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WFMZ 69 News LogoThe independent WFMZ News channel operates at Virtual CH 69 and provides services to Allentown/Easton/Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 69 News works under the ownership of Maranatha Broadcasting Company, a locally-based organization. Channel 69 News uses a brand name 69 News and the tagline ‘Your Life, Your World, Your News’ for the newscast. The channel offers regional Allentown news, school reporting, news related to Berks, Lehigh Valley, Sunrise, Recalls, Good News, In Case You Missed It, and Missing Persons. WFMZ Weather provides the latest WFMZ  weather forecast, 69 News Weather Channel, Stream, and River Levels, Pocono Cameras, WFMZ weather hour by hour, WFMZ school closings today, WFMZ radar, and others. WFMZ Traffic section features Berks Traffic, Cameras and Alerts, Weekly Roadwork, Pump Prices, Live Streaming Cameras, Lehigh Valley Traffic, I-78 Corridor, and US-22 Corridor.

Meanwhile, 69 News Berks also offers entertainment, live sports, video clips, community services, business, features, and much more. Other services include Freddy Awards, Things to Do, Music Monday, Contests, games, Mr. Food, What the Tech, Think Tank, Freddy Awards, The Wisdom Coalition, Food, and Recipe, and whatnot.

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You no longer have to rely on your local cable networks, satellite service providers, or antennas. The WFMZ live stream can be viewed on or here at LiveNewsGlobe in addition to watching Allentown PA News, WFMZ local news, WFMZ traffic, Top Stories, and Business News. Play the stream below and get the latest Allentown breaking news, WFMZ Weather, sports, and WFMZ traffic.

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General FAQs

Is Ed Hanna still on WFMZ? What happened to Ed Hanna? Where is she? When she is coming back to WFMZ?

No, Ed Hanna ended his 20 years of services at WFMZ News in 2015. No one knows if she joined some other Television channel or has decided to pursue some other career. Ed Hanna was a meteorologist at the station who used to construct WFMZ weather forecasts based on the WFMZ radar. There aren’t any signs of her coming back to WFMZ 69 News and there probably won’t be any in the future.

Who owns WFMZ?

WFMZ Berks is operated under the possession of Maranatha Broadcasting Company. The company is one of the top-rated local TV operators that is located in Allentown. The company also runs a Wilmington-based WDPN News Channel 2 affiliated to MeTV.

How old is Kathy Craine?

Kathy Craine Age

Kathy Craine’s age isn’t publicly available on any of her social media platforms. She used to work as a full-time reporter and anchor at WFMZ News. Craine was a presenter of the Inspiration At Dawn show by WFMZ-FM at 6 am for several years. Plus, she was also an active participant in the WFMZ News local news, sales, community events, and others. Among her news duties, Kathy was involved in everything from murders to accidents and interviews of famous personalities.

What channel is 69 news on Comcast?

Pennsylvania Comcast subscribers can follow breaking news Allentown pa, WFMZ weather forecast, WFMZ weather radar report, WFMZ traffic, WFMZ local news, crime reports, and entertainment shows by tuning in to the station on channel 69.1.

How old is Eve Russo? Where is she now a days?

Eve Russo Age

Russo’s birthday is 21 May 1981. She is a 39 years old lady who has been working for 69 News as a TV News personality for around 16 years. She presents a 4-hour news program on weekday mornings and 0.5 hours at 12 pm news service. Moreover, she creates, presents, and produces daily live guest segments, inspired by the Today program including Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone interview that hit the internet by storm. Meanwhile, Russo also covers multiple self-created series/segments, including Ask the Anchors, Up and Atom Science, Music Monday, and etc.

Before that, she used to be a principal at ET Enterprises Media Consultants in 2013. Eve, however, began her TV career from WBOC news as a General Assignment Reporter. Russo did her graduation from Wake Forest University in 2003.

What channel is 69 news?

Local cable service users, satellite network subscribers, and antenna users can watch the Channel 69 News on Virtual CH 69.

Where is Matt Broderick? Is he still on WFMZ News?

Matt Broderick Story

Matt Broderick is a meteorologist who has been covering weather in different states for many years. Since the beginning, Broderick was passionate about the weather. Matt works at WFMZ Weather and has brought years of experience to the station. Matt loves his duties as a weather forecaster and appears on-screen regularly as your daily weather guy. Yes, Matt still works in the channel and presents weekday morning and 12 pm weather forecasts to the viewers on WFMZ Berks. Moreover, his fans can watch him in action on 69 News Weather Channel as well during the week. Before being a part of 69 News Berks, Matt was a meteorologist at KEVN News in Rapid City, South Dakota.

