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WIVB News Channel 4 Buffalo logoWIVB News is a top-rated CBS-affiliate US TV broadcaster serving New York/Niagara Falls, Buffalo/Niagara Falls and Ontario. Nexstar media owns the network that operates at Virtual CH 4. WIVB-TV is your news leader in Buffalo. It is a home to WIVB Breaking News, WIVB Weather, WIVB Crime, WIVB Closings, National News, News 4 Investigates and more. Furthermore, the network also features Call 4 Action, Around New York, Women Leading WNY, Return to Class, Hispanic Heritage Month, 4 the Web Exclusive, Good News with Gabby, Mel’s Mutts and NY Capital News. Different local cable service providers and satellite networks carry the Channel 4 Buffalo services on-the-air. Meanwhile, viewers can also get it over the internet at the official website “” through WIVB live stream. WIVB News uses a brand name “News 4” and catchphrase “Your Local News Leader” for the newscast.

Watch WIVB News Live Stream

Always keep tabs on WIVB local news from Buffalo and Greater Niagara Region, tune into WIVB live stream on the official website, mobile app, YouTube Channel and of course below here. We provide 24/7 live streaming service of WIVB News to all around the United States and world. Click the play button below and enjoy the non-stop HD streaming without any interruption. In case, if you feel some disruption or problem in the live stream. Let us know; we will look into that.

General FAQ’s by the viewers about WIVB News

The audience of the channel ask questions regarding the channel’s anchors, reporters or meteorologists. We try to answer those general questions.

Who is Don Paul at WIVB?

Don Paul was a vital member of the WIVB weather team, who delivered weather coverage to many people in Western New York for years. The Buffalo Broadcasting Association Hall of Famer Don Paul decided to leave the channel four years ago and joined WKBW-TV CH 7 as a part-timer until Dec 2018. However, recently in 2020, Don Paul again joined the station but then again left it after staying in for a brief moment.

Don Postles WIVB age?
Age of the Don Postles

Don Postles is the evening anchor person at WIVB News. He is the most senior member in the award-winning news team providing newscast to the public for many years. Don Postle’s age is still unknown to everyone, and unfortunately, it is unknown to us too.

How old is Jacquie Walker?

Jacquie Walker is also one of the oldest journalists and award-winning anchor and reporter in CBS Buffalo. She is the most loyal personality at WIVB News, whom everyone respects and loves. It seems Jacquie likes to keep her personal life a secret. Therefore, no one knows her age, not even us.

Where is Jordan Williams?

Jordan Williams was a successful morning journalist at WIVB News. He used to anchor one of the most popular TV shows of the channel. Williams decided to leave the channel at the end of July 2018. His whereabouts after that are unknown to the world. Maybe, he decided to retire from the job.

Live Stream Schedule for WIVB News

WIVB Logo LiveFrom Wakeup at 5am to News 4 at 11pm, viewers can watch News 4 Newscasts anywhere in between. The whole day newsasts provide an ample amount of local news content. Audience can watch breaking news, headlines, closing & delays, crime & investigative news and weather forecats for the whole day.

Featured Programs of WIVB News Live

“Wake-Up! Birthdays” is an initiative from WIVB News in which the channel broadcasts birthday greetings every day at 5:45 am, and 7:45 am. Audience can fill the required form at the channel’s official website two weeks in advance, and they might get a chance to feature on-air. There is a specific page at the network’s website “Fount It on 4” which features all the information or links that one hears on Channel 4 News Buffalo Live.

With the network’s “Help 4 Western New York” feature, people can help the community’s needy people by providing meals, clothes, blood, shelter and much more. “Veterans Voices” by News 4 Buffalo NY gives tribute to those veterans who once served the country. They are the Pride of the United States, and people need to remember them. WIVB News also features a service “Buffalo’s Best”.

WIVB News works alongside with WNLO CH 23 in the form of a duopoly. Both stations share the same spot for studios, i.e. North Buffalo’s Elmwood Avenue. However, Channel 4 News Buffalo transmitter is located in Colden, NY. Meanwhile, the station’s control room and some core operations occur at WWLP’s studios in Chicopee, which is a Nexstar media-owned NBC affiliate channel licensed to Massachusetts and located at Springfield.

WIVB News Channel 4 Buffalo live streaming studio
WIVB News Channel 4 Buffalo live streaming studio | Courtesy: facebook page


About WIVB News

Nexstar Media Group (Nexstar Inc.) is the owner of WIVB-TV. The television channel started its services on 14th May as WBEN-TV, 1948 with facility ID 7780. Moreover, the licensing authority of WIVB News is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Besides ‘Your Local News Leader’ is the slogan of the TV station. It is the fifth-oldest channel in New York State and Buffalo’s first TV channel.

