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Channel 41 Louisville, Kentucky

WDRB News LogoWRDB News is a Fox-affiliate TV Network that operates at Virtual CH 41 and serves as a licensee of Louisville, Kentucky. Channel 41 Louisville, Kentucky works under the ownership of Block Communications located in Toledo, Ohio. If you want to enjoy WRDB News live in your area, you can tune in to the channel on local cable networks and satellite services. Meanwhile, you can also catch WRDB 41 on your smartphone, laptop through and Live News Globe. Fox Louisville, Kentucky uses the branding WDRB.

WDRB News is your home to news telecasts, weather coverage, community transmission, and WDRB sports telecast. Its news section comprises Coronavirus, In-depth, crime reports, business, point of view, education, politics, uncovered, politics, and more. WRDB Weather includes daily forecast, 2012 Tornado, Allergies, WDRB Traffic, WDRB Weather Radar, weather cameras, Kentucky Tornadoes, Snow Fox Closings, and more. The community transmission includes Be Our Guest, Contract with Viewers, Talk of the Town, Marketplace, Event Calendar, contest, and Financial Tips.

WDRB News Live Stream

Enjoy the ultimate news coverage along with the latest WDRB weather forecasts and WDRB sports telecasts related to your area on Live News Globe through WDRB News live stream. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy multiple TV series.

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General FAQs

Is Katie McGraw WDRB Married? How Old is Katie McGraw WDRB?

Yes, Katie and Grant Backe are married. Kate is currently 35 years old. The couple has a child together. Their wedding year and the name of their child remain private, however. When we receive information regarding their child’s name and the year they were married, if any, we will let you know; keep in touch. Katie McGraw used to be a part of News 41 Louisville, Kentucky from March 2016 to March 2021.

At WEWS News, she is a Weekend Morning Meteorologist, having joined the station in March 2021.  In addition to weathercasting live weekend morning news, she also provides midday news on weekdays. She graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree.

Why Did Kate Springer Leave WDRB?

Kate Springer Story

Kate Springer didn’t leave WDRB 41, she is still a part of the channel and working as a Morning Anchor and Reporter at the WDRB News team. Having worked in local newsrooms for more than 12 years, her work has earned her numerous awards. Proficient in multiplatform reporting in a fast-paced environment. A skilled writer, cameraman, and editor who specializes in television and digital content. Her prowess with social media generates ideas for stories and attracts viewers. An excellent on-camera presenter.

Is Kim Stevens WDRB Married?

There is no information about Kim Stevens being married. Further, she does not appear to be a part of WDRB 41 news anymore since she is no longer a part of WDRB 41 weather personalities. Aside from this, she also does not have any active LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

Is Mike Marshall of WDRB Married? How Old is Mike Marshall WDRB?

Mike Marshal is a Traffic Reporter at WDRB News, where he began his broadcasting career at a number of radio stations in Lexington, Elizabethtown, and Louisville. While Mike’s age is unknown, he appears to be in his 60s based on his appearance. He applied to work as an air traffic reporter for Lexington International Airport days later after being suggested by a friend. Michael enjoys working with his co-workers each day and says that working with them is a lot of fun. Behind the scenes, there are many people who contribute to making the show look and sound amazing. According to Mike, It is even more enjoyable to work with Sterling, Candyce, Jude, Keith, and everyone else.

WDRB News Team

WDRB News is one of the capable news teams that offers round-the-clock news coverage, as well as political debates and interviews. The way they provide breaking news sets them apart from mere readers and distinguishes them from true leaders. Even when a story is developing so quickly that scripts and formats can’t keep up, they communicate with authority, comfort, and clarity. Valerie Chinn, Christie Battista, Gilbert Corsey, Scott Reynolds, Fallon Glick, Dalton Godbey, Scott Reynolds, and Grace Hayba is among the top-rated members of the WDRB News Team.

Scott Reynolds: 5 PM Anchor at WDRB News

Scott ReynoldsWDRB’s Scott Reynolds was a reporter and anchor for 23 years in the Louisville area before being a part of WDRB in August of 2019. Growing up in Zumbrota, Minnesota, Scott milked cows and bales hay on a dairy farm, just about an hour’s drive away from Minneapolis. There is still a great deal of his family living there, including his brother, whose family began that farm in 1872. In response to the farm being taken over by his older brother, Scott enrolled at a college to study broadcasting.

During his 26-year career, he worked as a sports director in Northern Idaho, followed by a radio career in Michigan and Minnesota, before ending up at a television station in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Prior to his arrival in the Bluegrass, he held sports and news jobs in Las Vegas and Minneapolis. His work has included covering presidential inaugurations, a Super Bowl,  a World Series, a Stanley Cup Final, the Bush v Gore Supreme Court case, and the World Series.

Scott’s Previous Work

Before joining WDRB News, Scott Reynolds used to serve as a News Anchor at WAVE News from June 1996 to December 2018. There, he used to anchor the 5 news telecasts from Monday to Friday. From June 1989 to June 1996, Scott was a Sports Anchor and News Anchor at WCCO News, a CBS Minnesota-owned network. While working there, Scott used to anchor the show and conduct reporting on Final Four, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Finals, US Open, and World Series. Scott attended Brown Insitute where he acquired Broadcast Communication Degree.

In his capacity as a father, Scott is proud of his five children who live and attend school in Kentucky. His passion for sports keeps him busy when he is not delivering the news. Despite his love for the Minnesota Vikings, he has lost four Super Bowls. Scott has played four sports throughout his school career, and he is still often found playing basketball, baseball, or an intense cardio workout. As far as entertainment, he’s bound to attend a game or take part in a concert near home to fulfill his lifelong love of music.

