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WSFA News logoWSFA News is America’s one of the leading news station operating at Virtual CH 12 and serving the area of Montgomery, Alabama. Being possessed by Gray Television, the station takes the primary content from NBC network.

WSFA 12 broadcasts nineteen hours of local news transmission every week. It also airs different WSFA Weather services including Hurricane Coverage, First Alert Stormtracker, Airport Air Traffic Map, Weather Magnet, what is First Alert Weather Day, radar, WSFA Weather app and Sketch the Sky. Moreover, the network features WtolSFA local news, 12 News Defenders, health reports, state & national level news, business information, food, education and Alabama Politics. Catch the WSFA exciting coverage over the cable & satellite at CH 12. Plus, you can also get it on wsfa.com with WSFA live stream. The station uses the brand name “WSFA 12 News” and tagline “Live Local, Now”.

Watch WSFA News Live Streaming

Stay updated with the WFSA local news, WFSA Weather, WSFA Sports, top stories and much more from Montgomery. Tune into WFSA live stream by logging into “livenewsglobe”, “WFSA 12 News App” and the official website. Click the play button below in the live stream window and start watching it right away.

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FAQ’s by WFSA-TV Audience

Viewers generally ask the following questions related to WSFA 12 Live:

What channel is NBC in Montgomery al?

Watch the network’s exclusive services including news, WSFA Weather, sports, live WSFA live stream at CH 12.

How old is Bethany Davis WSFA?

According to her Facebook Page, Bethany Davis, one of the oldest teammate at WSFA News, was born on Sep 24, 1979. So, fans who wonder how old is their favourite newscaster? They must know that she would be around 41 years old.

Is Amanda Curran Still with WSFA?

Yes, Amanda Curran is still serving as one of the talented WSFA weather personalities. Besides forecasting, she is responsible for creating graphics by using Max/Baron and telling exciting stories.

What Channel is WSFA on Spectrum?

To access the WSFA 12 Live, Spectrum users can tune in to CH 11.

Why Did Rich Thomas leave WSFA?
Reason of leaving WSFA by Rich Thomas:

Rich Thomas was among the primary weather personalities in Montgomery providing news, WSFA weather and other updates for more than ten years. One day he suddenly disappeared from the screen, leaving the viewers in shock that what happened to the WSFA’s one of the finest WSFA weather reporters. It has been confirmed that there were some personal issues that caused him to leave the TV channel, to which he provided three decades of services.

Can I Get WSFA TV on Roku?

Roku is a streaming service providing entertainment to your TV in the simplest way. Now Montgomery viewers can watch their favorite WSFA Weather station live on Roku as well. From comprehensive newscasts to entertainment content, enjoy everything.

WSFA News Studio located at Retirement Systems of Alabama’s Dexter Avenue Building.
WSFA News Studio located at Retirement Systems of Alabama’s Dexter Avenue Building | Source: wsfa.com

Channel 12 Montgomery at Glance

See your favorite TV series, local news, current affairs on WSFA News. The station also has quite a reputation for providing exclusive weather coverage. The studios of Channel 12 News Montgomery AL are situated on RSA Tower’s seventh floor, Monroe St, Downtown Montgomery. However, its transmitter is installed in Grady, close to the Pike-Montgomery county line. WSFA News was one of the two mainstream TV services of Raycom Media (the previous owner), whose headquarters were in RSA Tower. The other one was WBTV Charlotte, North Carolina- a CBS-affiliate Television network.

The channel was one of the largest service providers in the Alabama market, delivering at least secondary transmission from Chattahoochee River neighboring Georgia to the state’s Black Belt region and from the Florida State line to the geographical center of the state. The audience can access WSFA 12 Live at CH 11 on both WOW! and Charter Spectrum. WSFA News was initially an NBC associate network for Wiregrass and Dothan area, which were among the few regions in the United States without any NBC channel, that time. However, later they lost that claim when WTVY was introduced in Dothan, but it eventually became a sibling of WSFA.

