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WGN 9 News - Most authentic morning news from Chicago

WGN News logoWGN News is an Independent US TV Broadcaster providing services to the area of Chicago, Illinois. The network operates at Virtual CH 9 and works under the possession of Nexstar Media Group. With the slogan “Chicago’s Very Own,” the channel covers the entire metroplex, which consists Chicago–Naperville–Elgin area. Roughly it is comprised of 16 counties and suburbs. The WGN live has a remarkable news penetration in the local society, especially for the weather, closing & delays, and Illinois local and political News. The popular national television WGN America and local 720 WGN AM Radio also traces its orign from WGN 9 Chicago.

Discover different segments on WGN News, including Mr. Fix it, Around Town, Cooking with Dean, Weekend Morning News, Home Improvement Week, and Chicago Scene. Learn new dishes every time with the channel’s “Cooking with Dean.” You can be expert of cooking by watching this show.

In the station’s “Friday Forecaster” Service, fifth-grade students give a forecast of the day. Join the Earth Network Program and get a chance to become a “Friday Forecaster” on Channel 9 News. It’s a oppertunity for upcoming new young meterologits from schools to get confidence and skills.

WGN News only selects those students from Earth Network who show extraordinary work in the class. Get all the latest music updates around the town with the channel’s “Music Lounge” service. WGN’s “Adopt-A-Pet service” gives an opportunity to those who love animals and want to get a pet.

Watch WGN News Live Streaming

Get the WGN live stream video here and enjoy WGN Chicago Breaking News, WGN Morning News, WGN News Today, WGN news Weather, WGN Traffic, and local sports events. Plus, viewers can also mix things up with some entertainment content like Last Man Standing, The Goldbergs, Mom, Two and a Half Men, Maury, and of course, everyone’s favorite “Friends.”

WGN Morning News

WGN Morning News Chicago
WGN Morning News Chicago Logo

Often regarded as the flagship program by WGN live, Morning news is rated as the top-watched morning show in Chicago. The program’s content includes political and current affairs discussions, city updates, traffic, and weather forecast. Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten host the show. Mr. Potash is conducting this show since 1995, after one year of joining WGN news. The team of WGN morning news celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 2019. The highly-rated early morning show is the first choice and source of information for Chicago people. For the entertainment news, the well-known reporter Dean Richards has a history of reporting showbiz news for WGN Morning News. Richards has a record of reporting for 525 episodes of WGN Morning news. Since 2020, The channel’s Saturday edition of “Morning News” extended up to 3 hours.

WGN Morning News Anchors

Complete details about morning news anchors, team & crew are below:

1.Dean Richards Self - Entertainment Reporter
2.Mike Toomey Self - Announcer
3.Robin Baumgarten Self - Co-Anchor
4.Larry Potash Self - Co-Anchor
6.Paul Konrad Self - Weather Anchor
7.Pat Tomasulo Self - Sports Anchor
8.Lou ManfrediniSelf
9.Ana Belaval Self - Feature Reporter
10.Dan Ponce Self - Co-Anchor

Meanwhile, a half-an-hour bulletin was also added to “WGN Weekend News at 10“. Also, more changes were brought into the “Chicago Football Weekly,” WGN Morning News live transmission of “Chicago Fire FC Soccer” and “WGN-TV Political Report.” So far, WGN-TV has claimed several awards for its excellence in transmission and community service. The network is famous for its numerous contributions towards the TV, and is considered the leading force for modernization, creativity, veracity in operations and quality coverage.

WGN Morning News Team

WGN News live operates alongside a sibling radio network WHN 720 AM. The channel also has a digital sub-station that is O&O by Nexstar Media’s Antenna TV. WGN-TV studios are located at West Bradley Place, close to Lane Tech High School Campus, between North Talman Avenues and North Campbell. However, the network’s transmitter facilities are situated on South Wacker Drive atop Willis Tower, Chicago Loop.

WGN TV not only provides Morning News services but also covers lifestyle news and events. The channel serves to provide local-news coverage more than any other Television channel in Chicago. Viewers can watch all these shows on WGN live stream:

  • CLTV
  • WGN-TV
  • WGN TV Mobile app

Channel 9 News Chicago features the best local newscast instantly, the weather forecast on an hourly and daily, the CW Network, and syndicated Shows. It also covers different local sports teams, including White Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Bulls.