How old is Alexandra Hogan?

Alexandra Hogan Age

Alexandra’s exact birth year isn’t disclosed publicly yet, but she celebrates her birthday every year on 17 December. Alexandra Hogan is a network correspondent at theFox News Media which she joined in January 2020. She won Emmy as a news personality once and was nominated thrice for the top-class award ceremony. Later, she became a TV News Reporter of the 69 News Berks County in June 2016.

Hogan has gained a lot of experience in just a few years. Before WFMZ News she was a member of the WTAJ news team as a Multimedia Journalist. Prior to that, she was a part of the Centre County Report. Alexandra started her journalism career in July 2013 in ESPN as an ESPY Awards Talent Assistant. Hogan completed her education at Penn State University.

What channel is 69 news on RCN?

RCN is a cable network service in the United States that offers HD streaming services to the residents of Allentown at CH 7 in SD and 1007 in HD. Enjoy the Allentown PA News, WFMZ Weather Hour by Hour, 69 News Today, WFMZ breaking news, and live sports.

Does Kathy Craine own WFMZ?

Kathy Craine Owner of WFMZ or Not?

No, Kathy Craine doesn’t own the WFMZ News. 69 News Berks is owned by Maranatha Broadcasting Company. The owner of Maranatha is Richard C. Dean. Kathy is just an employee at the WFMZ 69 News who anchors the show Inspiration At Dawn.

How old is Rob Vaughn?

Rob Vaughn didn’t reveal his date of birth to his fans. Hence, we don’t know how old he is. The information will be posted here as soon as it is found by our team. Rob Vaughn is a capable news anchor at WFMZ News who joined the station in 1987. He is one of the oldest team members who has been a part of the channel for around 34 years. Vaughn completed his education at Temple University in 1975. In 2018, Rob Vaughn was awarded by the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters as ‘Broadcaster of the Year’. Vaughn hosts the news at 5, 5:30, 6, 10, 10:30 together with Wendy Davis.

How old is Wendy Davis? Is she from 69 news Married?

Wendy Davis Age

According to some sources, Wendy Davis is 57 years old with the birth sign Taurus. Wendy, however, didn’t confirm any of this. Plus, we cannot find her date of birth on her social media accounts either. About Wendy’s marriage, we don’t know her husband’s identity or even his name, but it is confirmed that she is married.

Wendy Davis is also among the oldest employees in Channel 69 News, she hosts the newscasts along with Rob Vaughn. Davis has covered several major events and incidents in towns including the live reports from Philadelphia’s Republican National Convention in 2000.

How to watch WFMZ News without cable?

Other than watching WFMZ live stream on local cable networks, viewers can get the station’s live coverage on the antenna, satellite services, mobile devices/tablets, and streaming media players such as Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. Stream WFMZ 69 News Now and enjoy WFMZ Berks County News, Allentown news, 69 news today, WFMZ radar reports, and WFMZ school closing today.

What happened to Julia Rose?

Julia Rose Story

Nothing happened to Julia Rose, she is in good condition and still working for the news team of 69 News Berks County. Julia Rose is a TV reporter who started working for WFMZ News in October 2009. Rose originally belongs to Montgomery. Before coming to 69 News Allentown, Julia was a part of WHAS News Kentucky. During her stay in Kentucky, Rose became a skilled reporter of horse racing and reported three Kentucky Derbys. Moreover, Rose has also reported the funeral of Muhammad Ali, the boxing legend; Julia says, she can never forget that moment of her life.

What happened to Rick Edwards?

Rick Edwards has left the WFMZ News. The details about him leaving aren’t publicly available. We tried to dig out but it seems both WFMZ Channel 69 News and Rick Edwards don’t want to share the details. Rick Edwards was a talented traffic reporter at 69 News. He remained a part of the station for a very long time.

Who is the chief meteorologist at WFMZ?

