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News 8 Grand Rapids Live

WOOD TV 8 LogoWOOD TV 8 is a US Television Broadcaster licensed in Grand Rapids, Michigan. WoodTV runs at Virtual CH 8 and operates under the affiliation of NBC Network. News 8 Grand Rapids is managed by Nexstar Media Group and provides services in the Grand Rapids/Battle Creek/Kalamazoo TV market. The station is available to watch on different cable services, satellite networks, over-the-transmitter, and an official website/mobile app. WOOD TV uses a branding News 8 and a tagline Watching Out For You.

WOOD TV 8 News features Grand Rapid MI News, WOOD TV 8 Weather, live sports, traffic updates, community services, Eightwest, Jobs, and many other services. The news section covers Grand Rapids breaking news, Michigan news, National coverage, To The Point, and Target 8 Investigates. Meanwhile, viewers can also find Best Reviews, News, Weather and Social Closings Emails, Community Spotlights, Hotel District Series, and Virtual Home Show.

The WOODTV Weather Section includes Bill’s Blog, Radar and Satellite, Watching the Skies, WOOD TV 8 Weather Forecast, WOODTV School Closings, Ask Allen, Bill’s Blog, Lake Michigan Summer Beach Guide, and  WOOD TV 8 Radar. Moreover, the weather part also involves services like Lake Michigan Beach and Boating, Closings and Delays, Weather Experience, Webcams, Power Outages, Storm Team 8 Weather App, and more.

Watch WOOD TV 8 Live Stream

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WOOD TV 8 Live Stream Schedule

Here is the list of TV shows being played on WOOD TV 8 via the live stream with their proper scheduled timing on weekdays and weekends.

14:30 a.m. - 7 a.m.Daybreak--
25 a.m. - 8 a.m. -DaybreakDaybreak
310 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.--To The Point
411 a.m. - 12 p.m.EightWest--
512 p.m. - 1 p.m. News 8--
65 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.News 8--
76 p.m. - 7 p.m. -News 8-
87 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. News 8--
911 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.News 8News 8News 8

General FAQs by Viewers

Who left WOOD TV 8?

Leon Hendrix has recently stepped down from his services at WOOD TV  8 in October 2020. He joined WOOD TV in June 2007 and served the channel for 13 years. Hendrix started working at the station as a weekend overnight associate producer. Eventually, he was promoted to his recent post as weekend evening anchor. During his time, Leon contributed a great time to the station’s achievement. According to the WOOD TV 8 news director, Hendrix was always there when the channel’s audience needed him most. He was a light to them and guided the audience through some shocking moments. Leon even reported for 9 straight hours on the anchor desk, which is of course a record created by any news personality at WOODTV.

Is WOOD TV 8 off the air? Does Channel 8 WOODTV still broadcast?

WOOD TV 8 provides stable service across all its digital platforms, over-the-air, and cable networks. Though sometimes it may disconnect its services due to some technical faults it gets back on track as soon as the matter resolves. Viewers can report the reception problem on the station’s official website’s Digital Reception page with details.

What channel is NBC in Grand Rapids MI?

NBC Channel in Grand Rapids MI

NBC shows can be watched in Grand Rapids MI at WOODTV 8 Live by tuning the station at Virtual CH 8. Watch Grand Rapids News, WOOD 8 Weather, live WOOD TV Weather Radar, video library, WOOD TV8 Live Desk, and Live Stream News 8 here.

Who owns WOOD TV 8?

WOODTV News operates under the management of Nexstar Media Group. When launched, WOOD TV 8 was an entity of Leonard Adrian Versluis, a Grand Rapids’ famous business person. The channel went through various ownerships before finally falling under the ownership of Nexstar on 27 January 2016.

How old is Bill Steffen?

Bill Steffen Age

Bill Steffen is a 70 years old US TV weather personality who offers services to WOOD TV 8 Weather as a Chief Meteorologist. He joined the network in 2001 and still has been a part of the weather team as a leader. In addition, he provides weather reports every weekday at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. on News 8.

How to watch WOODTV?

WOODTV 8 News can be streamed in various ways. Viewers can watch it on different local cable networks including Spectrum, AT&T, and others. Furthermore, they can enjoy the quality services on Satellite networks and over-the-transmitter too. Not to mention, the online digital platforms such as the official website, official mobile app,, Hulu, and several other streaming platforms. You can watch WOOD TV 8 on Roku devices as well.