WGN News live coverage studio building
WGN Television HQ located at 2501 West Bradley Place Chicago, Illinois | Courtesy:

News Services Provided by WGN 9 in Chicago

Viewers can watch Channel 9 News Chicago locally on WOW! CH 9 in Standard Definition and CH 26 in High Definition, Comcast Xfinity Ch 9 in Standard Definition and CH 192 in High Definition, At&t and U-Verse CH 9 in Standard Definition and CH 1009 in High Definition and RCN CH 9 in Standard Definition and CH 609 in High Definition.

WGN Live Stream also offers its coverage over the satellite on Dish Network and DirecTV. Though WGN 9 News isn’t widely accessible in the entire USA on conventional pay-TV providers outside of Chicago, WGN News can still be watched on few cable providers, including the Canadian cable service and satellite networks, as a de facto superstation.

General Questions Related to WGN TV Live

Here we have discussed common FAQ’s related to live stream and WGN TV in general.

What channel is WGN on Dish?
Customers can watch the WGN News channel on Dish Network at CH 239.

What channel is WGN on DirecTV?
The programming of WGN News is available on DirecTV at 307.

Where to watch WGN live stream?
The audience can watch WGN TV live stream on the channel’s official website and over the mobile app “WGN-TV Mobile App.”

More Local News from Illinois: NBC 5 Chicago

WGN TV Weather Service – Chicago Climate Forecasting

WGN News Weather logo

WGN TV Weather service is one of the best weather forecasters in the entire area. With their exclusive WGN Weather radar and professional team of meteorologists, they are always the first to warn about severe weather conditions such as Blizzard, storm, and heavy rain in Chicago, Kankakee, Naperville, Gary, and Waukegan. Their “WGN 9 News Weather Truck” chases the weather in town and delivers reliable information to the weather team so that they can evaluate climate conditions thoroughly. Share your weather snaps and pictures with the world with “Your Weather Photos” service by WGN News. Please note that your images would not suddenly appear on the website; only those would be posted, which were approved by the producer.

Apart from WGN Doppler radar, viewers can also find different WGN Weather maps, including Wind Speeds- Regional, Wind Speeds-National, Metro Temperatures, Feels Like – Metro, RPM Forecast -Metro, Jet Stream, RPM Forecast – Regional and Visibility.

Weather Radar at Glance

Did you ever wonder how these remarkable weather tools were discovered? They were discovered “Accidently.” Yes, you heard correct; weather radars were discovered during the Second World War when the military troops on the front line used to track the enemy’s incoming aircraft. They realized that it could also show them the precipitation in the wind, thus allowing them to watch both jets and storms. Once the war ended, meteorologists further explored this study and invented this excellent tool. For the last sixty years, it has helped a lot in saving countless lives. From the light rain slowly heading towards you, Weather radar detects the exact location of storms passing from counties 100 miles away. It is a fantastic technology, and understanding the colors on the radar can keep people safe from harsh weather conditions.

How WGN Interactive Radar Works?

WGN Interactive radar holds a “Dual Polarization,” a recent development that lets the radar send out two energy beams into the air: one of them is oriented horizontally while the other one is oriented vertically. It gives the image of objects falling through the climate. With the size and shape of that object, one can realize the difference between snow, hail, rain, and tornado debris. One the other hand, the doppler radar senses the velocity of an object. Severe climate coverage by WGN uses a velocity feature to forecast that the tornado will appear along with severe thunderstorms.

Weather Bug by the Channel 9 News Chicago

Weather Bug shares real-time and prolonged national and local weather forecasts, temperatures, News, hurricane alerts, live WGN radar, lightning, and much more.

There are several weather bug cameras installed at different areas. Below i the list of few locations:

WGN Weather Bug Camera Locations
Jane Addams HDCaruso MSFremont School Dist. 79Lowell MS
Lake Street ESNorthern Illinois Uni.Three Oaks Rec. AreaSoldier Field
Skinner NorthEdgewater BeachEdgewater BeachJane Addams HS
Most Blessed Trinity Acad.Stratford MSLewis UniversityLemont Twp
City of Aurora ILWestern Trails ESThe Civil War MuseumTrinity Christians
Geneva MSKahler MSMarquardt MSTerrace ES
Rickover JHSChar. School of the DunesFulton ESSt. Stanislaus Kostka
Elim Christian ServicesSt ClementOld St. MarysNinos Heroes Acadamy
Ninos Heroes AcadamyCollege of DuPageBrit. School of ChicagoLaPorte County TV
St Philip LutheranSt Philip LutheranValparaiso Univ.Lincoln ES

Things to discover on WGN TV Mobile App

The network’s fast, user-friendly mobile app offers breaking news alerts, WGN Live stream, weather reports, and all the local news from the Chicago area. Users can scroll up and down and read articles while playing the videos in the background. Always be the first to receive the news headlines and discover what is going on around the town with news that matters to you.