WSFA News anchor persons
WSFA News anchor persons | Credits: twitter

WSFA Weather

WSFA first alert storm tracker
First alert storm tracker by WSFA | Credits: twitter

The exclusive WSFA Weather transmission goes side by side with the channel’s local news telecast. It is a First Alert Network, and you cannot confirm it anywhere but in their WSFA weather coverage. Keeping you and your families safe is the station’s first concern when they talk about sometimes extreme weather situations in the River Region. WSFA Weather service has been trusted by the community in terms of reliability, authenticity and accuracy. Read exciting weather blogs updated by the channel daily or weekly by the authors or content creators. Track the hurricane location anywhere you are with the hurricane coverage by WSFA News. WSFA Weather radar consists of several layers depicting the satellite image of different weather conditions right on the user’s screen over the official website or smartphone. First Alert StormTracker by WSFA Weather is a state-of-art technological vehicle tracking the climate conditions in the area. [/su_note]

First Alert Weather Day

WSFA first alert weather logoWhat does First Alert Weather Day means? Basically, it means that WSFA Weather is tracking the potential for active weather in an area, and it wants to keep you and your family safe by giving you advance notice.

So, what will you see when the WSFA News would declare its First Alert Weather Day? One of the first things that you will notice is that an icon will pop up in a lower right corner of your TV screen. This lets you know, even when they are not in a newscast that they have a potential for active weather and that you can immediately go to wsfa.com or the WSFA First Alert Weather App to get more information. You will also see more frequent WSFA weather updates on-air and online as they monitor these developing weather situations.

WSFA Weather has many different methods that they can use to communicate to you (their viewers & neighbours), and during a First Alert Weather Day, they would continue to use everything in their disposal to bring the latest and most accurate information. Everything from Twitter, Facebook, Facebook live video, mobile app and mainly the weather blog where you get the WSFA weather coverage, they would always continue to be there. When they declare WSFA Frist Alert Weather Day, they are expecting high impact weather to affect you; anything from tornado potential and approaching tropical system, flooding, snow or extreme levels of heat or cold.

Tonya Terry at WSFA News studio
Tonya Terry at WSFA News studio | Credits: twitter
How to Keep Yourself Updated with the Current Weather Conditions?

WSFA Radaron Mobile

There are several ways to remain updated about the current WSFA weather situations in the region. Following are these:

WSFA Radar First Alert WeatherSave the WSFA Radar on your mobile’s web browser, so even if you don’t have a cellphone on you, you can still take a look at the storm heading your way. Follow the WSFA Weather page as well as the channel’s famous weather personalities on both Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, you can also use a hashtag #12FirstAlert in twitter’s search bar and monitor the weather minute-by-minute. Download the channel’s both apps in your cellphone, including WSFA 12 News & WSFA First Alert Weather App to track the current conditions while you are sitting at home or travelling somewhere. Moreover, users can also stream the channel’s latest news updates and weather telecast via WSFA live stream.

Nia Symone at WSFA studio
Nia Symone at WSFA studio | Courtesy: twitter

First Alert 12 StormTracker

One of the essential partners of the WSFA Weather service is First Alert 12 SormTracker, the latest and modern weather truck chasing storms and severe weather conditions in the area. When it was introduced back in 2014, It was loaded with the most advanced technological tools. However later, in 2018, they even some more changes to the truck and took it to the next level. Josh Johnson, the chief meteorologist at WSFA News, stated that it would revolutionize the weather in Alabama. The vehicle is equipped with cutting-edge camera and weather observation tools predicting the climate conditions in the region every minute.

Now where they go, whether it’s a tornado, a hurricane, or aggressive winter with ice and snow, they can tell about the dew point, humidity, temperature and wind speed. And they keep a close eye on wind situation as it is very important in Alabama, where hurricanes are common.

WSFA Weather serves with a single mission of keeping the neighbours safe; therefore, they have invested the money, effort and time to protect you from harmful conditions by introducing First Alert StormTracker.

First Alert Weather Team by WSFA News

WSFA Weather Team “First Alert Weather Squad” delivers pre-warning whenever see the climate situations that could be treacherous or potentially fatal. It is the steering focus of the First Alert Weather Team. They know their responsibility and deliver the most accurate forecasting to the public.

