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WWNY TV 7 News logoWWNY TV 7 News is a CBS-affiliate TV channel that operates at Virtual CH 7. Carthage, New York-Licensed TV station is owned by Gray Television and affiliated to CBS Network. WWNY News serves the entire area of Carthage/Watertown, New York. The station hosts local news, WWNY Weather, sports telecast, health section, community news, contests and more. The channel’s contents include Blast from the Past, Obituaries, Military Matters, Back-to-School, Interview, Your Turn, and Back-to-School. It also contains several other features such as Pick-a-pet, Mr. Food, Your Morning Checkup, Investigate TV, Gray DC Bureau, America Heroes, North Country All-Stars, Ask the Pharmacist, Athlete of the Week, and Your Morning Checkup. View the station’s online transmission over the internet or mobile app WWNY 7 News App through WWNY live stream. The network uses the brand name 7News and the catchphrase “Serving Northern New York and Southeastern Ontario” for its newscast.

WWNY TV 7 Live Streaming

Watching the local Carthage news, WWNY School closings, Weather coverage, and sports from WWNY TV 7 is now as easy as pie. Thanks to our WWNY live stream feature, you can now enjoy all your favorite programs in High Definition without any buffering. Access the streaming on your laptop, tablet and smartphone by clicking the play button below. “Military Matters” by WWNY TV 7 reports all the military-related information to the Carthage Public.

People need to be aware of their country’s defense system and how it is developing to protect US Soil. The channel’s WWNY Closings, Reopening’s & Cancellations service gives detailed information about school closings and reopening. Stay Safe and keep your health in check with the network’s “Ask the Pharmacist” service. WWNY TV 7 works alongside an LP Class-A TV channel WNYF-CD, affiliated to Fox Network.

Both stations share the same location on Arcade Street, downtown Watertown for the studios’ facility. However, the CBS Watertown antenna is installed in Champion Hill, along with NY 56. Watch the network’s exclusive programming over the cable network Charter Spectrum on CH 4 in SD and HD. 7News Watertown also has a class A translator WWNY-TV licensed Massena, NY. Its transmitter is situated in South Colton.

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WWNY TV 7 News Team

WWNY TV News team is among the highest-qualified news squads in the region with years of experience in journalism. The station has a keen eye for hiring the best person for a job, and that is the reason why WWNY 7 News is still standing top of the rest in the news service. Their anchors and reporters are dedicated to the station, and they always deliver the most accurate piece of information to the community. Several journalists in the team have claimed Emmy nominations and even Emmy-award for their skills. Beth Hall, Jeff Cole, John Moore, Mel Busler, and Kris Hudson are among the skilled team members in Channel 7 News Watertown NY.

Garrett Domblewski: Nightly News Host at Channel 7

Garrett DomblewskiGarret Dmomblewski started working at Channel 7 News Watertown NY in June 2020 and since then has been serving the community passionately. Now, he hosts channel’s one of the critical news telecast at night. Domblewski’s hunger to learn more helped him reach the point where he stands now. Garret did his graduation from State University of New York College at Oswego in 2014 in Bachelors of Broadcasting and Mass Communications. Right after completing their education, he got a job as a Camera Operator in Tri-City ValleyCats. After working there for only three months, Domblewski joined WTOP-10 TV as a News Anchor, reporter, and producer. He also used to work as an Executive Producer of Morning News there.

In Feb 2016, Garret Domblewski joined WWNY as a reporting intern and soon became a photojournalist. However, after giving 3 and 7 months in the channel, he decided to leave it for the position of News Producer at WMC-TV in September 2019. But it didn’t work out well for him, so Domblewski chose to return in CBS Watertown as Nightly News Anchor.

7 News Watertown Weather Team

The network’s weather coverage is maybe not the main focus, but still, it provides everything that a person needs to know about a daily weather condition. WWNY TV 7 news has a limited number of weather teams consisting of only three people: John Kubi (Chief Meteorologist), Kris Hudson (Weather reporter), and Beth Hall (weather personality). They work hard and provide their valuable services to the community. The public looks forward to their forecast before planning a trip or tour.

Kris Hudson: Weekend Weather Reporter at WWNY News

Kris HudsonKris Hudson is presently a weekend weather personality at WWNY News. Aside from providing weather coverage, Hudson often answers to breaking news situations to cover interviews. Meanwhile, he also performs the duties of sports activities. Kris took his degree from Mississippi State University in Geosciences, Broadcast Meteorology in 2020. During his university, he used to work as a Customer Service Manager at Walmart from 2013 to 2019. Later He stepped into weather career in May 2017 when he joined KARK 4 as a weather Intern. Finally, he was able to land a dream job in WWNY Channel 7 News in May 2019.

WWNY 7 News Mobile App

With the catchphrase Serving Northern New York and Southeastern Ontario, WWNY 7News App covers breaking news, weather, sports, politics, entertainment and programming info from both WWNY News and WNYF News. The first one is CBS-affiliate, and the latter one is Fox-affiliate providing coverage to Northern NY & Southeast Ontario. Get daily latest reports from the city, watch the comprehensive weather forecast and see live sports events directly on mobile via WWNY live stream.