Do not miss single News from WGN News as it could be vital to you. Get the newscast right on your cellphone, tablet, or laptop via WGN live stream. Save the articles and read them later, share the stories directly on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With the weather maps and WGN traffic, get a head start of the day. Participate in all the newest promotions and contests directly from your cell and get yourself engaged with all the popular segments from Channel 9 News Chicago.

The entire Chicago relies on the channel’s Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling and his incredible squad to understand the climate condition. And with the WGN Weather Application, users can have the latest reports and forecasts on current conditions, wherever they go. The app features a fantastic 250m radar with HD image, satellite cloud footage, and future radar to show the direction of severe weather. Hourly and daily weather forecasts are updated regularly on the app from the station’s exclusive supercomputers. Plus, with the push-alert notification service, people can remain safe in severe weather conditions.

Explore the WGN Newscast Team

WGN Channel 9 News has one of the successful newscast team in the Chicago county consisting of professional WGN News anchors and reporters. Their mission is to provide correct and authentic information to the public and expose influential figures who misuse their power in authority. They hold accountable those people by asking such things which no one ever asked before with the “WGN Investigates” service. WGN Chicago news anchors invite different political guests in the shows and discuss the current political matters around the town and the country.

Dina Bair: An Emmy Award Winner Anchor and News Reporter

Dina Bair has made quite a name in journalism and acquired Emmy Awards for her remarkable services in the WGN network. She is currently hosting a “WGN Midday News.” Plus, Bair is also a medial reporter for a particular segment “Medical Watch” in “WGN News at Nine,” “WGN Evening News,” and “WGN Midday News.” She started her career in the WGN News in September 1994. For the first five years, she handled “WGN Weekend Morning News.” Watch Dina Bair in action at WGN News via WGN live stream service over the web.

Before WGN News, Bair used to work at CLTV Oak Brook. There she was also an anchor and reporter. Before that, she served WHOI-TV Peoria as a producer, anchor, and reporter. Plus, she also remained a field producer in WMAQ-TV Chicago. Dina received several awards throughout her career as a journalist. She got 9 Emmy Awards, numerous Associated Press Awards for journalism, and one Peter Lisaor award by the Society of Professional Journalists. Bair originally belongs to East Coast and did graduation in Film-TV-Radio from Northwestern University, Evanston. Dina is living a happy life with her four children and is interested in competitive ballroom dancing, boxing, running, and weightlifting.

Newscaster Nichole Berlie with newscaster Rudabeh Shahbazi on the News Set
Newscaster Nichole Berlie with newscaster Rudabeh Shahbazi on the News Set

Tahman Bradley: Famous Anchor Persons in WGN

Tahman Bradley, a resident of Chicago, works as an anchor at WGN News at Nine and WGN Evening News on Weekends. Viewers can enjoy these shows by tuning in to the channel on their cable network service or visiting the WGN live stream link on the internet. Plus, he also acts as WGN’s political reporter. Bradley is an ex-ABC News communicator located in Washington, D.C. He used to deliver Breaking News for different affiliates.

In July 2015, Tahman joined WGN News and quickly got prominent in Chicago and nearby regions due to addressing issues related to Chicago Police Department and Chicago Public Schools. Moreover, the anchor also covered some flashing interviews with Governor Bruce

Rauner, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the viral story about the shirtless Runner on Ethan.

Bradley started working at WGN News with a vast background in delivering News Headlines and field reporting during the Sandy Hook Elementary School calamity, Boston Marathon Bombing, and the crisis at Ferguson, Missouri. He is also known for covering everything from Presidential Inauguration, hurricanes, tornadoes to political convention.

