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WRAL Weather Radar Live

WRAL News LogoWRAL News is an NBC-affiliate US TV service that operates at Virtual CH 17. Capital Broadcasting Company Inc, owned TV channel is licensed to Raleigh, North Carolina. WRAL TV serves the entire area of Triangle including Durham, Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Chapell Hill. Enjoy the station’s exclusive programming on the cable network, satellite TV, and over the internet through WRAL live. WRAL TV 5 uses the branding WRAL News and a catchphrase Your#1 Source for Local News for the newscast.

WRAL 5 offers local Raleigh News, state news, WRAL weather news, WRAL breaking news, political discussion, investigative stories, traffic updates, WRAL Pick 3, WRAL lottery, nationwide news, international news, and other news as well. The channel’s business section exclusively features market news, stock quotes, market summary, WRAL TechWire, tax guide, market movers, and more. The network’s consumer section includes 5 on your side, instant savings, complaint form, restaurant ratings, smartshoppers, cybersecurity, and recalls. Moreover, get all the health and lifestyle reports in Health/life section that involves the health team, aging well, a local dish, health & life home, go ask mom, family, pets, hours & home, and Travel.

WRAL Weather segment includes current conditions, WRAL weather radar, hurricanes, WRAL weather hourly, alert center, WRAL 7 day forecast, beach & mountains, WRAL Doppler 500, iControl, map center, closings, and weather resources. Other features include voter’s choice, music, movies, books, entertainment, WRAL lottery, 919 beer, foodie, and contests.

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Watch Raleigh NC News, Breaking News Raleigh, WRAL Weather, WRAL local news, WRAL doppler map, hurricane reports, WRAL News Weather, WRAL lottery draw, and much more here at WRAL live. Enjoy different exciting stories that affect you, your family, and your neighborhood along with amazing TV programs such as Chicago P.D (a police procedural TV show), WRAL news programs at different hours of the day, a sitdown talk with Late Night with Seth Meyers, entertain yourself with The Kelly Clarkson Show, and many others on our computer, laptop, and mobile devices. Click the button below and enjoy the non-stop WRAL live streaming services.

General FAQs

Why is everyone leaving WRAL?

Over the years, a lot of people left the channel and some of them were kicked out by WRAL TV 5. However, Greg Fishel, Bill Leslie, and Mandy Mitchel are the ones who said goodbye to WRAL News in recent years. Some of them left because they found a better career opportunity where they can collect some extra experience. However, few of them just retired because they were old and decided to spend the rest of their life with family. There are few other reasons too, but these two are the most common reasons that people left WRAL News Live.

What does WRAL stand for?

WRAL is the callsigns of CH 5 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Here WRAL is representing the station’s area of license i.e. Raleigh. Similar to how other station’s calls reflect their coverage area.

Why did Greg Fishel leave WRAL and why he is no longer with WRAL?

Greg, 62 years old, was a Chief Meteorologist at WRAL Weather, though, he left the channel after 37 years of services in February 2019 and no one knows the real story behind that. However, it seems that Fishel left because of some personal issues. Greg Fishel said that people are frustrated that he left and he would like to explain this to his fans as much as possible. According to him, he was facing some personal problems for the last few years of his life and those problems affected his ability at work. Greg started working as a meteorologist in 1981 and since then has provided valued services to the Raleigh public.

Who left WRAL? Who has left WRAL?

WRAL News Leaving Staff

Claudia Rupich, a news journalist, left WRAL News in March 2019 after working for 1 year at the station. She was a morning news reporter for the area’s number one news channel which broadcasts several different news telecasts every morning on WRA live and Fox 50 News. Moreover, she also acted as a fill-in Morning Traffic Reporter. After leaving WRAL, Rich moved to ABC15 Arizona as a News Reporter in June 2019 and since then has been serving the Phoenix, Arizona. Claudia went to Chapel Hill, NC to start her education at the University of North Carolina. A few years later, she graduated with a BS degree in Journalism from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the same university.

Where is David Crabtree?