WWNY TV 7 News building location
120 Arcade StWatertown, NY 13601 | Source:

Channel 7 News Watertown NY is among the top-rated news sources in Jefferson Lewis, Saint Lawrence region, and of course Watertown NY for more than sixty years. The weather service provided by this app thoroughly covers the entire tri-state area. Furthermore, users can also see the detailed TV scheduled for both WWNY TV 7 and its sibling network.

WWNY TV Popular Programs

WWNY TV 7 News Watertown NY TV listing consists of a number of exciting Television shows. Audience of all age-groups can enjoy the programming. If you are a TV Series lover, shows like SEAL Team, NCIS, FBI, The Young and the Restless, Mom, and Young Sheldon would be an excellent pick for you. However, if you are looking for some entertainment, try the following ones: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Rachel Ray Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and the neighborhood. Watch the online telecast of all these shows over the Dish service by tuning at CH 7 via WWNY live stream.

Young Sheldon Sitcom

Young Sheldon is a spinoff to the all-time favorite TV sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” featuring the nine years old Sheldon Cooper. The Big Bang Theory was the greatest hit. Therefore the creators “Chuck Lorre & Steven Molaro” decided to keep the Seldon’s legacy alive by introducing another remarkable show Young Sheldon. So far, the show has released four seasons with total 69 episodes. Its first pilot episode was featured on 25 September 2017.

Young Sheldon Sitcom
Young Sheldon Sitcom | Source: official website

It is not an easy thing to grow in East Texas, where only soccer and church are king, even if you are one of the greatest minds in generation proficient in advanced science and mathematics. The show depicts the effort and struggle of Young Sheldon in order to cope with his average family and normal society.

The Price is Right Game Show

The Price is Right is an American TV game show created by Bob Steward and produced by Bill Todman & Mark Goodson. Currently, the program is owned & produced by FremantleMedia . Though the franchise mostly focuses on TV game shows, it also features merchandise, e.g. printed media, video games and board games. It was originally introduced in 1956 by Bill Cullen. However, it was revamped later in 1972 under the hosting of Bob Barker.

The price is Right is considered as one of the few US game shows in the history that has captured the huge viewership in the US states and even outside America. Four people from the audience are selected for the initial round where they guess the price of an item shown. The ones who guess the price closest are invited in 70 other pricing rounds where the prizes keep on increasing with each round and progression.

The Price is Right Game Show
The Price is Right Game Show | Credits: twitter

Channel 7 Listing

The following table shows the list of all the programs broadcasted by CBS Watertown daily or weekend basis.

NCIS: New Orleans Gametime with Boomer Esiason Off Air NCIS: Los Angeles
7 News This Morning NCIS The Rachel Ray Show 7 News Tonight
The Talk The Bold and the Beautiful The Price is Right Live with Kelly and Ryan
CBS This Morning The Young and the Restless Let’s make a Deal The Ellen DeGeneres Show
25 Words or Less Wheel of Fortune CBS Evening News Jeopardy!
7News First Bob Hearts Abishola The Neighborhood Bull
Kid of the Year The Late Late Show with James Corden Heart of the North Country The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Play On: Celebrating the Power of Music to Make Change FBI Wheel of Fortune The Amazing Race
S.W.A.T SEAL Team B Positive Young Sheldon
The Unicorn Mom Star Trek: Discovery Blue Bloods
MacGyver Magnum P.I. Lucky Dog Mission Unstoppable
The Henry Ford’s Innovation Hope in the Wild All in with Laila Ali Pet Vet Dream Team
Inside College Basketball NCAA Basketball College Football Today College Football: The Drive to Atlanta

About WWNY TV 7 News

WWNY TV 7 got a special temporary authority to start services in Carthage as WCNY-TV on 14 October 1954. It used to operate under the possession of Watertown Daily Times, the company also used to own WWNY 790 AM in Watertown. At first, the network used to take content from ABC and CBS, later it decided to add NBC in the list. Though, the service was primarily a CBS affiliate from the beginning. In the 1950s, the network also retained NTA Film Network for the moment. In the 1960s, CBS Programming lineup helped the station getting a large viewership due to highest rating, including the audience from Canada’s eastern Ontario. When in 1965, FCC permitted TV networks to share the same callsigns even when they were serving different towns, Channel 7 News Watertown NY flipped the calls into WWNY to align with its sibling radio.

WWNY TV 7 News Interview Studio
WWNY TV 7 News Interview Studio | Courtesy: facebook page

Currently, WWNY TV 7 operates under the ownership of Gray Television along with sister networks WYCI, WNYF-CD and WCAX-TV. The station is presently affiliated to two major networks, i.e. CBS and Fox. Gray Television manages the FOX, CBS and MeTV TV in the same way as the United Communications and the Johnsons, providing services to 1000 Islands suburb of NY, Northern NY and Southeast Ontario region in Canada with HD news and content. 7News Watertown covers some of the mainstream network broadcasting, news, entertainment, live sports, WWNY live stream from MeTV, CBS and Fox.

Tel: 315-788-3800
Tower Location: NY 126/State Street on Champion Hill
Brand Name: WWNY-TV 7

Coverage Map

WWNY TV 7 News coverage map
WWNY TV 7 News coverage map | Source:
Source7 News
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