Some information about the WGN Chicago Weather Squad

Aside from the WGN News Team, WGN Chicago Weather also has quite an experienced Weather team. They aim to serve the community with their exclusive weather knowledge and always convey accurate forecasts to the people of Chicago and nearby areas. So, if you plan a trip with friends and family during weekends or have someplace to visit, you can always rely on the weather report by the channel’s impressive team of meteorologists. Get the weather reporting in the palms of your hands with the WGN live stream on the official web/mobile app. With the high-tech interactive doppler radar and professional team of weather personalities, WGN serves one of the best weather forecastings and reporting in the area.

Morgan Kolkmeyer: The famous Weather Girl at WGN TV

Morgan Kolkmeye started her career at the WeatherCenter of WGN as a meteorologist three years ago in May 2017. She is currently hosting a WGN Morning News as a weather girl from Monday to Friday from 4 to 6 am. Before working at WGN News, Morgan spent three years as a weather personality and newscast host at 13 News at Noon and 13 News Today at WREX. Even before that, she used to serve KQDS-TV in Duluth, Minnesota as a reporter and weather anchor.

Kolkmeyer did her graduate degree in Meteorology from Northern Illinois University; plus, she also did her minor degree in Applied Mathematics. Her passion for weather started in Aug 2004 when she got stuck in the eye of Hurricane Charley. Since that day, she has been chasing storms from all around the Great Plains. Catch Kolkmeyer online at WGN live stream over the station’s official website or mobile app.

Paul Konrad: The Nine Times Emmy Award Winner in Weather Anchoring

Paul Konrad is one of the top weather anchors in the United States who have claimed nine Emmy Awards for his services as Weather Anchor in WGN’s Morning News. Konrad started working at WGN News in 1996 after serving in different news studios in Montgomery, Tampa Bay, CLTV (Chicagoland Television News), and Alabama. Currently, Paul Konrad is anchoring WGN Morning News’ 6 to 10 am segment.

WGN News Weekend News Team on set
WGN News Weekend News Team on set | Source: official website

Moreover, Konrad also anchors a Courtesy Desk’s semi-weekly segment, where he takes ideas and suggestions from the audience and delivers them along to his team members for approval and disapproval. Plus, he also manages a weekly segment of “Friday Forecaster” in WGN Morning News program that features students from Elementary schools forecasting weather in the region every Friday on the WGN live TV or over the internet via WGN live stream.

Paul is also known for managing a social media strategy that frequently reaches up to million fans/week. He did his graduation from DePaul University and acquired his master’s from Northwestern University. However, he got his meteorology degree from Mississippi State University.

A Quick History related to WGN-TV

WGN-TV started test transmission on 1 February 1948 at CH 9. However, the network officially began its services on 5 April at 7:45 pm with a 2-hour long unique program ‘WGN-TV Salute to Chicago.’ WGN News was the 2nd commercial TV channel to hit the air both in the Chicago market and Illinois. The first one was WKBK-TV that started experimental operations in 1940 and commenced commercial broadcasting as an independent network on 6 Sep 1946. WGN News the cwas the 7th TV service to start operating in the Midwest, the nineteenth to initiate programming in the United States and the only of the two TV channels that were established by Tribune Company to debut.

Currently, WGN News works under the ownership of Nexstar Media Group, a subsidiary of Tribune Company. WGN News used to be affiliated with CBS, NTA, DuMont, United, The WB, and The CW. However, now it operates as an independent network.

Joe Donlon at WGN News studio
Joe Donlon at WGN News studio | Courtesy: twitter

What shows are available on WGN TV Listing?

Viewers can watch numerous WGN TV shows in the programming schedule. The most important ones are “WGN Morning News,” “WGN News at 9”, “WGN Midday News,” “WGN Weekend News,” “Living Health Chicago,” and “Adelante Chicago.”

WGN-TV Political Report: A talk show with Political Discussion

WGN-TV Political Report first hit the air on 12 January 2020, and since then broadcasts every Sunday at 9 am. Paul Lisnek serves as an anchor of this political weekly talk show, who happens to be the political analyst at Channel 9 Chicago. He also used to anchor a similar evening talk show “Politics Tonight” on the CLTV. Tahman Bradley acts as the co-host of the WGN-TV Political Report. He is also a political analyst and the channel’s weekend evening host. Bradley addresses local and national political issues on the show.