Post 2017: Disputes with Cable TV Providers

On 14th April 2017, the station made an announcement that it sold its spectrum in the broadcast incentive auction. It also explained that it would no longer broadcast on UHF channel 39. WIVB News had several contract disputes with both of the leading cable TV providers in the coverage area of the channel, Atlantic Broadband and Time Warner Cable. In both cases, the station demanded a rights fee of twenty-five cents per month per subscriber.

WIVB News anchor ready for news briefing
WIVB News anchor ready for news briefing | Source: twitter

It refused to allow the careers the eligibility to carry the signal. On 4th March 2011, LIN Media pulled WIVB-TV and WNLO from Dish Network because of the end of the existing retransmission consent agreement. Consequently, the blackout lasted for nine days. Therefore, WIVB News pulled from DirecTV as part of a big dispute between Nexstar and DirecTV on 4th July 2019. The disputed resolved on 29th August. On the other side, WIVB News and its staff won many Emmy Award.

Origin of WIVB News

WIVB News first hit the waves in May 1948 under the calls WBEN-TV. Channel 4 was the first TV station to start operations in Buffalo Market. However, it was the fifth to sign on in the entire NY state.

The network originally used to work under the ownership of Butler Family together with Buffalo Evening News WBEN Radio. Though the station’s sibling radio used to be a part of CBS network, but by the time Channel 4 News Buffalo Live launched properly in 1928, it had already flipped to NBC Blue. Thus, its original affiliate partner was the NBC network. The first NBC program to air on News 4 Buffalo was “The Howdy Doody Show”,

a program presented by Bob Smith who also used to be a part of WBEN Radio before leaving for national TV service. The station switched to CBS network in January 1949 and has been an affiliate partner of this network ever since. Currently, Channel 4 News Buffalo Live operates under the possession of Nexstar Media Group with the call-letters WIVB-TV. The station’s secondary affiliate partner is “Court TV”.

WIVB News 4 Mobile App

With the catchphrase “Your Local News Leader”, WIVB News 4 Mobile App leads the way in news, WIVB Weather, crime reporting, sports transmission, videos and live stream. It is a source of getting more news, more videos and more weather. Plus, the audience can enjoy everything they love about Buffalo and Greater Niagara. Get the local news headlines, weather forecast, traffic details, WIVB Closings, WIVB live stream, anchors/reporter/meteorologists bio, etc.

WIVB News App has several user-friendly features such as they can easily access the local news, hot stories and other important stuff right on the front page. Users can watch the videos in full screen, embedded in story articles. They can see the weather movement live from the app through radar, forecasts, maps and videos. Plus, they can also get the push notifications of the latest news as soon as it breaks right on their cellphone with the News 4 Alerts service. They can also report the news tip and submit photos or videoclips to News 4 Buffalo by heading to the app’s “Report It” feature. Moreover, user can share their favourite stories to the others directly through Twitter, Facebook and E-mail. Explore much more on this app other than WIVB live stream.

Live Local News from NY: WHEC 10 News

WIVB Weather Services

For around 14 years, WIVB Buffalo owned and operated an extensive network of more than 80 WeatherBug channels generally at local schools, under the branding “Neighborhood WeatherNet. At the start of 2010, the involvement of Channel 4 News Buffalo NY was discontinued, though the weather network remained operational under the Weather Bug control.

In 2020, WIVB News 4 made a pact with a state-operated weather channel network “NY State Mesonet”. News 4 Buffalo is also known for using local Doppler Radar technology in the late 90s, and early 2000s called “4×4 Warn Doppler”, but had to terminate it in the early years of 2000s because of taking data from the neighbourhood NWS Doppler Radar located in Cheektowaga. WIVB Weather services are one of the most trusted weather services in the region. It is considered to be one of the top networks in Buffalo, New York to offer the accurate weather forecast.

WIVB Weather includes several features such as Current WIVB Radar, Interactive radar, Canadian Conditions, Marine Forecast, WIVB Closings and Tower Cam. The channel’s Radar presents the detailed and thorough weather movement footage and predicts precisely where it is heading. WIVB School Closings enlists the fresh closings & delays on the official website during the active closures. With Marine Forecast by WIVB Weather Audience can look into weather conditions of Area’s Lakes and Rivers. Meanwhile, its Tower Cam lets the viewers watch a live view from Seneca One Tower.

WIVB Weather Radar

The Radar is a powerful tool in weather which is used to read precipitation in the air, analyze its motion and predicts its types, i.e. hail, snow, rain etc. Science is evolving as we speak, and researchers/scientists are trying to figure out a way to read the climate conditions as accurately as they can with reliable technical tools. The latest available radars are capable of sensing the movement of precipitation too, except the intensity of the rain droplets. These both things play a vital part in evaluating the storms structure and their danger of causing the severe weather.