The current whereabouts of David Crabtree are unknown. We don’t know where he is now and what he is doing with his life. David Crabtree, who joined WRAL 5 in 1994, declared his retirement from WRAL News in 2018. He decided to retire from the services at the end of that year but then due to some reasons postponed his retirement plan and continued working with the station until 2020.

How old is kat Campbell WRAL?

Kat Campbell Age

Kate Campbell doesn’t like to share her personal life details with her fans and the public. Therefore, we don’t know how old she is. We will keep looking into that and update the information as soon as it reveals. Kate Campbell is a US Meteorologist who currently serves WRAL Weather since August 2018. Before that, Campbell used to be a part of WAFF News in Huntsville, Alabama. There, she reported multiple severe weather events along with tropical storms and southern winter weather. KAT once served the WRAL before in January 2017, where she used to do weather graphics for the channel. Although, she didn’t stay long and only work here for 5 months, before moving to WAFF, Huntsville’s top-rated weather station. Campbell earned her degree from North Carolina State University.

Is WRAL NBC channel and what channel is NBC in Raleigh?

Yes, WRAL News is an NBC Network service. The station operates in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Chapell Hill, and Durham region at Virtual CH 5 and takes its primary content from NBC, America’s one of the top 3 TV markets. WRAL TV takes its secondary content from Retro TV, Start TV, and Cozi TV. The station has been linked with the NBC group since its inauguration. However, in March 1985, it made a switch to CBS Network but then again returned to NBC on 29 February 2016.

Why is WRAL off the air?

WRAL News Off-Air Reason

Fox 50 and WRAL TV were removed from Dish Network’s offerings after a dispute with the provider over the contract extension in December 2020. Both Fox 50 and WRAL are the Capitol Broadcasting entities, which went dark after the Dish Network didn’t agree to their terms for carrying their channels in the lineup. The dispute is said to be about rebroadcasting the station’s coverage or carriage fees. Carriers such as Dish Network and other services pay a monthly license fee to the channel’s owners, as the result, they are allowed to carry those station’s services on their network. The negotiations between both parties mostly occur when the station’s owner demands more money from the carriers. Sometimes, these types of negotiations ended up smoothly and stations remain on the air, and sometimes disputes like these occur.

What channel is WRAL on Spectrum?

A viewer can tune in to WRAL News on channel 5.1 over the air. However, it is available on different channel numbers on other cable and satellite services. On Spectrum, viewers can get the station’s exciting services at Channel 3 in Standard Definition and 1209 in High Definition. If you live in Triangle Region, North Carolina, and have a Spectrum connection in your house, you can tune in to this channel number and enjoy WRAL News Today, WRAL Raleigh News, Breaking News Raleigh, local news Raleigh NC, WRAL Weather services, and other exciting services.

What channel is WRAL 2 on AT&T U-verse?

WRAL 2 on AT&T U-verse

WRAL 2 generally operates at CH 5.2 on antenna over-the-air. However, it isn’t available on AT&T U-verse as they don’t allow the second channel of any TV station in their lineup. WRAL tried to negotiate with them but couldn’t materialize the deal. So far, they only managed to carry their second signal on Spectrum, and few other small cable companies such as Star TV, Google Fiber, Suddenlink, Charter, Centurylink, and Greenlight.

What happened to Bill Leslie?

Bill Leslie Story

Bill Leslie, morning and noon anchor at WRALTV5, stepped down from his services at the channel in June 2018. A 67 years old anchor joined WRAL News in 1984 as a managing editor and dedicated 33 years of his life to the station. Bill has earned 75 major awards for his remarkable services including the 5 Emmy Awards and 2 Peabody Awards. As an environmental reporter for the network from 1989 to 1993, Leslie covered the Pfiesteria outbreak that resulted in the death of thousands of fish in North Carolina rivers and U.S. Navy trash disposal off the North Carolina coast. Besides being a Tar Heel Traveler, Bill was also a Raleigh resident. Leslie took his education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and started his career at WTAR Radio and WKIK Radio, Norfolk as a News Director and Reporter from May 1972 to 1984.

What happened to Mandy Mitchell?

