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WKYT TV | Channel 27 News Lexington Live

WKYT News LogoWKYT News is a CBS/CW-affiliate US TV channel that operates at Virtual CH 27 and serves the area of Lexington, Kentucky. The network operates under the name Grey Television. WKYT 27 offers Lexington news, crime news, regional news, crime news, national news, WKYT Investigate, and state news. WKYT Weather services include traffic updates, WKYT closings, and WKYT Radar. Viewers can discover different sports-related content, Hoops Hysteria, Clark’s Pump-N-Shop Contest, Great Health Divide, Sponsored Stories, One Tank Trips, Money Matters, and more. Furth more, they can also find E-Business Break, BG H&G TV Episodes, Everyday KY, Vaccine Team, Link 2 Hope, Salute to Seniors, Gray DC Bauru, The CW, PowerNation, and Community News such as Lottery, Out and About, Contests, Community Calendar and more.

Catch the station’s coverage live at various cable networks, satellite services, and over the web at through WKYT live stream. The channel uses the brand name WKYT News and the catchphrase ‘WKYT Stands for Kentucky’ for the newscast.

WKYT News Live Stream

Stay updated with the local news Lexington KY, WKYT Weather, sports updates, traffic conditions, and other news happenings in town, by tuning the WKYT live on the website and mobile app. No matter, where you are on the planet, if you have access to the internet you can log in to the website and enjoy the live streaming anytime. You can see the window play with a big play button in the center of it. Click that button and wait for the stream to buffer. The station is popular for covering the top stories that matter to you.


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General FAQs

Is Jim Caldwell leaving WKYT?

Jim Caldwell is still a part of WKYT News. He joined the WKYT Weather team in June 2012 after working for around 12 years at WYMT. Caldwell has covered several weather events in Kentucky. For his tremendous work, Jim has claimed three AP Best Weather Anchor. Jim acquired his Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University. Caldwell’s first job was recording some commercials and recording the evening weather. He used to give only two to three hours to the job after school.  Eventually, he started growing up and now he is among the top-rated meteorologists in town.

What channel is CBS in Lexington KY?

Lexington, Kentucky viewers can watch Lexington local news, WKYT weather, and other top stories by tuning the station at local Channel No. 27. The audience can watch their favorite shows, political discussions, live interviews, and much more.

how old is Andrea Walker WKYT?

Andrea Walker Age

The information related to Andrea Walker’s birthday isn’t public to be found anywhere. We will update it as soon as we get any information regarding that. Andrea Walker started working as a reporter at WKYT TV. She currently serves as a co-host of a WKYT This Morning. Before Channel 27 News Lexington KY, Walker used to work at Gray Television sibling WBKO; there she presented the channel’s 6 pm and 10 pm newscast for two straight years. Andrea earned her reputation as the Best Anchor of the State in 2015 and 2016. Moreover, besides anchoring and reporting, she also Co-anchors the station’s podcast named Conversation with Victor and Andrea.

How old is Jim Caldwell WKYT?

The Morning Meteorologist at WKYT Weather Jim Caldwell hasn’t revealed any information about his birthday on any of the social media platforms. We tried to dig out any information regarding his date of birth but failed to get any. It seems Jim doesn’t like to share his personal details on public platforms and respects his privacy more than anything.

How old is Barbara Bailey on WKYT?

Barbara Bailey Age

Barbara Bailey’s date of birth is not available on her Facebook page, Twitter Handle, LinkedIn Account, or anywhere on social media platforms; not even on her WKYT’s bio. Barbara was the longest-running news personality of Kentucky at WKYT News. She served the WKYT 27 for more than 40 years. Bailey, however, decided to take retirement from her services as a broadcast journalist from WKYT TV News in September 2020. The whole station said goodbye to the legendary news anchor with tears. They surely miss her on the desk.

How old is Bill Bryant of WKYT TV?

Bill Bryant doesn’t like to share his personal details with his fans. Therefore, we know nothing about his birthday. However, we will update the section as soon as possible if we ever found any information. Bill Bryant is also one of the longest-serving news anchors in Kentucky and has been a part of the WKYT 27 News for around 37 years. Bryant hosts daily news telecasts, delivers political reports, represents WKYT News Live on several public events, and helps in managing editorial flow in the newsroom. Plus, he also produces and hosts a weekly current affair interview show named Kentucky Newsmakers.

How old is Chris bailey on WKYT?

Chris Bailey Age

Chris Bailey doesn’t share information about his birthday on the public media. Therefore, telling about his age is difficult. Chris Bailey Works as a meteorologist at WKYT Weather and predicts the accurate climate movement in Lexington based on WKYT Radar’s forecast. He is also one of the longest members of the WKYT Weather team and has been serving the station for more than 23 years. Bailey began as a weekend meteorologist at the channel and eventually started growing his career at CBS Lexington KY. After 6 years, Chris promoted to anchor the WKYT Morning program. Moreover, Bailey also became the first co-anchor of The Fox 56 Morning Edition.

