube channel. You can also watch the WCPO News by installing the WCPO app on your smartphone. The live stream of WCPO News features your favorite videos, breaking news, and programs. However, one can watch the popular programs of WCPO 9 news according to the Television schedule.

Sr No.TimeProgram / Shows
112:00 AMWCPO 9 News Headlines
212:30 AMNews Refresh
301:00 AMWCPO 9 News Headlines
401:30 AMNews Fresh
502:00 AMWCPO 9 News Headlines
602:30 AMNews Fresh
703:00 AMWCPO 9 News Headlines
803:30 AMNews Refresh
904:00 AMWCPO 9 News Headlines
1004:30 AMGood Morning Tri-State at 4:30AM
1105:00 AMGood Morning Tri-State at 5AM
1206:00 AMGood Morning Tri-State at 6AM
1307:00 AMReplay: Good Morning Tri-State at 6AM
1408:00 AMWCPO 9 News Headlines
1508:30 AMWCPO 9 News Headlines
1609:00 AMWCPO 9 News Headlines
1709:30 AMWCPO 9 News Headlines
1810:00 AMCincy Lifestyle
1910:30 AMReplay: Cincy Lifestyle
2011:00 AMWCPO 9 News Headlines
2112:00 PMWCPO 9 News at Noon
2201:00 PMReplay: WCPO 9 News at Noon
2302:00 PMWCPO 9 News Headlines
2404:00 PMWCPO 9 News at 4PM
2505:00 PMWCPO 9 News at 5PM
2606:00 PMWCPO 9 News at 6PM
2706:30 PMReplay: WCPO 9 News at 6PM
2807:00 PMWCPO 9 News at 7
2907:30 PMReplay: WCPO 9 News at 7PM
3008:00 PMWCPO 9 News Headlines
3108:30 PMWCPO 9 News Headlines
3209:00 PMWCPO 9 News Headlines
3309:30 PMNewsfeed
3410:00 PMWCPO 9 News Headlines
3510:30 PMGood To Know
3611:00 PMWCPO 9 News at 11PM
3711:35 PMReplay: WCPO 9 News at 11PM

General Questions by WCPO News Viewers

The audience of Channel 9 Cincinnati posts many questions over social media and the web. Here we tried to address those questions and queries. You can check below for the answers. Also, anyone can drop a question in the comment section.

How old is Julie o Neill?

Julie o Neill was born in 1971 and is now about forty-nine (49) years old. You can also catch her on her Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

How old is Sherry Hughes?

The American Television personality and Cincinnati meteorologist keeps her life personal. The annual salary of Sherry Hughes ranges from $130,106 to $228,488.

Studio Building of WCPO News
Studio Building of WCPO News located at 1720 Gilbert Ave Cincinnati | Courtesy:

WCPO News Team

The anchors of WCPO 9 news deliver exclusive stories and news for offering unbiased and trustworthy journalism. Moreover, the news team goes to any crime scene to thoroughly share the live happenings with viewers. WCPO news anchors have a strong grip on political news coverage and investigative reporting. The residents of Cincinnati blindly believe in the authentic news reporting of WCPO Cincinnati. WCPO TV is serving with a line-up of senior anchors like Kristyn Hartman, Julie O’Neill, Craig McKee, and some others.

Julie O’Neill

Julie O'NeillJulie O’Neill started her career in July 1995. Her investigative reporting on Tasers shined a light on safety concerns. Finally, her influential reporting led to positive changes in the procedures and policies responsible for saving many lives. Julie is a brave and skillful news anchor and reporter. People use to search for different questions about Julie on the internet. Here below, we will try to find out the answer to those questions.

Kristyn Hartman

Kristyn HartmanKristyn Hartman is an anchor and reporter at WCPO 9 News. She joined the channel 0n 10th April 2017. Before joining WCPO-TV, she worked with many other television channels. She gives her services at KSNF, WMBD, KTVK, WCCB, WBBM, and WBNS. Recently, she had a fifteen-month stretch during which she faced a breast cancer diagnosis and significant professional and personal change. She is bravely fighting with the disease and on her way to a healthy recovery. Catch her at her Facebook account to stay connected with her.

Want to know about WCPO Weather Team?

WCPO News weather logoWCPO subchannel 9.2 formerly carried the 24-hour local weather programming as the weather Tracker channel on several local cable systems. On 19th August 2007, the channel upgraded weather graphics that match WCPO’s upgraded graphics. The TV channels of Cincinnati used their weather coverage as a selling point since the 1999 Montgomery/Blue Ash tornado. The expert meteorologists of WCPO use the TrueView system for local and countrywide radar sweeps.  WCPO provides hourly, daily, and 7-day forecasts using interactive radar technology. Additionally, the WCPO traffic alert system allows the citizens to plan their journeys without any disturbance.