How to Watch WOODTV on Roku?

Roku device supports all the NBC channels including the WOOD 8 News. Viewers who want to enjoy the Grand Rapids news & weather without a cord can always choose the Roku device to stream their favorite channel online. Roku has been on top for the last couple of years, people are using this device and other streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Android TV to watch the TV in most areas nowadays.

Method: How to Watch WOOD TV on Roku

Pick up your Roku remote, press the home button. Scroll up and down and look for a Streaming Channels option. A channel store will open up, where you can find different US TV channels. At the top of the window, you see three options: Featured, News, and Popular. You can search WOOD TV 8 by browsing through those categories. After choosing the channel you can press Add Channel and download the station on your device. It can either be free or paid.

WOOD TV 8 News Team

News 8 Grand Rapids runs a competent team of anchors and reporters who are best and responsible in their field. Finding news is not an easy task, you should have a nose for news to find one. WOOD 8 News Team has such reporters team who understand what is hot and important and only produce the news which is relevant to the public as well as interesting. Moreover, the news squad makes sure that people understand their news clearly. The choice of their words is simple and they ensure that none of their news pieces should be complicated and hard-to-get.

A key aspect of skilled reporting is accuracy, and each of the NBC Grand Rapids reporters is committed to it. Whitney Burney, Rick Albin, Jordan Carson, Henry Erb, Brittany Flowers, Christa Ferguson, Casey Jones, Donovan Long, and Susan Samples are some popular TV anchors and reporters on the list.

Brian Sterling: WOODTV 8 News Personality

Brian Sterling services for WOOD TV 8

Brain Sterling is a news anchor at News 8 Grand Rapids who co-presents News 8 at 5 pm, 6 pm, at 10 pm on WXSP along with News 8 at 11 pm. Sterling started working at WOOD TV 8 in August 1994 and since then has been a proud member of the WOODTV News Team. He has vast experience in this field and has been handling pressure and deadlines quite effectively while providing high-quality content. Brian has also claimed fewer awards for community service. Moreover, Sterling’s work has been acclaimed by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and Associated Press for breaking news and reporting.

Moreover, Sterling has participated in various charitable organizations such as Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Children’s, and the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. Brian earned his degree at Michigan State University in BS Arts in 1990.

Brian’s Past Experience

Prior to this, Sterling was an anchor/ reporter at WOOD-TV from March 1991 to August 1994. He was a weekend anchor, member of the Capitol Press Corps, and the Political reporter at the station. Brian’s duties were to edit, research, and write stories for broadcast TV. Some of the important stories covered by Sterling at WILX are the 1992 Presidential Debate, Magic Johnson’s Wedding, and a thorough investigation into the city’s corruption.

Prior to this, Sterling was a News Anchor/Sportscaster at Grea Lakes Media Group and Michigan News Network from March 1988 to September 1990. It was the first professional channel for Brian. His duties were to offer radio news and information from the state capital to more than 80 affiliate networks in Upper Michigan and Lower Michigan.

Brittany Flowers: Reporter at WOOD 8

Brittany Flowers work for WOOD TV 8Brittany Flower is the most recent addition to WOODTV News. She became a part of the channel’s experienced news squad in February 2021 as a news reporter. Since she was born and brought up in the West Michigan area, Flowers is happy to be at home again. Brittany completed her graduation at Jenison High School and then completed the rest of her studies at Michigan State University in 2018. While she was studying, Flowers had two abroad trips one to Puerto Rico and the other to Europe. During that time, she also did her internships at HOMT V, FOX 47, and WLNS News. Prior to WOOD TV 8, Brittany was a multimedia journalist at WLNS News from March 2019 to February 2021. While her stay at Lansing, Flowers reported everything from the 2020 Presidential Election to the Lansing Riots and Protests.

Meanwhile, she was also occasionally appearing as a substitute anchor. Before WLNS, Brittany was a Managerial Assitant at Scott’s Discount Skis and Snowboards from November 2013 to February 2021. There, her duties were to sell skis and snowboarding gadgets and tools, repair those tools, and help people find the gear that is most suitable to them. Flowers also served Planet Fitness World Headquarters from January 2017 to March 2019. Before that, she was a Digital Content Intern at WSYM Fox 47 from August 2017 to Mary 2018.