WFMZ Chief Meteorologists Name

Clayton Stiver is the WFMZ Weather department’s chief meteorologist leading the team of passionate and skilled weather anchors and reporters at WFMZ Berks. Clayton started working for the WFMZ 69 News in August 2017 as the Chief Meteorologist. At 69 News Live, Stiver used to present the weekend evening newscast along with Wednesday noon newscast Plus, he also covers the first initial hour of Sunrise newscast of Thu and Fri.

Before WFMZ News, Clayton Stiver used to serve in Charlottesville, Virginia as a Chief Weather Technology Officer at WVIR News from April 2015 to July 2017. Prior to that, she was a Chief Meteorologist at NH1 News Network WBIN-TV from August 2014 to March 2015. The other stations where he worked are WEIU TV Charleston and WCAU TV Bala Cynwyd. Stiver did his graduation from Penn State University.

What channel is 69 News on DirecTV?

Viewers from DirecTV can watch Allentown News, WFMZ live news, WFMZ weather coverage, WFMZ closings, WFMZ breaking news, and other entertaining TV shows by tuning the 69 News Berks at CH 69.

WFMZ News Team

Rob Vaughn, Alexandra Hogan, Jaciel Cordoba, Holly Harrar, Melanie Falcon, Tom Rader, and Bo Kolnow are the talented and aspiring members of the WFMZ 69 News team. Together they present the best news to the public and make sure that people remain updated about all the latest situations in towns. Most of them are linked with Channel 69 News for decades.

One or two even started their journalism careers at WFMZ News and are still with it today. Most of the News anchors and reporters have claimed esteemed awards for their valuable services including the Emmy accolades and nominations. Not only this, but some of the high-spirited hard-working employees have even made their names up to the national level. Every time WFMZ Berks is onsite, they are always the first to arrive and the last to leave. The anchors have a huge fan following not only on the TV screens but also on the channel’s digital platforms such as the WFMZ Facebook page and Twitter page.

69 News Allentown Team currently presents 46.5 hours of local news telecasts each week, including 8 hours each weekday, 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. The squad mainly covers Southeastern Pennsylvania and Allentown. Meanwhile, the 5:30 pm and 10:30 pm anchors present stories focused on the Berks County neighborhood and its Reading suburbs. Those two shows are termed as the 69 News Berks Edition.

Joy Howe: News Anchor at 69 News

Joy Howe of WFMZ News

Joy Howe serves as the TV news host, on-air anchor, public relations/Media Liaison, and reporter coach at WFMZ News. Howe decided to pursue a journalism and broadcast career when she took admission to the University of South Carolina-Columbia in 2002 in the Bachelor’s program of Broadcast Journalism. Her prior qualification includes Fashion Merchandising from the University of South Carolina and schooling from Travelers Rest High School. Before being a part of WFMZ 69 News, Joy used to work at Sinclair Broadcast Group as an anchor and reporter from October 2012 to January 2016. At Sinclair, Howe hosted the channel’s number one evening newscast together with another prestigious host. Plus, she was also a news anchor and executive producer for Fox and CBS stations of Sinclair in their morning newscasts.

Prior to that, Joy served as an Anchor at Hoak Media for 2 years and 6 months from April 2010 to September 2012. Howe anchored the channel’s nightly news program along with serving her duties as Managing Editor and Producer. Before Hoak, she was a member of the Media General Team as a Reporter from 2007 to 2010. She served the station for 3 years and during her tenure, Howe managed the news transmission of the South Carolina region as a part of the Aiken/Augusta market.

Here in Channel 69 News, joy first appeared on screen in February 2016. She covers the entertainment part of the station’s all-time favorite 4-pm news program. Plus, she talks about the hot national stories, chats about the entertainment gossips that are making a fuzz in the industry, and follows the trending stuff on social media. Howe loves the interesting stuff and even loves more to spread that stuff to the people she cares about (her audience).

What’s More About Joe Howe?

With fifteen years of storytelling and media relations experience, Joe attracts maximum audiences to her projects across multiple platforms to maximize the output. She loves to spread the truth among the public and for that reason, Howe always presents an authentic piece of news and information to her viewers in a thrilling way. Joe is also passionate about her side interest in interior designing. Moreover, she always remains on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities that can change her life.

