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Watch Channel 2 Action News for latest local news, weather, traffic and sports updates of Atlanta.

WSBTV Atlanta LogoWSBTV aka “Channel 2 Action News”  is the first TV broadcaster in the South – providing metro Atlanta news, community updates, and weather reports for 7 decades. It is famous for covering city’s local news, political and sports events. Georgians tune this channel to watch headlines and breaking news of the larger metropolitan area of Atlanta. The station is available through UHF digital CH 32 and Virtual CH 2. Management of the channel is governed by Cox Media Group. It shares Live studios with the sister networks at Radio Group and WSB Television building in Midtown Atlanta’s West Peachtree St. However, WSBTV Atlanta’s transmitter lies in Old Fourth Ward and Poncey-Highland neighborhoods of the city.

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Channel’s Overview

WSBTV or Channel 2 Action News Atlanta, first started programming on 29 Sep 1948 at CH 8. It is the 2nd oldest TV channel in the South Washington DC; the first one is WTVR-TV in Richmond, Virginia. The original owner of the network was James M. Cox, the publisher of The Atlanta Journal, who also happened to co-own WSB-AM. The channel was originally affiliated to NBC Network, following the affiliation of its sister radio with NBC radio. Plus, it also used to carry ABC content until 1951.

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WSBTV commonly known as Channel 2 News Atlanta GA, shifted to channel 2 as a result of the 1950 incident, when The Journal merged with its rival company Atlanta Constitution; both were the newspaper companies possessing broadcast properties.

WSBTV News Studio
WSBTV News Studio | Credits:

The newly merged partners decided to sell WSBTV to Broadcasting Inc- a group of Businessmen- for 525,000 dollars in 1951, although the sale froze due to some reason, which finally completed in 1951 when FCC approved the deal. WSBTV or Channel 2 News Atlanta GA officially shifted to Channel 2 on 30 Sep 1951.

All WSB (Channel 2 News Atlanta) channels relocated to the new facility ‘White Columns’ and kept operating there for almost 43 years until the authorities decided to build a modern glass and concrete building adjacent to the previous one in 1998.

Brian Monahan, Eboni Deon, Glenn Burns, Katie Walla & Brod Nitz.jpg
Brian Monahan, Eboni Deon, Glenn Burns, Katie Walla & Brod Nitz

In 1965, Channel 2 Action News Atlanta was the first TV broadcaster in Georgia to air the color transmission; the colored program of the TV station was Today in Georgia show by Ruth Kent.

Availability of the Station

On Cable:

Channel 2 News Atlanta is available to watch on different cable networks:

  • Comcast Xfinity features it at CH 3 in SD
  • Charter Spectrum offers it at CH 2

However, its HD transmission can be accessed on Spectrum CH 702 and Xfinity CH 803.

Fred Blankenship, Linda Stouffer, Mark Arum & Brian Monahan
Fred Blankenship, Linda Stouffer, Mark Arum & Brian Monahan @ Channel 2, Atlanta

On Internet:

Viewers can enjoy WSBTV live on the station’s official website too, where a non-stop 24/7 streaming service is available.


Morning News Team
Morning News Team | Photo courtesy: official website


1922: WSB-AM radio hit the air for the first time

1948: The first live telecast of WSBTV

1955: Channel developed its first mobile unit

1956: WSB shifts its studios to Peachtree’s White Columns

1967: The station honored Bob Hope

1980: The formation of Channel 2 Action News

Channel’s Specialties

WSBTV Atlanta is a source of distributing Mass media news (both local and regional), weather updates, digital sales, sports and entertainment, ad placement, and digital media.

Jorge Estevez Jovita Moore & Justin Farmer at WSBTV
Jorge Estevez Jovita Moore & Justin Farmer at WSBTV

News App

WSBTV News App delivers breaking news, weather updates, traffic alerts, sports, and much more in the Atlanta region. The app is specifically designed to be user-friendly and to give an extra pleasing experience, as users can easily access WSBTV live streaming video and watch the news headlines as soon as they break. The app’s sole mission is to provide the best and accurate news and information to the people. It is available to download on both Apple Store and Google Store.

Weather App

With the help of Glenn Burns, the Chief Meteorologist, and Severe Weather Team 2, WSBTV introduced the most authentic weather app called ‘The WSBTV Weather App.’ It

WSBTV Weather App features

The latest WSBTV interactive weather radar helps the user find the likely path, plus it alerts the people about possible storms to hit. The WSBTV Radar is maintained by senior meterologists of Severe Weather Team 2 – also includes storm and earthquake trackers as layers, letting the user track storms and their type, direction, speed, and earthquake’s magnitude and location. Moreover, pin your location precisely on the map, receive push alerts, and get to know about local forecasts with the newly designed WSBTV Weather app.

WSBTV Weather DSNG Van | Photo Courtesy:

News Anchors & Reporters


Carol Sbarge Fred Blankenship Linda Stouffer Sophia Choi
Lori Wilson Wendy Corona Jorge Estevez Justin Wilfon
John Pruitt Justin Farmer Jovita Moore Monica Pearson



Jim Strickland Richard Belcher Mark Winne
Justin Gray Nicole Carr Tom Jones
Darryn Moore Lauren Pozen Tyisha Fernandez


Weather Team

Brian Monahan Katie Walls Glenn Burns
Eboni Deon Brad Nitz


Channel 2 Atlanta is considered as No.1 local TV channel in the region airing 7 hours of news transmission during weekdays. The station hosts its own website where viewers can watch WSBTV live stream 24/7, plus it features news, traffic, and weather apps as well. Moreover, the channel has been airing MeTV content on its digital sub-station 2.2 for many years.

WSBTV Corporate Office

WSBTV Standing Where Today

For the most part of the 70s, ABC remained the highest-rated network and was searching for stronger affiliate partners all around the nation, that time, including Atlanta. In June 1980, WSBTV Atlanta dropped its NBC affiliation and turned over to ABC; as a result, WXIA adopted NBC. Some of the channel’s  shows were shifted to ABC in August, though the full-time affiliation took place on 1 Sep 1980. The network put a number 2 in its logo in Jan 1986, which it is keeping till today.

In Feb 2019, Apollo Global Management declared that they are going to purchase Cox Media Group along with Northwest Broadcasting channels. However, it was decided that new owners would rub it under the name Terrier Media. Later, in June 2019, Apollo acquired the ownership of Cox’s advertising Businesses and radios, too, and retained the name Cox Media Group.

The channel also hosts a WSBTV Lottery system and announces the WSBTV Lottery winner results every day.


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Tel: +1 404-897-7000
Tower Location: Old Fourth Ward and Poncey-Highland neighborhoods of the city
Brand Name: Channel 2

Coverage Map:

The map shows the entire coverage area of Channel 2 Atlanta.

WSBTV News Coverage Area
WSBTV | Source:
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