Storm Team 8

Storm Team 8Weather is a very important element in all US News stations as people like to keep tabs on climate conditions while traveling and planning a picnic, or while catching a bus for work. WOODTV weather team aka Storm Team 8 performs its duty with responsibility. They measure factors at several atmospheric levels including air pressure, humidity, and temperature. WOOD 8 Weather team collects data from the latest technology such as WOODTV 8 radar and other equipment. After collecting the data, the team analysis and delivers the weather news to the viewers in the form of weather reporting. Furthermore, they also make use of advanced computer models to create WOOD TV 8 Weather Forecast. Meanwhile, they also monitor the climate variations 24/7.

Along with this, the WOOD 8 Weather team is always the first one to give alerts about the severe weather conditions in the area. The team of five people consists of Bill Steffen (Chief Meteorologist), Emily Schuitema, Ellen Bacca, Matt Kirkwood, and Terri DeBoer.

Emily Schuitema: Meteorologist at WOOD TV 8 Weather

Emily Schuitema Services for WOOD TV 8Emily Schuitema is a resident of Grand Rapids who started working as a meteorologist at WOODTV Weather in April 2019. Schuitema has a great career and earned various accolades for her remarkable work.

During her time at WOODTV, Schuitema covered various severe weather events in Michigan Area. Emily attended a summer program at Brown University in 2012. She completed her High School Diploma from Grand Rapids Christian High School in 2013. Finally, she claimed a Climate & Meteorology degree from the University of Michigan College of Engineering in 2017.

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Scuitema’s Past Work

Prior to WOOD 8 Weather, Emily was a member of WSAW News from June 2017 to April 2019 where she acted a Weekday Morning Weather Personality. Before that, Schuitema was a Crew Member at Big Ten Network-Student U from February 2014 to May 2017.

It was her job to take care of all tasks within the network to produce programs, both behind the scenes doing technical work and on-screen as a reporter. Emily did her 4-months internship at Mount Washington Observatory from May 2016 to August 2016. There, she used to live a the Mount Washington’s Summit keeping an eye on the climate conditions at the land of the World’s Worst Weather area. She once did an internship at WOOD TV 8 Live in past from May 2015 to August 2016.

It was a summer internship, where she learned and helped at broadcast journalism and WOOD TV 8 Weather forecast. Meanwhile, she also helped the team to chase storms during severe weather conditions and update the audience via live tweets. She also got a grip on computer applications and graphics systems during that time. Emily took the first step in her career life in September 2013 when she joined Michigan Telefund as a Student Caller.

WOOD TV 8 Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the most important form of media these days. It is a must for any type of industry including food, clothing, shopping, and watching TV. News 8 Grand Rapids understands the people are shifting towards digital media day by day. Therefore, they have introduced two separate apps for the user’s convenience. News, politics, and crime can be seen on the WOOD TV 8-Grand Rapids News app while the weather can be explored at Storm Team 8 – WOOD TV 8 Weather App.

WOOD TV 8-Grand Rapid News App

What’s better than having news in your fist? WOOD TV Mobile App will keep you updated on the Grand Rapids MI News, Grand Rapid Breaking News, sports score, weather forecast, live events, WOODTV 8 Live, and more with the tap of the screen. Moreover, it also sends push notifications right to your phone instantly. The app provides all the latest stories from its daily telecasts, along with stories occurring in real-time.

NBC Grand Rapids is more than news, it is West Michigan’s news leader. Get everything that you need to know with the station’s latest updates in the region of Lakeshore, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids.

WOOD TV 8 Journalists with Satellite Van
WOOD TV 8 Journalists with Satellite Van | Courtesy: official website

Features covered by WOOD TV 8 Mobile app are:

  • Compelling videos directly casting from the expert news reporters and anchors. They reach the scene instantly and provide what is true at its base.
  • Read eye-opening articles/stories about what’s happening in your society.
  • Personalized weather where you can get weather on the go, plan your day according to the weather reports provided by the team.
  • Busy somewhere? Save the stories for later read along with watching videos.
  • WOOD TV 8 Live Stream
  • Customized alerts on breaking news, local news, and everything that’s going on around.

