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WSVN 7 Miami LogoWSVN 7 News is a US TV broadcasting service situated in Miami, Florida. The Fox Broadcasting affiliate station works under the ownership of Sunbeam Television. WSVN, VHF digital CH 9 and virtual CH 7, serves the entire region of Fort Lauderdale. The studios and transmitter of Channel 7 Miami are available in North Bay Village at 79th St Causeway and Miami-Dade County, respectively.

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Although WSVN 7 live can be watched through cable services but it is also available on internet via live streaming. Generally, it loads in seconds but sometime it might take a minute.

Channel’s Overview

The broadcaster started telecasting for the first time on 29 July 1956 as WCKT. The NBC affiliate TV channel was originally owned by Biscayne Television Corporation, which was further co-owned by the famous publishing families, Cox and Knight; WCKT’s call-signs were derived from both of these companies’ names. Cox and Knight were also happened to run two popular newspapers in the area i.e., Miami Herald and Miami News, respectively. Plus, It was also the owner of WCKR-FM 97.3 and WCKR-AM 610.

Channel 7 News Anchors

Craig Stevens Jeff Lennox Belkys Nerey Diana Diaz
Lynn Martinez Christine Cruz Lorena Estrada Alex de Armas
Alex Browning Gina Benitez Katrina Bush Sheldon Fox
Vanessa Medina Franklin White Donovan Campell Steve Shapiro
Walter Morris


Weather Girls
Weather Girls WSVN 7 | Credits: official facebook page

Weather Anchors

Erika Delgado Vivan Gonzalez Phil Ferro
Jessica Fernandez Brent Cameron


Before WCKT-TV, WFTL-TV, serving Fort Lauderdale at CH 23 (later became WGBS-TV under the ownership of Storer Broadcasting), used to carry the services of NBC network, along with few DuMont programs.

FCC canceled the license for Biscayne Television and WCKT

In 1962, the owner company lost a license due to the violation of the licensing codes of FCC (Federal Communication Commission) and some ethical values. The hearing suggested that some of the Television principals were wrong, and some friends from James M. Cox had made a deal with Richard Mack, Commissioner of FCC, just to sway the award of licenses and construction permits. That time, It was constantly battling with South Florida TV and East Coast Television. On the other hand, FCC Commissioner was also found guilty of taking bribes and was forced to leave the designation by the other FCC Commissioners and President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

News Studio
Live Studio of 7News | Source: www.wsvn.com

Due to the cancellation of license, WSVN 7 News decided to put WCKT (now WSVN News) on sale, and soon a new firm Sunbeam Television Corporation purchased it for 3.4m dollars and took charge on 19 December 1962. In 1983, the Channel 7 Miami flipped its call-signs from WCKT to WSVN (the current ones).



  • NBC (1956-09)
  • Estrella TV (2009-17)
  • ABC (1956-88)


  • Fox
  • Light TV

Affiliation Switch

In January 1989, the first significant affiliation switch occurred in South Florida, where NBC shifted full-time to WTVJ, and WSVN moved to Fox affiliation, which was previously providing content to WCIX. After switching to Fox network, WSVN 7 also started including news into its format, thus increasing its news transmission to 8 hours during weekdays; since then, it also became familiar as WSVN News.

Instead of focusing its entire programming on sitcoms and cartoons, Channel 7 News Miami decided to stick with a news-intensive format and put most of its power into the news sector.

Later in 1994, New World Communications moved most of its channels to the Fox network, and the content format on them was the same as WSVN (now WSVN Weather), except it was targeting an older audience.

Belkys Nerey & Craig Stevens at Night News Team
Belkys Nerey & Craig Stevens at Night News Team | Source: Official Youtube channel

WSVN 7 News Apps:

Channel 7 News Miami Today

Currently, WSVN offers a lot of low-budget syndicated programs that others don’t accept. Plus, it also inherits its own weather radar ‘storm tracker 7’ that forecasts weather information on a daily basis. The channel has a special meteorological team explicitly dedicated to weather news. That’s why, sometimes, it is also called WSVN weather.

Anchor Rebecca Vargas
Famous Anchor Rebecca Vargas of WSVN | Source: wsvn.com


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Lk Ho Lf 39 Sh Inside Edition WWE Smackdown Comics Unleashed


Tel: +1 305-751-6692
Website: http://www.wsvn.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wsvn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7NewsMiami
Tower Location: North Miami-Dade County
Brand Name: WSVN 7

Coverage Map:

WSVN 7 Miami Florida
WSVN – Coverage Map | Source: www.publicfiles.fcc.gov
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