Mandy Mitchell, who was a sports anchor & reporter at WRAL News, decided to pursue her career anywhere else from TV broadcasting and thus left the channel in July 2020 after serving the station for 9 straight years. She started working at the WRAL 5 IN 2011, before that Mitchel was a reporter in Columbia, South Carolina (WIS TV) and Myrtle Beach (WPDE News). After graduating from the University of Florida and receiving the Edward R. Murrow Award in 2014 and Emmy Award in 2015, Mandy’s career went from strength to strength.

How old is Debra Morgan?

Debra Morgan Age

While she didn’t reveal her exact birthday, it is believed that Debra Morgan will be between 35 and 40 years of age. It is, maybe, because most of the popular personalities like to keep their personal things a secret. Debra is a news personality who works as a news anchor at WRAL TV since 1993. She has also earned the 10 Emmy Award for her outstanding work in journalism. Moreover, Morgan has also been honored by the North Carolina Woman’s Club, a Women of Achievement Award in Journalism.

Morgan believes that it is their duty to present relevant, exciting, factual, and unbiased information to the public. She knows that no one likes to hear bad news, but not presenting that piece of information to the people will be the wrong thing to do. Debra loves her work and cherishes each and every moment in the newsroom. She is a graduate of the University of Miami. Morgan received her BS in Communication and Psychology degree from the School of Communication and Psychology.

Who is the Chief Meteorologist at WRAL?

Chief Meteorologist of WRAL

There aren’t any specific details that who is the Chief Meteorologist at WRAL Weather. But, Elizabeth Gardner is the one who leads the team and manages & oversees all the operations. From reading the WRAL radar (including the WRAL doppler) to constructing an accurate WRAL forecast, Gardner runs all the weather-related activities. Meanwhile, she also offers severe weather reports including the tornadoes outbreak news and intense temperatures within the different regions of North Carolina.

Elizabeth Gardner made her debut in WRAL Weather in 1998 and since then has been covering the weather for Raleigh and its nearby regions. She offers WRAL forecasts both in the morning and noon news. Prior to this, Elizabeth was a part of KXLY Broadcasting Group as a Weather Personality from March 1995 to March 1998. She began her broadcasting career at WGHP in August 1990 as a News Reporter.

WRAL News Team

From a missing person report in Raleigh to the preparations of a big upcoming event in town, WRAL News Team provides the most authentic piece of information directly coming from their trusted sources. Lora Lavigne, Scott Mason, Keely Arthur, Mark Boyle, Adam Owens, Michelle Mackonochie, Kasey Cunningham, Brian Shrader, Lena Tillet, Amanda Lamb, Ali Ingersoll, and Jeff Hogan are a few of the news journalists who form a great team of anchors, reporters, and investigators in WRAL Raleigh News.

Mark Boyle: Anchor/Reporter at WRAL News

Mark BoyleMark Boyle is an anchor and reporter at WRAL live who presents the local news in Raleigh NC, WRAL news today, WRAL breaking news, and more. Boyle and his ancestors have been living in Florida since the fourth Generation. He was born and brought up in Saint Petersburg. Boyle joined the team of ‘WRAL reporters’ in April 2019 and since then covering all the North Carolina area. Mark trusts true journalism and believes that getting it first and getting it right are the most essential prospects of this business. The importance of these things cannot be overstated. Mark’s audience looks for the most accurate and honest journalism and he knows that. This is the reason, he chose WRAL as it seems a perfect fit to do that.

Boyle has been honored with various Emmy nominations for the region’s hurricane and tropical storm coverage, together with the Irma coast. Moreover, he also worked to get a piece of dry land for the flooded residents. Boyle graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in telecommunications. About North Carolina, Mark loves its varieties of four kinds of weather. When he came from Florida, the weather was extremely hot in NC. What he loves about North Carolina is that the one month will be icy and snowy, the next month will be warm, and the third month will be rainy.

Pre-WRAL Service

Before WRAL News, Boyle was a part of Tegna Inc as an Anchor and  Investigative Journalist from August 2011 to January 2016. In August 2011, he was a news reporter at KPRC, reporting for Houston. Prior to that, Mark was a General Assignment Reporter at WWSB News ABC 7 from July 2007 to 2008.

