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WESH 2 News Orlando logoWESH 2 News is an NBC affiliate Television network operating at Virtual CH 2. The station is licensed to Daytona Beach while it serves the area of Orlando, Florida. NBC Orlando works under the ownership of Hearst Television, which is owned by Hearst Communications. Find recent WESH local news coverage, national newscast, politics, traffic, entertainment, sports transmission, and much more on WESH 2. It is a top choice for news headlines, weather coverage, and daily traffic updates. Plus, be a part of political discussion, see viral videos, and get the latest updates about a theme park with Orlando’s one of the top news television networks. Enjoy the station’s exciting programs on the internet through WESH 2 news live stream. The channel uses a catchphrase “Local. Live. Late Breaking.”

Get a thorough detail about all the latest stories in town through the “WESH 2 Investigation” team. The squad works explicitly to get into the depths of top stories. Keep updated with all the latest political happenings in town and entire nation through the station’s “Political” talk shows. Get all the recent entertainment news, including movies, TV series, and others with the channel’s “Universal, Seaworld and More” Section. Get hurricane alerts and track serious climate conditions with the station’s exclusive highly interactive doppler radar WESH 2 Radar that gives the real-time+future weather forecast based on your location.

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Enjoy your favorite TV shows wherever you are with the WESH 2 News live streaming video service. Watch WES2 live through a mobile app or an online website.

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WESH 2 TV Schedule

1.4:30 a.m.-9 a.m5 a.m.-7 a.m
2. 12 p.m.-12:30 p.m12 p.m.-12:30 p.m
3.6 p.m.-6:30 p.m10 p.m.-10:30 p.m
4.10 p.m.-10:30 p.m0 p.m.-10:30 p.m
5.11 p.m.-11:30 p.m.-

General FAQs

What Channel Is NBC In Orlando?

Viewers can watch Orlando news on NBC Network at various local cable networks, including CenturyLink CH 2, Comcast Xfinity CH 3, and Charter Spectrum CH 4. However, the network’s HD transmission can be viewed at CH 1020 on Spectrum and CH 1002 on Prism, and CH 432 on Xfinity. Watch the latest exclusive services of the station via WESH 2 live stream.

Why Did Angela Taylor Leave WESH?

Angela Taylor is a highly motivated, Emmy winner, energetic News Reporter who used to work at WESH Orlando. Taylor has two years of experience in exploring the journalism industry. Moreover, she has a proven history of maintaining the strategic vision, achieving a goal, and building strong, powerful relationships with partners and organizations. Angela has conducted the 5 pm news on WESH News and 10 pm new on sibling WKCF CH 18. She joined Channel 2 News Orlando after serving KHBS Fort Smith, Arkansas, and then left the WESH after giving seven great years in the service of the Hearst Television in January 2018. Taylor decided to leave because she got a better opportunity at WNCN as an Evening News Anchor.

What Happened to Ted Noah?

Ted Noah was a morning traffic anchor at NBC Orlando who used to provide detailed traffic reports to the public. Noah joined the TV in March 2015 and served as a traffic reporter for more than three years. Until he decided to make a switch to WTKR 3 News as a drive-time traffic anchor. At News 3, Ted presents weekdays coverage from 4:30 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 6 pm. Ted began his career as an intern at the age of 16 and quickly rose through the ranks. By 17, he has already become a night-time DJ. Later, at the age of 19, Noah started working as an afternoon announcer and programming/music manager at WZBZ “The Buzz.”

What Cable Companies Carry WESH Tv In Orlando?

WESH TV Channel on Cable in Orlando

Cable services providing the WESH 2 live stream in Orlando are Comcast Xfinity at CH 3, Charter Spectrum at CH 4, and Century Link Prism at CH 2. These are the primary cable network services operating in Orlando.

How to Get WESH 2 On Antenna? Why Can’t I Get WESH Over the Air?

Many people in Orlando often raise question that why they aren’t receiving WESH on their Antenna, whereas they can get all the other local TV channels. There is a simple answer, you are using the UHF Antenna and not the VHF Antenna. As WESH 2 News Orlando FL is a VHF station; therefore, it can only be carried on a VHF antenna. Some People May Assume that WESH’s signal strength is comparatively low than the rest of the Orlando stations. But that is not the case; WESH 2 Orlando has the same signal strength but on the other Antenna.

In order to receive the WESH signals properly on your TV ser, the Antenna should be bigger both in width and length to align with the wavelength of the VHF signal. If the Antenna is tuned to get the UHF signals, much of the UHF transmission would not be captured, and it might overpass the Antenna.

