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WNDU News LogoWNDU News is a US TV service providing services as an NBC affiliate network to South Bend/Elkhart, Indiana. WNDU TV operates at Virtual CH 16 under the ownership of Gray Television. Get the station’s live transmission over the air via a transmitter, or on cable, satellite, or digital platforms including WNDU South Bend uses the brand name 16 News Now and the tagline This is Home. WNDU News provides breaking news, South Bend Indiana News, local news, sports news, and weather coverage. Its news section offers crime reports, food, entertainment, Michigan news, Lottery, National/International News, and Scam Alert. It also includes Indiana-related coverage, Making a Difference, Parent’s Playbook, National Politics, Special Reports, What’s Good, and South Bend Cubs. The WNDU Weather section contains Skyview 16, WNDU weather radar, Weather Radio Guide, WNDU Closings, and more.

However, the community portion in 16 news now features Toys for Tots, Michiana Eats , Wednesday’s Child, Buy Michiana, Lauren’s Medical Moment, and 16 Buddy Check. Moreover, it also presents 16 Pack-A-Backpack, One School At A Time, Celebrating the Class of 2020, 16 Aware, Stop Means Stop for School Busses, and exciting Contests.

WNDU News Live Stream

Now get everything that matters to you on your PC, Laptop or mobile device with an excellent WNDU live stream. You don’t have to rely on TV anymore for hot news, getting the breaking news South Bend is now convenient with the channel’s exclusive streaming service. It is like having WNDU News in your pocket. In addition to this, the station majorly focuses on weather transmission and offers the state’s most accurate weather news. The quality stream is now just a click away.

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General FAQs

What Happened to David Harker? Where is David Harker? Where is David Harker WNDU Meteorologist?

David Harker was a South Bend born and raised TV meteorologist at the channel. But, it seems the owner of Gray Television wasn’t happy with him and fired David from the services in March 2019. Not only did he kick him out of the station but also asked other team members to not respond to any of the questions asked by the public about him leaving. Soon after Harker stepped down from his services, Kimberly Newman took his place as a new WNDU weather meteorologist. Kimberley was a part of WNWO News before.

David completed his education from Ball State University in 2006, after that began his journalism career from Saga Communications as a Meteorologist in July 2007. Later moved to WILX in 2010, then transferred to WNDU TV in September 2013 and served the channel for 5 great years. After WNDU, Harker joined Mishawaka Utilities and after struggling for 2 years there, he is now finally back on track as a Traffic Data Planner at Michiana Area Council of Governments where he started working in June 2021.

Why did Angelo Dicarlo leave WNDU?

Angelo Dicarlo Story

Angelo Dicarlo was a sports director at WNDU Sport. Dicarlo left the station, after serving for 7 years and 11 months, in March 2018 which he joined in March 2007. During his time at 16 News Now, Angelo anchored the Notre Dame football pregame program. Moreover, he also conducted postgame news telecasts for Irish home sports for 11 seasons. Angeloa covered various sports events such as the Super Bowl, Senior PGA Championship, NCAA Men’s/Women’s Basketball Tournaments, and BCS National Championship. Moreover, he used to lead and educate all the internees in the WNDU South Bend.

How old is Maureen Mcfadden?

The information about Maureen Mcfadden’s date of birth is hidden from the public. McFadden was a News Anchor/Journalist at WNDU TV who started working for the station in August 1979. Furthermore, she won a couple of Emmys for Medical/Science. Maureen completed her degree in BS Speech Communications from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana.

What happened to Joel Porter?

Story of Joel Porter

Joel Porter was a TV News Reporter and a blog writer at WNDU News. Joel left for a better opportunity at WHNT News. He is currently serving the WHNT as a reporter for the last three years. During that time, Porter has covered various stories that address the issues that the Indiana community has been facing.

Who owns WNDU?

WNDU News is a TV station that operates under the entity of Gray Television. At the time of its launch, WNDU 16 was owned by the University of Notre Dame’s subsidiary Michiana Television Corporation. WNDU 16 News was sold by the University of Notre Dame to Gray Television on 24 November 2005 for 85 million dollars cash. The sale was finalized on 5 March 2006 after the FCC approved it. Since then, WNDU South Bend has been a part of Gray Television Network.

WNDU News Team

Consisting of Lauren Moss, Terry McFadden, Maria Catanzarite, Mark Peterson, Melissa Stephens, Zach Horner, Carly Miller, and several others, WNDU News team watches the local/state/national affairs closely. Meanwhile, WNDU 16’s news team, which includes anchors and reporters, works closely together to gather information, interview guests, and broadcast the latest news. Moreover, they always keep an eye on current affairs and deliver stories and reports to the public in exciting, unbiased, and informative ways. Moreover, they participate in all community and social events and always ensure that their journalism complies with the moral code.

Joshua Short: Morning News Anchor at NBC South Bend

Joshua ShortJoshua Short is a well-known journalist serving the US Media since 2012. He started working for WNDU News in May 2017 as an Anchor. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences nominated Joshua several times for his journalism skills. Over the years, Joshua reported on numerous big events such as the NFL Draft in Grant Park and Chicago’s Anti-Trump Protests. Aside from that, he flew to Washington, DC, to cover the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Joshua also aims to enchant audiences with his charismatic personality, in addition to educating and informing the audience with captivating stories.

More About Joshua’s Career

Though Short is a couple of hours away from Chicago (his hometown), he considers South Bend as his second home. Besides WNDU 16, Joshua is also a host of The 30 with Joshua Short at Columbia College Chicago which he joined in January 2016. Before that, Short was a Tour Guide at Big Bus from May 2014 to 2016. Short did a couple of internships before finally landing a real job in journalism: a 5-months internship at ABC 7 Chicago as a Windy City Live Intern from January 2017 to May 2017, together with a 3-months internship at CBS Chicago from June 2016 to August 2016.