Boyle’s Memorable Reports

Mark’s most exciting assignment came when he was working for WFTV in Orlando. After he arrived in the region, the Sheriff’s department of Orange County was chasing Caylee Anthony. Later, Caylee’s mother Casey was arrested by police. Three years later, Jury didn’t find Casey guilty of her little girl’s murder and walked away as a free woman from the prison. It was Mark’s one of the most amazing stories and it gave a nice boost to his career. Another assignment that earned him a great reputation as a journalist was the story of Reverend Billy Graham’s death. Boyle was transferred to Washington DC to report the series of incidents going around in the capital. This opportunity also turned him into a role model.

Ken Smith: TV Reporter at WRAL TV

Ken SmithKen Smith is a news reporter at WRAL News who works as a Morning Anchor/Host for Fox/NBC Duopoly at 7 am and 9 am. His responsibilities also include appearing as a General Assignment Reporter occasionally. Smith has joined WRAL station in December 1998 and got a lot of success over the course of years. Ken completed his BA in Media Studies and Mass Communications in 1982 at the University of South Florida.

There, he actively participated in internships and seminars about the Broadcasting program. Ken also served the International Student Union during his University years. Smith had a passion for broadcast journalism since he was 6 since the first thing he remembers to saw on Television was a news telecast. That one memory shaped him to be what he is now. Ken is happy to fulfill his childhood dream and cherish each of its moment when he steps into the news bureau. Meanwhile, he also loves the fact that his work earned him AP and Emmy awards. In 2008, Smith was honored with Mid-South Regional Emmy Award for best weekend news telecast.

A year later, he was awarded with the Emmy of Mid-South Regional’s Best Spot News. In 2012, he got the same award for Breaking News, as well as the National Emmy Nomination for Breaking News. Not to mention the 2 Georgia Associated Press awards which he claimed for best feature and best spot news. Ken believes the news is directly connected with people and it is their duty to make it relevant to the people’s lives in the community. If they succeed in doing that, they have done more than enough. The remaining part of their duty includes incurring that the piece of information they are conveying is authentic and trustworthy.

Memorable Reporting

Smith believes that reporting the events around the area/region/work gives a chance to the journalists to create some vivid memories and exciting events in the community and around the globe. Ken witnessed the dangerous April Tornadoe and Hurricane Irene in 2011 that caused a great disaster to his neighbors and friends. Moreover, Ken has got an opportunity to travel to Iraq in 2003 and 2004, and Afghanistan in 2011 alongside the Fort Bragg troops. According to Ken, it was an honor reporting the Fort Bragg troops’ stories appointed in Mosul, Iraq, and about the troops waiting in Kuwait.

WRAL Weather Team

WRAL Weather Team LogoWRAL weather team considers it an honor and privilege to report the most amazing weather stories in town and its nearby regions. The team has skilled and certified meteorologists consisting of Elizabeth Gardner, Kat Cambell, Aimee Wilmoth, Tony Rice, Zach Maloch, Peta Sheerwood, and Mike Maze. From managing the WRAL Radar/WRAL Doppler to providing the minute-by-minute update about the terrible hurricane heading your way, the WRAL weather team always provides what is right and authentic.

Peta Sheerwood: Weather Anchor/Reporter

Peta SheerwoodPeta Sheerwood is a prestigious weather personality who joined the WRAL Weather squad in February 2019. In a very short time, Peta earned great respect from her superiors, she believes delivering the right report to the public can allow them to make clever decisions along with keeping their family safe. Her duties include analyzing forecast data and models based on the WRAL Radar, providing WRAL weather forecast and WRAL weather hourly report in the station’s Weekend Morning program.

Moreover, Sheerwood created WRAL weather graphics for 3 days/week for the channel’s digital platforms such as Website, Facebook Page and Twitter. She has also served as a Fill-in weekday weather personality for the morning meteorologist. Plus, she engaged with the audience on social media pages through Twitter and Facebook Live and recorded a brief weather report for Mix 101.5 FM and WILM TV in NC News Network. Peta was a graduate of the University of Florida where she acquired a BS in Telecommunication in 2015.