Can’t Get WESH With Antenna?

If you are not getting WESH CH 2.1 signals on your TV Antenna in Orlando but receiving all other TV channels in the region. The problem could possibly be in the Antenna set and not in the TV channel. It isn’t an issue whether the Antenna is indoor, rooftop, or attic; it could probably, be not designed to get WESH VHF transmission. The reason is that WESH TV signals are in VHF, unlike the other TV channels that have UHF signal types. And most antennas in the market are designed only to get UHF signal and not the VHF transmission.

What Does WESH Mean in French?

French Meaning of WESH

WESH, which is the callsign of one of America’s top-rated news stations, NBC Orlando is also happened to have quite a meaning in the French language. In French, WESH or WSH is a slang that means “Hi” or “Yo.”

How Old Is Claire Metz?

Claire Metz is the most senior news reporter at WESH 2 News who serves the station as a bureau chief. Clair covers breaking news Orlando in one of the fastest-growing parts of the state. Metz has been a part of WESH since 1984 as an anchor and reporter. Clair has claimed several awards during her career, including an Emmy award for covering the story of a family who survived the difficult times on Christmas Eve in the sea. Not to mention the other valuable Florida Press Club accolades. Metz’s age isn’t public to anyone. We looked at her social media accounts and found nothing about her birthday. It seems she likes to keep things private about her personal life. We will let you know as soon as we got any updates.

What Channel Is WESH 2 On Antenna? What Channel Is WESH On Antenna?

WESH 2 On Antenna

Floridians can get the WESH 2 live stream over the Antenna by tuning to CH 2. Users can find exclusive Orlando FL News, weather updates, political reports, traffic conditions in the area, and other information related to the Florida community.

Where Is Michelle Imperato WESH 2?

Michelle Imperato started working as a Morning Anchor at WESH News Orlando. Imperato cohosted one of the highest-rated morning programs in Monterey, California, at WESH’s sibling KSBW. Plus, she also worked as an investigative reporter of the channel. She also served as a reporter and anchor for the nightly news at 11 on WLNY News York. Michelle has reported several exciting local, national, and international stories. She co-reported 2 hours of the live transmission of the Search for the suspects Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar, including in the Boston Marathon bombing. Moreover, Imperato also covered the story of California Rodeo Salinas using illegal electric prods. She doesn’t exclusively serve the WESH News but a sister station KSBW.

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Things to explore in WESH 2 News App

With the catchphrase, “Local. Live. Late Breaking”, WESH 2 News App gives simultaneous access to regional news service, political shows, sports coverage, and entertainment content. Get WESH 2 breaking news alerts with the app’s push-alerts service. Users can also submit their photos & videos, or some important news tip directly to the station’s news studio. They might get a chance to feature on the live show. Get to see the Orlando and nearby areas’ real-time climate conditions with the channel’s explicit weather service.

Users can get hourly and 7-day forecasts directly to their cellphones with a notification and plan their weekend or holiday. They can even watch the periodic breaking news with regular intervals through WESH 2 News live stream. Find if any storm is close to hitting with the station’s WESH 2 Radar; it also lets you see the street view and region view through zoom-in and zoom-out feature. It doesn’t matter if you are 100 miles away from your home; you can keep track of all the local and national level activities with the station’s user-friendly mobile app.

Dedicated News team of NBC Orlando

NBC Orlando team is known for its long-lasting experience and valuable services, which they provide to the community for so many years with great dedication. Jazmin Bailey is one of the leading WESH 2 News Anchors who has been an Emmy-Award winning news host of the channel.

Kelsi Throud: A Reporter at WESH 2 News

Kelsi ThroudKelsi Throud is a versatile, highly talented, and creative journalist serving the WESH News for more than two years. During her stay at the station, Throud enterprise stories, shoot videos, edit videos, wrote, produced, and promoted content on TV, online, and on social media websites. Moreover, she interviewed vital players, effectively and efficiently put together resources and go live several times a day on both news programs and social media. Kelsi reported stories ranging from daily protests to marches for racial justice ignited by George Floyd’s murder and hurricane coverage. Throud also anchored Facebook and Twitter night shows, updating the audience about COVID-19 impact.

Kelsi’s Professional Career

Kelsi Throud completed a BA in Journalism from the University of Arizona in 2015. However, she began journalism in January 2013 when Throud joined Arizona Daily Wildcat as a reporter. In September 2013, Kelsi became a News Intern at KVOA News, where she used to write stories for the site, edit videos, shoot videos, assist on-field reporting, and do shadow reporting in the field.