Jim Vasil: News Reporter at WFMZ 69 News

Jim Vasil reporting for WFMZ NewsJim Vasil serves as the Fill-in Anchor and TV News Reporter on 69 News Berks County; he became a part of the channel in June 2016. Vasil cleared his Bachelors in Radio and Television in 2011 from Rider University. Before that, he completed his college at Burlington County College in 2010. Before 69 News Berks, Jim Vasil was a Multimedia Journalist at Time Warner Cable News in June 2014. Prior to that, Vasil used to serve Rider University Network in September 2011 as a Co-President, Anchor, News Producer, and Video Journalist. Jim was a Local Edition Intern in NY1 News in September 2013 and before that, he did his 4-months internship from SportsNet New York in September 2012. Vasil began his journalism career in WBZC FM in September 2010 as an On-Air DJ.

Jim’s Work and Awards

Since Vasil joined the WFMZ News, he has claimed an Emmy Nomination and AP Award for his reporting skills. Vasili has covered such major stories as the Eagle’s Super Bowl Parade, former Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer’s trial, the NFL Draft, as well as Schuylkill County’s extreme flood in the summer of 2018.

69 News Stormcenter

WFMZ 69 News Storm Center LogoChannel 69 News presents the top-rated and best weather coverage in town with the help of a talented and skilled team of weather anchors and reporters. WFMZ Weather team consists of Kathy Craine, Matt Broderick, Dan Skeldon, Drew Anderson, Clayton Stiver, Kellie McGlynn, and Kathy Cruz. Together they form a wonderful squad of meteorologists that works with great passion. Their immense love for weather made them drive past their limits and present the most accurate and authentic piece of weather news in Allentown and Berks. WFMZ Weather team knows how to operate state-of-the-art weather tools precisely and get the most accurate results from them.

The team manages the town’s one of the high-tech WFMZ radars that cover not only Allentown, Berks but the entire state. You don’t have to worry about your area’s weather anymore. The WFMZ Weather team is by your side keeping a close eye on Allentown’s weather conditions 24/7. Plan your trips based on the WFMZ weather hour by hour and the WFMZ Weather forecast of the 10-day forecast.

WFMZ News: Weather Services

69 Berks has always had a soft spot for its weather transmission. Predicting Allentown’s weather isn’t just a duty but a passion for the WFMZ Weather department. Therefore, they have introduced a separate 69 News Weather Channel for their exclusive weather coverage. The station first hit the air on 5 February 2001. WFMZ Weather Channel airs on the channel’s one of the few digital substations and can be accessed digitally on cable within the region of Allentown. Channel 69 News proudly brags that 69 News Weather Channel is the first local weather station in the USA.

WFMZ Weather presents the local updates after every fifteen minutes by the WFMZ Weather team, along with the circulation of live camera viewers across the entire channel’s coverage area, text and graphical WFMZ weather forecasts, satellite/radar imagery, weather trivia, and current conditions. Meanwhile, the audience can also remain updated about the WFMZ School Closings and check the traffic conditions on the town’s different roads with the help of live camera footage installed on multiple locations in town. Other services offered by WFMZ Weather are Stream and River Levels, allowing the public to send their weather reports to the station’s weather department.

WFMZ Weather Radar

WFMZ 69 News presents two types of weather radars Accuweather, and WSI. Each representing weather conditions in its own separate way. They are highly interactive, easy to use, and even a child can understand or read these radars. Audiences can navigate through the WFMZ radar’s different layers.

Currently, Layer tells the current climate situation in town. Dewpoints measure the amount of water vapor in the air. The precipitation layer indicates whether or not there is planned rain, or if rain is coming down right now. Feels like tells you how the temperature feels in the specific place (it always displays a different temperature than the actual temperature). There is a winds layer symbolizing how strong the wind is at different points in Allentown. Storm watches and warnings keep a close eye on the weather and issue alerts/warnings whenever severe weather strikes. WFMZ Radar is available on the station’s official website as well as on other digital platforms such as mobile apps both android and apple.

Kellie McGlynn: WFMZ Weather Reporter

Kellie McGlynn | WFMZ NewsKellie McGlynn is an aesthetic meteorologist at WFMZ Weather who serves Allentown, Berks, and its suburbs. McGlynn completed her Speech Communication: Broadcasting degree from Millersville University in 2013. After that, she took admission to Mississippi State University via Distance Learning for the Broadcast/Operational Meteorology Certificate. Kellie completed that in 2016. Kellie’s most remarkable experience was in Carolinas’ coastal areas where she drove Southeast North Carolina people through tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, and snow. McGlynn also claimed an Emmy nomination for her 2018 work where she reported Hurricane Florence. Her most recent work includes providing coverage to the EF-3 tornado in 2021.