What channel is WKYT on DirecTV?

DirecTV users in Lexington can watch WKYT live programming by tuning the station at channel number 27. Viewers can enjoy different types of shows ranging from celebs interviews to political gossips.

What channel is WKYT on Spectrum?

Spectrum users in Lexington, Kentucky can view the WKYT TV live services at digital channel 21. However, its virtual channel number remains the same CH 27. Before 21 June 2019, spectrum used to offer WKYT 27 over the digital channel 36. Later, they decided to make a switch.

Channel 27 Newscasters

WKYT TV News has several qualified and capable news journalists consist of news anchors, reporters, and investigative journalists. They know the demand of the audience and present them with the exact thing which they want. From daily Lexington news update to crime reports, political news, national & world news, sports telecast, and WKYT Weather services, the skilled team of newscasters covers everything.

They present 41 hours of local news content every week including 7 hours each on Monday to Friday and 3 hours each during weekends. The team helped the WKYT News Live rising above all in terms of output in the Lexington market. Among the top-rated news personalities at WKYT News Team, Amber Philpott, Olivia Russel, Bill Bryant, Chad Hedrick, Grace Finerman, and Victor Puente has made quite a name.

Olivia Russel: Weekend Anchor & Reporter at CBS Lexington KY

Olivia Russel Olivia Russel has been a part of the WKYT TV News Team as a reporter and weekend anchor for 2 years. She joined the network as a reporter in April 2019 and one month later became a full-time anchor at the WKYT 27. During her University years, Olivia was entitled to an academic all-conference award and remained a part of the women’s softball team. During her free time, Russel loves to watch sports and gives time to her lovely cat, Montreaux. Olivia completed her High School degree from Sacred Heart Academy in 2013 and then did BS in Communication & Media Studies from Bellarmine University in 2017. She, however, started an internship at WAVE 3 News as a news reporter in June 2016.

After that, Russel became a part of KNOE News as a reporter in August 2017. Almost giving 2 years to that station Olivia decided to join WKYT News Lexington KY as a reporter and anchor. It has been 2 years since Russel became a part of Lexington’s number team, she has been doing great in the station.

WKYT Weather Team

WKYT News First Alert Weather LogoWKYT Weather Team has been backing Kentucky with dedication and accurate reporting since the beginning. They are keeping their weather section as alive as their news department. WKYT Weather Team keeps a keen eye on Lexington’s weather with the help of a powerful WKYT Radar called WKYT First Alert Defender.  They track the storm and give a minute-by-minute update to the viewers. From hourly weather forecast to severe weather alerts, First Alert Weather Team covers everything. Their services are highly appreciated by the people of Kentucky and the team has won several awards for their splendid work in weather. The team also takes notice of WKYT Closings, the latest traffic conditions, sports weather forecast, and whatnot.

Adam Burniston: Meteorologist at WKYT News

Adam BurnistonAdam Burniston is a weekend Meteorologist at WKYT News. Along with meteorology, Adam also covers multimedia reporting and operates drones. He also has been certified as a drone pilot. Burniston became a part of the squad in March 2017 and since then has been providing valuable services to the Lexington community. He also offers WKYT school closings information in Kentucky based on the weather predicted by WKYT Weather Radar. Burniston was passionate about weather since his childhood. He remembers when he was a little kid and used to have a wonderful view of the wide-open sky. He also remembers a day when he was standing on his father’s Porsche and looking at the dangerous storm clouds miles away from them. That moment made him realize that he wants nothing else but to pursue meteorology.

He has a certificate of both Part 107 Drone Pilot and Skywarn Storm Spotter. Adam did his graduation in BS Geography from Ball State University in 2015. Whereas, he stepped into his career life in May 2011 when Burniston started working as a Kitchen Staff at Pizza Hut. In August 2012, Adam Burniston became a Resident Hall Assistant at Ball State University. Almost two years later, Burniston started working as Sales Consultant at Best Buy in May 2014.

Finally, in January 2013, Burniston got a job related to his passion as a Weather Forecaster at WCRD 91.3 FM. There he used to conduct real-time weather and extended the weather forecast for the listening area. In May 2015, Adam got his shot in as a weather intern at WISH News for 4 months. In January 2017, Adam got his first full-time meteorologist job on TV as a Weekend Weather Anchor at KALB News. 15 months later, Burniston found himself working for WKYT TV News.

WKYT Weather Services

The station’s Weather aka First Alert Weather department offers a number of services including the WKYT closings, WKYT Radar known as WKYT First Alert Weather Defender, Traffic conditions, hourly/3-day/10-day/weekend weather forecast, and others. The channel’s skilled weather team keeps a close eye over the area’s weather with WKYT radar and provides accurate hourly forecast as well as 10-day forecast in a timely manner. Not to mention their frequent updates about WKYT school closings.