People to People: A public affair Television Program

People to People is another remarkable TV show in the WGN Schedule that started airing in 1973; it discusses public affairs. Its original anchor was Edwin C. Bill Berry, the local civil rights leader. It broadcasts at 6:30 am on the most Saturdays. Currently, Micah Materre acts as the anchorperson of the show. He is also a co-host at “WGN Evening News” and presents the 9 and 10 pm news service. The show addresses community events and the problems faced by the African American community.

WGN TV Schedule

Following table shows the list of all those programs included in the WGN TV Schedule:

Last Man Standing WGN News at 9 The Goldsbergs Two and a Half Men
Mom Friends WGN Morning News WGN Early Morning News
The Rachel Ray Show WGN Midday News Maury Black-ish
WGN Early Evening News GN Sports Inspiration Ministries Living Healthy Chicago
Animal Science At the Forefront Adelante Chicago Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin
House Smarts Chicago Football Weekly WGN Weekend News Backstory with Larry Potash
Chicago’s Best Wild About Animals Singstation WGN-TV Political Report
Sunday Mass at Mercy Home Awesome Adventures Bill Winston Ministries Sports Stars of Tomorrow
Snow Day MLS Soccer Daily Mail TV

Introduction to WGN Radio

WGN Radio Live LogoWGN Radio is a sister commercial channel of WGN-TV and serves the area of Chicago, Illinois. The radio also happened to operate under the possession of Nexstar Media Group, the same as its TV sibling. The station’s studio facility is situated in the Chicago Loop at 303 East Wacker Drive’s 18th floor. However, the transmitter of the WGN 720 lies in Elk Grove Village. The channel uses a news/talk format for its programming and doesn’t telecast in High Definition.

Enjoy all the latest news happenings in the Chicago area and Illinois state at WGN AM. Furthermore, listeners can also explore business, politics, science, technology, neighborhood, and Entertainment news. Plus, get minute-by-minute weather updates and traffic alerts from the entire Chicago county at WGN Radio.

WGN Radio Chicago is the only channel by Nexstar Media Group that primarily manages TV channels. Tribune Media feels pride in having WGN Radio as one of its flagship entities. The calls WGN were originated from the Chicago Tribune’s slogan “World’s Greatest Newspaper.” Chicago Tribune, the newspaper, is the co-owner of the Tribune Media.

WGN Radio is also a Source of Local Sports News

Apart from News and information, the radio also serves as a home to White Sox, Blackhawks Crazy, Northwestern Basketball, and Northwestern Football. Plus, the WGN News also hosts several contests and events for the listeners. In case if you missed your favorite radio program, you can always listen to its podcast at the station’s official website Plus, the audience can also catch WGN Radio live stream service.

WGN 720 is a Class A radio channel broadcasting with the maximum AM power of 50 thousand watts in the USA, by using a non-directional transmitter. During the day, the state’s practically perfect ground conductivity and mostly flat land give the station at least secondary transmission to around 2/3 of Illinois (up to the Springfield) and the broad areas of Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan.

It can also reach up to Ontario, Windsor, about 400 kilometers away in a few circumstances. However, during nighttime, it can be heard over most of the greater part of North America. But it delivers the strongest coverage in the Central USA and Canada. WGN AM’s programming can also be accessed over the internet via the WGN radio live stream.

WGN News news anchors at studio
WGN News news anchors at studio | Courtesy: official website

Listen to WGN Radio live on the Mobile App

WGN Radio Mobile app, Chicago’s very own media service, delivers WGN radio live stream from Chicago, Illinois. The app features Chicagoland news, sports, talk shows, business, weather coverage, podcasts, and entertainment stuff. The app’s exciting and easy-to-navigate user interface lets the audience browse through different tabs and sections easily. They can find all the important stuff directly on their homepage.

WGN Radio is also known for starting the Emergency Alert System in the Chicago Metropolitan region When the government issues the child abductions threats, disaster area announcements, and severe weather alerts.

Let’s Have a look at WGN Radio History

WGN Radio first acquired the broadcasting license on 19 May 1922 with the calls WDAP under the name of Chicgao’s Mid West Radio Central, Inc; Elliot Jenkins and Thorne Donnelley were managing the company. The radio initially telecasted from Wrigley Building. However, later, in July, it shifted its offices and studios to Drake Hotel.

Tel: 773-528-2311
Tower Location: Willis Tower on South Wacker Drive in the Chicago Loop
Brand Name: WGN Channel 9
Coverage Map
WGN News coverage map
WGN News coverage map | Source:
SourceWGN News
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