National Weather Service NEXRAD radars in Wilmington, Louisville, and Indianapolis used to provide coverage of weather events. The VIPIR 9 tech also uses 9 First Warning Doppler and the NEXRAD radars to create its 3D images. Moreover, the weather team of WCPO News gathers the

most accurate and exclusive weather information for the people of Ohio. Meteorologists using the real-time and most advanced forecast engine, the TV-station, took as a reliable forecasting source. WCPO school closings updates allow the parents to stay updated with the latest alerts.

Early and on-time forecasting of the WCPO weather team saved tens of thousands of lives and worthy property. The meteorologists using the latest WCPO weather radar gave storms, lightning, and tornado alerts. They comprehensively define and measure climatic changes in the region through detailed forecast metrics. Furthermore, WCPO provides severe weather forecast validations and use case evaluations. The weather team consists of meteorologists like Sherry Hughes, Austin Winfield, and Jennifer Ketchmark. Steve Raleigh is the chief meteorologist of the WCPO weather department.

Steve Raleigh

Steve RaleighThe chief meteorologist of WCPO News is Steve Raleigh. He joined the television channel in July 2005. Steve Raleigh previously worked at KRON-TV, WCNC-TV, WLWT-TV, WREG-Tv, and WLBT-TV as weather anchors and Chief Meteorologist. He has experience of over three decades in the field. The channel is using his experience to build intense weather following for it.


Sherry Hughes

Sherry HughesSherry Hughes is the WCPO 9 First Warning Meteorologist. She joined the WCPO News in September 2011. With her fantastic job as a meteorologist, she keeps the community safe during severe storms. Before joining WCPO News, Hughes previously worked with WTSP TV, WNCN TV, KSAZ TV, and WCSC TV.

She provides daily weather forecast information to help viewers plan their day accordingly. Sherry Hughes is a volunteer at Children Hospital of Cincinnati. Moreover, she is a mentor with Cincinnati Youth Collaborative and volunteers through the Cincinnati Chapter of The Links Incorporated.

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Barak Shapiro

Barak ShapiroBarak Shapiro is the former meteorologist of WCPO News. The American Meteorologist Society awarded her seal of approval. Here are some questions about the former meteorologist of WCPO New that people used to ask. Is Barak Shapiro still at WCPO? Why did Barak Shapiro leave WCPO? Did Barak Shapiro leave WCPO? The answers to these questions are:

No, Barak Shapiro is not working at WCPO News. Shapiro left the channel as a meteorologist on 27th February. The reason behind her resignation is still not clear publicly.

WCPO Weather Radar

WCPO is using the following weather radar technologies:

  • Doppler weather Radar
  • The NEXRAD Radar
  • Interactive Radar technology
Craig McKee and Steve Raleigh covering news bulletin
Craig McKee and Steve Raleigh covering news bulletin | Courtesy: facebook page

The interactive radar technology lets users configure to show the most important and desirable weather info. Interactive radar allows you to pan and zoom to receive precise weather details of your area. Moreover, it also allows you to select satellite and radar images with severe weather warnings.

WCPO 9 Cincinnati News App

WCPO Weather AppWCPO News app delivers relevant community, local, and national news. It includes up-to-the-minute weather info and breaking alerts throughout the day. The app consists of an intuitive layout and simplified navigation to operate. One can get news, weather, and video with just some taps on his mobile screen. The weather section of the WCPO News app is too much user friendly. The channel delivers not only hourly but also provides daily forecasts of the Ohio region. Also, find the updated severe weather information instantly by just subscribing to the alerts. Following are the major features of the WCPO News app:

  • Exclusive stories and breaking news alerts
  • WCPO Live streaming
  • Fast and user friendly
  • Dynamic weather section, with hourly and daily weather forecasts
  • Lightning-fast weather radar
  • One can enjoy an ad-free experience by purchasing the premium version of the app

About WCPO News Cincinnati

Channel 9 Cincinnati founded in February 1948. The television channel initially started its services on 26th July 1949 using facility ID 59438. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the licensing authority of WCPO 9 News. E. W. Scripps Company (Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC) is the owner of WCPO Cincinnati. However, the sister channels of WCPO-TV are WEWS-TV, WRTV, and WLEX-TV. On 12th June 2009, the channel discontinued its regular programming on its analog signal, over VHF channel 9. On 10th December 2009, the FCC authority issued a report and Order, approving the move of WCPO from VHF to UHF.

Studios and Transmitter Facilities of WCPO Cincinnati

The studios of WCPO television located in the Mount Adams nearby Cincinnati following Elsinore Arch. Whereas the transmitter of the channel located in the Mount Auburn region of the city.

Cable facilities of ABC Cincinnati

One can watch the WCPO News on cable on channel 8 in Kentucky, on Charter Spectrum. Moreover, on the cable, you can also catch WCPO News on Cincinnati Bell channel 9.

Affiliations of ECPO-TV

The following are the current affiliations of WCPO 9 News:

  • ABC (since 1996; also 1949-1961)
  • Court TV (O&O)
  • Bounce TV (O&O)
  • Court TV Mystery (O&O)
  • Laff (O&O)
  • Stitcher
WCPO newscasters in news room
WCPO newscasters in news room | Credits: twitter

News Shows and TV Programs of WCPO TV

At present, WCPO 9 News broadcasts 45.5 hours of locally produced newscast weekly. It includes seven and a half hours each weekday and four hours on weekends. During the last few years, WCPO-TV and WKRC are battling for maintaining the first position in local news viewership.