Sam Dick, Amber Philpott, Lee K. Howard and another newscatsers
Sam Dick, Amber Philpott, Lee K. Howard and another newscatsers | Credits: official website

WKYT Radar

WKYT Radar aka WKYT First Alert Weather Defender offers detailed weather information of the Lexington, Kentucky area. The network’s WKYT Weather Radar includes several layers and overlays providing separate climate conditions such as Snow, rainfall, storms/tornadoes, lightning, and severe weather alerts.

WKYT 27 Mobile Apps

WKYT News App provides the best news experience that one can ever get. Catch exciting Lexington news, local-news Lexington KY, WKYT Weather, and other investigative stories based on your interest. Moreover, the audience can browse sports and traffic reports anytime anywhere. They can also watch video clips, read top stories and discuss several issues on the public portals or forums. Moreover, users can also watch the list of shows and programs airing tonight on Channel 27 News Lexington KY. Don’t miss any of your favorite shows and keep an eye on the schedule.

WAFF 48 News

The channel’s weather app aka WKYT FirstAlert Weather App offers comprehensive Lexington weather detail predicted by state-of-the-art weather equipment including WKYT Radar, WKYT closings, weather forecasts. Viewers can customize the hourly forecast to help them plan the entire day and a 3-day forecast to plan their weekend picnic with the family. Track the direction of the storm, see where it is heading and how to save yourself from it by taking necessary measurements. Whether you are looking for a sports scorecard or severe weather conditions or WKYT School closings, the WKYT FirstAlert Weather app has it all for you.

Mike Harmon at Kentucky Newsmakers Studio
Mike Harmon at Kentucky Newsmakers Studio | Source: facebook page

CBS Lexington KY Popular Shows

The following table below enlists all the popular shows being aired on WKYT News Lexington KY from Monday to Friday and Weekends.  Viewers can watch these shows on Amazon Prime, Roku, HULU, and over the other streaming platforms via WKYT live stream.

Blue Bloods Magnum PI The Late Show with Stephen Colbert News at 11 pm
EXTRA MyDestination.TV Beautiful Homes and Great Estates Cornerstone Media
WKYT This Morning at 7 am Lucky Dog CBS This Morning Saturday Mission Unstoppable
The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Hope in the Wild All in with Laila Ali Pet Vet Dream Team
Course Record with Michael Breed PGA Tour Originals: One Shot Away CBS Weekend News WKYT News at 6 pm
FBI: Uncovered Jeopardy! Wheel of Fortune 48 Hours
SWAT Gametime with Boomer Esiason The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely Sports Stars of Tomorrow
In Depth with Graham Bensinger WKYT News at 11 pm Sports Stars of Tomorrow The Blue Lagoon
Whacked Out Sports Bluegrass Home Garden Kentucky Afield Kentucky Newsmakers
WKYT News at 11 pm CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley WKYT This Morning at 8 pm Full Court with Greta Van Susteren
Face the Nation The Equilizer 60 Minutes CBS Weekend News


WKYT first hit the air on 30 September 1957 with the callsigns WKXP-TV. The network’s first owner was Community Broadcast Partners, a multimedia company run by Frederic Gregg, Harry Feingold and Charles Wright. Channel 27 News Lexington KY initially took its primary content from CBS Network, where its secondary affiliate partner ABC was also providing content to WLEX News.WKYT News Live Coverage Studio

WKYT News Live Coverage Studio
WKYT News Live Coverage Studio | Courtesy: official website

CBS Lexington KY studios and antenna are located at the same place i.e. close to Lexington’s east side on I-75 at Winchester Road. WKYT 27 News is available to watch on both cable network and satellite services in most parts of northern, southern, and eastern Kentucky. Moreover, WKYT News Live’s news transmission (excluding the weekday’s morning news from 5 am to 6 am, and 10 am, along with weekend morning shows) are broadcast on Charter Spectrum’s digital CH number 422 in few regions of Northern Kentucky situated close to the metropolitan area of Cincinnati.

WKYT TV News also runs a semi-satellite news channel WYMT News Channel 57 in the Hazard Area of Kentucky. This move expanded the coverage area of the CBS network up to the Eastern Kentucky Coalfield area. Although WKYT Live clears all the CBS TV Schedule, however, WYMT offers exclusive syndicated transmission, along with separate commercial inserts, local news telecasts, and legal station identifications.

Tel: 859-299-2727
Tower Location: Winchester Road (US 60) near I-75 on the east side of Lexington
Brand Name: WKYT

Coverage Map

WKYT News Coverage Map
WKYT News Coverage Map | Source:
SourceWKYT News
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