WDRB Weather Team

WDRB News Weather Team LogoWeather coverage is an integral part of American news, and the WDRB Weather team strives to build trust with the citizens of Louisville by providing the most accurate, most authentic, and timely weather coverage possible. From daily weather forecasts to monitoring the WDRB Weather radar 24/7, the channel’s weather team delivers the best results in a short span of time. The team of meteorologists includes Marc Weinberg, Bryce Jones, Rick DeLuca, Hannah Strong, and Jude Redfield.

Bryce Jones: Meteorologist at WDRB Weather

Bryce JonesLiving in the Ohio Valley, Bryce Jones grew up with the constant change in weather that comes with living here in Louisville. Bryce is well acquainted with the weather in the Shively area, having graduated from Butler Traditional High School. Having countless memories of tornadoes, snowstorms, and record floods in Louisville while watching WDRB as a child, he became fascinated with weather from a very young age. Here in his hometown, his love for the weather and dedication to community safety is deeply ingrained.

A 2021 graduate of Mississippi State University, Bryce holds a professional broadcast meteorology degree. A year-round experience with severe weather allowed Bryce to gain experience at Mississippi State. When he was still a student, Bryce was hired by WTVA in Tupelo, snowstorms, hurricanes, MS where he helped cover tornado outbreaks, learning even how to chase tornadoes in Dixie Alley.

Bruce’s Past Work

Before WDRB 41, she was a meteorologist at WTVA from April 2020 to April 2021. Jones was also a Campus Connect Meteorologist at Mississippi State University from August 2018 to April 2021. He once served Tuscaloosa, Alabama as a Secretary at the East Mississippi State Chapter of the NWS/AMS from April 2019 to April 2020. Bruce started his career at Nashville Severe Weather as an Internee from April 2019 to April 2020. He attended the school Butler Traditional High School in 2013 and then graduated from Mississippi State University in 2017.

WDRB Mobile Apps

Want to connect with Fox 41 Louisville, Kentucky on the digital level? Rest assured, you can now access the WDRB news and WDRB sports on the station’s news app, while weather coverage and WDBR radar technology can be accessed on the weather app.


News in Louisville and the surrounding Kentucky area can be found on WDRB News Louisville FOX 41. WDRB is the leader covering local news, sports, weather, and traffic, bringing you in-depth reporting and groundbreaking investigations on a daily basis.

WDRB Sports boasts a fleet of six anchors/reporters/columnists who tower over their competition when it comes to outstanding sports coverage and unique sports perspectives. Sports Page shows include live-streamed shows and on-demand shows with commentary and analysis of top stories and sports alerts. WDRB News Louisville FOX 41 features Point of View editorials twice a week on the most talked about topics in Kentucky, ensuring you are always on top of events in Louisville.

Live Coverage Studio WDRB News
Live Coverage Studio WDRB News | Studio: Twitter

WDRB Weather

With the release of the WDRB Weather app, Android users can get full-featured weather information. Unlike other media companies, the channel has five full-time meteorologists providing live forecasts or streaming content every day and writing daily blogs as well. Besides WDRB weather radar, you can also view several live streaming weather cameras to get a clear picture of what to expect.

Channel 41 Louisville Kentucky TV Listing

Enjoy the wonderful news programs while exploring the tons of weather shows in addition to the WDRB sports transmission with WDRB News live stream. Listed below are the multiple shows that the channel offers.

Family Guy Prescription Heroine Bob’s Burgers Interview Pop-pop-pir In Depth With Graham Bensinger Michael Strahan WDRB News at 10:00 p.m.
Worry Free Retirement Gametime With Boomer Esiason Wade Boggs MoxieTalk With Kirt Jacobs Modern Family
Black-ish Lemons Dateline Mean Girls WDRB News at 10:00 p.m. WDRB Morning News at 5:00 a.m.
Hot Bench The Rachael Ray Show Live With Kelly and Ryan WDRB in the Morning
Access Hollywood Dr. Phil Love or Larceny: 9-1-1 Boston The Big Bang Theory The Indecision Amalgamation
Young Sheldon Last Man Standing Educating Boyd The Resident 6 Volts Name That Tune Royalty and Gridiron Champs
Hot Bench The Masked Singer Domino Masters Qualifiers: Movie Night MasterChef Junior All’s Fair at Ren Faire
Call Me Kat Call Me a Kingbirdie Welcome to Flatch Dance It Out WWE SmackDown The Andy Griffith Show Opie and Mike
Xploration Life 2.0 Xploration Outer Space Tommy Boy (1995) Xploration DIY Sci
M*A*S*H Radar’s Report Xploration Second Chance Pets Elizabethtown (2005) Xploration Awesome Planet
I Can See Your Voice The Cleaning Lady Full On Gangsta Seinfeld In Touch Ministries

About WDRB 41

It was in 1953 that Robert Rounsaville, the owner of Louisville’s first black radio station, WLOU (1350 AM), was issued the permit to build channel 41 in Louisville. By the end of the decade, the station became the first African-American TV station in the nation. It was the Atlanta-based station WQXI-TV that failed and went off the air in 1955 that made WQXL-TV possible. In 1963, WTAM-TV was sold to Producers, Inc., of Evansville, Indiana, but no station ever aired. As a result, the permit remained active for quite a few years afterward. Producers were associated with WKYW (900 AM) in Louisville, which was owned by the Polaris Corporation.

Tel: 502-585-0811
Tower Location: Rural Northeastern Floyd County, Indiana (Northeast of Floyds Knobs)
Brand Name: WDRB

Coverage Map

WDRB News Coverage Map
WDRB News Coverage Map | Source:
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