Before being a part of WFMZ News as a full-time weather personality, McGlynn worked at WECT News. She joined WECT in October 2016 as live radio, Television, and Digital Meteorologist and during her stay there she used to cover three-zone hourly and daily weather forecasts. Her other duties included tropical forecasting, live severe weather cut-ins, hurricane transmission of more than 80 consecutive hours, feature segments i.e. Kellie at the Coast, and Crafting & managing daily weather blogs.

Kellie’s Other Experience

Prior to that, Kellie did an internship at Fox 29 WTXF from May 2016 to October 2016. In WTXF, she used to create weather graphics, forecast Philadelphia weather, and produce weather sections. In January 2010, she was a part of Community Outreach Benefit as a Coordinator Community Outreach Benefit and Public Relations Assistant.

Kellie once did her internship at WFMZ 69 in April 2013. At that time, her duties include keeping an eye on Accuweather Center, writing anchor scripts and web scripts, assisting other WFMZ weather reporters in presenting WFMZ Breaking news stories, and community interest segments. Plus, she also used to watch WFMZ radar. In 2013 McGlynn did a job at Cash for Homes at Commercial Talent and before that she was a S.W.A.N as a Documentary Filmmaker.

WFMZ 69 News Team
WFMZ 69 News Team | Courtesy: official website

Drew Anderson: WFMZ Weather Anchor

Drew Anderson apperars on WFMZ NewsDrew Anderson has been serving the WFMZ News for years. He provides space and science news and the latest forecasts to the public. Anderson lives in Allentown and he has been a fan of WFMZ News since childhood. He has a shady memory of him watching 69 News live during the snowy days. Aside from watching the weather, Drew loved watching its daytime shows too. That’s when Anderson decided to start his weather journey. During Dew’s school days, he encountered a WTXF Fox 29’s weather personality. When he used to go out on Philadelphia’s road, he used to take Drew with him to do the weather. After 10 years, Anderson was studying meteorology at Penn State University. During his university, Drew did a couple of internships including KYW CBS3 Philadelphia and WGAL NBC8 Lancaster.

Also Watch: WTOL News

When Drew was at CBS3, he assisted Kathy Orr and presented live weather conditions down the shore. During his senior years at University, Anderson got an opportunity to conduct live weather on ESPN’s College GameDay. Throughout his studying years, Drew hosted a classic rock program on the radio channel of the campus, worked as a mathematics teaching assistant, and programmed the movie channel of the school dorm room. Plus, he also got an opportunity of working as a counselor at Penn State weather camp for one summer.

Drew’s career

When completed University, Drew got a job at WGAL, one of the top-rated news channels in Harrisburg county. He worked there as a noon and weekend weather personality. After that, Anderson joined WPMT Fox 43 News and started serving them. There, he did morning weather and later began to conduct interactive community reports for the station’s morning program. Prior to WFMZ News, Anderson worked at Columbus’ highest-rated news channel CBS10 WBNS where he served as a weather personality and co-anchor of the weekend morning newscast. During his stay in Columbus, Drew managed to grab a trip to Antarctica where Anderson did climate reporting for the channel and conducted research for West Chester University.

Drew has claimed numerous awards and certifications including the weather seal of approval as Certified Broadcast Meteorologist from the country’s reputable weather organization The American Meteorological Society. Plus, he has acquired three Emmy Nominations and AccuWeather Award.

WFMZ Berks Mobile Apps

WFMZ News presents various mobile apps for the convenience of its valued viewers including the WFMZ News app, 69 News WX, WFMZ News Traffic, 69 News WFMZ Live, and VUiT app for Roku and Apple TV. Get updates on every little thing about your town within just a few taps. You can also watch live WFMZ Weather radar.

The news app delivers the local news reporting from all across the town and the weather app covers the Berks’s entire weather conditions. 69 News Traffic app allows the user to take control of their commute. The app includes a highly interactive drivetime map that shows the traffic conditions in the town’s various locations. WFMZ live stream app presented the live transmission of the channel along with various exciting TV programs.

Watch live newscasts, syndicated shows, weather transmission, emergency stories, crime reporters, and much more on the 69 News Live app. VUit App allows the user to stream their favorite news station on Apple TV and Roku. Simply install this app on your streaming players and enjoy the best services in town. Download all these both right now on your cellphones and make your life easier.

