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WRNN TV LogoWRNN-TV is an independent news channel operating at Virtual CH 48. Being a licensee of New Rochelle, New York, the station is possessed by WRNN-TV Associates and serves the New York City Television Market. Channel 48 News NY is your local source of hot news, exciting stories, WRNN TV Sports, and exciting TV shows. The network invested years in developing a qualified management team, building a vigorous newsgathering squad, and creating a leading-edge technological platform for traditional content distribution. WRNN NY offers credibility and competence to the news & content production department and broadcasts a mix of programming with local, national & worldwide content partners. The company has managed to develop award-winning news content on all platforms including linear, over-the-top, and online services. Viewers can get the channel’s services through cable, OTT, website, mobile platform via RNN-TV live stream. WRNN NY uses the branding RNN for its news services.

WRNN TV Live Streaming

News Services from RNN TV NY can be accessed online through WRNN-TV live stream. It is easy for the viewers to access the station’s content and watch the exclusive shows as they can only tap or click the button below and load the stream. Meanwhile, the audience can check out WRNN TV Listing as well.

Channel 48 News NY studios are situated in Rye Brook, New York. However, its transmitter facility is installed at One World Trade Center. WRNN-TV Schedule consists of spiritual programming, infomercials, local and international news shows including RNN News TV show and few syndicated programs.

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RNN TV Programs

RNN-TV NY Schedule includes various types of shows including religious content, news transmission, sports telecast, and entertaining programs. Watch them online over different platforms through RNN-TV live stream.

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WRNN-TV first started operations as a translator for WNJU-TV with the calls W62AA in 1970 under the ownership of Screen Gems Broadcasting, a sub-domain of Columbia Pictures. However, in 1983, Channel 48 News NY went offline due to the introduction of the new full-power channel in the Kingstone Area.

Eventually, the network returned on 15 December 1985 with WTZA callsigns. It was introduced as the independent network providing services to the middle Hudson Valley of NY State. However, because of its extensive range, CHANNEL 48 News was also able to serve the Northern areas and Capital District of New York City.

WRVV TV Studio
WRVV TV Studio | Courtesy: Facebook Page

At the beginning of 1995, most of the WTZA’s shows were replaced from entertainment to infomercials. At the end of the year, the network’s calls were flipped into WRNN TV. Currently, it is still using the same calls and working under the possession of RNN TV Network. Though it is an independent station, still, it has some secondary affiliate partners i.e. Circle, CRTV, and Canal de la Fe.

RNN News Richard French is the president of the network. He is the driving force leading the company towards immense success. Christa Lauri RNN-TV is the most prominent news anchor on channel 48 News NY. She has been serving the station for years and providing the content that matters most to the community. Watch Christa live over the Dish at WRNN-TV live stream.

Tel: (914) 417-2709
Tower Location: One World Trade Center
Brand Name: RNN

Coverage Map

WRNN TV Coverage Map
WRNN TV Coverage Map | Source:
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