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Peta’s Past Work

Prior to that, Peta was a member of WOWT NBC Omaha from October 2016 to February 2019 as a Meteorologist. There, she created forecast models and analyzed data, provided weather coverage for WOWT 6 News Midday programs and WOWT 6 News Daybreak Weekend.

WRAL News News Team
WRAL News News Team | Credits: Official Website

Plus, her other duties included writing the news and weather articles for the channel’s website and delivering brief recordings of weather conditions to the partners of iHeart Radio Media. In July 2015, Sheerwood started working as a video journalist and Meteorologist at KGIN/KOLN-TV 11/10 News. Among Peta’s responsibilities, there were recording, writing, and editing statewide stories and compiling news and weather articles for a website. Plus, se used to provide weathercast to NBC Nebraska Weekend Evening Programs and 10/11 News Weekend Mornings.

Before that, she used to do a job at WRUF Weather as a weather forecaster. There, Peta learned how to produce on-air weathercasts professionally. Plus, she offered forecasts for Morning Shows and First at five news Transmissions. Sheerwood also worked at WUFT News from September 2013 to May 2015 as a news reporter. Sherwood’s duties at WUFT were writing stories and compiling content for the hourly updates of radio telecasts, writing blog posts, and engaging with audiences through social media websites.

Sheerwood’s Further Experience

Before that, Peta used to be a part of the Knight Division for Scholarships in August 2011 as a Student Assistant. She did her weather internship from WPLG in June 2014 and WCJB in September 2013 for 3 months and 4 months respectively. During the internships, she learned to create weather forecast articles for the site and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, Peta helped the weather anchors/reporters making graphical content and creating programs with the help of the Weather Central Platform.

In August 2012, Sheerwood was a Production Crew member at WUFT News where she made sure that the lighting and other on-set equipment is ready for the PBS affiliate’s live broadcast. In addition, Peta served College Summit in June 2012 as an Aluminum Leader, in which she taught more than 200 Peer Leaders how to write personal statements and apply to colleges. Her start of the career goes way back to August 2010 where she was an intern at The Miami Herald.

Weather Services by WRAL News

WRAL weather features the most exciting weather coverage in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Chapel Hill, and Durham region. Its current conditions service gives real-time weather updates of Raleigh and its nearby regions. Viewers can see the current temperature, current relative humidity, current dew point, current pressure, and current wind speed in this section. Thus, letting them know, how’s the weather outside. WRAL Weather Hourly delivers the hourly WRAL Weather forecast of the area. The audience can track the weather hour by hour.

The channel’s Map Center includes WRAL Doppler called DualDoppler5000, WRAL iControl, WRAL Radar, and a satellite view. Other maps show the Forecasts, Temperatures, Rainfall, Rip Current, Tropical Outlook, River Levels, Wind, Extremes, and Road Temperatures.

WRAL Tracking the Tropics lets you track the hurricanes. On the map, you can see the rectangle boxes with different colors on the upper side of the map. These boxes in the WRAL interactive radar contain information about Tropical DEPRs, Tropical Storms, and the severity of hurricanes based on whether they are of Category 1, Category 2, Category 3, or Category 4 and 5. Other services included in the WRAL TV Weather are closings, Live Cam Network, and Almanac.

WRAL Weather Alert Center

The station’s alert center keeps a close eye on the severe weather conditions in the area and issue a personalized and exclusive warning to the public as soon as they detect harsh conditions.

Weather Alert Centre at Glance

With WRAL alert services, you can always count on WRAL News wherever you go. The team worked hard and compiled all their weather alerts in one place for their valued viewers. They can subscribe to these alerts and get personalized warnings and alerts about the severe weather predicted by WRAL radar directly on their smartphone via a message or a phone call. You can either sign up for these alerts to receive on the channel’s weather center or over the exclusive weather alert mobile app.