Whereas, NBC-affiliate WLWT channel stay behind 3rd or 4th place. Actually, WCPO leads the evening news race, while WKRC leads in mornings and late evening shows. In addition, WCPO started its local newscast in HD on 19th August 2007. On 1st October 2012, WCPO-TV debuted the new Scripps-mandated music package and standardized graphics.

In the below section, we are going to discuss a few popular programs airing on WCPO.

Fischer Homes

WCPO News sponsored Fischer Homes on its specified section. One discovers a new home with the services of Fischer Homes in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Georgia. Also, view fabulous floorplans including, ranch-style living, two-story family rooms, five-level designs, and much more. One can take a virtual tour of several stunning home designs on the WCPO website. New homes range in price from the hundred dollars to more than one million dollars. You can visit a model or move-in ready home today.

WCPO News live streaming studio
WCPO News live streaming studio | Courtesy: official website

Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness is a term for balancing financial matters. It is a daily practice that needs constant effort. Experts also define it as living in a way that doesn’t exceed income or not put a financial strain on savings goals. WCPO News specified a separate section for financial fitness to assist its users in financial matters. Furthermore, we can say that it is making choices that are in alignment with priorities.


At Senior Lifestyle, the channel helps the residents to create fulfilling lifestyles by promoting a culture of health and wellness. They go the extra mile to support the wellbeing of senior residents. Besides the wonderful team, their communities provide a huge variety of personalized care plans and convenient amenities for elderly residents.


WCPO News, after receivin0…heir service charges from companies, they promote them on their website. People can find the best companies in Cincinnati and its near areas. The channel provides guides on its website for people seeking the best companies. Make informed decisions with the provided guides to the best Cincinnati providers, from personal finance to homeownership. WCPO 9 reviewed Ohio laws, user reviews, and market trends to deliver reliable recommendations.

Real Estate

Under the Real State section, you can discover the latest news regarding the real state in Ohio and corresponding areas. The coronavirus pandemic hit the real state business very badly because investors fear to invest their money amid lockdown restrictions. So, to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings in the real state area, you need to follow it on WCPO. Previously, the panel issues its recommendations to help elderly homeowners during the pandemic time.

About Ohio Lottery

WCPO Cincinnati is the proud official carrier of Ohio Lottery programming. One may watch the live Ohio Lottery drawings nightly on WCPO-TV at 07:29 pm. The weekly game show of the Ohio Lottery, “Cash Explosion,” is available every Saturday night at 07:30 on WCPO-TV. The voter-approved constitutional amendment created the Ohio Lottery Commission in May 1973.

Nowadays, the Ohio Lottery Commission offers customers a wide variety of immediate games. It also offers online games to play at more than 8,800 licensed retailer locations all over the state.

The Ohio Lottery added on another task in FY05: to administer and observe generous bingo licensing for the state. The Lottery provided over $16 billion to public education since 1974.

Cincy Lifestyle

Cincy Lifestyle is a local, original lifestyle show focused on providing viewers with entertaining and informative content. The show features a wide variety of community organizations, businesses, and happenings in the Greater Cincinnati region. It will update the users to the latest happenings so that people won’t miss a single minute of fun. Clyde Gray and Mona Morrow are the mutual hosts of the show. Together with Allie Martin, these hosts host the show during weekdays at 10:00 am on WXPO 9 News.

Caleb Noe on Camera
Caleb Noe on Camera

Transportation & Development

Under the transportation and Development section, one can update himself about the latest news about the transportation department. It consists of information covering the Cincinnati streetcar. Also, find info on what measures are transport operators and authorities taking in response to the coronavirus outbreak impact. Intelligent Transport provides business and news information for the transport industry of the world.

Popular Programs List

Following are some popular programs of WCPO 9 News:

Coco (2017) The Con the Love Con WCPO 9 News Jimmy Kimmel Live
ABC News Nightline The Wendy Williams Show Right This Minute Live with Kelly and Ryan
ABC World News Now America This Morning Good Morning Tri State Good Morning America
Cincy Lifestyle Right This Minute Pawn Stars Rock Stars and Race Cars WCPO 9 News at Noon
General Hospital GMA3: What You Need to Know The Kelly Clarkson Show ABC World News Tonight with David Muir
20/20 Special Edition the Vice President and the People Rock the Park Moab Mountain Biking The Wendy Williams Show Pawn Stars the Book of Rick
Pawn Stars van Gogh a Go Go The Carbonaro Effect Dead Man Walking? The Carbonaro Effect Japanese Waterless Folding Toilet Hearts of Heroes Dangers of Ice and Fire
Tel: 513-852-4040
Tower Location: Mount Auburn section of the city
Brand Name: WCPO 9

Channel Coverage

WCPO News coverage map
WCPO News coverage map

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