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WJLA News DC logoWJLA News DC is an ABC-affiliate Television channel that operates in the Capital City of Washington, D.C. The network works under the name of Sinclair Broadcast Group, which is in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Channel 7 News DC serves alongside local cable station WJLA 24/7 News. The network has been providing services to the area of greater Washington D.C. with its award-winning news programming. Also, WJLA News live streaming covers sports content and entertainment stuff for more than sixty years. Meanwhile, its sibling channel, NewsChannel 8, has delivered regional newscasts and other community content for almost twenty years.

Nearly 5.7m people from Washington metro area watch WJLA News station every week. Viewers can get it on their different cable networks. Plus, they can also watch it over the internet through WJLA News Live Streaming at the official mobile app or website. The station uses the slogan On Your Side for its programming.

WJLA News DC Live Streaming

Whether it’s breaking news or a headline, WJLA News DC live streaming serves you with the latest happenings and local news from Washington.

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WJLA News Team

The station has a qualified news team consisting of anchors and reporters. They provide up-to-minute newscasts to the community of Washington, D.C., with their high level of expertise. Carl Willis, Kellye Lynn, Adriana Hopkins, Jonathan Elias, Lindsey Mastis, Robert Burton, Melanie Hastings, and Alison Starling are the popular names on the WJLA News team.

The StormWatch7 Weather Team

StormWatch7 Weather TeamABC 7’s on StormWatch tracking the season’s first big blast. Count on ABC 7 News for full team coverage on-air, online, and with custom text alerts to make sure you are prepared for every closing delay and disruption. It may not be able to stop wither from coming, but it can stop winter from stopping you in your tracks because your family comes first. Every day, every newscast, and every forecast, the StormWatch7 weather team is on your side. WJLA News has an expert squad of meteorologists with years of work experience. WJLA’s chief meteorologist is Bill Kelly, who has even developed a weather studio in his home.

Weather is his passion, and he loves to serve the industry with his favorite work. Bill Kelly has claimed several awards for his services to KDKA, including three Time Emmy Nominee. The station’s weather anchors and WJLA reporters dedicate their life to serve the community with a professional level of work.

WJLA Weather Services

If you want to check the weather of Washington state, WJLA weather is the best option. ABC 7 News DC has a long history of providing a certain atmosphere quality. It offers live weather radar, which forecasts hourly, 7-days, and 10-days climate conditions. In different maps provided by the channel’s weather section, viewers can see the real-time temperature condition and all-day-long changes in temperature. Moreover, they can get weather alerts through different means and find about closings and delays as well.

We never know when will the bad weather hit us and how it will hit us. Therefore, we need to keep ourselves prepared for the upcoming climate changes. The station’s closings and delays services let people know about the Maryland School Closings, DC School Closings, and Virginia School Closings. Plus, it also tells whether the churches in the area are open or not. The meteorological team of ABC 7 News DC has two weather vehicles: StormTrak and Storm Chaser. Both vehicles detect the climate conditions in the region and alert the community just before any kind of catastrophe.

StormWatch7 Lunchbox Weather Program

The station’s weather team StormWatch 7 visits the metropolitan region of D.C.’s elementary. They conduct a weather program exclusively to fourth-grade students who have weather subjects among their majors. Channel 7 News DC aims to motivate students so that they can show their interest in science.

It provides them a chance to look for a career option that uses technology, math, and engineering. The program selects schools with a first-come and first-served basis. WJLA News gets so many requests in the broadcasting region of five million audiences. Hence, it prefers to offer the service to as many children as it can in a single visit. Most of their presentations are appropriate for the third and fourth graders.

They usually serve it to 200-600 students at a time and even conduct an assembly with any of the graders upon request. The team uses a “StormTrak” vehicle for this program. Wherever they pay a visit, they keep their “StormTrak” with them. It is a weather vehicle that keeps track of the storms and other severe weather conditions. Children love to take photos with the vehicle, which you can see on the official Twitter account of WJLA News.

WJLA News DC news van
WJLA News DC news van | Source: official website

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WJLA Interactive Radar

Weather radar, which is also sometimes referred to as Doppler radar and Weather Service radar, detects the precipitation in the environment, estimates its motion, and locates its natures such as hail, rain, snow, etc. WJLA has three different radars providing the image of climate conditions in different ways: Interactive Radar, Live Doppler Radar, and Local Satellite, and Radar Loop.

The interactive radar shows a clear image of weather conditions in several Washington areas. The live doppler radar gives the real-time climate image in the respective regions e.g., you can see how’s the current weather condition in some specific place just by sitting at your home. Moreover, the Radar Loop features a gif image showing the entire day’s forecast with half an hour interval.

The station’s studios are situated in Arlington, Virginia’s Rosslyn section at Wilson Boulevard. Its antenna is installed in Tenleytown, northwest Washington. Channel 7 News DC is available to watch on different cable services. It can be accessed on Comcast Xfinity at CH 7 in Maryland and Virginia regions and CH 27 in Washington D.C. Plus, Viewers can also get it on Verizon FiOS, Cox Communications, and RCN on CH 7.