In Addition, from December 2013 to September 2014, Joshua was an Intern, Blogger, and RJ at Yahala Voice Radio. In September 2013, he worked for Chicago Steam as a Broadcaster. Moreover, Joshua stepped into his career in July 2012 as an Internee at Qatar Foundation International after completing the Journalism degree at Columbia College Chicago in 2017.

WNDU First Alert Weather Team

WNDU First Alert Weather Team LogoWNDU Weather is the station’s most important service that focuses on the area’s and state’s weather coverage. With the help of a 5-person team Mike Hoffman (Chief Meteorologist), Gary Siber, Matt Engelbrecht, Courtney Jorgensen, and Mike Yarosewick, WNDU weather team, provide a comprehensive look at weather events and their potential impacts. First Alert Weather Team, however, offers live weathercasts of the day/week including the chance of precipitation and high & low temperatures. Furthermore, their duty is to alert the viewers about the potential weather harms that can affect your daily activities and your safety. The meteorologists also comprehensively analyze the weather data, atmospheric models, meteorological graphs, WNDU radar to discuss and understand the weather more effectively. The team also delivers the timely WNDU closings information.

Gary Sieber: Weather Personality at WNDU Weather

Gary SieberGary Siber is a meteorologist for WNDU Weather who has been serving the station since February 1993. Sieber is one of the oldest team members at WNDU TV; he is serving the channel for 28 years as of today. There is a lot more to know about Gary, mostly famous for conducting Saturday Morning weather reports. In the last several years, Sieber has performed multiple Michiana Community services. He once before has served the WNDU News as a News Director and Public Affairs journalist from 1985 to 1991. This makes him a member of WNDU Weather way before 1993, since 1980. Gray has also overseen the education initiative for the University of Notre Dame presented via WNDU News since 1991. He still educates about news writing, journalism law, ethics as the University’s Adjunct Professor of Theatre, TV, and Film at The University of Notre Dame.

Besides this, Siber has also supervised FCC First Amendment and regulatory legal matters for WNDU South Bend. Gary has also managed the production and writing of Today’s Life Choice, a PBS documentary series distributed across the nation. The series earned various accolades from the New York Festivals and honors including a Gabriel. Furthermore,  Gary is also a regular on-air host for the shows broadcasting on WNIT News. Aside from all these, Siber is also Welch Packaging’s Director of Sales, the company based in Elkhart. Gary earned his American Studies degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1981.

WNDU Weather Services

WNDU News offers multiple weather services such as WNDU Radar, WNDU closings, Skyview 16 weather cams, and an extensive weather radio guide. The station’s exclusive WNDU interactive radar is a state-of-the-art weather technology available. It detects weather conditions of pretty much everything from severe weather to current affairs. Moreover, you can watch the wind speed, precipitation level, different temperatures, clouds movement and much more. Meanwhile, Viewers can also have a look at the WNDU closings and can know if any business is closed within the area due to weather problems.

Skyview 16 Cams

Skyview 16 features the HD weather cams installed throughout the different regions in South Bend and its suburbs. Please have a look.

WNDU Studio Mishawaka St. Joseph / Benton Harbor
Elkhart South Bend Michigan City
Notre Dame

WNDU Mobile Apps

WNDU features two apps, one for news content and the other for weather material. The news app focuses on the South Bend Indiana News, Breaking News South Bend, South Bend Local News, WNDU sports, WNDU local news, and more. WNDU News app covers everything that the channel’s official site contains including the top stories, investigative articles, video clips, WNDU live stream, and more. Moreover, with each update, the WNDU News app developers make the app more user-friendly and fix the bugs that irritate users.

WNDU News Live Coverage Studio
WNDU News Live Coverage Studio | Courtesy: official website

The channel’s exclusive WNDU First Alert Weather app gives the weather in the pocket. You are away from home, you don’t have TV, and wondering how’s the weather gonna be for the rest of the day? Take out your mobile, open the weather app and look at the current weather conditions, WNDU weather forecast, and WNDU school closings. Moreover, you can also have a look at the WNDU Radar and see the weather conditions not only for South Bend but the entire Indiana state. Enjoy all the perks of weather services on the mobile app with the WNDU Weather app.

Channel 16 South Bend Popular Shows

The following table covers all the TV shows that are currently broadcast on South Bend’s one of the leading news channels WNDU News. You can watch Dr. Phil, AgDay, Countdown to Green, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, Wild Child, and others on various digital platforms via WNDU live stream.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Good Girls Family First The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 16 News Now
Late Night With Seth Meyers Early Today 16 Morning News Now AgDay
Today With Hoda and Jenna Dateline Good and Evil 16 News Now at 4:00 p.m. Dr. Phil
Entertainment Tonight NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt NHL Hockey Inside Edition
A Little Late With Lilly Singh 1st Look Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer 16 News Now Saturday Morning
Colorful Inspirations The Cressy and Everett Home Show Wild Child Countdown to Green
Horse Racing PLL Lacrosse One Team: The Power of Sports America’s Got Talent

About WNDU News

WNDU TV started operating, initially at uhf ch 46, on 15 July 1955. The station was launched by Michiana Television Corporation, which was working under the University of Notre Dame.

Tel: 574-284-3000
Tower Location: Southeast of the St. Joseph County Fairgrounds on the city’s south side
Brand Name: WNDU Channel 16

Coverage Map

WNDU News Coverage Map
WNDU News Coverage Map | Source:
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