They are known to be the best in their respective fields and are recognized for covering the area’s most of the dangerous weather such as hurricanes, storms, blizzards, etc. The team consisting of four people include a chief meteorologist Josh Johnson and weather reporters Tyler Sebree, Amanda Curran and Lee Southwick.

When does the channel announce a WSFA First Alert Weather Day?

WSFA News announces Weather Day when any of the mentioned climate threats may appear:

  • High Fire Danger              
  • Extreme Cold
  • Extreme Heat
  • Heavy Raining that eventually could cause a flood
  • Severe storms or hurricanes including the perilous lightning, harmful hail and terrible tornadoes

Lee Southwick: WSFA Weather Anchor

Lee Southwick

Lee started giving her services as a weather anchor at WSFA News in June 2018. She originally belongs to Amelia, Island Florida and currently doing a Master’s in Applied Meteorology and Geosciences from Mississippi State University. Before that, she did her graduation in BS Geography from the University of Florida in 2018.

She was passionate about weather since her childhood and her drive to be a meteorologist grew even further when she witnesses a 2004 hurricane season. While working for UF as a member of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network, Lee Southwick reported three hurricanes, i.e. Hermine, Matthew and Irma. Her work for Irma coverage got her a second place in national weathercast competition in the Festival of Media Arts by the Broadcast Education Association.

Southwick started her professional career since 2015 when she joined WUFT as a Weather Anchor for the first time. It was her first step towards a successful career. While doing forecasts for WUFT First @ five newscasts and WUFT Radio, Lee also started providing weather coverage in WRUF as a Weather Forecaster in March 2016. She was doing both jobs simultaneously. Ultimately, she found her way in WSFA News Today as a full-time meteorologist in June 2018.

Tyler Sebree: Meteorologist at WSFA Weather Department

Tyler SebreeTyler serves the Alabama community by working as a Morning Meteorologist for WSFA Weather department. He became a part of the team in March 2020. Viewers can watch him live on Today from Mon to Fri via WSFA live stream. Since Tyler started his journey as a meteorologist, this is the fourth TV network to which he is providing services to and the first one outside the cold and snowy region. The other three were: South Bend, Lima and Rockford.

Sebree has a history of covering many severe kinds of weather such as tornado warnings, intense heat, ice storms, snowstorms, wind chills down to -50 degrees. Since his childhood, Tyler had a dream of being a meteorologist anywhere in the South. It is because tropical systems and severe thunderstorms are the types of weather that he loves the most. Hence, when he got an offer to fly in Montgomery, he was more than pleased to accept it.

Tyler Sebree did graduation from Ohio State University in Bachelors of Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology in 2015. However, he started working from April 2012 when he joined Mirror Lake Creamery and Grille as a Student Assistant. After two years, he became a server at Columbus Country Club “Troon Golf” in April 2014. But he only served there for 9 months, and then moved to “The Blackwell Hotel” as Barista in November 2014. It wasn’t until July 2015 that he found a job in a weather area as a meteorologist and MMJ in Nexstar Media Group.

Tyler Sebree with other meteorologists
Tyler Sebree with other meteorologists | Source: twitter
Tyler continued to grow even further

After serving for one year and five months there, Tyler became a Morning and Noon Meteorologist at Lima Broadcasting. In 2012, he joined Neoweather as a Columbus Forecaster. Eventually, he decided to continue the weather journey in Weigel Broadcasting Co as a weather anchor in October 2017. Recently, he joined WSFA News as a Morning Meteorologist in 2020.

WSFA Weather App

For its weather coverage, WSFA News hosts a separate mobile app “WSFA First Alert Weather” that includes:

  • 250m WSFA radar in High Definition
  • Access to WSFA weather service exclusively for smartphone users
  • HD satellite imagery
  • Future WSFA Weather radar to predict severe weather conditions
  • Severe Weather notifications from NWS
  • Push Alert notification service to keep the community safe from extreme weather
  • A fully functional GPS system in order to track your current location
  • Hourly Forecast, Daily Forecast updated every hour from the channel’s computer models

WSFA News Team

WSFA news coverage is among the top-rated news telecast in the Montgomery region. For better news telecast, one should need a reliable, hard-working and passionate news team in order to maintain the quality. Hence Channel 12 News Montgomery Al has one of the prestigious news teams in the state consisting of professional anchors and reporters providing 24-hours fast reporting to Central Alabama.

