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Watch Local News with Channel 10 News Tampa Bay

10 News Tampa is a US TV channel affiliated to CBS Network. It operates at Virtual CH 10 and serves the area of St. Petersburg and Bay of Florida. WTSP News is possessed by Tegna Inc., a pioneering media outlet serving for the betterment of the public. The channel offers the best news, sports, and weather to the great community of Sarasota and Tampa Bay. WTSP live is serving the region since 1965 and is proud of its high-quality telecast history. Get to see the breaking news, traffic conditions in the area, and entertainment stuff on the station’s official website or mobile app via 10 News Tampa live streaming.

WTSP News has an award-winning team of 10 investigates known for providing the best investigative journalism in the town. The station’s 10 weather team works round the clock and warn you about severe climate conditions so that you can keep your family and home safe. Moreover, you can also get to watch the hourly forecast and ten-day forecast with a highly developed radar system.  Its 10 community service keeps track of the community events and other important stuff in the neighborhoods. The station has a popular show Great Day Live running on WTSP News for many years from 9 am to 10 am on weekdays. It is an entertainment and lifestyle program hosted by the popular anchor Angie Fenton. Joanne Dickson acts as the leading reporter of the show.

Watch 10 News Tampa, Florida Live Stream

Watch the latest news headlines, traffic and weather conditions in the area, different other exciting TV shows online here via 10 Tampa News live Stream. WTSP live allows you to update to date with local news from Tampa bay.

The studios of the WTSP News are situated on Gandy Boulevard, Saint Petersburg. The channel’s transmitter lies in Riverview, Florida. Channel 10 News Tampa is available on different cable networks, satellite providers, and on the internet through 10 News Tampa live stream.


A brief note on Tegna Inc: The channel’s Owner

Tegna Inc is a comprehensive media outlet that has been serving the United States for so many years. It is one of the oldest Television provider services in the country known for bringing a revolution into the era. Tegna is a trusted and relevant source of information that tells motivating stories, holds effective investigations, and delivers accurate news to its customers. It works with a single mission of providing what is best for the community. It aims to provide such news & information that can impact the citizens in any away. The company looks for possible solutions to the long-lasting problems and unveils the wrongdoings and misconduct around the nation.

10 Tempa Bay building
WTSP-TV / 10 Tampa Bay located at 11450 Gandy Blvd, St. Petersburg, FL

How could the 10 News Tampa app be helpful to the Community?

Get to know each story and every breaking news from Tampa Bay and Sarasota area on the latest 10 Tampa Bay app. It delivers the news headlines that could be helpful to you and your family. It also features local events, videos, interactive radar, and weather reports. Plus, viewers can also watch WTSP News live stream on the application.

Get real-time alerts for the latest news headline as soon as they break. Browse through different exciting stories happening in the area. Explore weather, traffic, and sports content. Look at the top photos, raw videos, and news clips. All this and many other exciting features are available on the 10 Tampa News mobile app. Furthermore, you can also personalize the app according to your own usage.

Autumn Robertson, Rob Finnerty, Caitlin Lockerbie, Jabari Thomas, and Sarah Rosario
Autumn Robertson, Rob Finnerty, Caitlin Lockerbie, Jabari Thomas, and Sarah Rosario

The Award-winning News Team of WTSP News

The station’s expert news team is known for providing all the latest news headlines as quickly as possible. Their investigation squad has claimed several awards for their work and services. They know their audience and aims to deliver the best and accurate information to them.

10 Weather team of WTSP News Tampa Bay

The station’s dedicated team of meteorologists serves the area all day long and offers an accurate forecast for the Tampa Bay and surrounding regions. Their interactive radar shows the real-time satellite footage of climate conditions in different parts of Florida. The hurricane tracker pinpoints the hurricane location and alerts you to get safe. Different weather cameras are installed in several locations telling the team current weather conditions in those regions.

Get to know a brief history of WTSP News

WTSP News first hit the air as WLCY-TV on 18 July 1965. The station came into existence after five presumed owners fought for almost 10 years for acquiring the Channel 10 license, including the Saint Petersburgh Times. The station finally ended up in the hands of Rahall Communications, who also happened to co-own WLCY RADIO. Its first affiliate partner was ABC, though it operated as an independent network for the first 1.5 months.

After switching through several owners and affiliate partners, Channel 10 News Tampa is currently operating under the ownership of Tegna Inc. It is affiliated to CBS Network with the new call signs WTSP. The station started its 10 News Tampa live stream on website during early 2010.

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Watch what shows are running on WTSP TV Schedule

Love Island 10 Tampa Bay Nightside Republican Convention The Late Show with James Cordon
CBS Overnight News The Late Show with Stephen Colbert CBS Morning News 10 Tampa Bay Brightside
Great Day Live Let’s Make a Deal Jeopardy! 10 Tampa Bay Midday
The Price is Right The Bold and the Beautiful The Young and the Restless Daily Blast Live
The Talk Dr. Phill Big Brother Wheel of Fortune
Blue Bloods Laura McKenzie’s Traveler Lucky Dog Retirement Wealth
Mission Unstoppable The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Best Friends Furever with Kel Mitchell Hope in the Wild
Pets Welcome Here Rodeo WNBA Basketball 48 Hours
In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley Face the Nation Incredible Dog Challenge 60 Minutes


Tel: 727.577.1010
Tower Location: Riverview, Florida
Brand Name: 10 Tempa Bay

Coverage Map

WTSP coverage map
WTSP News coverage map | Source:
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