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Fox 10 Phoenix

Tune Channel 10 News Phoenix for local news and weather updates from Northern Arizona.

Fox 10 News logoFox 10 Phoenix known by its callsign ‘KSAZ-TV’ is an American News TV channel. The station saw a number of management changes in the past, prominently affiliation with CBS and then coming in the hands of Fox Network. As a local news broadcaster for the city, Fox 10 Phoenix telecasts local breaking news, headlines, crime and public safety, weather forecast and national news. Also, it a popular source of sports news and traffic updates. Famous TV shows include Arizona Mornings, Fox 10 News at Noon and The Wendy Williams Show. In addition to this, channel 10 news phoenix focuses on special reports like election and census news.

The KUTP’s sister network (KSAZ) telecasts on VHF digital CH 10 in Phoenix. However, it uses several translators to expand the broadcasting area up to Northern Arizona. Both KUTP and KSAZ share the same studios and transmitter locations at West Adams St, Copper Square District of Downtown Phoenix, and atop South Mountain, respectively.

Watch Fox 10 Phoenix Live Streaming

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Monday to Friday Arizona Mornings: 4:30 am to 10 am
12 pm to 12:30 pm, 5 pm to 6:30 pm, 7 pm to 8 pm
9pm to 11pm, 9 pm to 10:30 pm
Saturday 7 am to 9 am
Sunday 5 pm to 6 pm
9 pm to 10:30 pm

Channel’s Overview

Fox 10 Phoenix building
Fox 10 Phoenix Office building located at 511 W. Adams Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003

FCC approved the commercial license for Phoenix’s 3rd TV channel to a partnership between Prairie Farmer Newspaper (KOY AM 550 owner) and Gene Autry (Kool AM 960 Owner). Both decided to start two separate channels- KOOL-TV and KOY-TV- sharing the same transmitter under the affiliation of CBS (Primary) and ABC (Secondary).

Later, in May 1954, Gene Autry bought the Prairie’s share of KOOL-TV for 200,000 dollars and turned channel ten into a full-time KOOL-TV. In Feb 1995, Channel 10 (now Fox 10 Phoenix) lost ABC affiliation after KTVK CH 3 established, thus leaving only a CBS affiliate behind and allowing the station to put Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch in its programming schedule.



  • CBS- Primary (1953-94)
  • Independent (Sep 1994-December 1994)
  • ABC- Secondary (1953-55)


  • Heroes & Icons
  • Fox Network
  • Light TV
Fox 10 News Team at studio
Fox 10 News Team at studio | Courtesy: Fox 10 website

News App

Fox 10 News Phoenix also has a news app available for the viewers to download on Playstore for Android users and Apple Store for iPhone users. Take the app anywhere you go and enjoy top stories inside and outside the entire Phoenix area along with news headlines, real-time weather predictions, and live videos. Plus, you can also get KSAZ-TV live stream.

Fox 10 Phoenix Helicopter
Fox 10 Phoenix Helicopter | Courtesy: Fox 10 website

The news app covers the things that matter most to the public, including local and national headlines, sports, politics, weather, traffic, education, food, entertainment, crime, and much more.

Weather App

Channel 10 News Phoenix has a separate weather app too that tracks the weather reports in the entire Phoenix metro region.

Its improved and enhanced design offers radar, hourly weather report, and weekly weather report all on a single page. Plus, the app has specified weather alerts that warn users early to stay safe and prepare properly for the upcoming storms.

Fox 10 Weather App has an integrated GPS system telling accurate and exact weather conditions. Plus, users can watch live news streaming and hourly & daily weather forecast.

May 1982 Incident

On 28 May 1982, an incident by Joseph Billie Gwin occurred in the channel’s studio whose intentions were to prevent Second World War (according to him). The man entered the studios, fired a shot, struck Louis Villa’s head with a gun butt, and held him, hostage, for almost five hours. Joseph asked for nationwide airtime while keeping four people prisoners at gunpoint. Three hours later, Gwin released two hostages, Bob Cimino, and Jack Webb.

Later, at 9:30 pm, he forced Bill Close (the channel’s main anchorperson that time) to read a 20-minute statement while he sits next to him, pointing a gun at him under the table. After reading the statement, Close swiftly took a gun from the assailant and put it on the table. The man surrendered himself to the police after the telecast and charged with burglary, assault, and kidnapping. Though later in 2005 court released him by declaring him mentally insane.

Fox 10 News Team
Fox 10 News Team | Courtesy: official website

In 1982, Autry sold KOOL-TV (now Fox 10 Phoenix) to Gulf Broadcasting when he decided to terminate the broadcasting along with his company Golden West Broadcasters. On 4 October, the Channel 10 adopted a new calls KTSP-TV under the new ownership.

In 1984, Taft Broadcasting took the ownership of KTSP, in terms of corporate deal. On 12 Oct 1987, Taft Broadcasting completely rebuild itself into a Great American Broadcasting. KTSP’s (now Fox 10 Phoenix) operations remained the same under the ownership of Gulf, Taft, and Great American Broadcasting. In 1993, the company was restructured one more time into Citicasters. On 12 Feb 1994, Channel 10 decided to flip its call-letters into KSAZ-TV (the current ones) to align with their new catchphrase ‘The Spirit of Arizona.’

ANchors conducting live show at Channel 10 Phenix
ANchors conducting live show at Channel 10 Phenix | Photo Credits: twitter

Under Fox Network

After Citicasters went bankrupt, the company decided to sell its four TV channels, including the KSAZ-TV as well. On 5 May 1994, New World Communications purchased KSAZ-TV and WDAF-TV from Citicasters. Just after 18 days, the new owners declared they are going to shift 12 out of their 15 TV channels’ varying Big Three affiliations to Fox. The major stimulant in the deal between New World and Fox was the station’s newly signed contract with NFL’s National Football Conference.

You can also watch: ABC 15 News Arizona

On 15 Dec 1994, Channel 10 (currently Fox 10 Phoenix) started airing primetime and sports content by Fox network. Moreover, the station let down the offer to broadcast Fox Kids programming, which was instead shifted to KTVK channel and then KASW in 1996.

In July 1996, News Corporation showed intentions to buy New World Communications, including the 10 Fox-affiliate channels as well. The deal completed in Jan 1997 and made KSAZ, the Fox owned-and-operation TV station and became Fox 10 News Phoenix.

Channel 10 News Phoenix Anchors

Channel 10 News Phoenix has a dedicated and experienced team and anchors updating news coverage, compelling stories, and comprehensive reports throughout the entire week.

Fox 10 Phoenix Weather Team

Weather team of KSAZ-TV consists of senior metrologist for the prediction of storms and hurricanes in the region



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Tel: +1 202-885-4111
Website: https://www.fox10phoenix.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FOX10Phoenix
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FOX10Phoenix/
Tower Location: atop South Mountain
Brand Name: Fox 10

Coverage Map:

Fox 10 KSAZ Phoenix Arizona
Fox 10 – Coverage Map | Source: www.publicfiles.fcc.gov
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