Throud, later, joined The Daily Caller as a Political News Intern for five months in January 2014 and handled several political news, including Presidential appearances and White House briefings. In May 2014, Kelsi became a part of the Fusion Investigative News Team as an intern at Univision Communications Inc. Throud became a Multimedia Journalist at WEEK News in June 2015, where she used to travel around the state and report 2016 federal, state, and local elections. In December 2016, the inspiring reporter started working at WTVQ as a full-time reporter. There she used to write and edit stories daily, go live in several shows and online. Covered numerous events ranging from colossal teacher protest at Kentucky State Capitol to shooting at Marshall County High School. Currently, she works at WESH 2 News Live as a reporter and has been serving the network for two years and four months.

Mark Albert: Chief Investigative Correspondent at NBC Orlando

Mark AlbertMark Albert, who has been a part of WESG since June 2018, leads the investigative unit of Hearst Television based in Washington D.C. In his 20 years of journalism, Albert has several awards, including the Peabody award for his excellence in investigating stories. Mark has appeared on almost every CBS News telecasting, including the CBS News Radio and CBS Evening News, during his tenure as a freelance correspondent at the station for three whole years. Meanwhile, Albert initiated his own setup and led it as chief editor.

After completing the education from USC in BA Broadcast Journalism, Mark started as a News Reader and Writer at KXCS Los Angeles Radio in January 1996. Later, he joined NBC LA and CNBC for five months internship, each in May 1997 and May 1998. In September 1997, Albert began to work as a Correspondent at IMPACT Cable News. Eventually, Mark joined KHSL News as a Reporter and Weekend Anchor in July 1999. Albert started working as Fill-in Anchor and Reporter at WWMT News in July 2001, where he used to conduct breaking news and political reports. Later, in August 2005, Albert became a News and Investigative Reporter at KSTP News, where he claimed the Peabody award for investigative series and conducted national, regional, and local news on the radio, on-air and online.

WESH 2 News Orlando sunrise team
WESH 2 News Orlando sunrise team | Source: facebook page

Albert’s Professional Career

In February 2014, Mark became a member of the WUSA News Team as a Freelance reporter; however, he only worked there for seven months.

In July 2014, Albert got an offer from National Press Foundation as Paul Miller Washington Reporting Fellowship in July 2014. Mark, afterward, joined International Center for Journalists as a Broadcast Journalism Instructor in Karachi, Pakistan. In Pakistan, he educated broadcast journalism to the young talent from all around the nation at the Center for Excellence in Journalism based in Karachi and acted as a great instructor. After working there for only one month, Albert got an offer to work as a Freelance Correspondent in CBS News in March 2014. He covered several national and international events for all CBS platforms.

In July 2017, Mark became a Broadcast Journalism Instructor at Vietnam Television Network and conducted courses on constructing news content for various platforms. Later, he became an Editor in Chief at The Voyage Report in January 2017, covering transportation and travel issues. In April 2018, WESH started to work as Adjunct Lecturer at Northwestern University Medill School and aided in copy editing daily transmission of the news service. Currently, he works as a Chief National Investigative Correspondent at WESH 2 News Orlando since June 2018. During his stay at the WESH 2 Orlando, he administered the creation of the first-ever Investigative unit at Hearst.

WESH 2 First Alert Weather Team

WESH 2 First Weather AlertThe network’s squad of expert meteorologists WESH 2 First Alert Weather deliver accurate forecast in Orlando and Central Florida. Tony Mainolfi is the chief weather anchorperson of the station who has extensive experience in weather coverage. Eric Burris is also part of the team. Kellianne Klass is famous for her unique way of delivering weather news. WESH 2 Weather offers live WESH 2 radar on the website. It can be accessed through a mobile app. The weather team predicts humidity, temprature and airspeed.

Eric Burris: Graphic First Alert WESH 2 Meteorologist

Eric BurrisEric Burris, who has a Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society for excellence in Television Weathercasting, has been serving the WESH Weather for more than six years. Burris has almost two years of experience exploring and reporting weather for different TV networks both on-screen and off the screen. His skills include Weather Forecasting, Severe Weather and Tropical Meteorology, Research and Strategy Implementation, Graphic Design & Management, and Broadcast Meteorology. Since his joining at Hearst Network, Eric directly works under senior management and creates and implements the latest graphics for the company’s 36 weather departments.