The WeatherCall feature delivers personalized severe weather alerts from the WRAL News. While signing up for the alerts, the citizens provide their home address, their work address, and their child’s school address. When realizing that weather can be dangerous in those addresses, the weather center will call and inform you about the threat, so that you can take necessary measures to avoid this. Meanwhile, viewers can also receive alerts on email and via text message about the severe weather in more than 100 counties of North Carolina. The email will guide the public about the possible dangers and steps to take.


WRAL Interactive Radar

With help of WRAL Interactive Radar, you have access to check live weather situations anywhere in Raleigh and surroundings. You can find many Radars in the drop-down menu like National Radar, Futurecast Radar & Dual Doppler 5000. Also, one check alerts for rain., lightning, wind, hurricane, and many other weather alerts.

DualDoppler5000 Radar

DualDoppler 5000 is a WRAL Weather Radar that gives detailed weather coverage of the different regions in North Carolina including Central NC, Wake, Sandhills, Sampson/Dulpin, Durham/Orange, Nash/Wilson, Johnstone, Virginia Border, and Cumberland. It shows the weather conditions in three different timelines: still, one hour, 8 hours. There is a separate live stream feature in WRAL Radar that runs the live footage of the WRAL Doppler radar showing the current climate conditions from county to county in North Carolina. After every 15 minutes, the video automatically switches from Easter North Carolina to Central North Carolina and the Sandhill region to Wake County.

Features of WRAL Radar
  • The forecast section in WRAL Weather Radar provides a 7-day forecast of the area with the percentage of precipitation one each day.
  • The temperature section shows the current temperature of different areas covered by the WRAL Radar.
  • Check out the performance of the winds in different regions of North Carolina with the Wind Section.
  • Watch whether the water current at Atlantic Beach, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, and other nearby coasts are low, moderate, or high. The white line shows it is low, yellow means moderate, and red (as always) symbolized the high risk.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature outside the house at highways with the WRAL Radar’s Road Temperatures section.
  • Find about the severe weather alerts in different North Carolina counties with the WRAL Interactive Radar’s Extrem section.
  • Discover the level of water at different rivers around Raleigh, Jacksonville, Clinton, Fayetteville, Greenville, and Goldsboro with the River Levels section.
  • Get a satellite view of the tropical conditions of NC with the WRAL Weather live radar’s Tropical Conditions.

WRAL Weather Raleigh NC Webcams

Get the live footage of more than 2 dozens of areas throughout the NC. The following table enlists all those programs:

Beaufort Cam from the Beaufort Hotel Downtown Sanford Cam South Hill, Virginia. cam Rocky Mount Mills
Downtown Fayetteville cam Lake Gaston Cam Downtown Raleigh Fayetteville Street Cam from the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel Carolina Beach cam
Downtown Raleigh City Plaza Camera from Jimmy V’s Wilmington cam Downtown Durham cam Clinton NC cam
Goldsboro cam Downtown Clayton cam Southern Pines cam Goldsboro cam
Angier cam Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park cam in Wilson (Sponsored) Downtown Wilson cam (Sponsored) J. Burt Gillette Soccer Complex Cam in Wilson, N.C. (Sponsored)
Gillette Baseball Complex cam in Wilson (Sponsored) Chapel Hill cam Dorothea Dix Park cam Roxboro cam
Downtown Apex cam North Hills cam

Channel 5 Mobile Apps

WRAL TV features the best set of mobile apps just to give the best user experience to their respectable viewers. They know the technology has been involving with time and people are relying more and more on handheld devices these days, instead of Television. Therefore, they have come up with providing every single essential information and update to the viewers through exclusive mobile apps for Android, Apple iOS, and Amazon.

It features the WRAL News app providing the breaking news Raleigh, local news Raleigh NC, WRAL lottery, and more. WRAL Weather App provides inclusive details about the weather conditions throughout North Carolina based on WRAL Doppler Radar. The other apps are SportsFan featuring Collge and Pro Sports. HSOT App providing information about High School Sports, WRAL live stream app offering the live streaming of the station’s coverage over the Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV. The last but not the least one is Out & About App delivering entertainment content to the users in one spot.