Storm Team 8 – WOOD TV 8 Weather App

Use the free WOODTV Weather app for Android and iPhone to stay connected with accurate WOOD TV 8 weather forecasts, interactive WOOD TV 8 Radar, latest WoodTV school closings, and alerts. Weather happens. As the leading multimedia source of weather forecasts, analysis, WOOD TV 8 closings, and alerts in West Michigan, WOOD TV 8 connects consumers to the most accurate and up-to-date weather information available. The app provides location-based information about weather such as current conditions, severe weather alerts, WOODTV weather radar,  and more. Keeps tabs on the weather and keep yourself and your family safe in severe weather situations, even when you are miles away from your home with the personalized weather alerts.

WOOD TV 8 Live Coverage Studio
WOOD TV 8 Live Coverage Studio | Courtesy: facebook page

The app enlists the following features:

  • Current weather based on your GPS location
  • Daily weather forecast in both text & video style
  • Interactive WOOD TV 8 Radar that lets the user track threatening weather not only in West Michigan but Grand Rapids as well
  • Eight-day weather forecast by Storm Team 8
  • WOOD TV 8 School Closings Information
  • Personalized notification feature and severe weather alerts
  • Live footage from West Michigan Webcams
  • Exclusive weather-related content such as Watching the Skies, Ask Ellen, and Bill’s Blog
  • Breaking news about weather
  • The latest on the power outage
  • Live weathercast from the expert team of meteorologists

Channel 8 News Grand Rapids Popular Shows

Channel 8 News Grand Rapids delivers what viewers want to see. With something for everyone, WOOD TV 8 is a place for popular shows including local news, weather, sports, and special events. WOOD TV 8 News is broadcasting new and returning programs, but not all of them. The following table is designed to provide the list of shows currently broadcasting on WOODTV 8 live on weekdays and weekends.

America’s Got Talent Auditions 6 Sports Overtime News 8 at 11:00 p.m. Gametime With Boomer Esiason Carl Lewis
In Depth With Graham Bensinger Ryan Sheckler Meet the Press Cars.TV Inside Edition Weekend
News 8 Daybreak Early Edition Early Today Today III News 8 at Noon
Today With Hoda and Jenna The Dr. Oz Show Days of Our Lives eightWest
NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt The Ellen DeGeneres Show American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers 5 The Seven on 8
Small Fortune Fam Chowda The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon A Little Late With Lilly Singh College Bowl Quarterfinals 1
Late Night With Seth Meyers Chicago Med Some Things Are Worth the Risk Chicago P.D. The Radical Truth Making It All the Holidays at Once
Chicago Fire One Crazy Shift Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Post-Graduate Psychopath Good Girls Thank You for Your Support Dateline NBC
1st Look AMA Motocross Missing To the Point
Journey to Japan: Dreams on Hold Golf Horse Racing The Open Championship Highlights

About WOOD TV 8

WOODTV aired its first broadcast with the calls WLAV-TV on 15 August 1949. The station initially telecasted its content on VHF CH 7. WOOD TV 8 News was the first channel outside the Detroit market and the fourth one to start operating in the Michigan market. Leonard Adrian Versluis was the original owner of WOOD 8, who also ran a second radio channel in Grand Rapids in 1940 with the call-lettersWLAV AM, which now goes by with the calls WJRW. WOOD 8 News shifted ownership from Versuluis to Grandwood Broadcasting in 1951. The deal broke at 1.37 million dollars. Grandwood Broadcasting which was a sub-domain of The Britner Group also owned the first radio network in Grand Rapids, that time, called WOOD.

As soon as the station got under the ownership of Britner Group subsidiary, it changed the network’s calls from WLAV-TV to WOOD-TV on 19 October 1951, in order to make it align with the sibling radio station. The company put the WOOD-TV’s antenna in Grand Rapids’ northeastern area. WOODTV 8 live has been enjoying NBC affiliation since the very first day of its launch. The station had been a secondary affiliate service of CBS until the Kalamazoo station WKZO-TV CH 3 took the affiliation to broaden the coverage up to Tri-Cities/Grand Rapids area. The station was also attached with DuMont and ABC as a secondary affiliate.

Currently, WOOD TV 8 airs under the roof of Nexstar Media Group with the tagline Watching Out for You.

Tel: 616.456.8888
Tower Location: Cherry Valley Road southwest of Middleville, near the Barry–Allegan county line
Brand Name: WOOD-TV 8

Coverage Map

WOOD TV 8 Coverage Map
WOOD TV 8 Coverage Map | Source:


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