The most prominent personalities at WSFA News are Courtney Chandler, Ashley Bowerman, Bryan Henry, Mark Bullock, Bethany Davis, Lydia Nusbaum and John O’Connor.

John O’Connor: Anchor & Reporter at WSFA News

John O’Connor

John O’Connor became a part of WSFA News in December 2012 and since then has been serving the network as Anchor and reporter. O’Connor started his journalism career from Asheville, North Carolina. From that moment on, he has been serving in different parts of the country. He is back to Alabama twice in his lifetime. When he was four, he used to live in Mobile, Alabama. John also served Florida for years as a news anchor & reporter. There he used to cover the space shuttle program together with several local stories such as Florida voting controversies, too many hurricanes and Daytona 500.

O’Connor did his graduation in Political Science and Government in 1979 from North Carolina State University. However, he landed his first job in May 1995 as Anchor and reporter at WESH-TV Florida. After serving there for six years, John joined WTEV-WAWS in July 2002. Eventually, he found his way into WSFA News Alabama in December 2012 as an anchor.

WSFA News live broadcasting studio
WSFA News live broadcasting studio | Courtesy: facebook page

Ashley Bowerman: Reporter at WSFA News Montgomery AL

Ashley BowermanAshley Bowerman has been working as a general assistant manager at WSFA News since Feb 2020. Bowerman was raised in San Antonio, Texas and completed her studies from Texas State University in Electronic Media in 2019. However, before stepping into professional life, she used to serve as an Assistant News Director for campus FM radio KTSW 89.9 and an anchor/reporter for Bobcat Update, during her school days. However, after getting out of university, Ashley started an internship at WOAI-TV and KABB Fox 29 in May 2019. Currently, she acts as a general assistant manager at WSFA News.

WSFA TV Programming

WSFA Television schedule includes the exclusive list of programs in between fun talk shows The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to reality court show, Judge Judy, Alabama community can access everything to their liking. Watch all these programs over the Dish Network via WSFA live streaming.

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show by WSFA News is a US daytime TV variety talk show presented by America’s one of the famous Singers Kelly Clarkson. The program also hosts an exclusive section “Everyday People. It is produced & dispersed by NBCUniversal Television, and its first episode was premiered on 9 September 2019. So far, it has two seasons with 248 episodes. The Kelly has claimed three Daytime Emmys at the 47th Daytime Emmy Awards, which also include the one earned by Clarkson for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host.

The Kelly Clarkson Show
The Kelly Clarkson Show | Source: official website

Kelly introduces something new, entertaining and energetic in the show in every episode. Viewers will enjoy a full hour of exciting stories, spontaneous surprises, celebrity guests, heart, good music, and of course, humour. Watch it over the smartphone through a mobile app at WSFA live stream.

Watch Local News: WGN News Chicago

Right this Minute

Right this Minute aka RTM by WSFA News is a US-syndicated TV show that premiered its first episode on 12 September 2011. MagicDust Television produces the show in association with several TV groups such as E.W. Scrips Company, Gray Television and Cox Media Group. A daily 30-minutes newsmagazine show presents both serious and eccentric viral videos together with stories and interviews related to those videos conducted by the hosts. You can watch the show online over the Roku via WSFA live stream, or you can get the full-length episode over the program’s official website rightthisminute.com.

RTM hosts a broad mix of trending online viral videos, caught-on-tape footages and talks with content creators; both interviews and videos are presented by five hosts, i.e. Gayle Bass, Charity Bailey, Oli Pettigrew, Nick Calderone, Charity Bailey and Christian Vera. The ex-presenter Steven Fabian left the program and decided to continue the hosting for Inside Edition, a syndicated news magazine show. The videos typically streamed on RTM include Security cam footages and dashcams of police pursuits, criminal acts, rescue footage, freak accidents, epic fails, dangerous and humour stunts, parodies and practical jokes.