Burris got his Geosciences, Broadcast Meteorology degree from Mississippi State University in 2006. However, he started his professional weather career since before that in 2001 as a newscast director and weather producer at Cox Television. In 2007, Burris worked before at WESH 2 as a weather anchor and then moved after serving the station for one year. In 2005, Eric became Tropical Expert and Radio Meteorologist at The Storm Expert, where he co-founded the US’s first daily extreme weather radio service broadcasting in more than 70 media markets countrywide. Eric, afterward, got an opportunity at WPBF CH 25 as a Morning Meteorologist in 2006. Burris once again got a chance to serve WESH 2 Weather in 2012 and has been working as Broadcast Meteorologist at the station till today.

Tony Mainolfi: Chief Meteorologist at WESH 2 News Weather

Tony MainolfiTony Mainolfi is a chief meteorologist at WESH Weather for more than 16 years. He joined the team in 2005 and since then has been providing excellent services to the Florida community and crafting forecast predicted by WESH weather radar. Tony can be seen feeding weathercasts at 5 pm, 5:30 pm, 6 pm, and 11 pm newscasts. Mainolfi is dedicated to keeping the Orlando community safe from severe weather. He was a key player in saving lives during the terrible tornado outbreak in Florida on 2 February 2007; that incident caused the deaths of 21 people. It was history’s second most horrific outbreak in Florida.

Tony completed his degree in BS Atmospheric Sciences in 186 from The State University of New York at Albany. He started his career in weather as a meteorologist at The Weather Channel in 1992. Eventually, Mainolfi got an offer from WCHS News for the post of Chief Meteorologist in January 1996, where he used to report the region’s climate conditions from Monday to Friday at 6 pm, 10 pm, and 11 pm. Ultimately, Tony joined Hearst Argyl and became a Meteorologist for the WESH Weather in 2005; later promoted to Chief Meteorologist after two years.

A station’s little history

WESH 2 News first hit the waves on 11 June 1956 with the same call-signs which it is using till now. Though it launched as an independent network, on 27 Oct 1957, the station became an NBC affiliate and working with it ever since. The station’s original owner was a Palm Beach by Perry Publications.

Tony Mainolfi on green screen
Tony Mainolfi on green screen | Courtesy: facebook page

News Shows & Programs

WESH 2 News live stream offers a variety of talk shows and current affairs. Also, it offers news programs and investigative shows. WESH 2 live stream is a dedicated service to watch these programs.

Chicago Fire WESH 2 News at 11:00 p.m. Chicago Med Late Night with Seth Meyers
Chicago P.D. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon A Little Late with Lilly Singh Access Daily
Today WESH 2 News at 4:30 a.m. Early Today WESH 2 News Sunrise
Live with Kelly and Ryan WESH 2 News Early Sunrise Days of Our Lives Today with Hoda and Jenna
The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tamron Hall Access Hollywood WESH 2 Sports: Arnold Palmer Invitational

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

Young Rock Dateline NBC Superstore
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Entertainment Tonight The Blacklist The Amber Ruffin Show
1st Look NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: Kids Edition Saturday Today Raw Travel
Roots Less Traveled Wild Child Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer To Be Announced
One Team: The Power of Sports PGA Tour Special FIS Freestyle Skiing PGA Golf
Entertainment Tonight Weekend NBC Nightly News: Weekend Edition Debris The Voice
Saturday Night Live Open House NYC Small Town Big Deal Full Court Press With Greta Van Susteren


WESH 2 News forms a duopoly with WKCF CH 18, and both networks operate together. WESH and WKCF share the same place for studio i.e., on North Waymore Road, Eatonville. Moreover, the channel’s antenna lies in Orange County’s unincorporated eastern region, nearby Christmas, Florida. NBC Orlando operates with the help of two complementary relay transmitters, including CH 24 in Ocala and CH 18 in Orange City; both translators relay the network’s signals and give them a boost.

In SD: WESH 2 live stream is available at CH 4 on Charter Spectrum, CH 2 on CenturyLink Prism, and CH 3 on Comcast Xfinity. However, its HD services are available at CH 1020 on Charter Spectrum, CH 1002 on Prism Channel, and CH 432 on Xfinity.

NBC Orlando used to be a default affiliate channel of NBC Network for the Gainesville market. Though, Since 1 Jan 2009, WNBW CH 9, the in-market affiliate network, started operating in Gainesville. However, Cox Communication still carries the WESH services in the Gainesville region.

