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ABC 11 News Raleigh Live

WTVD News LogoWTVD News is an ABC O&O TV channel licensed that runs at Virtual CH 11. ABC 11 is a licensee of  Durham, NC, and providing services to a Triangle region i.e. Raleigh, Fayetteville, Chapel Hill, and Durham. The network operates under the ownership of The Walt Disney Company’s ABC Owned Television Stations. Watch the Raliegh News over the air via antenna, on satellite, or cable through WTVD live stream. WTVD 11 uses a branding ABC 11 Eyewitness News and catchphrase Keeping You Connected for the news telecast.

WTVD News features the ABC 11 Breaking News, traffic reports, I-team, Entertainment, Troubleshooter, North Carolina News, US News, and International News. Furthermore, viewers can get Politics, WTVD weather, LOCALISH reports, live sports, health news, Sweepstakes, and Science clubs. WTVD weather offers today’s weather forecast, Hourly AccuWeather forecast, 7-day forecast, ABC 11 Weather Maps, Central NC First Alert Doppler Radar, Travel Planner, Severe Weather, Hurricane Center, live Web Cams and others.

Watch WTVD Live Stream

Watching the local news in Raleigh NC is now easier than ever. With WTVD live stream, viewers can enjoy ABC 11 breaking news, WTVD weather, sports transmission, political discussion, exciting entertainment programs, and important events in town. No matter where you are, open the livenewsglobe site now and enjoy the non-buffer and non-stop streaming for your favorite shows. The station is mostly popular for its current affairs.

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General Question

Where is Miriam Thomas?

Miriam Thomas has been retired from her services from journalism since 2001. She joined the news team at ABC 11 News Raleigh in 1982 and co-anchored 5 pm, 5:30 pm, 6 pm, and 11 pm news. There isn’t any more information about Miriam, she mostly stays active on her Instagram account. If you are a fan, you can follow her and see how she is doing in her life.

Who is Don Ross?

Don Ross has been fired by WTVD News due to his unpopularity in the channel. The news from 2005 confirms this. However, there isn’t any more information about the journalist that after leaving where did he go and what he is doing right now. Wherever he is, hope he is doing fine.

What channel is ABC on Time Warner Cable Raleigh NC?

Time Warner Cable aka Spectrum users in Raleigh, North Carolina can watch the station’s exciting coverage including Raleigh NC News, WTVD 11 Weather, ABC 11 live stream, and other services on Virtual CH 11. Viewers can also enjoy sports transmission, traffic updates, and Investigative journalism, and many more.

How old is Barbara Gibbs?

Barbara Gibbs

Barbara Gibbs is a 54 years old news journalist, news anchor, and TV host for WTVD News. She has been serving the channel since 2001. Gibbs is one of the oldest members of the news stations. She co-hosts a morning newscast and noon newscast along with John Clark (an eyewitness news personality) Don Schewnneker (an AccuWeather meteorologist) and Amber Rupinta. Barbara Gibbs has reported all types of stories. She loves to cover stories that shows the human spirit’s positiveness. She was also honored by the Nashville Academy of TV Arts and Sciences in 2008 with an Emmy Award for his Homeless Singers. That was a story about three homeless men who wished to be a part of gospel singers.

How old is John Clark?

John Clark’s information about his date of birth isn’t available to discover anywhere. We will update the section as soon as we received some new information about John’s age. He is a co-host of a morning news telecast of Eyewitness News during weekdays from 4:30 am to 7 am. He also co-hosts a noon program of Eyewitness News. Besides, Clark also covers WTVD News’ evening telecast occasionally and contributed in exclusive projects and telecasts. John became a part of the news squad in WTVD News Raleigh in 1992. Before WTVD News, John worked at WKRN News as a reporter and anchor. Prior to this, he used to cover stories in Willmington, NC for WECT News. Clark decided to step into the broadcasting career in 1981, where he reported all the major weather events, punishment and crime reports, consumer problems, political races, celebrity interviews, and human interest stories.

What happened to Francis Scott?

Francis Scott Story

Francis Scott, the former news anchor at WDTV News who served the station from 1990 to 2010, had to retire from her services due to Hip Pain. She was the jolliest and most energetic woman in her thirties. According to the doctors who examined her, she hasn’t had hip sockets since birth. Scott consulted with her surgeon and finally decided to have Johnson and Johson Depuy’s advanced metal-on-metal hip joint. After the surgery, Francis’ Surgeon told her that it would take few months until she gets back on her feet. But, unfortunately, things got even worse for Scott and she never came out of the pain. On top of that, Francis was also experiencing memory loss, hearing loss, and other issues.

After the investigation, Scott found that the medical device which they implanted in her was never tested on any human before and it wasn’t even FDA approved. Seven years later, Francis has had a surgeon willing to take out her metal hip. She claims that most of her troublesome symptoms have gone now, but the pain remains there. Scott is now determined to change the laws about medical devices as she doesn’t want others to bear the same problem.