How we can get WJLA Weather Alerts

Viewers can get the weather alerts on the following platforms:

  1. the live weather radar on website
  2. mobile app
  3. live streaming of the channel
  4. Text Alerts

WJLA Mobile Apps

WJLA offers two separate apps for the viewers targetting different services. Get the current news, political reports, sports coverage, and WJLA live stream at ABC7/WJLA News App. Moreover, find the exclusive weather transmission at Storm Watch 7 Weather App.

ABC7/WJLA News App

With the slogan, On Your Side, ABC7/WJLA News app delivers news coverage, sports transmission, and weather reports within seconds. The app’s latest design offers a user-friendly experience, where they can watch WJLA News Live Streaming video and other streaming events. Plus, users can check the hourly and seven-day forecast with the real-time radar. Get the authentic regional news, traffic information in the Washington area, and detailed coverage from across the globe here in this app. Moreover, find the minute-to-minute detail about upcoming storms provided by the exclusive meteorological team ABC 7 Storm Watch.

Alex, Brian van de Graaff, Eileen Whelan, Bill Kelly, Veronica Johnson, Josh Knight, and Steve Rudin
Alex, Brian van de Graaff, Eileen Whelan, Bill Kelly, Veronica Johnson, Josh Knight, and Steve Rudin

Storm Watch 7 WJLA Weather App

StormWatch 7 weather app delivers all the weather information that one needs from the skilled broadcast meteorologists’ team. Users can easily navigate through the different contents of the station. With the high-resolution WJLA radar at StormWatch7 app, users can get daily, 7-days, and 10-days forecasts of the weather. Plus, they can also customize the app accordingly and pin their favorite location. Plus, it also gives alerts about the severe weather conditions accurately predicted by the National Weather Service.

WJLA Programs

From Press our Luck to Good Morning Washington, there are tons of exciting shows presented by WJLA News. Viewers can watch these shows on the various streaming platforms via WJLA live stream.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Season Ever Jimmy Kimmel Live Jeopardy ABC News Nightline
America this Morning ABC 7 News Good Morning America The View
Good Morning Washington GMA3: What You Need to Know The Rachel Ray Show General Hospital
Live with Kelly and Ryan Hot Bench Wheel of Fortune Modern Family
ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Shark Tank Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown Hearts of Heroes
Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Rock the Park V for Victory America’s Heartland
WNBA Basketball America’s Funniest Home Videos Match Game America this Week
Press Your Luck The Good Doctor Ring of Honor Wrestling In Touch Ministries
Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson The Hope Connection Castle Government Matters

About WJLA News DC

WJLA News started operating on 3 October 1947 as WTVW alongside WMAL Radio. It was the 3rd TV station in the District of Columbia. The station’s original owner was Washington Star. After a few months, the channel decided to align its calls with its sibling radio and started using WMAL-TV instead of WTVW. Though WMAL Radio was an all-time NBC-affiliate entity, channel 7 News DC began its services as CBS-affiliate at the beginning. Later, it linked itself with ABC after the company decided to acquire Television service in 1948. It was the 3rd primary affiliate station of ABC.

In March 1977, ABC decided to buy WMAL radio, which separated WMAL-TV from its sibling network. Later, the tv changed its call signs from WMAL to WJLA-TV, which it is keeping till today. WJLA live stream, after keep operating successfully under the different names for years, the channel decided to come under the possession of ABC. It would also reunite the station with its previous sister radio. Consequently,  The Walt Disney Company discussed its possibility of purchasing the station WJLA 7 but unfortunately, the sale couldn’t materialize.

Features by WJLA News

The Consumer Alert feature by ABC 7 News DC covers all the news from the consumer perspective. From cars to coffee makers to Apple devices, the service delivers all the relevant news to the consumer. Discover the motivating stories and success stories by the community of Washington DC at the ABC 7 Stories section. Track the storms and tornadoes in the area with real-time radar. It gives accurate, concise information related to severe tornadoes and storms.

The station’s Troubleshooter team fixes things for you and gives you the proper guidance about saving yourself from any common trouble. Plus, the network’s experienced weather squad ABC 7 Storm Watch keeps its eyes on severe weather conditions in the region and delivers the best to the community.

Falling under Sinclair Broadcast Group

In August 2002, Albritton (the station’s owner of that time) decided to combine News Channel 7 with the WJLA News section. In 2008, ABC 7 News DC launched its separate weather station called Weather Now under the management of Doug Hill, the chief Meteorologist. On 1 May 2013, there were rumors that Albritton is about to sell its all TV channels. It would give them more resources and time to put their focus on their website Politico. Right after three months, the company declared that they have decided to sell their all TV assets to Sinclair Broadcast Group for 985m dollars. FCC finally approved the sale on 24 July 2014 after a few of the complications. The deal was completed on 1 August 2014.

Tel: 703.236.9552
Tower Location: Tenleytown neighborhood of northwest Washington
Brand Name: ABC 7

Coverage Map

WJLA News DC Coverage Map
WJLA News DC Coverage Map | Source:
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