WFMZ News App

Make your mobile experience more wonderful by installing this WFMZ News App on your smartphone. The app covers everything within the area of Pennsylvania. You can keep track of Allentown news, WFMZ closings, WFMZ breaking news, and many other things. Make sure the app is installed on your mobile phone whenever you are going outside so that you can keep tabs on the current conditions with a single tap.

WFMZ News app covers the following features:

  • Breaking news notifications about the top stories
  • WFMZ News live anywhere anytime
  • Latest video clips of news stories and weather events
  • Local news, regional & national news reports
  • Live traffic cameras installed throughout the city and WFMZ Traffic incidents
  • Live WFMZ Radar for tracking the storms and Live weather forecasts
  • Notifications for breaking news and WFMZ closings
  • Other features
WFMZ 69 News Live Coverage Studio
WFMZ 69 News Live Coverage Studio | Credits: twitter

69 News WX APP

A fully weather-integrated WFMZ Storm Center app for the viewers. The app is available for both Android phones, iPhones, iPad, and tablets. Users can watch live WFMZ Radar, interactive maps, weather forecasts, WFMZ closings, WFMZ Weather Hour by Hour, and more.

The WFMZ Weather app provides the following features:

  • Interactive WFMZ Radar
  • Storm Track Plotting
  • Local weather forecast generated by the team of meteorologists
  • The hourly and 10-day forecast
  • Ability to saving the favorite location easily

WFMZ News Popular Shows

Enjoy the top-rated TV programs such as Consumer Info, Pawn Stars, The Rachael Ray Show, Judge Judy, Last Man Standing, and many others. See the table below for the lineup of the shows. You can watch them on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, mobile apps, and the official website via 69 News live.

69 News at 10:00 p.m. 69 News: Edicion en Espanol Dr. Phil Judge Judy
69 News Berks Edition Forensic Files The First 48 Unwelcome Guest/ Wrecked Justice for All With Judge Cristina Perez You Stole My Sugar/ Sparks in My Home
69 News at Sunrise at 8:30 a.m. Hot Bench The Rachael Ray Show Last Man Standing The Favourite
Dateline 12 Minutes on Elm Street Right This Minute The Doctors Pandemic Triggers Flatulence Epidemic? Consumer Info
Right This Minute Bloodline Detectives The Williamsburg Rapist MyDestination.TV Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition
Awesome Adventures San Francisco Gateway Kia Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World Fantastic Festivals Ron Hazelton’s Housecalls
AHL Hockey Lehigh Valley Phantoms vs. Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Penguins The Carbonaro Effect Super Saturn Moon Travel Today’s Homeowner With Danny Lipford Put a Lid on It Holy Trinity Church of God
Love Worth Finding Superbook Michael Youssef David Jeremiah
Joy of Music Your Hour of Power With Bobby Schuller Lehigh Valley Baptist Heartland Snakes and Ladders


WFMZ TV first hit the waves on 25 November 1976 at UHF CH 69. The station’s original programming lineup included a mix of general entertainment and spiritual content, along with a couple of daily local news services. From 10 am to 2 pm, WFMZ TV aired spiritual programs such as The 700 Club and PTL Club. Later, in the afternoon, Channel 69 News used to broadcast classic sitcoms and family-type drama series. WFMZ TV used to air news programs together with the Phil Donahue Show in the evening. Afterward, it used to broadcast spiritual programs up to late at night. WFMZ News telecasted a few hours of kid’s programs during Saturdays, along with some spiritual programs and specialty programs. Sundays were all about religious programming. WFMZ TV used to run programming for 15 hours a day.

WFMZ News is presently possessed by Maranatha Broadcasting Company, Inc. It is primarily an independent network, however, also takes content from Weather and MeTV as a secondary source. WFMZ TV works together with WDPN TV CH 2, a MeTV affiliate TV service that operates in Wilmington, Delaware. Both WFMZ 69 News and WDPN News share the same location for studios at Allentown’s South Mountain. The station’s secondary studio is in downtown Allentown’s PPL Center sports arena.

Tel: 610.797.4530
Tower Location: South Mountain in Allentown
Brand Name: 69 WFMZ-TV

Coverage Map

WFMZ News Coverage Map
WFMZ 69 News Coverage Map| Source:
Source69 News
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