What channel is ABC in Raleigh?

ABC Programming is aired on WTVD 11 News at Virtual CH 11. The station features exclusive Raleigh local news, WTVD News Raleigh, live WTVD radar, WTVD Weather forecast, WTVD live stream, and much more.

What channel is ABC 11 on DirecTV?

ABC 11 on DirecTV

DirecTV users living in Raleigh, NC can watch WTVD News live on Virtual CH 11. Tune in to this station number from your TV set and enjoy the top news programs from Raleigh regions, the latest WTVD weather updates, sports transmission, community news, and many exciting TV series.

WTVD News News Team

Reporting the truth in this world of lies is a challenging task and WTVD News never compromises on this. They provide only the honest and most authentic piece of information to the viewers and consider it a duty that they must fulfill. Steve Daniels, Tisha Powell, Barbara Gibbs, Joel Brown, Don Schwenneker, Kim Deaner, and Andrea Blanford are among the most notable news journalists at WTVD 11 News. WTVD News Team offers 43 hours of local news services every week with 6.5 hours each day from Monday to Friday and 4.5 hours on Saturdays and 6 hours on Sundays. In the Triangle market, WTVD News journalists consisting of anchors/reporters/investigative journalists, WTVD TV gives the highest local output of the news transmission, as compared to other stations in the market.

Tisha Powell: News Anchor/Reporter at WTVD News

Tisha PowellTisha Powell is a talented news personality who serves as the co-host of WTVD News’ Eyewitness News during weeknights at 5 pm, 6 pm, and 11 pm together with Steve Daniels on the Anchor desk. She joined the station in 2004 and ever since has been raising issues on Non-profit Organizations, the Military, and Health. Moreover, Powell can also be found alongside Steve on CW22 at 10 pm newscast. When Tisha isn’t anchoring, she visits the community and explore’s Eyewitness News’ special assignments. Powell completed her education in BA Media Studie and Mass Communications in 1996 from the Loyola University News Orleans.

Tisha Powell is an award-winning news personality who has been trusted by thousands of viewers as a provider of the most authentic news for more than 20 years. She loves community work and always searches for a way to bring relations and partnerships between communities and organizations, so everyone can get a win-win situation. Meanwhile, Powell has also done quite a wonderful job in writing. Not only did she wrote thousands of news stories and blog posts, but also made sure that she meet tight deadlines. Her list of achievements goes way beyond that, and Tisha seems to be the most accomplished person on Channel 11 News Raleigh NC.

WTVD News Newscasters at Studio
WTVD News Newscasters at Studio | Courtesy: facebook page
Powell’s Past Experiences

Before joining WTVD News, Tisha was a part of News 9 San Antonio as an Anchor & Reporter from 2002 to 2004. There she was welcomed in by an ex-boss, hosted the noon newscast for a 24-hour cable news station, and compiled health stories. Furthermore, she covered special events including the Fiesta Coverage and NBA Championship.

From 2000 to 2002, Powell was a member of KABB News where she covered the daily newscasts along with creating exciting story ideas. She worked at WDSU as a reporter from 1997 to 2000 and during that time covered Mitch Hurricane and the reconstructing process by traveling to Honduras twice. Tisha started her career in journalism in 1996 when she joined WCBI News as a reporter. During her time at WCBI, Powell shot and edited packages alongside conducting daily news telecasts. Moreover, she also produced & compiled the 5 pm news programs and hosted them as well, occasionally.

ABC 11 First Alert Weather Team

WTVD News First Alert Weather Team LogoGetting weather reports can never be easier than now, as the station’s exclusive ABC 11 weather team is always by your side reporting the minute-by-minute updates about the climate conditions in the Triangle region. The team of highly skilled meteorologists is always watching the weather closely with the help of state-of-the-art weather technology including the WTVD radar. Whether it is a sunny day or a cold rainy night, whether the terrible storm is approaching within your area or a beautiful spring is heading your way, WTVD 11 weather team is always there to report you the truth. It makes sure, the people of Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Chapel Hill always get the necessary piece of information.

Brittany Bell: Meteorologist at WTVD Weather

Brittany Bell

The Tennessee resident, Brittany Bell is a weekend evening weather personality working for WTVD Weather since March 2017. During all these years at ABC 11 Weather, Bell constructed forecasts for Central NC based on the WTVD radar, captured live shots of events throughout the region, updated graphics with the help of WSI, and engaged with users through social media pages and told them about current weather situations. Brittany Bell has been awarded a seal of approval from AMS and has also been honored with Mississippi Associated Press Award for the Best Weathercaster. Brittany gets her degree in Meteorology from Mississippi State University in 2012.