WRAL News Studio Building
WRAL News Studio Building | Courtesy: Official Website

WRAL News App

Get the best new coverage in town and follow the updates of different regions in North Carolina with the WRAL News App. It offers Raleigh NC News, WRAL Live Lottery, WRAL breaking news, Raleigh Local News, WRAL Pick 3, WRAL Arrest, WRAL Soccer Park, WRAL news today, and more. Find the news you care about from Fayetteville, Durham, and Raleigh. Everything here is delivered by the most professional team of news personalities including the WRAL news reporters, and expert severe weather team.

Always stay in the loop with the local mobile app through several ways:

  • Continue browsing the top articles of the day, while watching WRAL live news.
  • Get the latest news as soon as it occurs within your area
  • View the news that is the most relevant to you with My News. Only select the topics and your newsfeed will feature the most related stories.
  • Listen to the station’s podcasts
  • Miss a notification? No problem, use the bell at the upper left corner of the screen and view the past notification

Other exciting services include

Latest design with all the important and relevant features on home screen such as WRAL radar, WRAL 7-day Forecast, WRAL Weather hourly.

Tap on the Watch button and access the latest videos from WRAL and the live streaming service. Users can also find the station’s award-winning investigations, documentaries, Tar Heel Traveler, and Out & About TV.

Get a lot more than just the top news by swiping through multiple categories that include politics, entertainment, offbeat news, WRAL traffic, WRAL daytime lottery, education, and sports.

WRAL News Anchors
Anchors of WRAL News | Source: facebook page

WRAL Weather App

WRAL Weather App includes everything that a person needs to know about the weather. It is easy to use and serves as a complete weather station in your hand. Receive the WRAL weather forecast, WRAL 7 day forecast based on the data collected by WRAL weather radar. The other features include WRAL iControl, hurricane news, severe weather alerts, live cams throughout the NC, and closings.

The app’s information is totally reliable as it is provided by one of the most experienced teams of meteorologists consist of 6 people, who know the area’s weather very well. Moreover, find the latest weather forecast, WRAL interactive radar, futurecasts, personalized severe weather based on your GPS location.

Weather News Popular Shows

The following table shows the list of the most popular local and NBC programs airing on WRAL TV.

Small Fortune Grandma Knows Best The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers 2 WRAL News at 11:00 p.m.
A Little Late With Lilly Singh Inside Edition Late Night With Seth Meyers Today
WRAL News at 4:30 a.m. Early Today Today III WRAL Morning News
The Kelly Clarkson Show WRAL 12:30 p.m. Report Today With Hoda and Jenna WRAL News at Noon
Days of Our Lives Dr. Phil The Doctors Moms Who Get Black-Out Drunk! NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt
America’s Got Talent Auditions 2 New Amsterdam Death Begins in Radiology The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Out & About TV
Chicago Med Chicago Fire ITF Tennis The Doctors Kamala Harris and Nicole Kidman’s Hair Stylist on the ‘Look’ Everyone Wants This Summer
Manifest Mayday Law & Order: Organized Crime What Happens in Puglia Minions (2015) 1st Look
Elevation With Steven Furtick Cars.TV Hiring America Education Matters
PLL Lacrosse Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer Wild Child USAS Diving
Brain Game Saturday Night Live Runaway (1984) Matter of Fact


WRAL TV first hit the air on 15 December 1956 with a movie named Miracle on 34th Street. Its license was acquired by A.J. Fletcher’s Capital Broadcasting which also happened to co-own WRAL AM Radio. Originally the channel was an NBC affiliate, but then it switched to CBS. However, it came back to NBC in January 2016, running popular NBC shows on TV.
The WRAL News studios are located in the West Raleigh section of western Boulevard at Capitol Broadcasting Company. The channel’s transmitter is installed in Auburn, NC.

Tel: (919) 821-8600
Tower Location: Auburn, North Carolina
Brand Name: WRAL-TV 5

Coverage Map

WRAL News Coverage Map
WRAL News Coverage Map | Source:
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