WIVB News satellite van
WIVB News satellite van | Credits: official website

WIVB Weather operates two radars Current Radar and Interactive Radar. The first one only shows the gif image of the current climate conditions in Buffalo and other nearby regions. However, the later one gives detailed information about the weather with live satellite footage. It consists of different layers representing the conditions in the area accordingly such as radar layer, satellite layer, precipitation 24hr, temperature, snow 24hr, wind speed, Road Weather, dew point and UV Index. Moreover, the radar’s overlays section contains current conditions, storm tracks, 11-degree Temperature plots, wildfire detection, earthquakes, Active Model Track, Lightning Summary and Active Tropical Track. Meanwhile, the WIVB Radar also delivers alerts about the flood, severe storms/tornados, tropical conditions, marine area and winter situation.

4 Warn Weather Mobile App

Don’t let the weather get the best of you. The network’s expert meteorologists provide the authentic hourly weather forecast for the next day, as well as for the upcoming week. As compared to other weather apps, you will get a geo-based local forecast delivering the weather condition based on your location.

Download the channel’s weather focused app now for fast, authentic local & national weather right in your palms. With the WIVB News App’s customized notification feature, you can get alerts about severe weather heading your way and protect yourself from any kind of causalities. While travelling, keep WIVB Weather App in check to get live weather updates, forecasts, current conditions and interactive radar anywhere in the USA.

WIVB News app features the most advanced weather, radar maps and digital technology available. The app’s interactive radar is easy to you; you can track and watch where the storm is currently in the region and where would it go. Then, with the personalized alerts, you can stay informed about the situation and stay safe.

Discover the WIVB Weather Team

4 Warn Weather Team logo

WIVB has a dedicated team just to manage the weather department of the station called “4 Warn Weather Team”. From hourly weather forecast to WIVB Closings, marine forecast and Canadian Conditions, 4 Warn Weather Team delivers the most trusted weather journalism to the community. Though, WIVB Weather team contains only four people in the group. Yet, they are the most responsible and most trusted weather personalities that WIVB News has. Their reporters are keen to learn more about the weather and always try to discover new ways to read it and report it to the public. Mika Cejka and Jonathan Cubit are the notable personalities in their squad, providing their services to the channel for years.


Jonathan Cubit: The Passionate WIVB News Meteorologist


Jonathan Cubit was excited to be a part of the award-winning team of journalists. He became a full-time meteorologist at WIVB Channel 4 in November 2019. Predicting the weather movement is his passion and providing engaging, tempting and instructive weather programs is what he likes to do. Cubit isn’t just a devoted person but has an ambition to create content that goes beyond what the audience is seeking.

After completing his graduation in Bachelor of Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology from State University of New York at Albany, Jonathan Cubit started working as a News 12 Intern at Cablevision in September 2007. Later, he joined Albany Student Television as an Executive Producer & Student Weather Forecaster in September 2010. Right after the one year, in September 2011, Cubit became a part of WCDB Albany Radio Station as Radio Show DJ. Then in July 2012, he became a Wireless Consultant at Verizon.

WRNN-TV & Joining WIVB Weather Team

After working there for 11 months, Cubit joined WRNN-TV as a Closed Captioner in May 2013. After working there for six years straight, Jonathan finally got a chance to shine in the weather department as a weekend meteorologist at Verizon FiOS 1 News in May 2018. Finally, Cubit started working at WIVB News and since then has been serving the community with his expert weather services.

Read More about: WIVB News Team

News is essential to the public, and WIVB 4 knows that. They have a skilled group of anchors, reporters and investigators working together with a single aim of providing the best to the community. There are many award-winning journalists on the team. Dave Greber, Sarah Minkewicz, Luke Moretti and Kaley Lynch and Kelsy Anderson are one of the few names among the list of renowned TV personalities.

Shows to watch on WIVB News

The following table envelops the list of all programs broadcasted by WIVB Channel 4 News through WIVB live stream. Comics Unleashed, The Amazing Race, CBS Overnight News, Wheel of Fortune, B Positive and Young Sheldon are some exciting TV shows by WIVB News.

Jeopardy! The Talk Wheel of Fortune Young Sheldon
Star Trek: Discovery The Late Late Show with James Corden B Positive CBS Morning News
Comics Unleashed CBS Overnight Wake UP CBS Evening News
The Bold and the Beautiful Let’s Make a Deal The Young and the Restless News 4 at Noon
The Price is Right The Rachel Ray Show The Drew Barrymore Show CBS Sunday Morning: The Pet Project
Frosty the Snowman The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Blue Bloods Frosty Returns
The Late Show Hope in the Wild All in with Laila Ali Mission Unstoppable Saturday Wake Up
Hope in the Wild College Football Today NFL Championship Chase Off-Road Racing
Lucky Dog The Story of Santa Claus Robbie the Reindeer 48 Hours
The Sean McDermott Show Inside Edition Weekend NCIS: New Orleans Antler Ice’s Bone Cold TV
Tel: 716-874-4410
Tower Location: Colden, New York
Brand Name: WIVB 4

Coverage Map

WIVB News Channel 4 Buffalo coverage map
WIVB News Channel 4 Buffalo coverage map | Source:


SourceNews 4
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