Right this Minute
Right this Minute | Credits: twitter

WSFA TV Schedule

The following Table demonstrates the comprehensive list of shows by WSFA News.

Dateline NBC Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon WSFA 12 News at 10
Late Night with Seth Meyers A Little Nigh with Seth Meyers Today Cornerstone Media
Early Today Right this Minute Today in Alabama 1st Look
Today Alabama Live Days of our lives Judge Judy
The Kelly Clarkson Show Today III NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt Entertainment Tonight
Dateline NBC Weakest Link Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer The Champion Within
Saturday Today Absolutely Alabama A New Leaf Vets Saving Pets
Golf WSFA Weather Special NBC Night News: Weekend Edition Cornerstone Media Group
FIS Alpine Skiing The Wall Opry Saturday Night Live
Carcass Tuck Tech In Depth with Graham Bensinger Engine Power
Detroit Muscle Open House NYC The Time of Your Life Meet the Press
Simply Southern Crossroads Church Frazer United Methodist Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren
Gary Finch Outdoors NFL Football 25 Words or Less Dr. Seuss ‘The Grinch Musical!

About WSFA News

The channel’s parts of the callsigns “SFA” goes way back to 1930 when one of Alabama’s former governor Gordon Person launched a radio channel at the Montgomery Regional Airport years before getting the designation.

During the 1950s, the latest medium of media was sweeping the entire country, and Gordon clinched the construction permit from FCC to establish the second TV network in Montgomery on VHF CH 12. The channel number was intended to be used for the area’s first TV service WCOV News. However, WCOV had to use UHF CH 20 due to some complication in the transmitter. In 1954, Persons constructed the most advanced studio facility for both his radio and TV on Delano Avenue. With the calls WSFA-TV, the station broadcasted its first telecast on 25 Dec 1954.

The Origin of WSFA News Services

Currently, it operates at as Gray Television property under the primary affiliation of NBC and secondary affiliation of Bounce TV, Dabl, Circle and Grit. It has been dominated news entity in Alabama since the inception. Currently, it broadcasts 30 hours of local news coverage every week; the most hours given to the news service by any of the stations in the region. Meanwhile, it also broadcasts WSFA live stream newscast over the substation at the same times it airs the service on the main channel.

On 3 August 2008, WSFA News shifted the news transmission to HD level and became the only network in Montgomery, Alabama to initiate its high-quality services. During the transition, they revamped the news set and graphics. Plus, they didn’t add a 9 p.m. programs in the schedule as they were produced in the previous settings of studios. Nevertheless, WSFA 12 Live started telecasting news telecast in High Definition with better graphics, unlike the shows seen on the regular transmission of WSFA News.

WFSA 12 News Mobile App

With the tagline “Live Local, now”, WSFA News provides latest news updates, WSFA Weather live transmission, WSFA weather radar, sports and everything else directly on your cellphone. Wherever you are, you can still access the WSFA 12 Live content for Central Alabama and Montgomery. As soon as the news breaks, the app puts all the latest happenings and stories up in front.

The app includes the following features:

  1. Live news alerts let the users read stories as soon as they happen.
  2. Community news, national & international transmission.
  3. Ability to upload stories along with images & videos directly to the app from your mobile phone.
  4. Comprehensive WSFA weather forecast.
  5. Side Navigation Drawer for accessing the important tabs quickly.
  6. General application for both phone & tablet.
  7. WSFA live stream supported on the devices above jellybean.

Apart from Montgomery, the app provides latest news & information from Wetumpka, Prattville, Troy, Selma, Auburn, Andalusia, Alexander City, Tuskegee, Millbrook, Prattville and Dothan.

Tel: 334-288-1212
Website: https://www.wsfa.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wsfa12news
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/WSFA12/
Tower Location: Grady along the Montgomery–Pike county line
Brand Name: WSFA 12

Coverage Map

WSFA News coverage map
WSFA News coverage map | Source: www.publicfiles.fcc.gov
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