Bell decided to pursue weather because she was passionate about it since childhood. The main fact that led her to get into the weather business is the severe weather which she witnessed in 1998 in the shape of an F3 tornado in Nashville. While reporting terrible weather conditions on TV, she was inspired by the calm, unwavering attitude of the television meteorologist. During her time at  Mississippi State University, Bell was invited to be a part of the University’s Great Plain Storm Chase. She spent her last year of college freelancing with WMC News Memphis.

ABC 11 First Alert Weather Team
ABC 11 First Alert Weather Team | Courtesy: official website

Bell loves covering the rogue weather. From floods to tornadoes, snow, hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods, Brittany has covered everything. When she isn’t weathercasting, Brittany loves to spend outdoor time eating with family at the restaurant.

Bell’s Past Work

Before joining ABC 11 Raleigh weather, Brittany worked at WAPT News as a Weekday Morning Weather Anchor analyzing satellite data and models to prepare a weather forecast for more than 26 regions. Moreover, she used to examine WSR-88D products and live Baron radar for reporting the severe weather transmission. Her other duties include delivering point weather forecasts for viewers and public officials, creating graphics with the assistance of WSI for 150  minutes morning programs and GMA cut-ins, forecasting weather for the Sanderson Farms PGA championship, and simplifying the complexities of weather patterns in order to give understandable weather to the viewers.

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Prior to this, Bella was a meteorologist from April 2012 to August 2013 at KHOG and KHBS. Brittany got a chance to pursue weather from WMC News when she began to cover weather stories and updating social media accounts as well as blogs as a freelance meteorologist.

WTVD News Mobile Apps

With the tagline Keeping You Connected, ABC 11 North Carolina app keeps the users connected with the latest stories from the Triangle area. Moreover, the app delivers the best weather telecast, top national stories, and news headlines personalized according to the user. Meanwhile, the audience can enjoy WTVD live stream, live news telecast, live WTVD Radar, and many other exciting things within the reach of your pocket.

Benefits that users can get from the WTVD News app:

  • With the customized topic feature, they can always remain updated about the popular stories.
  • The My News feature uniquely designed for a better user experience as it only shows the stories and articles within your location.
  • Always stay in touch with real-time updates, WTVD live stream video, and important events in town.
  • Get personalized alerts about the topics and entertainment content including sports based on the user’s interest.
  • By selecting the location in the settings menu, users can get what they are really looking for such as news, traffic, and weather in real-time.
  • After opening the app, they will get the latest videos and WTVD live stream at the top of the application.
  • An Ability to watch videos while reading your favorite articles.

Same as other ABC stations, WTVD weather also offers its weather coverage at the AccuWeather app, which includes every little detail about the weather in Raleigh. Keep the weather always in your pocket with AccuWeather mobile app.

Popular Shows on WTVD News

WTVD News Raleigh offers an exciting list of shows from the on-desk talk with a bunch of politicians to the amazing police procedural TV series. Audiences can have all these exciting shows on their Apple TV via ABC 11 live stream.

A Million Little Things Justice: Part 1 ABC11 Eyewitness News at 11:00 p.m. Jeopardy! Jimmy Kimmel Live
ABC World News Tonight With David Muir Live With Kelly and Ryan ABC News Nightline ABC11 Eyewitness News at 4:30 a.m.
Tamron Hall Good Morning America America This Morning The View
The Rachael Ray Show GMA3: What You Need to Know ABC11 Eyewitness News at Noon Wheel of Fortune Father’s Day
20/20 The Real Rebel: The Erin Brockovich Story Rebel 36 Hours General Hospital Emergency Call Planes, Trains and Auto Defrost
Wheel of Fortune Father’s Day The American Athlete Good Morning America Saturday Laura McKenzie’s Traveler Marrakesh
Ocean Treks With Jeff Corwin Auckland: The Lost World Free Enterprise Hearts of Heroes The Warning Signs UEFA Soccer
UFC Live Sea Rescue Wrong Way Charlie Localish First Alert Hurricane Season
Euro Tonight NBA Basketball NBA Countdown Wipeout Spring Wipeout: The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever
ABC11 Eyewitness News Extra Sports Stars of Tomorrow NBA Draft Special This Week With George Stephanopoulos World of X Games Being Stevie Williams
Puerto Rican Day Parade NBA Post-game Studio Celebrity Family Feud America’s Funniest Home Videos


WTVD News was first hit the air on 2 September 1954, starting with a black-and-white movie The Star-Spangled Banner, next in the line was You Bet Your Life. Channel 11 News Raleigh NC was Initially used to take its primary programming content from NBC and secondary programming from NBC and CBS. WTVD 11 News live is now an ABC-owned and operated TV service.

Tel: (919) 899-3600
Tower Location: Auburn, North Carolina
Brand Name: ABC 11

Coverage Map

WTVD News Coverage Map
WTVD News Coverage Map | Source:
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