WESH 2 Lawline

Channel 2 News Orlando presents Lawline sponsored by (Medical Doctor and Attorney). If you are searching for a lawyer from nursing abuse cases to wrongful death, car accidents, and more, go for Michael Barszcz, M.D., J.D. Michael has been providing medical-legal services in the Winter Park, Florida, for more than 28 years, as both an attorney and medical doctor. He values his clients and puts a unique set of skills forward to ensure the protection of their legal cases. WESH works alongside Michael and uses his professional legal experience and expert medical knowledge to serve the residents of Orlando, Florida, and its suburbs.

WESH 2 News Orlando studio
WESH 2 News Orlando studio | Courtesy:

Services covered by Michael Barszcz are:

Wrongful Deaths: Both WESH 2 and Michael know the suffering one has to endure upon losing their loved one. The state laws recognize the atrociousness of such loss and allow the residents to get compensation for the pain, companionship, suffering, medical & funeral expenses, and other financial losses.

Motorcycle Accident: Bikers may face many possible dangers while traveling side by side to larger vehicles. Unfortunately, many such big vehicle drivers don’t care for the bikers or are simply way much distracted to pay attention to them. Michael Barszcz with WESH Orlando is here to protect the rights of those motorcycle riders.

Nursing Home Abuse: When you come to such an age where you think now you can not take care of yourself, moving to some nursing home is maybe the only option for you. We all hope that you live a blissful life there and are treated properly, but that is not always the case. So, if you ever encounter nursing home abuse, Michael is there for you to handle that.


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WESH News Services

The station produces 42 hours of Wesh 2 local news transmission every week, including 6.5 hours from Monday to Friday, 4 hours on Sat, and 4.5 hours on Sun. NBC Orlando was the first channel to introduce Doppler WESH Radar ‘SuperDoppler 2, in a step against depending on the provided data by regional radars operated by NWS (National Weather Service). WESH Radar lies at the top of the station’s tower located in Winter Park Studio. WESH 2 Orlando also possesses a VIPIR 3D Radar, benefiting from the fact that WESH Radars at Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Melbourne can all cover Orlando, apart from SuperDoppler 2. Channel 2 News also constructs weather forecast section Bikini Cast for its independent sibling WMOR News in Tampa.

WESH News service has usually remained in second place in Orlando for more than 20 years; the first one was WFTV. Though, since 2004, WESH’s newscast has recurrently jumped second and third spot with WKMG for most of the time, while its 4 pm news telecast continued to compete with The Oprah Winfrey Show by WFTV with a significant margin. This happened when NBC was struggling with its ratings in 2005. However, for most of the 2009’s first half, NBC Orlando’s ratings started to compete with the top-rated WFTV News, specifically in the age groups of 25-54.

Change in Branding

WESH 2 News Orlando branded its news services to NewsCenter 2 for most of the 70s and 80s until in 1991, WESH Channel 2 decided to re-title it to 2 News; later, in 1996, WESH rebranded it again to NewsChannel 2. In 2005, WESH 2 News Orlando took the present brand name WESH 2 News and started pronouncing the channel’s callsigns with the word for the first time since the station adopted these calls. In August 2006, NBC Orlando launched a 60-minute 4 pm news service. Later, right after that, when Hearst owned WKCF, WESH 2 News Orlando FL started airing a weekday morning news service for WKCF in January 2007. On 31 August 2009, WESH 2 News also began to produce the nightly 10 pm news service for the WKCF News.

On 1 November 2007, WESH TV was the fourth Hearst-possessed entity and second TV network in the market (after WFTV) to start telecasting its local news programs in HD. Following the switch, the network traded the compulsory Newsmusic Central’s Hearst TV News Music Package with The NBC Collection by Gari Media Group. Though, Hearst TV News Music packages were completely restored in November 2008.

The WESH’s news helicopter known as “Chopper 2” started to be providing footage in HD in April 2010. The network’s renowned chief meteorologist served WESH for more than 37 years until he decided to quit journalism on 31 July 2006; later, on 3 May 2007, the channel hired Tony Mainolfi for managing the weather team. On 18 July 2012, Channel 2 News Orlando became the first TV network owned by Hearst to introduced new standardized graphics and music package.

Tel: 407-645-2222
Tower Location: unincorporated eastern Orange County near Christmas, Florida
Brand Name: WESH 2 Live Stream

Coverage Map:

NBC orlando coverage area
WESH 2 coverage map | Source:
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