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WBOC News LogoWBOC News is a Salisbury, Maryland-licensed US news station that operates at Virtual CH 32. Being owned by Draper Holdings Business, WBOC TV takes primary content from both CBS Network and Fox Network. Other than providing its services to Salisbury, Marland, the station also provides its services to Dover, Delaware. Channel 32 is the oldest and the first TV channel to works under the ownership of Draper Holdings Business Trust. The station provides its coverage on local cable services, satellite networks, over-the-air via a transmitter, or at via WBOC live stream. WBOC 16 runs its news telecast with the brand name WBOC News.

WBOC TV is a home to News, WBOC Weather, Sports, Featured Coverage, Delmarvalife, and Radio Coverage. The station’s news section comprises the Latest Delmarva News, WBOC Business Closings, Agriculture News, Politics, COVID-19 News, Proud to Serve, Video Center, One Delmarva, and Chopper 16. WBOC weather features, Weather Whys, On the Waters, WBOC Weather Forecast including houly/7-day forecast, Current Weather Conditions, WBOC Facebook Weather, Delmarva Cams, and Satellite/Radar, and WBOC Weather App. Moreover, its Feature section includes Rising Tide, Delmarva Experts, Obituaries, Jefferson Awards, Shore Living Expo, Heacook Donate, Community Calendar, Honoring Delmarva Farmers, 2021 NFL Kickoff Special, and Bless Our Children.

WBOC News Live Stream

When you’re on the move but need to watch the WBOC Breaking News Today, Traffic Report, Political Discussion, and top stories from WBOC News, as well as great TV shows. Just log in to Live News Globe and enjoy the WBOC live stream with HD transmission. Whether, it is a political talk show or a live sports game, a crime scene from the street, or a big event preparation, everything is now a click away. If you don’t have a TV, you can enjoy the station’s coverage on a laptop or a mobile app.

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General FAQs

Who is Don Elkins?

Don Elkins is a Director of Media and communications in Spectrums Family Services LLC since September 2014. He is also the CEO of Elkins Media Group; the company which he started in September 2011. Before all of this, Don was an Anchor at WBOC News for 3 years from 2008 to 2010. He used to conduct news programs for the people of Delmarva.

Why is WBOC off the air?

WBOC is working properly and operating as usual in the Delmarva market. Sometimes, the signals go offline due to some technical issues in the broadcast tower, but as soon as the problem is fixed, it comes back online. The most recent technical fault occurred in October 2020 when the station faced a power cut at their broadcast tower lying in Laurel, Del. Due to this, the signals for WBOC 16 News were off-the-air for a while. On the same day, the transmitter was restored, and the station was back on the air.

Did Dan Satterfield leave?

Dan Satterfield Story

No, Dan Satterfield didn’t leave WBOC Weather. He is still a part of the station’s weather team. He wasn’t available to give a forecast for a few days, not because he was on a vacation but because he was participating in an experiment conducted by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The practice was to improve the skills of predicting short-term weather, as well as severe weather alerts. Atmospheric scientists are putting a lot of focus on short-term forecasts these days, and it has been proving to be a fruitful effort.

Dan Satterfield completed a BS in Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma in 1981 and an MS in Geosciences at the Mississippi State University in 2006. Satterfield started his professional career in September 1984 when he joined WESH News as a Meteorologist.

How old is Captain Willie?

The information about Captain Willi’s age isn’t publicly available anywhere on the station’s official website or social media handles. Captain Willie dyke was a Chopper 16 pilot who flew the station’s helicopter for 15 years. However, after spending a great time with the team, he decided to retire from his services in October 2020.

WBOC News Team

WBOC Delaware manages the area’s most skilled and talented news team consisting of expert anchors and reporters. Among the team, Steve Hammond, Kimberly Holmes, Jimmy Hoppa, Cynthia Hill, Jacqueline Karli, Sydney Whitfield are among the few who known to have extensive experience in this field. The team has extraordinary communication skills with a drive to always present the truth to the public. Salisbury community trusts their journalism skills and always relies on their reporting.

Storm Track Team

Storm Track Team LogoThe station’s weather team may consist of only two members Dalencia Jenkins and Mike Lichniak, but together they deliver the best WBOC Weather forecast in the town. They are chasing weather for years and no one knows the climate in Salisbury and Delaware as better as they do. Moreover, their ability to read the WBOC Weather radar allows them to predict the weather at their best.

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WBOC Delaware Mobile Apps

The station’s news app WBOC TV16 is home to the latest news, Delmarva Now Breaking News, WBOC Closings, Current Affairs, WBOC News Top Stories Today, and more. Viewers can also enjoy the live video clips while reading the stories and free WBOC live stream. News can not wait, so why should you?

WBOC 16’s weather app WBOC Weather is all about the Salisbury and Dover weather. Weather is something to always take seriously and the Storm Track Team knows that. Therefore, they are always standing by to give you the latest weather updates in your area minute-by-minute. Severe weather does not pose a problem anymore since you can take steps to prepare yourself before it occurs. On the other hand, you always have a live WBOC Weather radar to rely on.

News Vehicles for WBOC News
News Vehicles for WBOC News | Courtesy: Official Website

WBOC TV Programming

WBOC 16 News offers a wide variety of shows ranging from political desk talk to live game shows. It offers breaking news, Delmarva news today, weather forecasts, thrilling drama series, and the channel’s live transmission all around Salisbury, Maryland, and Dover, Delaware. Shows like The Drew Barrymore Show, WBOC News This Morning, Delamare Life, and The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation are some popular shows on the schedule.

NCIS: Hawai’i Boom Inside Edition CBS Mornings WBOC News This Morning
The Young and the Restless WBOC News at Noon Jeopardy! The Drew Barrymore Show
The Talk WBOC News at Noon Let’s Make a Deal The Bold and the Beautiful
The Price Is Right Entertainment Tonight CBS Evening News Live With Kelly and Ryan
FBI: International Survivor Juggling Chainsaws Big Brother Young Sheldon `
S.W.A.T. Big Brother Blue Bloods Magnum P.I.
Murdoch Mysteries Outdoors Delmarva U.S. Farm Report Heartland
Hope in the Wild Lucky Dog CBS Saturday Morning Mission Unstoppable
College Football: The Drive to Atlanta The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation ` To Be Announced NCAA Football

About WBOC News

WBOC News first hit the air on 15 July 1954 with the same calls. The WBOC Delaware News was founded by Peninsula Broadcasting, the company that introduced the first successful radio channel on Delaware’s eastern shore in 1940, called WBOC Radio. WBOC News was the first-ever TV service to launch outside Baltimore and the fourth oldest TV station to start operations in the Marland state. WBOC 16 originally took content from DuMont TV Network, but later became a primary CBS affiliate in 1955 and since then it has been partnering with a CBS network.

Channel 16 works together with four sister channels: WBOC-LD CH 22, WRDE-LD CH 26, WSJZ-LD CH 34, and WRUE-LD CH 19. All the stations run their services from the same studios situated at North Salisbury Boulevard in Salisbury. However, there are secondary studios for WBOC TV that are located in Dover and Milton, Delaware. The channel’s antenna lies in Laurel, Delaware. Viewers can trace the station’s social media presence at WBOC Facebook.

Tel: (410) 749-1111
Tower Location: Laurel, Delaware
Brand Name: WBOC

Coverage Map

WBOC News Coverage Map
WBOC News Coverage Map | Source:
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